Conan Gray - Heather (Lyric Video)

Official lyric video by Conan Gray performing "Heather”

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Music video by Conan Gray performing Heather (Lyric Video). © 2020 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • “Bruh”  tomboy 🖤⛓
    “Bruh” tomboy 🖤⛓2 timmar sedan

    “How could I hate her” “She’s such an angel” …………….. “I wish I were heather”

  • Yazan Bakerman
    Yazan Bakerman3 timmar sedan

    What's a heather

  • Munmun Solanki
    Munmun Solanki3 timmar sedan

    We all have that one Heather in our lives 🥺

  • Amit Panjiyar
    Amit Panjiyar4 timmar sedan

    Congrats in advance for 100m

  • Venti's Rico
    Venti's Rico5 timmar sedan

    I used to listen to this not knowing how it feels but now I understand the pain of your bestfriend/crush slowly separating from you to make new friends. Shes pretty, smart, and the sweetest person ive evver met i feel like a devil hating her.

  • Pernando Ped Episcope
    Pernando Ped Episcope5 timmar sedan

    I'm here because of SRI😩😭

  • red kinda sus
    red kinda sus6 timmar sedan

    why would he like me when he could have her…

  • ReeBoi bOI
    ReeBoi bOI7 timmar sedan

    Imagine if Heather just said "What the Fuck hate Polyester" and just threw it away

  • Flores Saldaña Leilany Melina
    Flores Saldaña Leilany Melina7 timmar sedan

    Aún tengo la imagen del día en qué me la cantaste, aún recuerdo el olor de tu ropa, tu propio olor, el te de manzana que tanto me encantó, el ambiente tan cómodo y cálido, libretas, sesiones en meet, gelatinas, oh si como olvidar la comida, Nala; fue vergonzoso que me vieras tal y como soy, pero, ya... Ya pasó

  • Chewy
    Chewy10 timmar sedan


  • azrà yìldırım
    azrà yìldırım12 timmar sedan

    Bugun anlastik sweatleri degiscez ahahhaha

  • Vic
    Vic13 timmar sedan

    Esta canción me hace querer tener un suéter color beige con un corazón roto en medio.

  • DarkIzAGamer
    DarkIzAGamer13 timmar sedan

    I know a Heather. Her name is Myrissa and she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I dated her for a week in 2020 August and she showed me this song. I haven't left since. Myrissa I will always have feelings for you.

    RAZIEL ADNAN13 timmar sedan

    Let cheers to a 100 millionq

  • Maan Miranda
    Maan Miranda14 timmar sedan

    my daughter keeps listening to this song, Is she heartbroken?

  • Chloe Tavares
    Chloe Tavares15 timmar sedan

    I feel so understood when I hear this song . -ty Conan

  • aubree nicholson
    aubree nicholson16 timmar sedan

    I've never had a crush before I'm an anti romantic and yet all my favorite songs are about love why is that?

  • Sparkly Ramen
    Sparkly Ramen16 timmar sedan

    this song just hits the right spot.

    RUIZ RODRÍGUEZ YOSELIN17 timmar sedan


  • nmululoa mlilklamdzw
    nmululoa mlilklamdzw17 timmar sedan

    i am michelle

  • darkmatt3r24
    darkmatt3r2420 timmar sedan

    when the [listener] is transfem lmaooooooooo

  • Sofie V.
    Sofie V.20 timmar sedan

    damn 2020 good old times

  • N g o c T a n
    N g o c T a n22 timmar sedan

    I'm leaving this comment here so after a month or a year when someone likes it, I get reminded of this song ❤

  • Martinawt
    Martinawt22 timmar sedan

    nininin poop

  • Adrian Munguia
    Adrian Munguia22 timmar sedan

    Why would you ever kiss me I’m not even half as pretty

  • hashi
    hashi23 timmar sedan

    Omg 99M?!?!🤩

  • ann p
    ann pDag sedan

    100M soon besties😭✋

  • yvh
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  • Nev-Chan
    Nev-ChanDag sedan

    Oof 99M views but ai still think Maniac is better then this😭✌🏻

  • Kaps Nbr
    Kaps NbrDag sedan

    This song feels like a warm sunshine in winter.

  • Jessie Le
    Jessie LeDag sedan

    This gives me Kokonui (Tokyo Revengers) vibes

  • ramaaa Adhii
    ramaaa AdhiiDag sedan


  • Andrae アンドレ
    Andrae アンドレDag sedan

    here before 100M views

  • Marvan Subba
    Marvan SubbaDag sedan

    Imagine how many people are listening to this song with you right now

  • limelight
    limelightDag sedan

    polyester sweater view “you threw out that sweater made of polyester cuz u like her better u ditched me for leather :(“

  • Prapity
    PrapityDag sedan


  • Nea C
    Nea CDag sedan

    I think this is Like a man Olivia rodrigo break up song lol.

