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Denmark - Finland - midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed on pitch on 45'


  • white hanzo
    white hanzo5 dagar sedan

    i just watched this, and i literally cry watching the moment he falls

  • Enrico Rigon
    Enrico Rigon7 dagar sedan!

  • zack th pro
    zack th pro12 dagar sedan


  • Daniel Rajaiah
    Daniel Rajaiah14 dagar sedan

    It's the eyes man, haunting af

  • pebbles987
    pebbles98715 dagar sedan

    I've just done a first aid class and we talked about this situation, he is EXTREMELY lucky this happened while there were medics all around him to be there in seconds. It only takes 4 minutes of not breathing for brain damage to start, and then death. If this happened to him where he were alone somewhere he would have been found dead!

  • Telman Babayev
    Telman Babayev15 dagar sedan

    Xarici gədələr tökülüb bura 😂

  • Call me bitchacho¡
    Call me bitchacho¡17 dagar sedan

    They should have won the Euros, I'm from England but they were robbed.

  • Hélida Costa
    Hélida Costa18 dagar sedan

    I saw this live on tv. Very scary

  • messi
    messi18 dagar sedan

    kjær came to help him

  • ESSJ333
    ESSJ33318 dagar sedan

    Thank God he survived

  • skide skuret
    skide skuret19 dagar sedan

    How are you even allowed to upload this I mean seeing this again as a Danish boy who's only 14 sends chills down my spine

  • pinkbeatle2012
    pinkbeatle201221 dag sedan

    I'm so glad hes alive, this was horrible

  • Prabin Pokhrel
    Prabin Pokhrel21 dag sedan


  • brian19991
    brian1999122 dagar sedan

    finnish player reacted as fast as the danish. Not about football as this point. I now love finnish people for this as a dane :)

  • arash afg
    arash afg25 dagar sedan


  • Xəzər Niftaliyev
    Xəzər Niftaliyev26 dagar sedan

    ictimai TV partladıb 💥

  • pradeep k.r
    pradeep k.r26 dagar sedan


  • Yeet XD
    Yeet XD27 dagar sedan

    when the camera zooms in after his collapse and you see his eyes wide open no blink and just motionless that shit is so scary to see in imagine being one of the teammates in that situation seeing your friend just like that

  • Jesper Møllebro
    Jesper Møllebro27 dagar sedan

    i'd like to give massive respect to the Finnish goalie, who were one of the first who even reacted, even if it was less of a second before the referee etc. He runs out, arms wide, signaling, before anyone else. As a Dane yes we lost the match, but i will forever love the Finnish for their respect in this match. Reactions, covering him with their flag, and their fans having the utmost respect for the situation. Eternal love from me

  • Adam Sherling
    Adam Sherling28 dagar sedan

    It’s a miracle that he’s alive it must of been terrible

  • Adam Sherling
    Adam Sherling28 dagar sedan

    It’s a miracle that he’s alive it must of been terrible

  • LupoX
    LupoX29 dagar sedan


  • ChinchillaBONK
    ChinchillaBONKMånad sedan

    While everyone is crying and panikking. Simon Kjaervjust stands there watching the whole ordeal to make sure his team mate is ok. Seriously a GigaChad there.

  • James a driving
    James a drivingMånad sedan

    Shout out to Denmark. Respect.

  • NĐKhải
    NĐKhảiMånad sedan


  • Ante Kačunić
    Ante KačunićMånad sedan


  • Soul Rebel
    Soul RebelMånad sedan

    he had the jab....

  • Tyler Sharp

    Tyler Sharp

    16 dagar sedan

    @Soul Rebel lol you are saying blabla because you know you can’t combat my argument and you have lost this argument in a terrible fashion

  • Soul Rebel

    Soul Rebel

    16 dagar sedan

    @Tyler Sharp blabla...he had it,point

  • Tyler Sharp

    Tyler Sharp

    16 dagar sedan

    @Soul Rebel no he wasn’t. You are fooling yourself into believing that every source that says eriksen doesn’t have the vaccine is fake and is trying to convince you that vaccines are good when they aren’t. This is false. Can you PROVE that vaccines are bad and that he had it? I challenge you not to just say he had the vaccine or that vaccines are bad but PROVE it.

