COMPLETE Tesla Guide for Model 3/Y

Ultimate Tesla Owner's Guide for Model 3 & Model Y in 2021. Sponsored: For your chance to win a Tesla Model 3 and support a great cause enter at
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0:00 Tesla Owner's Guide
0:45 Exterior
5:19 Omaze (Sponsor)
6:24 Interior & Controls
10:26 Touchscreen
30:12 Tesla App
35:35 Charging
40:11 Driving & Autopilot/FSD

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Ordering a Tesla is super easy - you can do it from your phone in less than a minute. But the only downside of this is that it's up to you to learn everything about the car. It can be intimidating because a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is essentially a computer on wheels. This video is the complete guide to owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y in 2021 so you can master it in under an hour. We'll go over the following: exterior, interior & controls, touchscreen display, software, mobile app, driving, autopilot, and full self driving (FSD).

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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye8 månader sedan

    Sponsored: For your chance to win a Tesla Model 3 and support a great cause enter at 🚘 Best Tesla Accessories: 🚙 Ordering a Tesla? Use my link to get FREE Supercharging: 0:00 Tesla Owner's Guide 0:45 Exterior 5:19 Omaze (Sponsor) 6:24 Interior & Controls 10:26 Touchscreen 30:12 Tesla App 35:35 Charging 40:11 Driving & Autopilot/FSD Tesla Hidden Features: Tesla Model Y Review: Tesla Model 3 Review: Must-Have Model 3/Y Accessories: ▶ 10% off Tesla Floor Mats: (Use code: ANDYSLYE) ▶ Model 3/Y Screen Protector: ▶ Wireless Charging Pad/Hub: ▶ Console Wrap: (Use code: ANDYSLYE15) ▶ Magnetic Phone Mount: Tesla Cleaning Tools (Amazon) ▶ Waterless Wash/Wax: ▶ Interior Cleaner: ▶ Dash Protectant Spray: ▶ Pressure Washer: Useful Tesla Accessories: ▶ Spare Tire (Amazon) ▶ Replacement Tires: ▶ Frunk Luggage Set: ▶ Stats App: ▶ Geeky Tesla shirts & prints:

  • Loc Huynh

    Loc Huynh

    13 dagar sedan

    Hi Andy So you have a referral code I can use? Thanks

  • DraftedByTheMan


    4 månader sedan

    Why do you have an iPhone 11 Pro and Jamie only has an iPhone 8?

  • Brad Cooke

    Brad Cooke

    6 månader sedan

    Excellent video Andy. Thank you. Is there an issue with the screen brightness when night driving? Is there some type of auto dim feature like on cell phones?

  • Jordan Mossburg

    Jordan Mossburg

    8 månader sedan

    Hey Andy, been watching your videos for a while and I also live near Louisville. I'm picking up my model 3 this week! You said you got your front wrapped for paint protection. Wondering where you got it done at and if you recommend that place?

  • C373


    8 månader sedan

    You didn’t leave a link to the radar detector. Shocker.

  • Jaskaran Virdi
    Jaskaran Virdi7 timmar sedan

    Great video! Tesla should include this in their video section. So useful!

  • Will Watkins
    Will Watkins17 timmar sedan

    one feature that I'd love to have/see in the future is if let's say you don't drive your car for a few days, it goes into a 'low power' mode (I don't know how this would work, but just to reduce any power that the car does not need whilst in standby) and alerts you when the car is at a set low % charge, again if you haven't driven it for a few days.

  • Drew Sahlstrom
    Drew SahlstromDag sedan

    Do you ever experience “random” dramatic slow down while driving on EAP or TACC?

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    Dag sedan

    Yes it’s called phantom braking and it’s the worst side effect of Tesla Autopilot/FSD

  • The Official Thot Police
    The Official Thot Police4 dagar sedan

    Are you tall or is the tesla small

  • The Official Thot Police

    The Official Thot Police

    4 dagar sedan

    @Andy Slye lol

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    4 dagar sedan

    I’m tall

  • Cee
    Cee5 dagar sedan

    3:39 "the way to close this is kind of weird" Like a normal bonnet/hood 🤔

  • Cee
    Cee5 dagar sedan

    Do any of the trims have headlights with active shadowing?

