You should NEVER pay cash at a car dealership if you want the best deal! This video explains why...

If you’ve saved up money to buy a car in cash, congrats, that is a GOOD thing!

However, most people think that paying for a car with cash is actually a negotiating chip when it’s not.

Dealerships are not incentivized in ANY way for you to pay cash for their car (other than kickbacks and sales bonuses from the manufacturer).

You paying cash will actually result in you potentially paying MORE for the car!

Watch until the end to hear how I prefer to buy cars!





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  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance
    Marko - WhiteBoard FinanceÅr sedan

    *Do you pay cash for cars, or do you finance and invest the difference?*

  • PedroCerrano84


    3 dagar sedan

    I finance and pay off early, basically what you said in your video! Love to call them out on the BS “admin fee!”

  • X Z

    X Z

    4 dagar sedan

    Get the deal done. And on the 3rd month pay it all off. Dealership: Dang it! They’re starting to figure us out. 😂😂😂

  • Frankie Forza

    Frankie Forza

    16 dagar sedan

    Marko love your video can you do a video on carvanna was thinking about using them but don't know shit

  • ty martin

    ty martin

    17 dagar sedan

    @Addicted2baseball rgd Yes but for some people it is easier to finance both (if they are) on the contract. The cost is usually the same (FI guy "its 795.00 for gap, but I have a coupon for 595.00") CU. "It's 595.00." Just know WHO the GAP is through. Some are good, some are sh+tty.

  • ty martin

    ty martin

    17 dagar sedan

    @Tony Jacobsen #UNBREAKABLE Yes, the dealership with get, at the minimum, a 'flat' fee based on amount financed (15,000 financed =250.00 for dealership=3% to FI guy) If you pay it off within the first month, the FI guy gets a 'charge back.' However, there is usually a fee on your end for early payoff. Look at the fine print on your contract and it will tell you the amount and within how many days (i.e. within 90 days or pay 250.00) you must keep the loan.

  • Matthew Sanders
    Matthew Sanders6 timmar sedan

    If you pay off your loan with a lender a dealership structured for you you fuck that dealership so hard. The lender comes after the dealership like we lied to our lenders. There is some decent stuff in the video but I can’t tell this guy has never sold cars. A new car dealership/Franchise store could give two shits whether you pay cash or not. Yes we make money on the back with finance but the whole point of a new car dealership is volume. The average profit of a new car at sticker is $1,300 that is a 5% or less average profit margin. So VOLUME is their main goal. The more cars they sell the bigger the kickback check from the manufacturer. If you truly want a good cash deal avoid all this bullshit. Go to a larger city with multiple Franchise stores of the same brand they will give you a stupid number to move the unit. In Indianapolis or Columbus Ohio where I’ve worked most of my life in the auto industry had 4-5 dealerships within city limits of the same brand. Let’s say Toyota for now. The Toyota store I worked at in Columbus our average profit margin on a new car sold to a customer was -$1,1xx. We whored those MF out. But we got back hundreds of thousands of dollars back at end of month that made up for the losses and turned a profit. This guy doesn’t know much. Also trying to hide shit is the exact reason why car sales is so difficult. Yes dealerships used to be shady in the past and some exist, but with technology at your fingertips if you get screwed over that is on you now. Hell a Costco membership can save you thousands on a car. They negotiate a crazy price for their members with their dealer partners and you don’t even have to haggle you get below cost for a vehicle. And dealerships love it. They are moving metal, it used to be make thousands on each sale now with front and back the average profit of a vehicle in the US is $1500ish. The game has changed this guy is preaching more scare tactics old school car sales, it’s not like this anymore more. Rant over.

  • Pi Noy
    Pi Noy11 timmar sedan

    How do we know for sure there is NO prepayment early pay penalty?

  • Ben Rivers
    Ben Rivers13 timmar sedan

    You are spot on with the best way to buy a car being private party.

  • viktor K
    viktor K14 timmar sedan

    Some very good tips here.

  • jannyLOML
    jannyLOMLDag sedan

    is there a way not to pay for the delivery fee?

