Collin Morikawa wins The Open | Full Highlights


  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi19 timmar sedan

    Amazing performance. Nerves of steel. It's just the beginning!

  • chillier
    chillier2 dagar sedan

    Class act!

  • Brooke Leah
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  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue2 dagar sedan

    Congrats Collin Morikawa.... great!!!

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    19 timmar sedan

    He reminds me a lot of a young Adam Scott, but he's a better putter.

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy3 dagar sedan

    Amazing performance. Nerves of steel. It's just the beginning!

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee3 dagar sedan

    Look like Collin playing in Hawaii with that outfit

  • Swedish Bella
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  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover5 dagar sedan

    Wait is this the British Open or no? Sorry don't follow Golf as much just wondering.

  • Pulse2AM
    Pulse2AM5 dagar sedan

    31 holes no bogeys, I went 31 minutes once, and that was at the turn getting a hot dog.

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv5 dagar sedan

    What a great sports he is. Composed and classy, new age of a winner!

  • misuyy fong
    misuyy fong6 dagar sedan

    24 yrs old, amazing!

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

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    player in the field. can’t wait until next year!!

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  • Danger Ranger
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    Nothing like sneaking it in the back door and getting away with it. What an emotional rollercoaster

  • zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    5 dagar sedan

    I guess spending time with tiger on those Taylormade events payin off..👍

  • thefisherman007
    thefisherman0076 dagar sedan

    Always good to see an American win!!! Nice

  • thefisherman007


    5 dagar sedan

    I hope so he was fun to watch

  • misuyy fong

    misuyy fong

    6 dagar sedan

    expect him to continue his current game next year, we shall see.

  • Black Wax Music
    Black Wax Music6 dagar sedan

    Colin is a solid iron player. I think his fade is a good help to that. Nicklaus, Woods, Miller, all great faders. Hogan could be another.

  • Harry
    Harry6 dagar sedan


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  • Vanillanova Rex
    Vanillanova Rex6 dagar sedan

    Finally a likable golfer to root for

  • Brian Miller
    Brian Miller6 dagar sedan

    He reminds me a lot of a young Adam Scott, but he's a better putter.

  • Ethan Bach
    Ethan Bach6 dagar sedan

    LeTs GoO

  • Void Finality
    Void Finality7 dagar sedan

    What a talent! Special player in the making.

  • F R
    F R7 dagar sedan

    Way to go Collin, winning the British Open for Japan! You made them very proud!

  • Mitchell Guntrum
    Mitchell Guntrum7 dagar sedan

    1:16 ....... Put some respect on Jon Rahm's name. DJ is NOT ranked number 1 anymore after Rahm went on his slaughter last month

  • Jesse Lund
    Jesse Lund7 dagar sedan

    I like to think Tiger will be Colin's biggest mentor starting with the Ryder/Presisents cup. They both have the most pure long irons I've seen and both have a calculated but calm approach. I love it.

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht7 dagar sedan

    player in the field. can’t wait until next year!!

  • breeze787
    breeze7877 dagar sedan

    Congratulations Collin that was a fine surgical display of precision golf. Looking forward to many more championships on the horizon you're a pleasure to watch.

  • Jhonny Deep
    Jhonny Deep7 dagar sedan

    I guess spending time with tiger on those Taylormade events payin off..👍

  • Thamac15
    Thamac157 dagar sedan

    I felt that last round he got so many lucky bounces. He will be like the so many of the recent greats, dominates for about a year and then will just be competitive after that. I don’t expect him to continue his current game next year, we shall see.

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    7 dagar sedan

    Yoku dekimashita Collin’san, much “ALOHA” to you and the Ohana. Hope to see more major wins come your way and see that sweet swing at the Sony.

  • SimegolF work2live live2love love2golF
    SimegolF work2live live2love love2golF7 dagar sedan

    As good as morikawa was ..rahm hit it better than him this week but puttered worse = L #facts

  • Jerry garcia
    Jerry garcia7 dagar sedan

    When will the Open return to Turnberry?

  • Shallom Tangkilisan
    Shallom Tangkilisan7 dagar sedan

    morikawa's score is better than me in WGT golf

  • Dave Murdoch
    Dave Murdoch7 dagar sedan

    Great guy. I just hope he get the history of the open, looks like a excited teenager 🤓

  • Stephen Doty
    Stephen Doty7 dagar sedan

    Tremendous golf shots in this. Koepka is a consistent threat in majors. Spieth almost did it. Nice to see him play so well again.