  • Soul Rebel

    Soul Rebel

    16 dagar sedan

    @Tyler Sharp erikson had the shot in shut up

  • Tyler Sharp

    Tyler Sharp

    17 dagar sedan

    A: he wasn’t vaccinated B: Vaccines help and there has never been substantial proof in the history of anything that vaccines are bad. C: not everyone that says vaccines are good are part of the media or brainwashed or told by the government to keep quiet. D: You are an anti vax do you probably aren’t smart enough to read my comment so you don’t even know what I’m saying. E: if you pull the vaccines called autism card you are wrong. Of the doctors that made that study it was faulty and they later recanted their study.

  • Dylan Bouwie
    Dylan BouwieMånad sedan

    This is awful to see, I’m glad he is okay now

  • Arif Dagtekin
    Arif DagtekinMånad sedan

    Adam ölüyor takım arkadaşı su derdinde mk

  • Leesh Sparkle
    Leesh SparkleMånad sedan

    Shouldn’t have been televised 😢 glad he is doing better now

  • Bio S
    Bio SMånad sedan

    God bless him and all those who helped him.

  • Shubham Chowdhury
    Shubham ChowdhuryMånad sedan

    Requesting to take this down. This isn't a video that should be live on any social platform.

  • Pem zero
    Pem zeroMånad sedan

    respect 🙏

  • Nasimi Vali
    Nasimi ValiMånad sedan

    Bura necə beynəlxalq axtarışda önə çıxdısa təəccübləndim.SEblacks alqoritması İctimaini irəli çəkib

  • Bien Nguyen
    Bien NguyenMånad sedan

    Deidara driftwood figure submit comment

  • Ralf Rufus
    Ralf RufusMånad sedan

    They began the compression two and a half minute after he collapsed. Why not immediately?

  • Mehmet
    MehmetMånad sedan

    Nsakala için gelenler hoşgeldiniz çok geçmiş olsun🙏

  • Sehla Zeynalli
    Sehla ZeynalliMånad sedan

    Mmmmkkmmmkjkəəğğğğğğğğğğpöğ00l Ş .... "# ü22

  • O.P. Verma
    O.P. VermaMånad sedan

    Big thanks to Medical team... They gave their best to save his life... Salute those medics and his teammates who prayed for him.... 🙏🙏❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • rathinam college
    rathinam collegeMånad sedan

    cameraman did what human should do... gave pace when needed.....Appreciated.(Comeback Stronger Eriksen,. lots and lots of love and i pray u will return on potch as soon possible) .❤

  • arda Mavi
    arda MaviMånad sedan


  • Ashikur Rahman
    Ashikur RahmanMånad sedan

    Very sad moments for football

  • Josip Puhar
    Josip PuharMånad sedan

    Good luck Erkisen. Denmark and Croatia are with you. I belive whole Europe is with you.

  • Avocado Dip
    Avocado DipMånad sedan

    He literally died man, that is scary thank god he woke up.

  • Guest 667

    Guest 667

    Månad sedan

    He's fine now

  • Mr. Brooski
    Mr. BrooskiMånad sedan

    He went into a sudden cardiac arrest. You can see the mwdic doing chest compressions.

  • Indigo paw_woodeil
    Indigo paw_woodeilMånad sedan


  • Neringa Kazene
    Neringa KazeneMånad sedan

    Sad 😩😩😩😥😥😥😥😥😥

  • SuperMarioCarmine
    SuperMarioCarmineMånad sedan

    Eriksen: Heart Attack Denmark’s #5: Gets Water

  • Vamshi Vijaykumar
    Vamshi VijaykumarMånad sedan

    Million of prayers acknowledged thank god he is safe now

  • unique universal videos
    unique universal videosMånad sedan

    Y can't people be quite n calm...idiots are Clapping....just stop the noise...