  • Michael DePonte
    Michael DePonteDag sedan

    As a Finance Director at a dealer in New Jersey, I can tell you that many of you don't have all the facts. First off, most new car dealers customers are using what's called Subvented rates, which are backed by the captive lender. The flats range from 150-200. That will have no bearing on your sales price. A deal will never make its way into the F&I office without being solidified by either the sales person or sales manager. Documentation fees and registrations fees are non negotiable. I see some of you have commented about registering it yourself, by all means I wish we did not have to do it. But in New Jersey it is not legal, in order for you to register a new car, you need the MSO, which is against the dealer agreement with the manufacturer to give that to a customer. I understand everyone wants to pay the lowest price, but commerce is what makes the world go round. If everything was wholesale nobody would have jobs, keep that in mind. This is a business with tremendous amounts of overhead and employees, and is very important to the local economics. Be well.

  • Ken Horn
    Ken HornDag sedan

    If you plan to buy a car from a private party, check out Chris Fix’s video on how to inspect a used car before you buy. The knowledge he provides is gold

  • Will Teuscher
    Will Teuscher2 dagar sedan

    I fubard this because I saw this video too late, but when it comes time to buy my daughter a car … Boom!

  • Jim Richard
    Jim Richard3 dagar sedan

    A salesman recently told me about new car sales being not what people think. He said when salesmen see people looking at a new car they hide because there is not much to be made. Used car sales and service is where the dealer makes most. Who knew ?

  • k mak
    k mak3 dagar sedan


  • SharingIsCaring
    SharingIsCaring3 dagar sedan

    100 % agreed on Marko, I have never bought a car from DS, and I have always made profits on every car I bought and sold privately during the last 8 - 10 yrs. thanks for the valuable content though. cheers

  • Gabriel Solis
    Gabriel Solis3 dagar sedan

    My fear is that the early pre-payment penalty is going to be buried in the documents in such fine, hard to read print that I won't be able to catch it. The last time I bought a car they printed the terms in tiny, light grey ink.

  • Nenepinolero
    Nenepinolero3 dagar sedan

    Cash or not cash. You negotiate the total price first, then you decide how to pay.. Don't make shit complicated

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    3 dagar sedan

    Exactly my point lol hfsp

  • Nenepinolero


    3 dagar sedan

    @Marko - WhiteBoard Finance I don't need to.

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    3 dagar sedan

    When you watch and understand the video, you’ll understand my reply.

  • Nenepinolero


    3 dagar sedan

    @Marko - WhiteBoard Finance I get it you want views.

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    3 dagar sedan


  • X Z
    X Z4 dagar sedan

    Yes! Don’t buy new. 1-4 years old is good enough. Only buy exotic cars new. Those kind.

  • X Z
    X Z4 dagar sedan

    That’s why I hate car dealers smh

  • Jason Meade
    Jason Meade4 dagar sedan

    All that walking away sounds good until you’ve wasted 2hrs in a dealership to leave and someone comes in behind you and buys the car you negotiated 2hrs to buy.

  • quest 77051
    quest 770514 dagar sedan


  • The Glass City Girl
    The Glass City Girl4 dagar sedan

    Very helpful. Thank you

    LUIS BAUTISTA5 dagar sedan

    You're absolutely right. I need a car. Mine is to old. Thank you.

  • gureno19
    gureno195 dagar sedan

    This is essentially a step by step guide on how to get a hard hit on your FICO score.

  • quest 77051

    quest 77051

    4 dagar sedan

    If you have the cash to pay it of it doesn’t matter plus the credit report belongs to the banks. They can change the rules whenever they want. This video is very helpful.

  • rey sanchez
    rey sanchez5 dagar sedan

    Immigrants from where?

  • CaRonJeeda
    CaRonJeeda5 dagar sedan

    It's not what you pay it's HOW you pay it!

  • Mike Likes
    Mike Likes6 dagar sedan

    I never, ever pay cash for a depreciating asset. Not when it can be in my Fidelity portfolio instead. Auto loans are at 1.99%, borrowing money is dirt cheap these days. You're leaving a pile of money on the table if you don't lease when you have a business... the tax benefits will make your accountants drool.

