The 2021 Tesla Cybertruck is a massive truck with sports car performance! Watch as Jay Leno and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk take this new car for a spin. Then, you can catch this episode on demand now! Then tune in next week to Jay Leno's Garage, Wednesday 10P ET on CNBC!

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  • ge recht
    ge recht3 timmar sedan


  • Mason Marquez
    Mason Marquez18 timmar sedan

    If there was a zombie apocalypse how would you charge cyber truck?

  • Keshav Mittal

    Keshav Mittal

    11 timmar sedan

    Solar energy

  • daymon lindsey
    daymon lindseyDag sedan

    Must be nice to have more money than you know what to do with.......

  • James Scruggs
    James ScruggsDag sedan

    No windshield wipers? Lol

  • Juan Diego Rivera Guillén
    Juan Diego Rivera GuillénDag sedan

    Esta bien fea jajajaja

  • Quincy Bryant
    Quincy Bryant2 dagar sedan

    100 plus billion standing on a back of a truck

  • R. I
    R. I2 dagar sedan


  • Mocking69
    Mocking693 dagar sedan


  • Reyne Derrick
    Reyne Derrick4 dagar sedan

    That is one of the ugliest vehicles I’ve ever seen

  • tariq Said
    tariq Said5 dagar sedan

    A good vehicle for Mars😅

  • Noah Ray
    Noah Ray6 dagar sedan

    I hate this car

  • Wp B13

    Wp B13

    4 dagar sedan

    Good news is that nobody will make you buy it. I expect, though, that many design cues will flow through to other cars. Often the first of a new style of car body will grate on people until the style becomes more commonplace.

  • Mike H
    Mike H6 dagar sedan

    When the Apocalypse comes?! Hmmmm 🤔

  • Zarmin Drow
    Zarmin Drow6 dagar sedan

    you had me at bulletproof

  • Wp B13

    Wp B13

    4 dagar sedan

    Almost a necessity in USA. Here in Australia we got rid of most guns because we prefer our children to not get shot up.

  • Chris M
    Chris M7 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for 2023 so I can test drive it. Started saving now

  • sunita bajracharya
    sunita bajracharya7 dagar sedan

    This is in my Extreme car driving simulator

  • Shinchan
    Shinchan8 dagar sedan

    Chacha Zindabad!!!!!!!!

  • Jaydeep Parmar
    Jaydeep Parmar8 dagar sedan

    And now we know tesla tunnel’s secret code.

  • Josue Rodriguez
    Josue Rodriguez8 dagar sedan

    The demonic olive demographically snow because digestion serologically scribble round a laughable oven. limping, foolish timer

  • Stella Cooper
    Stella Cooper8 dagar sedan

    Can’t wait to get my Cybertruk 👽my very first bulletproof truck 🔥

  • Chris M

    Chris M

    7 dagar sedan

    it needs a nickname

  • Wendy shoo
    Wendy shoo9 dagar sedan

    I like the cyber truck

  • Josh
    Josh9 dagar sedan

    2234# is the code if anyone wants to use the elevator.

  • Alan Halac
    Alan Halac9 dagar sedan

    I don't know why they bother with u-turns in the (DeLorean) SUV, why not use a tank turret technology - just rotate the body around, and drive away in the opposite direction... the first zero-turn car on the road. :)

  • Alan Halac
    Alan Halac9 dagar sedan

    It also looks like the type of car "Iron Man" would use - since its grill looks like his mask... maybe buy it candy apple red?

  • Alan Halac
    Alan Halac9 dagar sedan

    What the "Back to the Future" movies will use for a time traveling SUV...

  • Demian Mukete
    Demian Mukete10 dagar sedan

    Because it's badass

  • fawn fairy
    fawn fairy10 dagar sedan

    im disappointed it didn't drive itself to the driver

  • Art Pekarek
    Art Pekarek10 dagar sedan

    Do you want your truck to bullet proof or not? Only if it doesn't cost more. Ha Ha. Yeah right.

  • hfvkhnml
    hfvkhnml11 dagar sedan

    Jay Leno rocks his driving skills! What an awesome man!

  • Rohan Anand
    Rohan Anand11 dagar sedan

    This truck is stealth.

  • GloTieFlow
    GloTieFlow11 dagar sedan

    That truck is a TANK hahaha

  • El Lobo
    El Lobo11 dagar sedan

    I can smell the inside of the truck

  • SlickChims
    SlickChims11 dagar sedan

    "We want to be the leader in apocalypse technology". So you can protect yourselves from the AI robots I'm creating. After I insightfully suggest that AI is the next biggest problem to worry about. Is Elon Musk actually Syndrome from the Incredibles?