  • Annet Ruijter
    Annet RuijterMånad sedan

    Erg jammer van het ek

  • Fey
    FeyMånad sedan

    I just can't help but thinking that the impact on the ball with his forehead had something to do with him collapsing

  • Fey


    17 dagar sedan

    @Tyler Sharp Perhaps you're right about the impact, but I must disagree about the vaccines and I will just say one reason why: vaccines need at least 30 years to be proven effective and harmless for the human body and by injecting yourself with a vaccine that's just been made and without the period needed for efficiency testing, you're basically agreeing of potential side effects witch will be locked in your DNA forever

  • Tyler Sharp

    Tyler Sharp

    17 dagar sedan

    I disagree Fey. You can already see him stumble and the ball hit as he fell

  • Tyler Sharp

    Tyler Sharp

    17 dagar sedan

    A: he wasn’t vaccinated B: Vaccines help and there has never been substantial proof in the history of anything that vaccines are bad. C: not everyone that says vaccines are good are part of the media or brainwashed or told by the government to keep quiet. D: You are an anti vax do you probably aren’t smart enough to read my comment so you don’t even know what I’m saying. E: if you pull the vaccines called autism card you are wrong. Of the doctors that made that study it was faulty and they later recanted their study.

  • Soul Rebel

    Soul Rebel

    Månad sedan

    rather the jab...

  • Mads Laursen
    Mads LaursenMånad sedan

    Imagine that so many people disliked this video

  • C Jones
    C JonesMånad sedan

    Jesus Christ that was more dramatic than I thought it was going to be

  • Mónika-Tünde Szűcs
    Mónika-Tünde SzűcsMånad sedan


  • Sali Fakih
    Sali FakihMånad sedan


  • Sali Fakih
    Sali FakihMånad sedan

    Das ist. schock

  • aai please
    aai pleaseMånad sedan

    Yg ke sini krn tiktok

  • Тоха
    ТохаMånad sedan

    Это не тот момент когда пить водичку!!!

  • Stephan Hawking

    Stephan Hawking

    29 dagar sedan


  • Biak Lian
    Biak Lian2 månader sedan


  • La ragazza amante degli anime
    La ragazza amante degli anime2 månader sedan

    I hope Eriksen stops to play football...if not for himself, for his wife and his son

  • 500MBEAMER69
    500MBEAMER692 månader sedan

    Terrifying to think that can just randomly happen to a professional athlete. Literally could happen to anyone

  • Rickey Montilla Namin
    Rickey Montilla Namin2 månader sedan

    Are you here bec of tiktok?

  • Tyler Sharp

    Tyler Sharp

    17 dagar sedan


  • Famous idols art
    Famous idols art2 månader sedan

    Se murió?

  • La ragazza amante degli anime

    La ragazza amante degli anime

    2 månader sedan

    no, he was reanimated

  • Sahil Dalvi
    Sahil Dalvi2 månader sedan

    My maternal grandfather and uncle passed away because of cardiac arrest. Feeling bad for this.

  • LEON dağlar karakuş
    LEON dağlar karakuş2 månader sedan

    Eriksen is avile

  • Chag Channel
    Chag Channel2 månader sedan

    The Medics Team, The Ref, Kjaer, Casper, All the danish team and the finland team also the supporter who gave the flag to cover cris.. they are all heroes... Salute

  • Woobyung Chae
    Woobyung Chae2 månader sedan

    We all love you Eriksen

  • MICHEL Matyss
    MICHEL Matyss2 månader sedan

    Le pauvre petit garçon 👦

  • MICHEL Matyss

    MICHEL Matyss

    2 månader sedan

    Enorme respect

  • Isa Falleaen
    Isa Falleaen2 månader sedan

    A lot of our danish was in shock for many days 😭 our whole country was so sad, all country had look from to euro 2020 and I dk first game this happens 😭

  • Melika Tehrani

    Melika Tehrani

    2 månader sedan

    Sorry to hear it,, Thank god he's alive, god bless you

  • SuneTheMairn
    SuneTheMairn2 månader sedan

    1:33, 1:41, 2:01, 2:43 Thomas Delaney Thank you for being a friend good friend

  • Dr. Happy
    Dr. Happy2 månader sedan

    AED saved him

  • 劇団ひとり劇場
    劇団ひとり劇場2 månader sedan

    I wish he will able to play as professional again.But most important thing is health. please don't strain yourself too much. From Japan

    NOR19ANDRO2 månader sedan

    Medical professionals, technology and science are in play here

  • SheepAnims
    SheepAnims2 månader sedan

    They made it to the quarters for him. Respect from a KIND, NOT Racist English fan.