  • Matthew Sanders

    Matthew Sanders

    6 timmar sedan

    Finally a smart guy. I bet a lot of these cash customers are taking money from an investment account that makes 4%+ year over year. So exactly why pay cash on something that isn’t an asset. It is an expense the cheapest way to purchase a car is leasing my wife and I both lease, just like a cell phone or internet service is a monthly expense so is owning a vehicle. So make it as cheap as possible. Leasing is the way to go. You pay a small amount of interest usually under 2.5% and just pay depreciation costs over a 3 year time. Super easy and you never overpay and you don’t hold the risk in that situation the lending company does.

  • Jasen Robb

    Jasen Robb

    3 dagar sedan

    In this market, sure, you can probably do better than 2% a month investing. BUT, that's if you're getting those interest rates on vehicles / look for the specials. If you can get anything less than 1%. You should take advantage of all the dealership offers for financing.

  • 1mezion
    1mezion7 dagar sedan

    Doug demuro recently made a video along the same lines one of the difference is he favored purchasing newer vehicle's primary reason being updated security and safety features

  • Sean Steeles
    Sean Steeles7 dagar sedan

    you are the man..been contemplating on buying 4m a dealer or a person

  • HighVisi0n
    HighVisi0n8 dagar sedan

    Hold up “ hey I’m marko with No lube Chevrolet, where we service you with No lube” damn lmao was that one “pun intended”also

  • LatinRazcals
    LatinRazcals8 dagar sedan

    Great VID, thanks.

  • Thomas Campbell
    Thomas Campbell8 dagar sedan

    Excellent insights and observations for saving money buying a car.

  • Saif Ahmed
    Saif Ahmed9 dagar sedan

    I always make sure the ODO price is locked in at the salesperson’s desk, and I ask for a breakdown(tax, delivery, document etc.). If it changes(+), I’ll walk. Also, you can negotiate interest rates. Get a print out of a low rate from your credit union/bank and ask them to match it.

  • Adam Duarte
    Adam Duarte9 dagar sedan

    All facts 💯

  • Erik Martinson
    Erik Martinson10 dagar sedan

    Your negotiation tactics are pathetic, to be honest. If you've already agreed on figures with your salesperson, to try and remove a fee from the price of the vehicle with F&I is spineless and instead of you walking out of our store, chances are you'd be WALKED out of our store. A doc fee is the price of doing business and government fees are often related to registration. Quit being cheap and if you want honest salespeople, you should have an honest purchase process. Period.

  • Scott Plude
    Scott Plude11 dagar sedan


  • Odenix75 Odenix75
    Odenix75 Odenix7511 dagar sedan

    @@👍👍Thank you for sharing your knowledge very appreciated it your parents should be proud of you young man 👍👍

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson11 dagar sedan

    I waited two months and then paid it off

  • Carlos Herrera
    Carlos Herrera13 dagar sedan

    Great video. Haven’t purchased a new car since my first one in high school. I’m 53 now. Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Coz Iii
    Coz Iii14 dagar sedan

    I pay 4 days later

  • Coz Iii
    Coz Iii14 dagar sedan

    Deal with them for out the door price off of the invoice price they get

  • Nelson Copo
    Nelson Copo14 dagar sedan

    Ok marko BUT what if u saved the cash to buy outright but u have bad credit? How do u fit that in, if they wanna run credit? Do u tell them that u have ur own financing? (Asking for a friend lolol)

  • jenp27
    jenp2715 dagar sedan

    I just feel like Craigslist is where people go to get murdered

  • Kraig
    Kraig15 dagar sedan

    It is almost impossible to get the "all in" price. They almost always want to talk in terms of monthly payments so you don't think about the total price you pay. I am the "all in" price and if they stall or come back with a monthly payment amount, I leave immediately.

  • Gaming N Addiction
    Gaming N Addiction15 dagar sedan

    Should you get ANY warranties?

  • polocash11
    polocash1117 dagar sedan

    One, you owe the bank interest the earn, until you pay the loan off. Two, I have seen dealers walk away from a sale if they don't like the final profit, especially the finance person.