  • Bristalluv xo
    Bristalluv xo12 dagar sedan

    "With the boring machine" - lol

  • Ian Demontfort
    Ian Demontfort12 dagar sedan

    This is very clearly a psyop! Pure BS! Nothing green about this agenda. Totally moronic!

  • Imadus Spartacus
    Imadus Spartacus13 dagar sedan

    I hate cars

  • xnamkcor X
    xnamkcor X14 dagar sedan

    The bed looks like it slants towards the back window...

  • R Z
    R Z14 dagar sedan

    The mole people will invade the tunnels 😂

  • jesuswasahovercraft
    jesuswasahovercraft14 dagar sedan

    Jay, take your mestinon!

  • Jay Gill
    Jay Gill15 dagar sedan

    Arab oil tycoons hate Elon Musk and the whole Tesla corporation.

  • niZmo
    niZmo16 dagar sedan

    Pre-ordered and can’t wait for delivery!

  • sown
    sown16 dagar sedan

    that tailgate sounded like it was gonna snap

  • Alex Raykin
    Alex Raykin16 dagar sedan

    Jay: “Why is it important to you that it be bulletproof?“ Elon: “Because it’s badass.” 😎 I’m grateful this man exists…

  • UnstoppableHeart
    UnstoppableHeart16 dagar sedan

    Honestly once i finish college, buying a new car for 40k isn't out of the question. Gonna get this car in 2 years.

  • Raze 120
    Raze 12016 dagar sedan

    4:24 Pretty sure they're going Back to the Future here.

    POLORICO16 dagar sedan

    The ugliest thing I've seen yet, no style.

  • Jac Styler
    Jac Styler16 dagar sedan

    Lean mean wallet eating machine!!!🤑

  • Lambert Oitzinger
    Lambert Oitzinger16 dagar sedan

    I hate my garage, too small for an American car. I love this car

  • Y O U R F R I E N D
    Y O U R F R I E N D17 dagar sedan

    Which glasses is he wearing , name or model please...

  • v5 INSANE
    v5 INSANE17 dagar sedan

    That’s the ugliest truck I’ve ever seen

  • Dane Parsons
    Dane Parsons17 dagar sedan

    Cyber truck should be the new Delorean.

  • Eric McDowell
    Eric McDowell17 dagar sedan

    I think it looks UGLIER than CRAP.

  • Mel Gibson
    Mel Gibson18 dagar sedan

    *Охуенный!* From Russia with love!

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man18 dagar sedan

    I'd wager £500 this will not be on the road before '25

  • hi youtube
    hi youtube18 dagar sedan

    Man we need more tunnels/metros connecting our city here in the US

  • Juliet Townsend
    Juliet Townsend18 dagar sedan


  • DudeLF
    DudeLF19 dagar sedan

    Cool truck. Fugly, but cool.

  • Juah Martinez
    Juah Martinez19 dagar sedan

    An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

  • Auzi Ronald

    Auzi Ronald

    8 dagar sedan

    @Daniel Stephen don’t think so fake reply, hopefully no one falls for this

  • Daniel Stephen

    Daniel Stephen

    8 dagar sedan

    @Auzi Ronald Don't think so madam, I'm earning now

  • Auzi Ronald

    Auzi Ronald

    12 dagar sedan

    These are bots, and its a scam, hopefully nobody actually trusts this bs

  • Daniel Stephen

    Daniel Stephen

    18 dagar sedan

    I just sent expert trader keleen Marion a message

  • Vitoria Angela

    Vitoria Angela

    18 dagar sedan

    Wonderful, I think I will send a message now to this Expert Trader

  • Chuck Solutions
    Chuck Solutions19 dagar sedan

    “It’s very strong,” Elon the last time you promised that you broke the window on this very truck

  • John
    John20 dagar sedan

    I love Elon musk! He’s so quirky and confident!

  • Raze 120

    Raze 120

    16 dagar sedan

    If you had billions of dollars then you'd be confident too.

  • PyroRajanXD
    PyroRajanXD20 dagar sedan

    how much uc spent broo? XD XD

  • wawan garage
    wawan garage20 dagar sedan

    amazing tesla

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar20 dagar sedan

    Love it Elon

  • Koalten J
    Koalten J20 dagar sedan

    "wow we just barely fit" and so elon makes the production model shorter

  • ariane tabaquero
    ariane tabaquero20 dagar sedan

    I think the guy who drive the car needs to grow beard.

  • Ben Baumgartner
    Ben Baumgartner21 dag sedan

    "Earthquakes are like waves on the surface" - amazing how simple Elon makes complex concepts

  • AlyxStyle
    AlyxStyle21 dag sedan

    Can't believe myself but, it actually doesn't look bad when it's out in the wild.

  • L M III
    L M III21 dag sedan

    here we are more than a year later - no cyber trucks on ANY roads. I love how he has model years for vehicles that ARENT in production.

