Electric Pickup Trucks Head to Head! | In Depth

On today's episode of In Depth, Zac & Jesse pit all the upcoming Electric Pickup Trucks head-to-head to see which EV truck reigns supreme!

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  • Seth Totten
    Seth Totten3 dagar sedan

    Rivian still not out. No surprise.

  • Bert Demeulemeester
    Bert Demeulemeester4 dagar sedan

    And to this day no rivian😂. I bet the lightning and the cybertruck will beat them if they don't hurry up

  • Bryson Kennedy
    Bryson Kennedy5 dagar sedan

    Tank turn is a lie.

  • ED Libey
    ED Libey7 dagar sedan

    Not really impressed with the heavy featured land yachts on your list. When I can get a usable and affordable replacement for my Gen 1 Tacoma then I will get excited. There is a real need for a small, nimble, practical, affordable, durable, flexible, well engineered, pick up truck for small businesses. Why are pickups so bloated these days?

  • Stewart Guillory
    Stewart Guillory7 dagar sedan


  • Lexar Wilton
    Lexar Wilton8 dagar sedan

    The biggest problem EVs are going to have in the future are Local/State Governments. Some states are already jacking up tax prices on registering EVs because they are missing out on gas tax. Once enough people change over to EVs the government will shove taxes up our nonexistent tail pipes because, "Look at all the money you are saving by driving EVs, now we can take even more of your tax dollars." I mean some states are already looking at charging people per mile they drive, on top of charging extra for EV road registration. In the end once everyone changes over, I could see us paying just as much as an ICE car just because of the Local/State taxes taking what we save in the end. To be clear, I'm not bashing EVs. I am really looking forward to see what these trucks can do once they are on the road. I'm just saying we need to keep an eye on this extra EV tax crap and try to keep that kind of thing in check if we can.

  • Robot Zombie
    Robot Zombie8 dagar sedan

    The basic design shape of the cybertruck is a victory for Ford & Chevy. Tesla needs to design a traditional shaped truck similar to the boxy looking Bollinger

  • Damouse33
    Damouse339 dagar sedan

    The Rivian seemed cool until they mentioned where the spare tire is stored. Having it in the bed is a terrible ideal. Reason being is the various cargo of different weights and textures that are put in the bed for transport (concrete, planks of wood, manure, etc). Then the probability of a flat tire with said items inside the bed and having to remove them in order to get to the spare tire to change the flat tire. With that said I've anecdotally had a flat tire while transporting a full sized samsung fridge from one place to another. First thing I was by myself and thinking about it I'm glad it was under the bed of the truck. So i didn't have to remove it in order to change it before i got home.

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson11 dagar sedan

    Why are you saying Lordstown Motors has a top speed of 80mph. That’s throttled and geared for fleet owners satisfaction.

  • 1966human
    1966human12 dagar sedan

    With the Rivian probably a matter of dropping the battery tray and putting in a few extra batteries in future for better range

  • Matt Ferguson
    Matt Ferguson13 dagar sedan

    Boy this one didn’t age well: besides much of the facts being wrong - even when they were out there at the time when it was filmed. As everyone else already knew, the Cybertruck is over a year late. Even the Rivian is several months late, but I can’t blame you guys for that!

  • Willybear7575
    Willybear757515 dagar sedan

    The Cyber Truck looks like a bad PS1 render glitched into real life. And you are high if you think any version of it will be less than 50k

  • Willybear7575
    Willybear757515 dagar sedan

    Well considering only the Rivian and F150 are beyond prototype stage, it's kind of hard to compare them all.

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell17 dagar sedan

    The 80 mph truck would be prefect for construction and farmers.

  • Peter P
    Peter P17 dagar sedan

    There's only 1, CYBERTRUCK !! Ford Lightning will be about 1000 lbs heavier than CYBERTRUCK, and small, expensive Rivian will be about 1500 lbs heavier than CYBERTRUCK. I see a problem here !

  • Stoney W. Morris
    Stoney W. Morris19 dagar sedan

    52,500. Starting price so if someone gets one now how much depreciation in one year after purchase.? It's just a need to know question.

  • Danny Schacht
    Danny Schacht19 dagar sedan

    You NEED a follow-up

  • Wes M
    Wes M20 dagar sedan

    My Pinto did more the 80 mph

  • Wes M
    Wes M20 dagar sedan

    First it was June then July then August, now its September and nobody has one, I think it's a scam like elio was.

  • Wes M
    Wes M20 dagar sedan

    80 mph wont work on the interstates, they are 80 mph and traffic runs about 84 to 86 generally, so you gonna get honked at all day long in your new electric truck.