  • Bas M.
    Bas M.5 dagar sedan

    Thank you

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    Odonata5 dagar sedan

    Future car for me. Excited

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    Daniel Warner5 dagar sedan

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    Towel BandIt8 dagar sedan

    So impressed by Telsa. This video was EXCELLENT!

  • Nirbhaya Tiwari

    Nirbhaya Tiwari

    6 dagar sedan

    Please watch from 5:01 to 5:08 and tell that why I can see the bumpers tilting when he was rubbing it ....

  • gefilter2112
    gefilter211210 dagar sedan

    this guy is on speed.

  • Grayson Smith
    Grayson Smith11 dagar sedan

    My current car has a touchscreen and GPS navigation, but the map is so out of date that I use Google maps on my phone instead. This would be quite the leap.

  • Minh Chung
    Minh Chung12 dagar sedan

    Where did you buy the radar mount?

  • Andy Z
    Andy Z13 dagar sedan

    Great video! I am gonna pick up my Model 3 this week. Is the merge, lane change on highway an Autopilot feature or FSD? Thanks!

  • Saint Mickey
    Saint Mickey13 dagar sedan

    Another good one @andyslye!

  • Dennis Xayadeth
    Dennis Xayadeth14 dagar sedan

    Our limo company just bought a 2021 Tesla Model Y. I appreciate the indepth walk through

  • Rob Prescott
    Rob Prescott14 dagar sedan

    What’s the paint protection film you got?

  • Nirbhaya Tiwari

    Nirbhaya Tiwari

    6 dagar sedan

    @Andy Slye Please watch from 5:01 to 5:08 and tell that why I can see the bumpers tilting when you was rubbing it ....

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    14 dagar sedan


  • Justin Deoliveira
    Justin Deoliveira16 dagar sedan

    Wow! What a great video. I've not orded my model Y yet. Maybe in January. Waiting for the new battery. I'm 85 years old but pretty techy savvy . My wife is scared that I might do something stupid and kill myself. I' i tried to assure her that it's not different than a gas car if you do stupid things and a Tesla is safer. I know she will come around. I'm a environment friendly guy. I have solar panels in my house for the last 5 yeras .My cost to the power co. over 5 years is less than $500 total .I watch every electric car video on SEblacks. And came to the conclusion that no one can beat Tesla. Even with no tax incentives. Over my life time I have always had the latest electronic audio and video gadgets. Now. At 85 the Tesla model Y will probably be my last . I have to have it!

  • Richard
    Richard17 dagar sedan

    It's a very tempting car to order. It really shows on every detail "this is the future". Though 350 euros a month for the loan for 5 years + 100 euros a month full insurance, 450 a month total for a car... i have many ways to spend that money better 🙂 My current Ford Focus mk1 does the same job without having to pay any loan lol. Maybe if my Ford completely explodes that i'll take it as an opportunity to order a model 3 😅

  • Richard
    Richard17 dagar sedan

    I'm wondering; If you can use your steering wheel to play those arcade games ( 27:41 ), and i read online that Tesla's (luckily) have a proper mechanically connected steering rack, you'll be moving your tires around while you're standing still? Or how does that work? It's kinda bad for your tires, pavement and steering rack to be turning it like crazy while standing still.

  • Richard


    16 dagar sedan

    I just read online that playing those games actually does turn your wheels. I wouldn't suggest doing that & strange that Tesla promotes doing it. There is a quarter of the cars weight pushing down onto that wheel, 2250kg / 4 = 600 kilos. Imagine the twisting forces in the rubber and steering mechanism when doing that while standing still. If you're actually driving then that resistance goes away as it releases the tension in the tire every cm you roll.

  • Darryl of Sussex
    Darryl of Sussex17 dagar sedan

    Andy, I have a suggestion. Could you link explaining the functions with the related voice commands for those functions? Then index each function so people can more easily find what they’re looking for. Also, as it’s more likely you’ll be noticed than me, can you suggest a navigation function via the app?

