Elias - Revolution | Wilhelm & Simon (Lyrics)

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We are falling now
Words written down
They are falling now
But the lies they will hurt you
Hold on Human kindness desert you
Hold on Let’s start a revolution
How beautiful
It is Let’s start a revolution
How beautiful
It is (revolution)
Running with a crown on your head
A resolution
Written on your hands
And the lies they will hurt you
No more
Human kindness desert you
No more
Let’s start a revolution
How beautiful
It is Let’s start a revolution
How beautiful
It is City’s on fire but it’s beautiful
City’s on fire, won’t you burn it all?
City’s on fire but it’s beautiful
Revolution, revolution
(oh, oh, revolution)
Let’s start a revolution
How beautiful
It is Let’s start a revolution
How beautiful
It is
(oh, oh, revolution)
(oh, oh, revolution)

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  • Renato Gombia
    Renato GombiaDag sedan

    Questo film ha avuto un successo planetario , leggo commenti da ogni parte del mondo , ebbene si questi commenti positivi il film- gli interpreti- chi ha scritto questa storia- tutto il cast meritano quanto sta succedendo , io non sono un ragazzino sono avanti con gli anni , nonostante tutto anche a me , ha preso moltissimo... ne sono innamorato.........

  • ElAntonio :v
    ElAntonio :vDag sedan


  • Hellen Rafaela
    Hellen Rafaela3 dagar sedan


  • Shadya Dajud
    Shadya Dajud4 dagar sedan


  • Monika Maya
    Monika Maya5 dagar sedan

    I just finished watching the entire season and I have NEVER felt like this because of a tv series. I got butterflies watching the two and I love how it was so diverse with having people with different backgrounds, skin types, sexualities, etc without making it so obvious but rather normalized. Compared to American gay (or even straight) teen romance, this wasn’t very sexual but rather defined how love is love and if you love someone, you are willing to put up a fight. (Or in this case a ✨revolution✨)

  • anaïs suyker
    anaïs suyker5 dagar sedan


  • Prabu Tatha
    Prabu Tatha6 dagar sedan

    Please season 2

  • MattHildi Bunce
    MattHildi Bunce9 dagar sedan

    i will cry if i done get a season 2 and he dosent come out

  • Jázmin Víta Dávid
    Jázmin Víta Dávid11 dagar sedan

    Pov: pain.

  • Kohima Das
    Kohima Das12 dagar sedan

    This song , the acting , the feels it all felt so real ❤❤

  • amanda
    amanda15 dagar sedan

    meu deus amo eles

  • Mateus Pena
    Mateus Pena17 dagar sedan


  • Alaine Carvalho Santos
    Alaine Carvalho Santos18 dagar sedan

    Ahhhhhhhhh essa música me dá vontade chorar não sei pq 💔

  • Ben
    Ben24 dagar sedan

    if there isn't a season two im un alive ing myself (jokes)

  • max / alex
    max / alex29 dagar sedan


  • Shalalala
    Shalalala29 dagar sedan

    Such a beautiful show

  • Carlos Daniel
    Carlos DanielMånad sedan

    Eu quero oque eles tem, ALGUÉM FAZ ALGUMA COISA!!! 😭✋🏽

  • ghost
    ghostMånad sedan

    ….have a nice christmas

  • Joonful
    JoonfulMånad sedan

    When this song was playing in the field and willie confessed I cried but when it played during their last hug I sobbed cause simon didn’t I love you back 🥲

  • 톤Valcorton
    톤ValcortonMånad sedan

    Hello? *Simon...* Hello? who is this? *I really like you.* Uh.. Wille, is this you? *Yeah* *I found it out. You see, everything is fake.* *Everything is fake. Everything in the world is fake.* *Its like, you know...The grass on the football field isn't even grass.* Wille... *Its- its plastic!* *Its bright at night.* *Its night! I know that much, but* *why is it bright?* You're on the football field? *Hmm, exactly.* *All the people are fake. They're just made out of metal.* *But I like you...And that is not fake.* season: 1 ep: 4

  • Jack
    JackMånad sedan

    This is one of my favorite shows ever, I’ve never felt so represented by a show before. The characters felt so real and the actors did a great job. If there isn’t a season two Idek what I’ll do with myself