  • Thomas Klein
    Thomas Klein22 dagar sedan

    Since this video was made, the Tesla has been pushed back almost a year ☹️

  • Jonathan Root
    Jonathan Root24 dagar sedan

    I'm from the future. Cybertruck delayed until 2023 and good luck on that price. 🤣

  • Stevenson Saleem
    Stevenson Saleem25 dagar sedan

    Please show how the Tesla starts sounds steers when you back up because I want a truck i can drive comfortable in and be able to survive in all weather conditions

  • Lock Up
    Lock Up27 dagar sedan

    I love the change

  • Ben Klein
    Ben Klein27 dagar sedan

    Obviously never seen real snow because you are painfully mistaken about plowing. You don’t need momentum because of a lack of torque. It’s because you have a lack of traction; it doesn’t take 1000lb-ft to spin the tires on a snowy road. The only thing that helps with plowing is more weight. The more weight the truck has, the more you can plow.

  • Bryan Whitton

    Bryan Whitton

    22 dagar sedan

    its all about traction.

  • chevy35c
    chevy35c27 dagar sedan

    Tesla cyber truck ugliest thing I have ever seen

  • Bryan Whitton

    Bryan Whitton

    22 dagar sedan

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like it and will likely be trading in my Model 3 for one.

  • Carl Klopfenstine
    Carl Klopfenstine28 dagar sedan

    It's hard to believe that the hub motors will hold up for a long time?

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W29 dagar sedan

    I can't wait for your review of the Rivian.

  • Paul Lester
    Paul Lester29 dagar sedan

    i hope my next new vehicle will be an electric truck, if the range and charge infrastructure improves enough the next 5 to 7 years it will be, other wise i will get another small car to drive back and forth to work

  • Cameron Lamb
    Cameron LambMånad sedan

    Will you guys also reserve and review the atlas motors XT pickup?

  • J Dub
    J DubMånad sedan

    Just going to say that all the range, payload and towing numbers are all vaper talk. Until trucks hit the market its only target numbers. They have some ice to sell to Eskimo’s

  • Killers Walk Free
    Killers Walk FreeMånad sedan

    I love how the Cyber truck hides the bed.

  • Mikyah’al Bena-Yashar’al
    Mikyah’al Bena-Yashar’alMånad sedan

    So, who is missing from this conversation? The vehicle company that is solely dedicated to trucks; RAM! Since, they were late to the party; it could be nice if they come out first with a heavy duty model, similar to a 2530 500 series diesel trucks!! Are you listening RAM Executives?!

  • FlamingCactusManYT
    FlamingCactusManYTMånad sedan

    also the Bollinger b2 looks like a milltary truck lol

  • FlamingCactusManYT
    FlamingCactusManYTMånad sedan

    I like the Rivian R1T because of the interior of the truck

  • jim mcdonald
    jim mcdonaldMånad sedan

    I saw a WH basic bus looking thing on a trailer this morning on the 5 Freeway/OC.

  • Jeff Carver
    Jeff CarverMånad sedan

    I want to see range on load and separately with towing.

  • jordan terry
    jordan terryMånad sedan

    "Small engines suck" he says. Would you rather diagnose an electrical problem or clean a carb/change oil?

  • jordan terry
    jordan terryMånad sedan

    Yall get so hype over the 500 mile thing even saying there is no pickup that can do it....my big ass 2020 f250 diesel gets 550 a tank

  • Ricto Ectol
    Ricto EctolMånad sedan

    37:32 or Cental, Easley, Norris, Liberty, Anderson or anywhere in pickins county SC not near a large city? I’m 45 minutes in either direction to the closest charger.

  • Milo
    MiloMånad sedan

    Every Tesla gimmick has proven to mean more things to fail. No handles would absolutely fit in this category. It will the most unrepairable truck in history.

  • Serge Arseneault
    Serge ArseneaultMånad sedan

    The biggest obstacle to mass adoption for EV is price! Maybe for a doctor or a lawyer or dentist, price is not a big deal, but for normal people (and they are by far the majority of us) price matter. EV will not become the norm until they drop below 20k (and closer of 15K) [without insentive/gouv. discount] The second problem i see is the charging mess! ("nerwork"). Charging must have a standart which all manufacturer must comply to. (so no need for dozen of adaptor!) Charging must become as sample as refuel. No need for a "map" to refuel. Just "look up" and find a post sign: gas station. Must be the same for EV.

  • Rasheem Sanford
    Rasheem SanfordMånad sedan

    Pulling is one thing, but control and STOPPING is another. Will any of these trucks be able to handle a GVW of 10,000lbs. Note: with F-250 and better usually handles these pulls effectively.