  • polocash11


    17 dagar sedan

    You can buy a warranty to get out with the vehicle and usually cancel within 30 days.

  • Rommel Cuevas
    Rommel Cuevas17 dagar sedan

    So basically, just go through the “motions” of securing a financing arrangement while at the dealership.. and then just wait for the pay-off balance amount from the lender?

  • kirk kronenberger

    kirk kronenberger

    15 dagar sedan


  • Yuri polkavich
    Yuri polkavich19 dagar sedan

    Excellent video! 100% true but maybe cut back a little on the sarcasm.

  • Aaron Collins
    Aaron Collins19 dagar sedan

    I will never buy a new car. I love going the Craigslist, because you buy a car without having to pay sales tax, and can usually get a better price negotiating. I bought a 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid on Craigslist 5 years ago for $12,500. It got totaled last year, and they gave me $10,500! After 4 years of owning the car, I only lost $2,000. This is because I start negotiating from the trade-in price when I buy a car, rather than the private party price on a car.

  • Wesly Wagner
    Wesly Wagner20 dagar sedan

    This is truly great information, I’m actually going to try this in about 3 weeks. Wish me luck and thanks for the great video.

  • Aron Torres
    Aron Torres20 dagar sedan

    Very informative!

  • Stevie Gian
    Stevie Gian20 dagar sedan

    Where will we find the private parties?

  • Aron Torres

    Aron Torres

    20 dagar sedan


  • Paco Saviyola
    Paco Saviyola21 dag sedan

    "no lube" hella funny

  • Jason alexander
    Jason alexander21 dag sedan

    I'm still riding my bicycle.

  • P T
    P T21 dag sedan

    Many dealerships in metro ny have fine print nowadays that requires financing to get the advertised price.

  • Bastian
    Bastian21 dag sedan

    Only problem is figuring out what to do with my wife's current vehicle, which has more mechanical issues than is worth dealing with. Trade it in I guess? we just don't have the time and energy to sell it ourselves.

  • Marc Sherman
    Marc Sherman22 dagar sedan

    Using the car dealership for a bridge loan is a good idea. never thought of that. thank you

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith22 dagar sedan

    Tim Tebow look a like

  • Henry Luna
    Henry Luna27 dagar sedan

    How would you handle sales tax from the DMV if you buy from a private seller? (Question from the State of Texas)

  • wade wilson
    wade wilson27 dagar sedan

    You don't ever want to be serviced with no lube, believe me

  • Frank Munafo III
    Frank Munafo III28 dagar sedan

    No Lube Chevrolet. Where are they located???

  • a mofo
    a mofo28 dagar sedan

    Your hair behind you is bugging me

  • Brad
    Brad28 dagar sedan

    Car sales reps are the most worthless and most hated creatures on the planet. Maybe slightly above cockroaches. And Congress.

  • Anthony Chau
    Anthony Chau28 dagar sedan

    Would you not negotiate the Doc Fee (in your example) before you're with the finance guys or can you do it in both places?

    JOHN MAJCHER29 dagar sedan

    Marco, You provide good value and a great public service. Thank you. I'm using your strategies to buy a new high-end car. I found an internet sales Mgr who is willing to deal and is apparently negotiating in good faith. I'll update you all if you'd like me to. Respectfully, Jack

  • coolgui
    coolgui29 dagar sedan

    Fully agree with you, dealership suxx BIG time, that one of the reasons Tesla does not stop selling cars. Cars Company, hear this guy, way to go !!!

  • Ian Laccohee
    Ian LaccoheeMånad sedan

    I just bought a new transit & did the exact same thing with the B/S fees. They took them right off the price of the vehicle, as you said. It was an easy discount. They wanted to sell the van, & I really wanted the van, but told them, if they didn't remove it, I'd walk. The buyer holds the cards.

  • Fit Tennis 60
    Fit Tennis 60Månad sedan


  • Space Cowboy 45
    Space Cowboy 45Månad sedan

    The best way to buy a car is to finance at a very low rate, and make sure your loan doesn't have an early payoff penalty. Paying in cash is foolish when they're selling the finance plan for much cheaper. They dont need to know how much you have in your bank account. Pay it off the next day if you want to.

