Denmark vs. Finland suspended after Christian Eriksen Collapses on the pitch | ESPN FC


  • Antares -
    Antares -24 dagar sedan

    Wish him all the best ❤

  • hsun79
    hsun7926 dagar sedan

    People will continue to take life for granted until they are close to death.

  • Jerry Chen
    Jerry ChenMånad sedan

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  • Emily An
    Emily AnMånad sedan

    He's stable❤️

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhhMånad sedan

    Praise the creator that he's alive I know people personally that have collapsed on the pitch and aren't here today.

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao TomMånad sedan

    He's stable❤️

  • John DoDo Doe
    John DoDo DoeMånad sedan

    1 week later and they already implanted an ICD in his chest and released him from hospital. Great luck the nearest hospital was the nations #1 Cardiac specialists (and in fact, the National Hospital). The other big hospitals in the city are further from the stadion. It's 1 mile by ambulance, shorter by helicopter.

  • John DoDo Doe

    John DoDo Doe

    Månad sedan

    @Emily An But was that his actual condition or just a random example of a heart condition?

  • Emily An

    Emily An

    Månad sedan

    Myocarditis is a medical term for inflammation of the heart. It is never mild, as they are describing it - meaning not terribly significant. The heart cells that make up the heart

  • Cassie
    CassieMånad sedan

    such a good job. Stay strong Christian, we're so happy you're okay 💪🏻🇩🇰

  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    Månad sedan

    dying. The number is hard to determine, because the person is still alive. Think about this when you're considering getting your covid jab

  • serry ciok
    serry ciokMånad sedan

    Craig Burley just sounds so torn up, I’m used to the banter-y version of Craig. It just shows you how much compassion we need to have for one another

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    Månad sedan

    We will be Fine by God's Grace

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubnMånad sedan

    such a good job. Stay strong Christian, we're so happy you're okay 💪🏻🇩🇰

  • James Radova
    James RadovaMånad sedan

    That guys minor probs are taking focus away form the Real issues in the world and the reason its Crucial that players, esp yt-pipo, kneel before each match! Only racist losers stand for their nations racist anthem based on racisums and oppression!!

  • Cassie


    Månad sedan

    points. It's a joke.

  • Carl jones
    Carl jonesMånad sedan

    Great to see him on the mend I suffered a cardiac arrest 4 years ago, 40 minutes CPR 6 difbralator shocks and 2 shots of adrenaline, CPR savers lives plz learn

  • serry ciok

    serry ciok

    Månad sedan

    May 31st. He'd Pf!zer Jab.... Coach told on Radio

  • Kiki U
    Kiki UMånad sedan

    UEFA demanded Denmark to play again. What a scandal!

  • laskin riubn

    laskin riubn

    Månad sedan

    But started again!! Clickbait pffff

  • MisterRicky007
    MisterRicky007Månad sedan

    Did he take the vaccine shot?

  • misolou fout
    misolou foutMånad sedan

    He's stable❤️

  • TTS Fish
    TTS FishMånad sedan

    The fact uefa threatened a forfeit to denmark if they didn’t play the game is horrible. These people have played alongside eriksen for years and to have to play a match without one of their key players and just having gone through trauma and uefa is like, if u don’t play u lose 3-0. Report me if u want but 🖕uefa

  • TTS Fish

    TTS Fish

    Månad sedan

    @toijg avnnr i wish it was

  • toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnr

    Månad sedan

    Is time-travelling legal?

  • The Wedge
    The WedgeMånad sedan

    So what was it? a heart attack???

  • amanojaku91


    Månad sedan

    Sudden cardiac arrest. The leading cause of death among young athletes. It’s usually caused by a birth defect in the heart (most common) or an undetected cardiovascular disease. There have been many similar incidents in football in the last 20 years.

  • BabsW
    BabsWMånad sedan

    I've never seen Craig so emotional- understandably

  • misolou fout

    misolou fout

    Månad sedan

    Football players have a history with this heart issue...

