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    Loads More to do but this Is my best project i think, so glad you've all enjoyed it and see you in the next instalments, Subscribe so you don't miss a thing.

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    Cant wait 4 the next episode/part.

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    @Mr. E-Man M I've done 2 weeks of concrete pumping before, but I guess that's just an extra cost for Collin having to hire another truck

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    @Daniel Taylor hello, I live in the USA 🇺🇸 . We have concrete trucks that pump concrete through hoses long distances or you can do it the old way by having them pour into a wheel barrel.

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    @Mr. E-Man M you mean a concrete pump truck?

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    Hey mate why have you got to leave us all hanging for the next vid? I'm sure you have a build up of vids to upload. Were all having withdrawals.

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    This is perfect for a zombie apocilepse

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    Colin was last seen digging a tunnel beneath the Mexican border working for an unknown drug cartel...

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    Isambard Kingdom Brunel

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    Colin is building an underground bunker. Then a secret tunnel between the house, workshop, and bunker. What is that Colin knows and not the rest of us? Return of the Triffids?

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    Hydro get engine? To flush toilets.

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    Does it ever flood in your area? I am wondering how the tunnel and bunker would handle flooding.

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    When part 5…?

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    He's about to master the SEblacks Algorithm.

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    You still need an elevator.

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    Minecraft op

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    Dig faster Colin, the suspense is killing me!!

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    should put in some fake windows with plants behind it.

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    Who's waiting for part 5???

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    Make a Batman grappling hook

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    Civil Engineer here. Use selfcompacting concrete with enough superplasticizer inside so you don't have to level anything. Just make sure your Formwork ist literally waterproof.

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    The main reason why he is making tunnel is he want to find diamonds 💎 just like in minecraft 😗🤫

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    When this house finally goes up for sale whenever that may be, it’s gonna be worth tons

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    Wheres part 5?U must been So busy or It got way harder to do the things building the underground.I understand take rest if U needed to.

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    Waiting for a new video what hapend?

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    When do you think you'll be uploading the next part? Waiting impatiently over here haha

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    You know when you where a kid and waiting for the wii to come out? This is me eaiting for these videos.

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    Whene is the next part?

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    I'm having withdrawal, I need part 5!!! Lol, Love ya Colin!

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    Minecraft op

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    Waiting for the next video!

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    What‘s about the oxygen down there? You are welding, working& probably breathing down there? It‘s very dangerous with the large share of co2. Or do you got a fresh air pump down there?

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    Hey, Colin!! When the next video? I need see the evil tunnel, the evil digging, the evil laugh! muajajajajajaja

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    Colin we need the next episode. Please dig faster!

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    When is the next video

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    That knife belt is stupid dangerous. I like freedom and all, but I'm skeptical that's the way to use it.

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    Not sure what your plans are for running the tunnel into your house, but I hope it involves a hidden doorway behind a bookshelf or something like that.

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    the hatch should be motorized

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    Can't wait for part 5 to come out! This is such a cool project!

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    RIP this dude's lungs

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    Make part five pls

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    can you make a giant robotic bug that can dig under with 1 person on board?

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    I would really like to see a separate video about the permitting and engineering needed to do all this.

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    You sure you got enough tea for that colin?

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    With the effort he went through, I felt the need to like this.

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    Colin wheres the next one

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    I never check my phone so often before. I am so excited about part 5. You are awesome! You do projects I ever dreamed about. And I like that you think like an engineer. Cracy and efficient.

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    We love a bit of Look Mum No Computer!

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    teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up me: friends with colinfurze.

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    Make a hydraulic car

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    can you make a giant robotic bug that can dig under with 1 person on board?

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    Where’s part 5 can’t wait

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    I wonder how the steel is gonna hold up with the humidity going thrue the concrete from the soil around

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    Did you have to get planning permission for this 😂😂😂

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    When will the next videos of this project be put on SEblacks?

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    He's been uploading 1 per week on a Thursday but he missed last week for some reason. So maybe this Thursday...?

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    how can you not love this S@#T!!!!! haters don't thumbs down, go watch grass grow yeah!


    Next part please 😩😩😩

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    Почему нет субтитров на русский язык 😠😠😠😠

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    Hey Colin instead of Thursday it’s FURZEDAY!!!

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    Colin I remember a long time ago when I first saw this channel when u had only 1 mil subs. Now your at 11 mill. Keep up the great work

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    Best channel of ever seen on SEblacks or TV for that matter

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    Absolutely love these videos. Out of everything you've built this is my favorite. Did you have to get permits before building it? If I tried that in the US the government would shut me down so quick and they would never approve a permit.

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    Hey man if you ever build another game weapon or something I think you should make the DOOM SLAYERS arm blade from DOOM eternal?

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    Colin I need the next video! 😭😭😭😭. Why don't you start a daily show😭😭😭😭😭😭. I love the content it's insane lol 👌

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    Enjoy your break!!

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    guess he got fucked by the feds, 1 week interval broken

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    16:21 It's amazing how quickly people forget about Root Cellars existing.

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    `well ik where to go when there is a zombie apocalypse lmao

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    "My name is Colin Furze and I-" *Tunnel collapses*

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    Is he on his meds😂 he seems so calm

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    It would be awesome to have a section or windows that are perspex so can see the natural rock around it.

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    should have saved bits of the carpet to decorate the hallways. like historical Colin Furze Gallery of work.

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    For all the rest of the concrete what about a concrete lorry that pumps it……. 👌🏻👍🏻

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    No wonder steel and concrete tripled in price this past year Colin bought up 50% of it

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    Cant help but think this would be so much faster if real life worked like minecraft.

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    Isn’t secrecy the number one rule of having a secret bunker ? This guys shows it off to the entire world ? :)

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    Hey Colin , i've got a question Why you don't using bethon under the pressure, this will give strong and property cover for your's ceiling

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    I need him to adopt me

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    Kind of a bit disappointing. Shafts and tunnels are so old hat. Thought you'd supercharge it with a lift that went down, up and sideways. Step it up man !

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    This Minecraft mod looks cool

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    Great little project so far, but like my garage refereb, its still an ongoing and evolving idea. looks great so far.

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    Quite a secret now, Colin.

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    Why’s everyone ignoring the fact he has netherite

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    I hope you do a collab with Hacksmith industuries

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    I’d metal detect all the removed material. It’s doubtful but who knows? There could be gold or other treasures in it.

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    He needs to make a small backhoe out of hydraulics lol

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    If I wore a Colin Furze safety tie it would definitely get stuck in my bench grinder!!

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    Would it not have been an idea to put some storage in the walls?

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    @mstrbkr I assume you aren't a maker if you think extra storage isn't *ALWAYS* useful LOL

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    Why?! The tunnel literally links 3 buildings that store stuff.

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    @bofooit gojo For extra storage? Not very much really.

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    how much have this cost you in material alone?

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