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh RuthunMånad sedan

    In my country they charge fees for the fees...complete BS.

  • John Feesey
    John FeeseyMånad sedan

    As a quite non mechanically adaptive person I have to part ways with you on several facets of auto evaluation.I just do not have those genes.Good as far as it goes.You are keeping it brief and spicy to bush up your YT numbers so I'll give you a comment.

  • Jenny 4 Jesus
    Jenny 4 JesusMånad sedan

    Great video. Can you come with me to buy my next vehicle lol??

  • East Lamb
    East LambMånad sedan

    I think I have a man crush.

  • ThisMyCollection 2
    ThisMyCollection 2Månad sedan

    We service you with no lube!

  • Alfonso Lopez
    Alfonso LopezMånad sedan

    What if I don't have a trade inn for the doc fee and bs sales man

  • Jm Martian
    Jm MartianMånad sedan

    Thats pretty basic and simple

  • Felix Iranzi
    Felix IranziMånad sedan

    I wish I'd watched your videos 12 years ago.

  • michael vorpe
    michael vorpeMånad sedan

    Love your videos! Very powerful info on the car dealership process. However "etc" is not spelled "ect", and should not be pronounced eck cetera...

  • Bliggity
    BliggityMånad sedan

    When I bought my f150 I financed through ford credit which got me 2000 off the truck. Then refinanced through my credit union which cost me 75 bucks. Boom free money.

  • justsomeguytoyou
    justsomeguytoyouMånad sedan

    Always pay cash for cars, and anything else when you can afford to. Taking out loans when not needed is always a bad idea---that's more monthly overhead that you don't want. Always keep the amount of payments made each month to a bare minimum

  • boatman222345
    boatman222345Månad sedan

    Excellent video! Years ago I worked as a sports car mechanic and everything this guy says is true! I've been telling my wife all this stuff for years and she pretty much refuses to listen. So I am forwarding this video to her as she is currently in the market for a used car. I know Marko said he was only kidding when he suggested you send him a commission on the money you saved due to his video but you can at least follow his advice and it wouldn't hurt to say thanks!

  • Barry Gysbers
    Barry GysbersMånad sedan

    Yep. I agree. CL rocks for cars...

  • lance brannigan
    lance branniganMånad sedan

    great info, thanks

  • William Ralph
    William RalphMånad sedan

    Very enlightening ...Thanks

  • Rick LoDuca
    Rick LoDucaMånad sedan

    Kinda hot there young man… sponge worthy! 😉 Seriously, this is very helpful, thank you! I will rewatch your videos before getting a new (?) Tucson.

  • Simon George
    Simon GeorgeMånad sedan

    Depends on how long you intend keeping the car. In the UK people are obsessed with PCP lease deals. Lower monthly payments because part of the cost of the car is deferred to the end of the agreement as a balloon payment, but most trade them in because they can't afford the final amount. This is particularly true with the so called premium brands, BMW, Audi etc. Our roads are filled with them yet nobody owns them. Its all about image these days and people would rather lease so they can get the another shiny fancy badged new model in a couple of years. I prefer straight Hire Purchase, its a lot simpler to work out and the salesman or woman can't baffle you with any of it. You pay more a month obviously but at least I will own the car at the end. You tend to find if someone needs to get a car on PCP, it means they can't really afford it. Its like renting a car. What a waste of money.

  • Thomas Vrieze
    Thomas VriezeMånad sedan

    Worst negotiating skills ever never tell somebody to lie during negotiations...

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Månad sedan

    Watch the video. No one is lying.

  • Eco Neato - Eric Talaska
    Eco Neato - Eric TalaskaMånad sedan

    There are some vehicles where it's better to buy new from a dealer such as large cargo vans (Sprinter, Transit) because due to extremely high demand for used, new is sometimes the same or cheaper price and you get a warranty.

  • Eco Neato - Eric Talaska
    Eco Neato - Eric TalaskaMånad sedan

    It's rare for me to say this: Awesome!

  • cctaylor88
    cctaylor88Månad sedan

    You've "made money" on most of your cars. 100% lie.