  • kirk ragland
    kirk raglandMånad sedan

    ZERO mention of the Atlas or the Snow Wolf even though the images show them. 👍

  • Michael Swift
    Michael SwiftMånad sedan

    I would like to know which of them can be towed flat behind a motorhome.

  • Marlene Sassaman
    Marlene SassamanMånad sedan

    How do I order one?

  • Marcin Rucinski
    Marcin RucinskiMånad sedan

    3:27 vegan lather interior - that is enough to convince me! lol

  • Jared Williams
    Jared WilliamsMånad sedan

    at 9:45 is that Truckla? I'm definitely in the market for one of these next year but undecided till I can see some in person.

  • Ala-Mike Hopkins (Michael Hopkins)
    Ala-Mike Hopkins (Michael Hopkins)Månad sedan


  • rockin russkiy
    rockin russkiyMånad sedan

    Not a bollinger fan but u mentioned it very inefficient because of battery vs 200 mi range and boxy .... fair enough. F150.....230 mi range, same size pack, aerodynamics of a brick .... basically 2 trucks quite comparable in efficiency specs. So wondering why you didnt call the ford inefficient?

  • rockin russkiy
    rockin russkiyMånad sedan

    Why no Tesla frunk?

  • engineer12v
    engineer12vMånad sedan

    Way to skewer the info by leaving out atlis pickup truck

  • Onore Mbeleci
    Onore Mbeleci2 månader sedan

    Me looking at Transmission mechanics 🤣🤣 when they stole money from people, now they got no Jobs lamao 🤣🤣🤣

  • FGIALC Gorge
    FGIALC Gorge2 månader sedan

    The F150s range was done with a loaded bed. It actually shows 400+ miles range when not carrying a load in the bed.

    CYBRCDZEN2 månader sedan

    Great video but the younger guy seems biased lolol kinda personal tasks for the info

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen2 månader sedan

    Can we buy charger adapter for all cars?

  • USMarine0481
    USMarine04812 månader sedan

    What about Atlis motors?

  • Travis Decker
    Travis Decker2 månader sedan

    Ford's 300 mile range was FULLY LOADED towing. It should be closer 450 unloaded.

  • Yiannis Mantheakis
    Yiannis Mantheakis2 månader sedan

    What's with only the miles per hour and pounds? The whole planet except America use metric so at least you can add metric measurements it subs.

  • Palm Beach Ketoers
    Palm Beach Ketoers2 månader sedan

    The Rivian is nice!

  • DellsDad86
    DellsDad862 månader sedan

    What's plowing? My tractor is plowing! But I'll be doing some donuts in my Cybertruck first this coming winter (fingers crossed for lucky delivery....) I sure am looking forward to not spending $70 to fill a tank of gas like am on my Ram right now!

  • Ram Ecodiesel
    Ram Ecodiesel2 månader sedan

    How do you do a head to head on vapor ware, none of the electric pickups are for sale to the public.

  • Aerospace Force
    Aerospace Force2 månader sedan

    The new Ford is just amazing front to back.. I’m definitely considering one once my Ram wears out …which won’t be anytime soon. Just remember young people..promote American made as much as possible which I know can be difficult at times.. Shout out to Detroit Muscle !!!

  • Richard A
    Richard A2 månader sedan

    Great show, guys!

  • Alexander Morley
    Alexander Morley2 månader sedan

    It's actually GM's business model to repackage the same vehicle under a handful of brands so it wouldn't be shocking if the specs of the Silverado are in fact that of the Hummer

  • Kevin Bloxham
    Kevin Bloxham2 månader sedan

    You didn’t put the atlis xt on there?

  • Kevin Bloxham

    Kevin Bloxham

    2 månader sedan

    Or the badger

  • Flygal5
    Flygal52 månader sedan

    Ok I just want a truck as a backup power, toy hauler. Show us the bikes standup paddle board tent bed options.

  • Anthony Acosta
    Anthony Acosta2 månader sedan

    The Ford should have an asterisk on the mileage. Those estimates are with a 1,000 pound payload. I don’t think any of the others have that built into their estimate.

  • Larry Baker
    Larry Baker2 månader sedan

    How many miles can you go pulling the max trailer load rating for these trucks and how long does it take to charge. A work truck is there to do WORK and not just for a short ti.e each day.

  • Tig ger
    Tig ger2 månader sedan

    Interested to see what these trucks perform like in Alaska, Siberia etc.

  • Uptin Sinclaire
    Uptin Sinclaire2 månader sedan

    Canoo has teamed up with a well know, long-time electric vehicle manufacturer . . . . LEGO.