  • karina borroel
    karina borroelDag sedan

    walks by sore eyes bue sky mesmerized whie i die wgy yoi

  • karina borroel
    karina borroelDag sedan

    but how i coud hate her

  • karina borroel
    karina borroelDag sedan

    i wish i were heather

  • karina borroel
    karina borroelDag sedan

    im not even half as pretty

  • karina borroel
    karina borroelDag sedan

    until i die

  • Paigeee_
    Paigeee_Dag sedan

    Me once I find out my crush has a gf

  • Heather Colon
    Heather ColonDag sedan

    Genshin Impact PLAY FREE

  • A Secretnamecuznobodyshouldrecognize
    A Secretnamecuznobodyshouldrecognize2 dagar sedan

    and now destiny leaves us alone, im missing you a lot... how the nights became so far?

  • Jonie
    Jonie2 dagar sedan

    This song hits different if you have this kind of experience on the 3rd day of december or if it's your birthday

  • Dorothea Delistathis
    Dorothea Delistathis2 dagar sedan

    Pov: Imagine having a crush on your best friend while listening to this. It’s a mix of heart break and love I can tell because it is happening to me.

  • Why you so Random G
    Why you so Random G2 dagar sedan

    This song feels sad, like a watcher, a listener, and a overall a friend that's also your crush. It feels like madness, like he's going insane. At the end it feels like, when clearing up a misunderstanding.

  • Carol Sapasap
    Carol Sapasap2 dagar sedan

    Wish i was like her :

  • melon
    melon2 dagar sedan

    Let's see who's watching this in 2021.

  • ⟭⟬BTS ARMY⟬⟭
    ⟭⟬BTS ARMY⟬⟭2 dagar sedan

    Todos poniéndole atención a la canción y yo al dibujo del sueter

  • LilBlueDragonfly
    LilBlueDragonfly2 dagar sedan

    I like someone who doesn’t like anyone, but I know their straight and I’m not

  • Summer Sbiti
    Summer Sbiti2 dagar sedan


  • Rogue
    Rogue3 dagar sedan

    First time hearing this song, but it's so relatable. Being gay and in love with a boy who is in love with a girl. I don't wish being a girl or regret being born as a boy, I just wish I could be his Heather.

  • Nice_GamerYTz
    Nice_GamerYTz3 dagar sedan

    99m views get it to 100m guys

  • 🧸 bear
    🧸 bear3 dagar sedan

    Why do I feel like this song reminds me off my crush and other girl who is more gorgeous then me

  • V.I.P Dance
    V.I.P Dance3 dagar sedan

    To all the Fan who came here after kingdom announcement, thank you so much for your support and positivity. Welcome to the Excellent music product😊

  • F. Syazwana09
    F. Syazwana093 dagar sedan

    "I wish I were heather." I felt that

  • Tae Taka
    Tae Taka3 dagar sedan

    The "you" is a boy or girl?

  • `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-

    `ღ ́-GOLD ROsE PRODUcTIONs `ღ ́-

    Dag sedan

    I believe this song is about a boy but Heather is supposed to be a girl

  • Harin Baek
    Harin Baek3 dagar sedan

    Just got my first heartbreak.Songs do hit diff if u understand the lyrics

  • liam stramiello
    liam stramiello3 dagar sedan

    I'm going through this rn

  • Leyla Noor
    Leyla Noor3 dagar sedan

    I’ve never related to a song so much

  • Treyci Camila
    Treyci Camila3 dagar sedan

    Awwww vamos por los 100M💘🤍

  • aris gutierrez
    aris gutierrez4 dagar sedan

    Road to 100M views❤🥳

  • Speenster
    Speenster4 dagar sedan

    Hurts so much worse if you actually went for heather, knowing full well you were loved by someone else

  • APlayer


    3 dagar sedan

    A girl in my class really likes me and we’re friends i know she liked me and she doesn’t know that I do still not ready to say no to her..

  • APlayer


    3 dagar sedan

    Shit ye

  • Alex Pinto
    Alex Pinto4 dagar sedan

    This makes me think of the time I was in love with my ex who I broke up with three times. I was nature and scared he was too perfect to good to be true and was only going to hurt me. I pushed him away cause someone broke my heart. We stayed friends for a good 5 months then I said I liked him and he said he felt the same we were in a talking stage for 3 months but his best friend told him to stop talking to me and he ended up lying to me about seeing this other guy as just a friend and going on a coffee shop to do a project and he then left. He said he wasn't meant for love and then two weeks later started dating the guy. He dated him for 8 months and came back ranting to me when he broke his hearts. I loved him so I stayed friends with him but now he ignores me and it kinda hurts but it's also like whatever because he gave all his attention to someone else and I was hurt he saw my messages but never bothered to text me . He broke my heart I know I was scared but man he broke my heart. I can't save my tears for another day I've saved them for two years.