  • mikael


    2 månader sedan

    who did you play in the semis?

  • MCShrimp
    MCShrimp2 månader sedan

    3:05 "Is he gone?"

  • Felix:3
    Felix:32 månader sedan

    Bless Eriksen and his teammates! Hope he is now ok!🙏🏻🇩🇰

  • Landen Patterson
    Landen Patterson2 månader sedan

    god bless

  • Mohamled Ramzi
    Mohamled Ramzi2 månader sedan


  • AF X
    AF X2 månader sedan

    سبحان الله يدرككم الموت ولو كنتوا في بروج مشيدا يارب احسن خاتمتنا 🤲🏻❤️ الحمدلله على سلامته ❤️

  • Gabriel Eugene
    Gabriel Eugene2 månader sedan

    I was very scared and worried that he will be gone thank god he's not

  • Joydip Das
    Joydip Das2 månader sedan

    Very sad

  • Andrei Vlad Popp
    Andrei Vlad Popp2 månader sedan

    For healthy heart eat extra virgin olive oil,leafy greens such as spinach,kale etc,tomatos and strawberries

  • Ali Islam
    Ali Islam2 månader sedan

    May Allah bless him

    SAHABAT PANGESTU2 månader sedan


  • amalox
    amalox2 månader sedan

    At the 2:13 minutes u can see that the goalkeeper and the player with 19 on his jersey turn 2 see that Erickson get CPR and then they release that things are really bad and serious

  • Rooby__Booby


    2 månader sedan

    Horrible. wind (19) is watching just before that and just breaks apart. A horrible traumatic event, can't even imagine how bad it was for them right there.

  • Jose Iriarte
    Jose Iriarte2 månader sedan

    Great captain simon he ran like his life depended on it to put his teammate on his side.

  • Simon Says
    Simon Says2 månader sedan

    3:31 It was so scary seeing Ericksen getting revived on live TV with an electric shock. I will never forget this.

  • Mr Eagle

    Mr Eagle

    Månad sedan

    oh shit, glad that I had never seen it on tv in that day..

    OMKAR SHIGWAN2 månader sedan


  • АЛЬ О
    АЛЬ О2 månader sedan

    А что в итоге?

  • Noone
    Noone2 månader sedan

    Italy Wins even for him ❤️

  • Keba97
    Keba972 månader sedan

    Imagine what his wife had to go through when she saw her husband collapsed on the field..

  • Pro mil
    Pro mil2 månader sedan

    Macie swoje szczepienie piłkarzy.

  • Sean Logan
    Sean Logan2 månader sedan

    I love how the opposite team also generally cared and didn’t just see what was going on ,that’s the sportsmanship we need in every game and in every fan base

  • lisanielsn83


    20 dagar sedan

    Agree. And the Finland fans as well chanting Christian, holding up Danish flags and also giving a the medics a Finland flag to shield Eriksen.

  • Emma Thun Jørgensen
    Emma Thun Jørgensen2 månader sedan


  • Brade
    Brade2 månader sedan

    Man, so glad he's alright now but this was actually fucking scary to see happen

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea2 månader sedan

    ...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL !🇮🇹 💪 forza Eriksen..meritavate voi la finale non gli inglesi. Ma abbiamo vinto ! Anche per voi 😉

  • Chiko was here
    Chiko was here2 månader sedan

    Screw FIFA for making them go back out there and finish the game. There's no harm if you postpone the game for another week and move things around. This was literally life or death, and FIFA bottled it yet again.

  • JC Daley
    JC Daley2 månader sedan

    I feel so bad for Erickson

  • Margareth Skauge
    Margareth Skauge2 månader sedan

    😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️ Christian eriksen