  • Collin Guobraeth
    Collin Guobraeth7 dagar sedan

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  • Exciter
    Exciter7 dagar sedan

    Brooks and Rahm are better.

  • breeze787


    7 dagar sedan

    Not on this particular weekend.

  • Barcode
    Barcode7 dagar sedan

    Asian Tiger Woods

  • Kenshiro Fuji

    Kenshiro Fuji

    5 dagar sedan

    Totally get what you're saying.... But Tiger Woods' mom is Thai. Doesn't get more Asian than that

  • Leigh S. Kamekona
    Leigh S. Kamekona7 dagar sedan

    Yoku dekimashita Collin’san, much “ALOHA” to you and the Ohana. Hope to see more major wins come your way and see that sweet swing at the Sony.

  • Gabos
    Gabos7 dagar sedan

    dudes iron game is off the chart.

  • Ethan Guinn
    Ethan Guinn7 dagar sedan

    "Collin Morikawa wins The Open" first 3 clips are Brooks...C'mon

  • Ethan Guinn

    Ethan Guinn

    4 dagar sedan

    @Booraad that’s a fair point, I guess I just see golf becoming like other sports which is awesome because it’s gaining popularity but not so awesome because the game itself is becoming less of a game and more of that popularity contest it seems

  • Booraad


    7 dagar sedan

    Brookes wont have a winning video for awhile so he needs some clips where he can take them

  • Levi Redlin
    Levi Redlin7 dagar sedan

    Nice on

  • Sharon Lewis
    Sharon Lewis7 dagar sedan

    I watched this and I thought Jordan Spieth might catch him. He got a nice prize money for 2nd,. Good Job Collin!

  • flytii
    flytii7 dagar sedan

    I doubt he can win a major when unrestricted attendance returns

  • Jack Schlichtmann
    Jack Schlichtmann7 dagar sedan

    John Rahm is a killer man, didn’t even seem like he played too well and took 3rd😂

  • J L
    J L7 dagar sedan

    All the contenders had more exposure on this video than the eventual winner. Subtle but unequivocal form of racism. Do better the Open.

  • Chris Rey Geneciran
    Chris Rey Geneciran7 dagar sedan

    Too much video coverage for Spieth. Yet he is not really the champion…

  • giuseppe nero
    giuseppe nero8 dagar sedan

    An unconscious putter is impossible to beat.

  • Michael Hickson
    Michael Hickson8 dagar sedan

    Interesting that neither Spieth nor Morikawa are known as long hitters. They are both great iron players and are precise around the green.

  • BOO66IOU
    BOO66IOU8 dagar sedan

    How many putts did rahm miss on Sunday?! Collin has a great temperament and holed the putts when he needed to very gutsy.

  • jr 55
    jr 558 dagar sedan

    So refreshing to see a guy win with precision and putting instead of the weekly long drive competition. Yeah. I'm one of the weirdos that followed the Calvin Peetes and Lee Trevinos rather than Greg Norman and John Daly.

  • Steve Sharp
    Steve Sharp8 dagar sedan

    Where are the character golfers that used to make golf enjoyable to watch on TV or at the course?......squeezed out with this target golf I suppose.....

  • Tony Giles
    Tony Giles8 dagar sedan

    Good guys win!

  • Pony Express
    Pony Express8 dagar sedan

    I wish these majors were spread and spaced out more evenly throughout the season. They've had 3 in a row now all within an 8 week span.. and now we wait 9 months till the next one!

  • Mango Man

    Mango Man

    6 dagar sedan

    @thefisherman007 The Olympics were in Rio, golf had no say in the matter. An actual major championship can be taken to golfing strongholds. Americans seemed to enjoy the last Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne because it showcased a world-class course and crowds of diehard golf fans starved of big events during TV prime time in December.

  • fly on wall

    fly on wall

    6 dagar sedan

    Yeah, I'd prefer to see the PGA Championship in late September/early October, but I think some of the resistance to it may be the unwillingness to go up against the NFL in the broadcast ratings game.

  • thefisherman007


    6 dagar sedan

    Yea and next thing you know we are playing in a shit hole like Rio. Oh wait it already happened. If you want to see golf around the globe watch the olympics otherwise stop trying bash the majors and leave them be cause it’s fine how it is.