  • The Anime Girl
    The Anime GirlMånad sedan

    Let me just say this because this series really made me comment on youtube. I just finished in some hours yesterday this series and those hours were the best. I went from crying because I was angry at some characters to crying of happiness while seeinh Wilhelm and Simon being such cuties. The acting is amazing and the fact that the actors look like teenagers, aren't perfect models but still beautiful people, they nailed it with the acting in every scene. I was suspicious because I haven't listened to swedish before so I wasn't sure if I'm gonna like it but it sounds so much like german so I became familiar very soon. Another amazing thing is that the relationship between Simon and Wilhem is healthy, yea, not perfect, but really healthy and they are absolutely made for each other. Another amazing character that made me watch the show even more was Felice! Yea, a popular girl who isn't a bully, isn't blonde with blue or green eyes and has worries. She honestly made me smile everytime, unlike Sara....This show had more needed topic in 6 episodes than some series have in 6 seasons. If we ain't gonna get a season 2 then I'm gonna have to go and see the show for myself in their country. I need to see Simon and Wilhelm start a revolution in season 2, communicate with each other even more, see Simon's mom which I adore, Felice and hope she gets the best and see what's gonna happen with Sara and August. Great edit, btw! It made me cry ❤

  • jeff lim
    jeff limMånad sedan

    Alexander's revenge on Season 2... brace yourself

  • Gabii lu
    Gabii luMånad sedan

    He already started to revolted from the moment he openly hugged Simon front of everyone in the ending scene. His last gaze at camera screams loudly how change will gonna happen in the upcoming season 2.

  • Fancy Lyssa
    Fancy LyssaMånad sedan

    no cause this song hurts my fucking soul

  • urgirlfriend
    urgirlfriendMånad sedan

    omw to fight august and sara

  • urgirlfriend
    urgirlfriendMånad sedan

    I can’t move on

  • emma
    emmaMånad sedan

    If this series doesn’t get a season 2 im gonna start an actual revolution idc

  • Carolina Abreu
    Carolina AbreuMånad sedan

    where did you get the scenes?

  • Doğa Can

    Doğa Can

    Månad sedan

    Netflix :'3

  • serena Maiorana
    serena MaioranaMånad sedan

    I'ts their song.

  • Efsassy
    EfsassyMånad sedan

    This series is amazing, the story of wilhelm and simon was written so well that you fall absolutely in love with their story

  • Mana Said
    Mana SaidMånad sedan


  • •UMUT •
    •UMUT •Månad sedan


  • Doğa Can

    Doğa Can

    Månad sedan


  • October Rhain Todd
    October Rhain ToddMånad sedan

    I was having a really really bad panic attack and the thing that calmed me was this song…

  • Jikook _J
    Jikook _JMånad sedan

    Теперь это песня ассоциируется только с ними🤧💕

  • shirley
    shirleyMånad sedan

  • Dana Ratliff
    Dana RatliffMånad sedan


  • Norray Is Real!
    Norray Is Real!Månad sedan

    Eu não sei se choro ou vou dormir...