  • zarels
    zarels17 dagar sedan

    Thank you

  • Blue Sky High 14
    Blue Sky High 1417 dagar sedan

    The charging speed slows down after 80% not because Tesla designed it that way but because that’s how batteries work.

  • Ethan Carberry-Holt
    Ethan Carberry-Holt19 dagar sedan

    I love the S3XY Teslas

  • J Mack
    J Mack20 dagar sedan

    Andy, can you ask the car to ‘chime’ as you leave and it locks the doors? If not, I would feel better knowing it’s locked if I do it. Can you lock the doors from touch screen as you leave?

  • Tomas Nochta
    Tomas Nochta22 dagar sedan

    Love your videos. Thank you.

  • 翁峰辉
    翁峰辉22 dagar sedan

    This Tesla is so Spenseth it’s like 45 million and I can have it for that because it’s just been the biggest I will let you know how to drive because there’s game because then you know how to drive

  • Avimech 85
    Avimech 8523 dagar sedan

    Thanks for this comprehensive video! My stepdad and I are BOTH getting our first Tesla’s in a couple weeks!! 😆😆

  • Putter123
    Putter12325 dagar sedan

    I’m dumb and I got one I just copied everything your settings were

  • Paris Brown
    Paris Brown26 dagar sedan

    Wow brother! This was an absolutely amazing video and very informative, thank You !

  • Aaron
    Aaron27 dagar sedan

    Liked this video. Thank you so much for this :P

  • Susan Troupe
    Susan TroupeMånad sedan

    My only problem with 100% EV is what happens if our grid is hacked or attacked. In this crazy world I believe this is a possibility

  • nikkiau1
    nikkiau1Månad sedan

    The opening the door part…oops lol. I test drove one and because I’m used to pulling up on something to open the door, I naturally pulled up on the manual handle lol. Well good thing I did it on theirs and not mine 🙃

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallisMånad sedan

    lets see what happens when every car is an EV fighting for a charge point when they are all occupied.... lets see what happens when all the lithium and other rare minerals for use in the making of the batteries are all used up. Your batteries will not be getting any cheaper. You may be fortunate in having your private charge point but millions of others around the world live in tall blocks of apartments or rows of terraced houses where they cannot get their EV within 100 yards of their home.... They are the ones who will be crying "Help".... How far do you think an electric truck can travel on a full charge? Lord Bamford (JCB) has stated that they can only be used for 4 hours before being charged up for more than 12 hours... He is now manufacturing all his diggers and cranes etc to be powered by hydrogen engines.. I may be in the minority for the next ten years or so but EVs are not the future , Musk has fooled the world's politicians and car manufacturers

  • Merri Schwarz
    Merri SchwarzMånad sedan

    great video. we are picking up our tesla today and i was quite affraid I wouldn't know how to drive out of the garage. now i don't feel so stupid anymore :D

  • Ayleen Pereyra
    Ayleen PereyraMånad sedan

    How do you open the passenger door while you are parked

  • Greg R.
    Greg R.Månad sedan

    Great job

  • HappyAlexandros
    HappyAlexandrosMånad sedan

    How many hours can a Tesla run its AC, starting with a full battery charge, while the car is just standing and not driving around?

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    ibrahimMånad sedan

    Excellent video

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    maria cornwallisMånad sedan

    I have just orderd a hydrogen powered Toyota Marai. BUGGER your EVs

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    ItsJussFaye-_-Månad sedan

    Bro give Jamie the iPhone 12 lol !! she still on 8 20:35

  • Olivier Vallee
    Olivier ValleeMånad sedan

    You might need to re-do this video guide when V11 software update is finally released!