  • Mango Man

    Mango Man

    6 dagar sedan

    @papagrge That's the problem with having all 4 majors in the northern hemisphere, not to mention 3 in the same country which is a complete joke for what is becoming a global sport. There should be a major that rotates through South Africa and Australia/NZ (there's your November-January tournament) plus Japan and South Korea.

  • Jeffrey Youngblood

    Jeffrey Youngblood

    6 dagar sedan

    They are normally more spaced. COVID-19.

  • Le Corb
    Le Corb8 dagar sedan

    Lol…this whole video is everyone but Colin. Most shots on Spieth and Rahm. Only show some token Colin putts…

  • jrm8899
    jrm88998 dagar sedan

    Spieth and Rahm should wear a mic..... that would be fun

  • jrm8899
    jrm88998 dagar sedan

    Rory is the OBJ of golf....all hype and flash, just a big letdown

  • jrm8899
    jrm88998 dagar sedan

    Daniel Berger is my favorite golfer...........mmmm.... Burger

  • MSScout86
    MSScout868 dagar sedan

    He played brilliantly. Well done!

  • Jackson B
    Jackson B8 dagar sedan

    remember following him at pebble in 2019. then he signed my flag after his round. so happy he’s becoming a legend

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    6 dagar sedan

    Not many are..

  • Cooper Grill
    Cooper Grill8 dagar sedan

    some of these are not highlights😂😂

  • • ampuzzler •
    • ampuzzler •8 dagar sedan

    I dont understand why some peoples says that his swing is illegal, there's nothing wrong with his is his style, and its much much better than the short swing. He played a lot with Tiger, and the way he spoken about his golf is all about feels and sciences on the course surrounding areas where he is playing with.. Exactly like what Tiger has always been playing with his own rhythm of good golf, to get to feel the whole surrounding of the golf course he'd played. To see, to feel, to adapt, to play his own rhythms(swings) and to produce a good game of golf.

  • Awang333
    Awang3338 dagar sedan

    Great highlights. Loved the mix of good and bad shots to show us the reality of golf

  • Marco Solo
    Marco Solo8 dagar sedan

    So what the hell happened to Phat Phil the Dickelson,..or Rory Rogers,.....and Bryson blaming his shitty game on this clubs,....and Justin I aint so good a player...I can't stand these golf ass holes and WTG Collin,............and thank you for putting these stuck up pricks in there place!

  • Herbert Sowemimo
    Herbert Sowemimo8 dagar sedan

    What a consumate golfer and gentleman that Colin is. Phenominal skills, cool headededness, people person and a crowd pleaser. Wow. Great for golf and even greater for golfers and golf fans.

  • C19 G12
    C19 G128 dagar sedan

    wouldn't be shocked if the top 3 next year at st Andrews is some order of morikawa, spieth and Louis.

  • Drake Randall
    Drake Randall8 dagar sedan

    Super post.You are a great thing for Golf!!

  • Ross Williams
    Ross Williams8 dagar sedan

    I love him…. His irons are that of a young tiger woods!! So controlled in everything he does!

  • Mark Golvani
    Mark Golvani8 dagar sedan

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  • mike fry
    mike fry8 dagar sedan

    Great golf well done for winning. Enjoy

  • John Kennettle
    John Kennettle8 dagar sedan

    So nice that when you get out of the US, there are no idiots yelling "get in the hole"

  • Fred C
    Fred C8 dagar sedan

    Collin has somuch class. He plays like an old school Hall of Famer, so chill, confident , laid back, determined. Hope his competitors can learn how from him. He is the real deal. Not many are..

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    6 dagar sedan

    Good for him, what a great golfer. He totally deserves it.

  • Dominic Neesam
    Dominic Neesam8 dagar sedan

    Winning on 2 major debuts - not even Tiger did that! a special talent

  • Eric Durrant
    Eric Durrant8 dagar sedan

    He is the future

  • robert preston
    robert preston8 dagar sedan

    This is typical b.s.... why are we watching so much play by the LOSERS...??

  • Betting-Site co uk
    Betting-Site co uk8 dagar sedan

    Congrats to Collin, 1st player to win 2 Majors on his debut appearances

  • Russell Kempe
    Russell Kempe8 dagar sedan

    There is no need to watch Golf on the Olympics, this was the Gold Medal.

  • Russell Kempe
    Russell Kempe8 dagar sedan

    Collin pressed like a Champion. Jordan Speith is the Champion Golfer of San Antonio and that's about it. (You can't have a mediocre 2021' season and expect to win a Major.) Collin proved Johnny Miller right. Johnny has said he would tell Rory to lay off the weights during the golf season and Mr Biceps (Bryson, Brooks, Rory) didn't walk away with the trophy.