  • simplydomx
    simplydomxMånad sedan

    if they dont make a season two, im gonna cancel my subscription and sue-

  • Agust Fluffy
    Agust FluffyMånad sedan

    Ohhh sweet sweet pain 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

  • firman syah
    firman syahMånad sedan

    Well... I'm pretty sure now I'm mentally fuc*ed up after watching season 1 😭

  • Jeann
    JeannMånad sedan

    Estoy llorando, es simplemente hermosa

  • jasmine
    jasmineMånad sedan

    F it, I’m gonna watch young royals again

  • Taeni
    TaeniMånad sedan

    I have so many theories for s2, they keep me up at night : • Obviously, there will be another significant others for either Simon or Wille. It will make Wille very jealous and realize that if he wants to be with the person he likes, he has to respect his SO’s expectations. • The royal family will hire a false girlfriend for Wille. Or, Wille will ask that of Felice so both their parents would leave them alone about status and reputation. • Also, Wille will hung out with the girls more and befriend them. He will learn a lot about himself. • I think that they’ll not be back in a relationship until the middle or the end of s2. In the meantime, they will still talk to each other which will make their bond as friends deeper. • Wille will have to prove himself to Simon’s family and friends after the hurt he caused. And Simon will have to prove that he’s not interested in the royal family’s wealth and reputation if Wille’s parents agree to their relationship. • Wille will run away and will live among Simon’s peers which will make him aware that no life is easier compared to his just because you don’t have a worldwide reputation to uphold. Also, he will learn to see that Simon also has expectations to meet and a family to make proud, also how he deals with his own problems. • Wille will not come out as gay but as something else, or will say things along the lines of “I don’t think it’s important to put a label to what I feel for someone”. • August will try to make amends by serving Wille in the dark, which is something Willhelm never asked of him, but he will make more damage than good. • Alexander will make a revenge. • August and Sara will have a pact, but he will use her more than the other way around for his own ends. • Felice will discover that the two have something going on and will confront Sara about this because “how could you ? he’s a bad person that made everything worse for your brother and Willhelm”. • Sara will then explain that it was a plan of her the whole time, so she could try to learn about August’s real motivations to prevent them. • Wille will make a su*cide attempt or will have a problem due to his anxiety attacks that will revealed to everyone his mental health, making him seem like an unfit crown prince to his parents. • He will someday yell at them that he is only a teenager, and that he deserves to be seen as a child first, rather than as a crown prince first.

  • Marcos Sousa
    Marcos SousaMånad sedan

    do you know the pain? she hurts 🥺💔

  • césar carvalho silva
    césar carvalho silvaMånad sedan

    Eu preciso de uma segunda temporada

  • Win N Bright
    Win N BrightMånad sedan

    I usually don't join the "PETITION" about issues but if it's about having Young Royals season 2? Sign me up!

  • Kayron Williams
    Kayron WilliamsMånad sedan

    Not me in the morning watching these edits

  • Ellie
    EllieMånad sedan

    Never been so obsessed over a tv show couple:)))

  • Dr Jones
    Dr JonesMånad sedan

    I fuckin hated August's weak apology at the end, like that shit made me wanna punch him repeatedly 😡😡😡

  • hello
    helloMånad sedan

    guys, have a good christmas 🤗

  • Dulcie M

    Dulcie M

    Månad sedan


  • Amaya Alondra
    Amaya AlondraMånad sedan

    how beautiful it is

  • Sam CH
    Sam CHMånad sedan

    It is 2021. This song fits completely. Finally w show where teenagers were played by teenagers. How it pulls at your heartstrings; the emotions, the acting the story. This show is so well made and these actors are just amazing. You feel the emotion and cry when Whilem cried. I am totally blown away with how amazing this season was. Wow. Simply wow. And the comments on SEblacks show how the younger generation doesn’t give a crap about homophobic issues, and are loving and open. This is just beautiful. ❤️

  • samuel almeida
    samuel almeidaMånad sedan

    the best series of all times and actors Edvin and Omar are unique, beautiful!!!😍😍😍

  • Pride Pride
    Pride PrideMånad sedan

    Yes start that revolution and come out follow your heart 💝💝

  • Luis Antonio Segura
    Luis Antonio SeguraMånad sedan

    😭😍👑 Young Royals

  • viola zandri
    viola zandriMånad sedan

    I swear im not crying, IM NOT FUCKING CRYING

  • Eiji
    EijiMånad sedan


  • Netanya Jaffe
    Netanya JaffeMånad sedan

    I’ve already watched the show twice but I can’t stop watching edits of them

  • A Num
    A NumMånad sedan

    I'll stop listening to this song until SS.2 release.

  • happy person
    happy personMånad sedan

    Edvin: beautiful, gorgeous, exqusite. Love him, love him, love him.

  • Jackson Silva
    Jackson SilvaMånad sedan


  • Chayenne
    ChayenneMånad sedan

    the fact that this song appeares when Wilhelm first said that he likes Simon and also in the end of the show in the Christmas scene when Wilhelm again shows his feelings for Simon but this time in public, broke me even more

  • Attractive Kiwi
    Attractive KiwiMånad sedan

    Wille: I- I’m not- Wille literally 5 minutes earlier: having a whole heart attack after holding hands w Simon

  • Mare Edid
    Mare EdidMånad sedan

    OMG es hermoso 😘.