  • Alex_stars_..
    Alex_stars_..4 dagar sedan

    Whenever I hear this I think of my gf and my boy bsf

  • Farisha Doha
    Farisha Doha4 dagar sedan

    Clairo: sofia Conan: Heather Girl in red: hannah Cavetown: Juliet Lana del rey: Carmen Willow smith: Marceline Sir chloe: Michelle King princess: talia Arctic monkeys: Arabella 1D: Olivia The lumineers: Ophelia Dolly parton : Joeline Amy winehouse : Valerie Mother mother : Ana Beatles : Jule Seu Jorge : Carolina The 1975 : Angela Studio killers : Jenny The sukis : Becca Girl in red: rue The weekend: Valerie Plain white T's: delilah Jack stauber: hamantha King princess: talia Nirvana: polly Leonard cohen: suzanne Eminem: zoe Taylor swift : betty Hotel: Trivago Red : sus Macdonald's : lovin it Me : built different

  • red kinda sus

    red kinda sus

    6 timmar sedan

    Yeah my user is true

  • Pierce Machela

    Pierce Machela

    Dag sedan

    @PP Paige bc blood ig

  • PP Paige

    PP Paige

    Dag sedan

    Why red sus?

  • Pierce Machela

    Pierce Machela

    2 dagar sedan

    I love this sm omg

  • La Cacas
    La Cacas4 dagar sedan

    Ya casi 100M amo

  • remix master
    remix master4 dagar sedan


  • イサク —
    イサク —4 dagar sedan

    His voice is so soothing and soft 😩

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki4 dagar sedan

    This me cry, the very relatable song, the lyrics, the music, everything is beautiful

  • Pablo Simeone
    Pablo Simeone4 dagar sedan


    JUST AWESOME4 dagar sedan

    Conan'ın benim Heather'ım olması gerçeği

  • molly yolly
    molly yolly4 dagar sedan


  • L. Lučanová
    L. Lučanová5 dagar sedan

    i was the heather.

  • itsukioooooo
    itsukioooooo5 dagar sedan

    I remember my old crush i had a crush on him for 3 years but....he likes my i helped them get close...and now...they're doing fine...but im not really sure because ever since they became close they shut me down...wish them all the best

  • Quanh Chu
    Quanh Chu5 dagar sedan


  • Ricka Heredero
    Ricka Heredero5 dagar sedan

    Imagine Cresia singing this to Gino

  • Eiumie Leslie Muyrong Feliciano
    Eiumie Leslie Muyrong Feliciano5 dagar sedan

    Missed listening to this

  • Study with YuRy
    Study with YuRy5 dagar sedan

    Ready to welcome 100M achievement 💖

  • Mickyboy
    Mickyboy5 dagar sedan

    Calm down everyone, he is Heather

  • Ana Gonzales
    Ana Gonzales5 dagar sedan

    i have a homework,,,i had to sing a song i think i'll chosse this song is so fucking beutiful

  • adribas xd
    adribas xd5 dagar sedan

    loooooooooooooooo amoooooooooooo

  • Anne Fonua
    Anne Fonua5 dagar sedan

    why would you ever kiss me? i'm not even HALF as pretty you gave her your sweater it's polyester but you like her better i wish i were heather

  • Loly Girl
    Loly Girl5 dagar sedan

    Is someone was broken with the then love Maybe... You gonna cry..

  • Noelle Christine Marie Cayon
    Noelle Christine Marie Cayon5 dagar sedan

    Gavin and Charmaine in third of dec

  • Lanna Ryan
    Lanna Ryan5 dagar sedan


  • ezra sometimes
    ezra sometimes5 dagar sedan

    trans gay guy watching my crush get a gf 🥲🥲🥲🥲 i’m happy for them but i wish he would pay attention to me yaknoww

  • ThatOneWeirdKid 67
    ThatOneWeirdKid 675 dagar sedan

    This song is so sad and I'm not crying you are because it reminds me of my crush

  • Alex
    Alex5 dagar sedan

    Who listening to this masterpiece in 2021?

  • Shivam Mahapatra
    Shivam Mahapatra5 dagar sedan

    What a way to write lyrics dude I felt every line because of the way you presented the lyrics ... I don't know you but you made me felt something which was beyond ordinary

  • zcgene
    zcgene5 dagar sedan

    I love him so much that I dedicate each love or heartbreak song to him, I loved him but he did not love me :(

  • zennyxq
    zennyxq5 dagar sedan

    yeah, i am a guy who likes his bestfriend. i may be a top but still, i can relate to this. i really love his girlfriend shes like an angel but.. i like him. :)

  • Mya Breezy
    Mya Breezy6 dagar sedan

    Imagine how many people’s friends are heather

  • namjoon chiyo
    namjoon chiyo6 dagar sedan

    “ but how could I hate her , she’s such an angel “ :).

  • I'm Cosmic Leen
    I'm Cosmic Leen6 dagar sedan

    my heather is nobody in specific, i'm just not good enough

  • luna taylor-bowie
    luna taylor-bowie6 dagar sedan

    "She's such an angel." Truly she was, because she's a friend of mine.

  • Beanie Boo

    Beanie Boo

    2 dagar sedan


  • nshrken
    nshrken6 dagar sedan

    this song still hits diff.