  • Paul Roscoe
    Paul Roscoe8 dagar sedan

    Congrats Colin. Two majors under your belt. Lots of players never even win a major. Amazing

  • Conor Dunne
    Conor Dunne8 dagar sedan

    What a great finish to a great Open. The crowds, the course, the weather and the winner were all immaculate. A real shining light and sense of hope in these hard times

  • John Carter
    John Carter8 dagar sedan

    He’s lucky he got some Cali weather for this major ..he felt right at home . no wind no rain .... benign as heck ... otherwise he would have wilted ... I do love the young chap tho ... massive future !!!

  • Saul Andrade
    Saul Andrade8 dagar sedan


  • irelandguinness


    8 dagar sedan

    I agree

  • Marthinus Fourie
    Marthinus Fourie8 dagar sedan

    Jammer Louis! Jy het nogsteeds goed gedoen, en baie geld gewen!

  • Chris Fournier
    Chris Fournier8 dagar sedan

    Good for him, what a great golfer. He totally deserves it.

  • Yeminn Htoon
    Yeminn Htoon8 dagar sedan

    Hey racist Stephen A smith is that okay Asian American wins the open?

  • himynameiskarl
    himynameiskarl8 dagar sedan

    So refreshing to see someone just go out and play their game. Calm, composed and a well deserved winner at the open. Congratulations Colin

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez8 dagar sedan

    The master of the irons, sry Fowler.

  • David Dubuis
    David Dubuis8 dagar sedan

    Morikawa just makes golf look so easy! Drive the fairway, hit an iron on to the green, preferably right next to the pin, then hole the putt. Simple as that. Great player, he's gonna win a ton more if he carries on playing like this.

  • Mike Nike
    Mike Nike8 dagar sedan

    Proudly South African and rooting for Louis but kudos to Morikawa, ice in his veins and very respectful, well done!

  • Aussie Golfer
    Aussie Golfer8 dagar sedan

    Absolute gun this guy , from iron play to putting , well done . Speith and Morikawa for the masters 👍🏌️‍♀️⛳️

  • Titan Reo
    Titan Reo8 dagar sedan

    Could've showed us Colin's last couple of shots guys 😒

  • dave cole
    dave cole8 dagar sedan

    Louis come up short again.Got the swing but not the correct mind-set unfortunately.Needs to get that sorted or will never win another major.Remember what Jack said that golf at the top level is 90% in the mind.

  • ZiPolishHammer


    7 dagar sedan

    You know that Open Louis won was not only his lone Major win, but also the ONLY PGA Tour win of his career. Forever the bridesmaid...

  • David Oakes
    David Oakes8 dagar sedan

    Congratulations to Colin, great to see someone winning with precision.

  • Ben Keswick
    Ben Keswick8 dagar sedan

    24 yrs old, amazing!

  • Crow Tales88
    Crow Tales888 dagar sedan

    Didn’t know to much about Collin but after his reaction to the (fake) European tour presenter he had me as a fan was hilarious 😂 bet his party 🎉 was great with Collin playing all the musical instruments 🎸 wonder if Colin Montgomery got invite 😂🇬🇧😂⛳️🇺🇸

  • Jason Fleming
    Jason Fleming8 dagar sedan

    go Bears !!

  • Henry Lebard
    Henry Lebard8 dagar sedan

    Showed about triple Spieth and Rahm highlights rather than Morikawa but who would expect them to get it right

  • Team T
    Team T8 dagar sedan

    Golfer hits shot America: GET IN THE HOLE!!! UK: *politely claps*

  • Preston Smith

    Preston Smith

    8 dagar sedan

    It happened quite often here too, you must not have been watching

  • David Turver
    David Turver8 dagar sedan

    Golf Robots. Boring to watch.

  • Bandit Baker
    Bandit Baker8 dagar sedan

    Plays in his first PGA and Wins plays in his first Open and Wins, that is SO impressive!!! Great Iron play, super calm/cool temperament and highly intelligent, Golf is in good hands for the next few years👍

  • Rob 2477
    Rob 24778 dagar sedan

    He has made golfing history by being the only player to win two majors on their debut. This guy is going to dominate for years to come.

  • zonefinder x
    zonefinder x8 dagar sedan

    What a player..