  • Scott Briggs
    Scott Briggs2 månader sedan


  • Devin Clement
    Devin Clement2 månader sedan

    The Lordstown Endurance is 4,400 Ft pounds of Torque at the motor not the wheels. But the motor is in the wheels

  • William Burn
    William Burn2 månader sedan

    No the atv/moto you park in the back of a CyberTruck with the air ride suspension dropped for easy loading is not going to "roll back on you" once you get it in the bed of a truck. As with any standard/manual vehicle when parked on a incline or a decline you park it with it left in gear.

  • fixed game
    fixed game2 månader sedan

    Might as well wear a skirt if you drive an electric vehicle -------------gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Arnold  Farias
    Arnold Farias2 månader sedan

    the workhorse w15 is what branched off and became the lordstown endurance

  • Arnold  Farias
    Arnold Farias2 månader sedan

    the workhorse w15 is what branched off and became the lordstown endurance

  • Paul Tyrrell
    Paul Tyrrell2 månader sedan

    Bang bang love it.

  • Paul Tyrrell
    Paul Tyrrell2 månader sedan

    Changing peoples design ethos, totally man!!!! This is wonderful and very cool.

  • B Smith
    B Smith2 månader sedan

    Would someone please build a regular cab ev pickup with a 6 1/2’ to 8’ bed.

  • Donel Patterson
    Donel Patterson2 månader sedan

    RIDE... Lordstown...Keeps Delivering Those DIP Buying opportunities... Perfect for Short-term and Long-term investors.

  • Jake Sheeler
    Jake Sheeler2 månader sedan

    You guys forgot to add the Nikola badger

  • A Phil
    A Phil2 månader sedan

    So I can get one when I'm dead.

  • fullmotiondriver
    fullmotiondriver2 månader sedan

    Boys, it’s going to be 50 years and fossil fuels will still be needed.

  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill2 månader sedan

    No way these things are ready for duty. I think you’ll find yourself stranded on a hillside when the batteries run out.

  • Jack Mak
    Jack Mak2 månader sedan

    The wary friday ontogenically attempt because yugoslavian cephalometrically perform under a determined temper. disgusted, scary authorization

  • Bush Man
    Bush Man3 månader sedan

    Until these become more affordable than traditional combustion engine pickups I probably wont get one.

  • Dallen9
    Dallen93 månader sedan

    the Canoo looks like the VW Microbus pickup. They do exist they're super rare in the States cause of the Chicken Tax came to be around the time the Micro Bus Pickup trucks came into production.

  • Jose Valenzuela
    Jose Valenzuela3 månader sedan

    The Cyber looks AMAZING. Even better, my wife hates the way it looks, which makes it even more appealing for me.

  • Jonathan Root

    Jonathan Root

    Månad sedan

    Same. Almost every wife hates it lol

  • ick5353


    Månad sedan

    Same here!

  • Mythical Legendary

    Mythical Legendary

    Månad sedan

    Hahahaha, same with me, I didn’t like it at the start but it grew on me, plus the stats are really impressive.

  • Charles Follette
    Charles Follette3 månader sedan

    It’s a strange looking brave new world for motorists

  • Erik Hanna
    Erik Hanna3 månader sedan

    ford has 420 miles range without a payload.

  • John Marvin
    John Marvin3 månader sedan

    Lordstown looks like a company that will go belly up soon. I'd hesitate to buy one myself. YMMV.

  • Abstract Badger
    Abstract Badger3 månader sedan

    Later in the years will you do an updated video?

  • Kim Byington
    Kim Byington3 månader sedan

    Why so weird looking

  • sky♡
    sky♡3 månader sedan

    It's useless to compare with Tesla, others don't have a charge network

  • William Winn
    William Winn3 månader sedan

    Good video. I think the speculation on upcoming vehicles is some what accurate. Tesla is easy a decade in front of everyone! The charging infrastructure that upcoming companies are proposing is absurd. Throw in with Tesla (or get Shell or Exxon to back your play). Vehicles that require electric charging should adopt Teslas charging network. Come on you fucking asshole billionaires. It already exist!

  • Johnny Jardim
    Johnny Jardim3 månader sedan

    Sorry to say but Fraudstown Motors will not be bringing anything to production. They are royally screwed, they lied to investors about order numbers. Funny how the CEO resigns and when new management comes along and all of a sidden "yeah we are still on track" anybody with half a brain can see that they wont be bringing anything to production. Take a look at Hindenburgs Research report.

  • gooldii1
    gooldii13 månader sedan

    Great Stuff! Thanks from Germany! I have Preordered a CT, maybe i should preorder 1 or 2 more!