  • cool car kid hot wheels
    cool car kid hot wheels21 dag sedan

    I’ve never seen a cyber truck

  • Discliper
    Discliper22 dagar sedan

    I know ya'll saw that 350z parked in the background, ya JDM fans :P

  • Himmy Jimmy
    Himmy Jimmy22 dagar sedan

    Whatever happened to amazing gas cars that go fast

  • 35627819028353729-4984653
    35627819028353729-498465322 dagar sedan

    Make it 50% smaller rather than 5%smaller and it might fit in a garage and in parking spaces. This monster is far too big

    LUX REPORT22 dagar sedan

    Password for the boring tunnel exposed ;p 1234 * hahahaha did they really use such a bad pin?

  • Jason Perry
    Jason Perry23 dagar sedan

    Bullet proof Glass so you can't escape

  • George Washington
    George Washington24 dagar sedan

    I just dont see how that tunnel would help traffic if there was thousands of cars? Anyone know about it?

  • Shana Lee
    Shana Lee24 dagar sedan

    Elon you owe me a truck !!

  • Refik Saljunovic
    Refik Saljunovic24 dagar sedan

    woow XEC (ecash) going moon😱😱🚀🚀

  • Tom&Jerryfan2012
    Tom&Jerryfan201225 dagar sedan

    A car I drew in Kindergarten 5 years ago.

  • Slack Gaming
    Slack Gaming25 dagar sedan

    5:29 lol they didnt hide the elevator passcode

  • Nik One
    Nik One26 dagar sedan

    18k poors disliked this video.

  • Oliver Freitas
    Oliver Freitas26 dagar sedan

    after the glass break at the Cybertruck reveal, I was scared the trunk would break when he said u could step on it…

  • Md.Moinul Islam
    Md.Moinul Islam26 dagar sedan

    MASHAALLAH khub valo......

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama26 dagar sedan

    Model y 55k for the model stuff In it Or this for 40k

  • Rafael Castro
    Rafael Castro26 dagar sedan

    I love how elon says "super cool" its sounds like a child playing video games

  • BoostedJoy
    BoostedJoy26 dagar sedan

    its so ugly

  • Motivational Dose
    Motivational Dose26 dagar sedan

    Hit the ball on glass 😅

  • MonkeyDLuffy
    MonkeyDLuffy27 dagar sedan

    Looks like my car I drew when I was 4 came to life

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins28 dagar sedan

    Snow plow? Towing capability?? 5th wheel? (remote controlled M-60?)

  • Emma fuentes Baltazar
    Emma fuentes Baltazar28 dagar sedan

    Love it god bless

  • James L
    James L28 dagar sedan

    I see this is made for really tall people. Jay Leno is 5" 11" and when he is standing next to these guys or the truck he does not look that tall. I hope the seat has power lift feature for us average height people. Also it looks like it barely able to fit in a lane as Jay kept driving over the lane lines.

  • takesone2knowone


    26 dagar sedan

    Duh it's a pick up truck

  • Eagle Eeyz
    Eagle Eeyz28 dagar sedan

    Way to go Jay, keep up the great work buddy.. Love the Cybertruck video and your garage is amazing!

  • Jose Soto
    Jose Soto28 dagar sedan

    the door doesn't close right at the beginning lol

  • Justin Dougherty
    Justin Dougherty29 dagar sedan

    How much fossil fuel was used or pollutants were made creating that stainless steel?

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott29 dagar sedan

    2021 Tesla's new Ai server chips Teraflops to Eflops thats getting near quantum pc speeds racks of these chips d/loading daily nvidia amd intell just got old - now elon talks about an Ai robot now it seems durable for mars or moon flights maybe

  • BEAM Meier
    BEAM Meier29 dagar sedan

    Great episode! I absolutely love the cyber truck and hope to get my name on the list.

  • Miss Myranda
    Miss Myranda29 dagar sedan

    Why no side mirrors?

  • Ankit Tiwari
    Ankit Tiwari29 dagar sedan

    It's an ugly truck ! .... :-) ....

  • colan powel
    colan powelMånad sedan

    LENO & ELON = E L N O Design and shape of the thing looks like MUSK's personality. Just remember the 1950's - early 60's movies and commercials about men who designed cars for the future and looked foolish few years later. The Cybertruck.. sounds desperate and lonely.

  • Megapangolin
    MegapangolinMånad sedan

    This will take over from the Toyota Hilux in Afghanistan..

  • Spartan Racer
    Spartan RacerMånad sedan

    “Introducing the Homer Mobile!”

  • justinsane11
    justinsane11Månad sedan

    “Oh the elevator takes us up?” Why yes, yes it does, Jay.

  • Austin Cummings

    Austin Cummings

    29 dagar sedan

    it could always go down