  • Hellen Rafaela
    Hellen RafaelaMånad sedan

    o maior edit de todos

  • voremilf777
    voremilf777Månad sedan

    im never getting over this show

  • L.C
    L.CMånad sedan

    Am I crying? Yes.... This show is so good

  • Aya Azouni
    Aya AzouniMånad sedan

    Let's start a revolution and have a second season

  • PsychoKarin
    PsychoKarinMånad sedan

    This show isn't 'young royals' if edvin and simon dont end up being the young royals in S2

  • Jessica Ahmetaj
    Jessica AhmetajMånad sedan

    season 2 pleasee

  • Cleonice Nascimento
    Cleonice NascimentoMånad sedan

    Você passa a sentir o amor deles, é muito bom! Eles têm muita química.

  • Silvia Carbone
    Silvia CarboneMånad sedan

    I can’t 🥺

  • BMS
    BMSMånad sedan

    Quero segunda temporada 😍😍

  • Livaï Ackerman
    Livaï AckermanMånad sedan

    I need a season 2

  • Livaï Ackerman
    Livaï AckermanMånad sedan


  • treeoutsidemywindow
    treeoutsidemywindowMånad sedan


    RELANSIS2 månader sedan

    This song makes want to cry😭

  • lmao o
    lmao o2 månader sedan

    editler arasında gezinirken sırf türk yapımı destek olayım diye tıklamıştım ama mükemmel çıktı kaçıncıya izliyorum

  • Doğa Can

    Doğa Can

    2 månader sedan

    dfodfıhodsfıdfdsfjops teşekkür ederimm

  • Shirani Pathiratne
    Shirani Pathiratne2 månader sedan

    Everyone who loved this series please spread the word for a second season !

  • Carla Lavínia
    Carla Lavínia2 månader sedan

    Que tristeza hmmm dlc

  • Isabella Marchan
    Isabella Marchan2 månader sedan

    Mis ganas de volver a ver young royal por milésima vez 📈

  • Water Lily
    Water Lily2 månader sedan

    Is it just me or everytime Wilhelm looks at the camera it kinda freaks me out

  • Tang Truong
    Tang Truong2 månader sedan

    really love this song

  • CHRiS
    CHRiS2 månader sedan

    Girls don't want a boyfriend, girls want a second season of Young Royals

  • CHRiS


    4 dagar sedan

    @Suki i know can't stop crying 😭❤️

  • Suki


    4 dagar sedan

    We're getting one!!!!!!

  • MattHildi Bunce

    MattHildi Bunce

    9 dagar sedan

    on god true

  • Yellow Lalin

    Yellow Lalin

    2 månader sedan

    Same same same ...

  • Laura Alves
    Laura Alves2 månader sedan

    I'm sobbing so much omg, this is absolutely perfect

  • Pliminho Otakinho
    Pliminho Otakinho2 månader sedan

    i see simon singing this to wilhelm

  • swaggykai
    swaggykai2 månader sedan

    essa música é deles.

  • Ksenia
    Ksenia2 månader sedan

    n-no I'm n-not crying

  • Laura Hill
    Laura Hill2 månader sedan

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song in episode 1 that plays like a school montage after the welfare classroom discussion!??

  • ich hab kekse
    ich hab kekse2 månader sedan

    the song makes me cry yr makes me cry but the combination makes me literally die

  • Shrena Mainali
    Shrena Mainali2 månader sedan

    This song goes straight through your heart ❤🥰😶

  • Edjnilda Nascimento
    Edjnilda Nascimento2 månader sedan


  • Wowok
    Wowok2 månader sedan

    I love this show too much

  • julie kh
    julie kh2 månader sedan

    purple is Simon's color.

  • Mat_Shot
    Mat_Shot2 månader sedan

    There is a bug on Netflix I can't see the 7th episode :/ weird

  • nadia ♡
    nadia ♡2 månader sedan

    i'm crying again



    2 månader sedan


  • awu evo:v

    awu evo:v

    2 månader sedan

    Same 😭😭

  • charlotte triquet
    charlotte triquet2 månader sedan

    this song is magic

  • Job Da Jess
    Job Da Jess2 månader sedan

    Essa música é tudo. A série tá incrível 🥰

  • Adriana Castellanos.
    Adriana Castellanos.2 månader sedan

    le voy a dar muchísimas views porque es una droga.