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joingMånad sedan

    Thank god he's doing better. All support with his family❤️

  • Chloe
    ChloeMånad sedan

    He has just had the vaccination! The MSM are keeping it quiet 😡

  • Dexodon


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    Out of millions of people who have had a vaccine one of them will have a cardiac arrest. Are you really that stupid?

  • Manjola Cera
    Manjola CeraMånad sedan

    Thank God he did it 🙏

  • mark nvt
    mark nvtMånad sedan

    I never understood why UEFA gave Denmark two stupid options. play on the same evening or the next morning. As i watched the schedule the 1/8 finales were at saterday 26 june. Is it that hard to play the game, Friday 25 june or thursday 24 june or wednesday 23 june. ( that is a week later ) The last group match was at tuesday 23 june. So why not do the match over on 24 or 25 june.

  • Mani 1610

    Mani 1610

    Månad sedan

    Kinda. There is a reason why the teams from the same groups play at the same time during the 3rd matchday.

  • nijuo joing

    nijuo joing

    Månad sedan

    Do sports rhey said. Its good for your health they said... Boom. Noone is safe. Not even pro athletes.

  • Juche Tony
    Juche TonyMånad sedan

    Myocarditis is a medical term for inflammation of the heart. It is never mild, as they are describing it - meaning not terribly significant. The heart cells that make up the heart muscles never regenerate. It’s not like the liver, or the kidney, that regenerates. When a heart muscle dies, it’s dead. And it’s never replaced. So muscle cells in the heart will be dying. The number is hard to determine, because the person is still alive. Think about this when you're considering getting your covid jab

  • Eugene Essah
    Eugene EssahMånad sedan

    We will be Fine by God's Grace

  • Colton J
    Colton JMånad sedan

    Christian Eriksen gave me his under shirt after a friendly game against Milan in Minneapolis, USA

  • Kristoffer B-E
    Kristoffer B-EMånad sedan

    UEFA got rules about streakers... The camera points away. UEFA about players almost dying - no rules. Not where to point the camera. Not to cancel match or divide match points. It's a joke.

  • Sukhadaa Dasi
    Sukhadaa DasiMånad sedan

    May 31st. He'd Pf!zer Jab.... Coach told on Radio

  • jan dane
    jan daneMånad sedan

    But started again!! Clickbait pffff

  • Mohazz Kadenge
    Mohazz KadengeMånad sedan

    Will he continue to play???or his career will be over?

  • tolhupo merocceb
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  • Wiolo
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    Is time-travelling legal?

  • Kalle Byn
    Kalle BynMånad sedan

    You speak to much

  • Robin C
    Robin CMånad sedan

    Even if it delays the final of this competition they can make time to replay this game. Someone almost dying means more.

  • Tim Petersen
    Tim PetersenMånad sedan

    Denmark lost - Cristian Eriksen won

  • Mi Hoe
    Mi HoeMånad sedan

    ...the show must go on - - rhe millionen games, nothig else !!!!!!!!!

  • Verhoeven1980
    Verhoeven1980Månad sedan

    Do sports rhey said. Its good for your health they said... Boom. Noone is safe. Not even pro athletes.

  • Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

    Månad sedan

    This is an anomaly, it happened to a guy called fabrice muamba a few years ago, turned out he had a dodgey heart. The joke is their probably wasn't a better place for him to cardiac arrest, if this had happened anywhere else he would've probably died.

  • The moon
    The moonMånad sedan

    How tf did it take them nearly 2 min to start cpr that’s redicules

  • I'm blessed daily
    I'm blessed dailyMånad sedan

    Life is unpredictable

  • Klove Mlove
    Klove MloveMånad sedan

    In such conditions, the players must not surround the player because it reduces the oxygen and fress air around.

  • SsSploogeJ2
    SsSploogeJ2Månad sedan

    Anyone else here from Fortnite lol...trying to figure out who to block

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  • Daniel Bustillos
    Daniel BustillosMånad sedan

    The fact that uefa made them finish the game is a disgrace. Even though Eriksen said he was okay. You cant finish after that.