  • Brian
    BrianMånad sedan

    I few weeks? More like three months…

  • Castro
    CastroMånad sedan

    Some (many 😅) personal opinions and questions: 1- One thing that i don't like on the navigation system, is that you have to pay for transit reports (c'mon Elon... 🤦), and also, for what i've seen in other videos, the traffic information is not very accurate. 2- In my opinion, the door lock function on the touch screen, should be on the left side, and bigger. It's not a hude deal but i this it would make more sense, and would be more direct". 3- The app seems very good! 4- The Autopilot seems cool but for me it would only be used on the highway and big trips. I like to drive 🙂 5- I don't doubt that it is an extremely good car but i like so much to hear the sound of a car. 😁 Probably Tesla will, eventually, release an update that allows their clients to turn on a digital (or something) sound perfectly synced with the car while driving. 😉 Questions: 1- (Dumb one), we have to buy a SIM card to have LTE, or it is (or can be) from our phone? 2- Regarding the Windows lock, it can be set only to the back or it locks all windows? 3- There's no way for the doors to automatically lock once we get in the car, and turning off if we press the button to open the door? 4- How far from the car do we have to be for it to remain closed? It's BT depending (10mts, +/-, in a straight and clear line)? 5- In order to use our Spotify, Netflix, etc, account, we have to pay for the Premium Connectivity??? And if i understood right, we can hear the music we have stored on our phone, right? Thanks! Note: The "feature" of window going down due to the car has frameless door, it's pretty standard these days.

  • monty riddle jr
    monty riddle jrMånad sedan

    I use waze also 😎 I’m Waze royalty 🤣

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders LjungbergMånad sedan

    Do the different driving modes not affect the hardness of the suspension?

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders LjungbergMånad sedan

    does it have a CD player?

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders LjungbergMånad sedan

    That sound setting is to make it sound exactly like you're sitting the same distance from both speakers? To get a good stereo image. and that the sound wave should come simultaneously to your ears from both speakers

  • mhill
    mhillMånad sedan

    @1:30 There’s an edit. Did you edit out a failed attempt at unlocking the door twitch your phone in proximity? Sure looks like it and that you hid it. That’s shady

  • corey Babcock
    corey BabcockMånad sedan

    Auto pilot is dangerous never use it please I beg anymore who considers this just drive the way you should be

  • corey Babcock
    corey BabcockMånad sedan

    That's a lie the sales person would bring you the car and they can show you how to use it it's all about the buyer asking to be shown how to use it

  • Kashish Raheja
    Kashish RahejaMånad sedan

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  • Dennis Stricklin
    Dennis StricklinMånad sedan

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    Adrian CrowflyMånad sedan

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  • Autoshine & Tinting
    Autoshine & TintingMånad sedan

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    Riley 1955Månad sedan

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    jali276Månad sedan

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    teamzlabekMånad sedan

    Thanks for the great video Andy. Where did you get your wireless radar detector and mount?

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    Månad sedan

    Amazon. You can find them listed here

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    Milos MilosevicMånad sedan

  • Roblox Builder
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  • Stormspark
    Stormspark2 månader sedan

    Update: they removed the regenerative braking options sometime between March and July. They are effectively locked on "standard" now. My assumption is that some people were using low (destroying their range in the process) and complaining about it. My car that I picked up on 6/2 DID have this option initially until I did my first software update less than a week after I got it. I don't remember the version number it was on when I got it, I didn't have that version for very long. I never used it, I always want the max regenerative braking for both better range and less wear on the brakes. I remember being impressed at how strong the regenerative braking was during my test drive in March...I drove Priuses for 17 years, and while they do have regenerative braking it was nowhere near that strong.

  • Stormspark
    Stormspark2 månader sedan

    I wish it was just a few weeks, lol. I ordered my Model 3 on 3/31, and it was finally available for pickup on 6/2.

  • Stormspark


    2 månader sedan

    @Andy Slye Yep, was definitely worth the wait, especially since I didn't know about the refresh, and the 3 getting all the Y improvements like auto trunk, Octovalve, interior/exterior improvements, etc, at the time I ordered (I ended up getting a vision-only refresh M3). It was more difficult on me than it could have been, because I had a 2014 Prius that was still worth 10k in trade-in, due to low mileage, and they highly recommended I keep any additional miles as low as possible to preserve the value. So for those 2 months I didn't leave the house except for grocery shopping. That, plus being really excited to get a Tesla made the wait nearly unbearable, but it was worth it in the end. I've had it for over a month and a half now, zero issues. One trip to the service center to have the Homelink module installed, that's it.