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Månad sedan

    I drive these cars for a year or so then sell them. Many people do this. Just need to buy it right and buy the right car. Porsche 911, e39 M5, Porsche Cayennes 6spd, Toyota tacoma low miles, FJ cruiser, land cruisers, etc

  • cctaylor88


    Månad sedan

    @Marko - WhiteBoard Finance so now we're talking "collecting" and classic cars. That is actually believable but in the video it makes it sound like your purchasing daily drivers and using them and some how making money on them down the line which let's be real...

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Månad sedan

    That’s exactly what I do. Classic german cars that appreciate in value due to becoming more scarce

  • cctaylor88


    Månad sedan

    @Marko - WhiteBoard Finance you're stating that you buy used vehicles from PP and then turn around and sell them for PROFIT to PP after using said vehicles? You're making it sound like your daily drivers always turn a profit after you use them...

  • Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

    Månad sedan

    Lol not even close

  • roush26
    roush26Månad sedan

    I knew a guy who had the approach of "I'm looking for an Acura MDX with 30k miles or less for $19K cash, you either have it or you don't." He said the salesmen will play games and he walked away, he did buy an MDX eventually, not sure what he paid for it.

  • Alexander Rincon
    Alexander RinconMånad sedan

    I agree with you 100%. I only bought a car in a dealer once and it feels like a total scam. Never again.

  • Darrin Yo-mama Kimble
    Darrin Yo-mama KimbleMånad sedan

    The only problem with your plan is you hurt your credit score by paying a loan out immediately like that. The total of $30,000 is still in your credit rating algorithm and without at least 12 months worth of payments it will tank your credit score. Great plan bad results.

  • Ahmad Fakih
    Ahmad FakihMånad sedan

    “I don’t buy brand new cars” He wouldn’t say that now anymore, as brand new cars are more bang for your buck than used one that’s extremely experienced

  • DH


    28 dagar sedan

    new cars are just too expensive. if you buy for example a 50k car after a year its probably only worth like 30-35k. and if u get a reliable used car its really fucking cheap to drive

  • Troy D
    Troy DMånad sedan

    Great commons sense advice! You are right on the money 💰. No pun intended. Well maybe. 😂

  • Thomas Ardizon
    Thomas ArdizonMånad sedan

    All good advice except telling people they can get out of processing fee and non tax fees. Not happening anywhere ever at all. Negotiate the price of the car not the fees that EVERYONE including the sales person and their manager pay. - a car salesman

  • cameraz99
    cameraz99Månad sedan

    If somebody buys a new car and sells it for a year or two or three later, you have to wonder why they are selling it. It has been my experience that if you own a car and it is reliable, powerful (or economical, whichever is more important to you), has no problems and is a joy to drive, why would you sell it??? Unless, of course, *there's something wrong with it!* Most of the time, when you buy a used car, you are buying somebody else's headache. Buy a new car, and you have the pleasure of being the first one to own it and, more importantly, you have a warranty.

  • TheAztec010
    TheAztec010Månad sedan

    Not always true, I was honest up front told them what I would be paying cash and what would be financed. Did my homework and new the MSRP and destination cost (that I didn’t pay for) so I knew going in where my negotiation would start. Long story short I was able to purchase for $21,500 asking price was $26K. Great information thanks for sharing!

  • Jose Munoz
    Jose MunozMånad sedan

    what about buying used cars from private auctions?

  • Neil Martin
    Neil MartinMånad sedan

    What about the interest charge? Surely that’s built into the cost too. Usually the total interest is added to the loan amount and is then added to the total amount?

  • Christopher Perry
    Christopher PerryMånad sedan

    While negotiating on price ask to see the dealers invoice. The invoice shows what the dealer paid for the car. Then offer $500 over invoice. If it’s a big dealer and you’re buying a new car you can get them to sell it to you at or even sometimes below invoice because they’re incentivized buy the manufacturer to sell units.

    BGALUMMånad sedan

    Marko- Very good information and items to consider. Thanks for making the video.

  • bobo caterpillar
    bobo caterpillarMånad sedan

    wow, that's a GREAT tip about buying with cash! i never would have thought of that.