  • Andreas Preusse
    Andreas PreusseMånad sedan

    You SEblacks Clowns are really a mess. If you fools wish him the bestm, you never would spam this what happened at youtube,. shame on you, you click hashing morons

  • WillowTM
    WillowTMMånad sedan

    show the damm video. thumbs down

  • Dick Riggles
    Dick RigglesMånad sedan

    Could Zeke Upshaw have been saved with CPR and a defibrillator? That player who died on the Grand Rapids drive?

  • Brooke S
    Brooke SMånad sedan

    Is anyone asking what would cause one of the healthiest athletes on the planet, 29 years old, to suddenly collapse with a heart attack?

  • Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

    Månad sedan

    Same thing happened to a guy called Fabrice Muamba a few years ago, he had a dodgey heart.

  • Charles Ainsworth
    Charles AinsworthMånad sedan

    The entire Inter Milan team, including Christian, received the Phizer shot on May 31.

  • Væringjar


    Månad sedan

    Source? Everything i can find points to him not being vaccinated.

  • ActOfLove *
    ActOfLove *Månad sedan

    “Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds life, prosperity and honor.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭21:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Glefser
    GlefserMånad sedan

    Eriksen suffered a full heart stop or cardial arrest and was clinical dead for a minute or two said the teams doctor today in a statement. All hails to Simon Kjær, who reacted immediately, Kasper Schmeichel for being a mountain of support for Eriksens wife, the Danish team for taking action to cover Eriksen from the cameras, the ref, coach and the fans who was chanting his name Christian Eriksen

  • Michea Dolorenho
    Michea DolorenhoMånad sedan

    The macabre professor lilly box because lettuce increasingly influence above a disgusting timer. sick, spiritual downtown

  • Laura weinsberg
    Laura weinsbergMånad sedan

    Christian Eriksen is awake and stable, he is ok. 

  • Jimmy LCH
    Jimmy LCHMånad sedan

    Football is beautiful and Christian plays it beautifully."

  • nk nk
    nk nkMånad sedan

    They fight rumours about vaccine so hard that it makes me feel that's true

  • Robert Baratheon
    Robert BaratheonMånad sedan

    I wonder if he'd received a COVId vaccine... 🤔

  • Hamza Akhtar

    Hamza Akhtar

    Månad sedan

    Idk why it so difficult to do research. Inter Milan director has said that Christian didn’t have COVID nor did he have the vaccine

  • basquat76


    Månad sedan

    I wonder if you are able to even tie your own shoes being that thick.

  • Jessica Saidi
    Jessica SaidiMånad sedan

    from london brixton uk . he is going be ok. but no more footie for christian eriksen. god bless him. its a wake up call. to everyone...we are not immortal. health is wealth. footie jus a game.. eriksen is strong man...he will pull through

  • Tai Gibson
    Tai GibsonMånad sedan

    Christian Eriksen is awake and stable, he is ok. 

  • banana14
    banana14Månad sedan

    I knew something horrible was going to happen when I saw that Tik Tok ad.

  • Imu Mojumder
    Imu MojumderMånad sedan

    Love & respect for Denmark + Finland team from Bangladesh 🇧🇩. Thanks God Erikson is stable now. He is a great player & got a very strong family like team. Thats all team should be. May God bless him early recovery

    THE FACT MANMånad sedan

    Fun fact: Skateboarding was original referred to as 'sidewalk skating'.