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    2 månader sedan

    At least you hung in there. Congrats!

  • 睡不醒的小麦
    睡不醒的小麦2 månader sedan

    Helpful video.

  • Arlan Thompson
    Arlan Thompson2 månader sedan

    I have a Model Y that does not have the Tesla T at the top of the touch screen. What has changed and what replaced it?

  • Gioia Notarangelo
    Gioia Notarangelo2 månader sedan

    Awesome video, I will receive my Tesla model 3 in August and this was really helpful, thank you and have a good day!

  • Floyd Bezos
    Floyd Bezos2 månader sedan

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  • MARIO 17

    MARIO 17

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    @Andy Slye thank you very much for fast reply .

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    2 månader sedan

    Absolutely. Best car I’ve ever driven/owned. I have 85,000 miles on my Tesla and it’s still fun to drive.

  • tintuu
    tintuu2 månader sedan

    Biggest deal break for me when I thought I would order for 90 grandes the premium Model 3, is , I never thought we need to pay for charging. I thought its free. Why the fre-uk it then makes a difference to petrol. Hardly a few cents (I am happy paying few more cents and going off in a few seconds than waiting to get a charge station for an hour in queue, and charge for an hour (As I drive a lot need more charge) and always afraid to drive long miles like 1000 etc as no charge stations in highways. Also, no charge at my expensive and big apartment. No charge in Most" hotels. why the heck I wanna buy this crap. And very small cargo. Unlike a SUV too. Why the heck I pay 90? I pay 80 for a brand new X3 30 i BMW rather with "AMPLE" features

  • tintuu
    tintuu2 månader sedan

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  • Tina Hernandez
    Tina Hernandez2 månader sedan

    This video is by far the best explained video for a guide especially when getting to know your new Tesla THANK U

  • Andy Slye

    Andy Slye

    2 månader sedan

    Thanks Tina!

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil2 månader sedan

    You would think that Tesla would have a sensor to switch on the demisting fan without you continually having to turn it on and off. Also what's the deal with burying the lights in a submenu on the touchscreen? What the hell is that? Nice of them to put the indicators on the stalk, but burying turning your lights on at night in the touchscreen?? While you're driving? Or do you have to stop the car to scroll through the submenus so you can turn the headlights on?

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil2 månader sedan

    Good overview of the touchscreen, but don't they reconfigure this OTA every now and then so you have to completely relearn where everything is? At least with physical controls there is no possibility of that happening.

  • Guru Gamer
    Guru Gamer2 månader sedan

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    Great review! Thank you. My main question is what effect does road grime/fog/heavy rain have on the auto pilot cameras? Now that Tesla is doing away with radar I was wondering if bad conditions would mess with your automatic features.

  • Maurice DeGroff
    Maurice DeGroff2 månader sedan

    One problem with the Tesla and your phone that locks and unlocks your phone when you get in the car is that if you forget the phone in the car your car can’t be locked I know of nobody that hasn’t forgotten their phone in the car I think that presents a problem that needs to be looked into

  • Fung Wah
    Fung Wah2 månader sedan

    Unlock when park set to false if you are in the hood

  • Dennis Stricklin
    Dennis Stricklin2 månader sedan

    Excellent job on this tutorial ... It solves the mystery of using each and every thing on the screen. Things like this come easy for me even at 71 years old but some folks my age have trouble using an iPhone! My step brother being one. This would be a car he could never use. I do wish they had something in front of you like a HUD because for some folks even the slightest eye movement away from the road to the right in this case could get them buried into the screen and not on the road. However auto pilot would mitigate that in this car more than any other. When I do purchase a Tesla I am going to use your link for 1000 super charger miles as your presentations are better than any of the others I have watched. Keep up the good work. Tesla should hire you!