  • 2020 Make it Stop
    2020 Make it StopMånad sedan

    Fútbol isn't my favorite, I do enjoy the world cups and I'm glad to see the MLS growing here in the states. I live in Kentucky and Louisville has a club (I assume it's an affiliate like baseball has minor league teams to get young prospects playing). Cincinnati has a FC. But sports aside, I want to point out it doesn't matter if Denmark and Finland were competing in the Euro Underwater Basket Weaving championship. The sport goes out the window when a participant literally drops dead on the pitch. What impresses me always about soccer is the passion the fans have. And here in Kentucky, I grew up being indoctrinated on what it means to support the UK men's basketball team, I've always did the same for football although that experience wasn't always rewarding. My bucket list would be experiencing a game because the fans would make the experience exponentially better. From your songs, chants, and even the Hooliganism, it's an absolute work of art in my opinion. And to see the sides chanting his first name and last name across the stadium, all they do in the States is clap and of course send thoughts and prayers. The main thing is Mr. Erickson isn't being eulogized and I sincerely hope his career isn't over. And to all the fans, I'd happily take a stadium of you folks and give Europe half the US population in return 😕🤫😂

  • Harman Pabla
    Harman PablaMånad sedan

    Which vaccine did he take?

  • Hamza Akhtar

    Hamza Akhtar

    Månad sedan


    RYAN MARKMånad sedan

    Jesus save our players🙏

  • Rhadamanthus Rex
    Rhadamanthus RexMånad sedan


  • Don't Let The World Go Under
    Don't Let The World Go UnderMånad sedan

    Eriksen was vaccinated. Got Pfizer on 31. May.

  • june born
    june bornMånad sedan

    come back. Eriksen

  • LCA
    LCAMånad sedan

    I wish denmark could give all the need of eriksen in the coming futur if he couldn't continue playing football normally as this terrible thing happen to eriksen while he plays for his country

  • Only Jesus Can Save Us
    Only Jesus Can Save UsMånad sedan

    John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.17-For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

  • Kevin
    KevinMånad sedan

    Thanks for not showing what I came to see, not.

  • claudiu ilie
    claudiu ilieMånad sedan

    I was in tears ,one of the hardest things to watch, hope he will recover soon ,makes you realise how short life is ,imagine if we can see people suffering from covid ,live on tv,going through similar experiences and maybe dying, there wouldn't be any non believers in the world and everyone would get vaccinated

  • Miguel D
    Miguel DMånad sedan

    We are all sinners and we cannot save ourselves! If a person gets to heaven because they kept the commandments or stopped sinning or got baptized, then that would mean that they were saved by their works. But we are not saved by our works! And if we are not saved by our works, then we cannot “stay” saved by them. We are saved by grace through faith! Salvation is a completely free gift! Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. Should a person use this as a license to sin? No. Of course not. If a person uses this as a license to sin, are they still saved? Yes. Of course. If you believe that Jesus paid the price for your sins (past, present, and future), was buried and rose again on the third day, you are sealed until the day of redemption and you cannot lose your salvation no matter what! Our salvation is not based on how we live. Our rewards in heaven are based on how we live. OSAS.

  • Momo the one
    Momo the oneMånad sedan

    Thank god christian eriksen is ok, wow man we must cherish every minute we have because at anytime anything can happen, we are human, and im just glad nothing is wrong with christian eriksen, hope to see him on the field soon, get well💪

  • A Hustlers Approach
    A Hustlers ApproachMånad sedan

    U guys won't sleep if you seen limbs being torn of Palestinian kids during airstrikes

  • Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

    Månad sedan

    @A Hustlers Approach I know, people using children as human shields is sickening.

  • A Hustlers Approach

    A Hustlers Approach

    Månad sedan

    @Robin Truby robin, don't know if it's a girls name or blokes, but your comment is sickening.

  • Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

    Månad sedan

    Tell Hamas to stop using them as sheilds then 😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Sam King
    Sam KingMånad sedan

    Got vaccinated with the covid jab. Mmm

  • Sam King
    Sam KingMånad sedan

    He took the covid jab 12 days ago.. Wake up sheeple.

  • Danilo del Rosario
    Danilo del RosarioMånad sedan

    Praying for the complete recovery of Christien Ericsson

  • Family F
    Family FMånad sedan

    Inter Milan Chief Medic and Cardiologist confirmed that Christian Eriksen received the Pfizer vaccine 12 days ago.

  • Family F

    Family F

    Månad sedan

    @Lord Mathis Rowan who do we listen to, his coach or his cardiologist?

  • ابو تميم الــهلالـي
    ابو تميم الــهلالـيMånad sedan

    هل من عربي هنا

  • Abigail Hoobs
    Abigail HoobsMånad sedan

    Secuelas del covid?

  • lisbeth n
    lisbeth nMånad sedan

    Game should not continue whatever eriksen wanted it to. You could see the players especially the danish were really distressed. UEFA are sick

  • lisbeth n

    lisbeth n

    Månad sedan

    @Robin Truby get help

  • Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

    Månad sedan

    @Glefser get a grip snowflake, he didn't die. If they didn't finish the game this would've become a convenient way to get out of a game.

  • Glefser


    Månad sedan

    @Robin Truby you're just being insensitive. Euros are not bigger than one footballer that almost lost his life, football is secondary and the fans and both teams showed us that.

  • Robin Truby

    Robin Truby

    Månad sedan

    @Glefser no, if Denmark had won you wouldn't be saying that you would be saying it's a fairtale win. He didn't die, euros is bigger than any 1 person.

  • Glefser


    Månad sedan

    Captain Simon Kjær got subbed off because he was too affected. You could also see that how poorly he took the penalty denmark got in 2nd half. When finland scored, they didn't cheer, and it was probably the biggest thing happening in finnish footbal, scoring in a torunament. Football didn't meen anything after what happened. That says it all, so yea, the game should have been cancelled.

  • 4N0NYM0US
    4N0NYM0USMånad sedan

    Kjaer... He just saved a life! What a man..

  • 조영진
    조영진Månad sedan

    에릭센 쾌차하시고 기도합니다🙏🙏

  • Hiếu Sports
    Hiếu SportsMånad sedan

    Hope you all watch the video and comment from everyone✅

  • Lupul Alb
    Lupul AlbMånad sedan

    12 days ago he just have his jab flu for Corona.

  • Nandile Thwala
    Nandile ThwalaMånad sedan

    I thank the LORD Yeshua, Christian is alive!!!

  • Nazmul hasan Hasan
    Nazmul hasan HasanMånad sedan

    Thanks god u save him

    ONLYLENNYVLOGMånad sedan

    Whole team took the sting

  • EnterTheCarp
    EnterTheCarpMånad sedan

    I hope the best for him

  • Salome Wiredu
    Salome WireduMånad sedan

    All players, coaches, and refs at all levels should know CPR and first response skills. It could be the difference between life and death

  • Nitro
    NitroMånad sedan

    career over

  • Desmond Doss
    Desmond DossMånad sedan

    Pray for Christian 🙏🙏🙏

  • Michael Jefferies
    Michael JefferiesMånad sedan

    Nobody mentioned that he had the vaccine 12 days ago?

  • King Zande
    King ZandeMånad sedan

    Pay the NHS and all medical staff around the world what they deserve.

  • TheDarkAngel
    TheDarkAngelMånad sedan

    Omfg he is our most importend player on our team, i was to a 70s bday while the tv were running we were all just silince and in chok, but we danishmen stands together and fight together, and we pray together for Christian

  • GIBBO4182
    GIBBO4182Månad sedan

    Amazing how this can happen to someone so fit

  • 4LitreJeeper
    4LitreJeeperMånad sedan

    Please pray for my mom who's in the ICU on a ventilator fighting for her life against this virus for 4 weeks now and struggling. Her name is Doris. I don't have much family. If you can take a second to pray for her please.

  • user not found
    user not foundMånad sedan

    They are no longer soccer players, *they are gladiators.* Nothing will stop the match.

  • Martin Allen
    Martin AllenMånad sedan

    Awful and scary !

  • Hamza
    HamzaMånad sedan

    I know this is quite random but The medical guy that saved him. I sat beside the medical guy earlier in the day, when I was heading into Copenhagen. He sat beside me in the metro, with all of his medical gear.

  • Ilo Don
    Ilo DonMånad sedan

    Love Eriksen🇩🇰 Turkey🤲🇹🇷pray for you.