Classic TBC Final Stress Test! Asmongold Brings an ARMY Through The Portal


  • DrBadFish1
    DrBadFish1Månad sedan

    I love you Asmon, but god do I hate Alliance players in general lol, most I've came across are assholes

  • Flying Head
    Flying HeadMånad sedan

    Wait you made a Character and it's level 58? WTF. The whole game missed 50% of the game is leveling. Activision's making money is funny.

  • Dcboy1337
    Dcboy1337Månad sedan

    7:39 honestly had me like bruh wtf lmaooo

  • Kyuzo Kyuzosan
    Kyuzo Kyuzosan2 månader sedan

    Im not coding expert but blizzard somewhere ( maybe some can find proper answer) explained it is problem with engine and net coding, they can't make mass pvp in WoW, maybe they can but it would cost alot of money and blizzard is small company now with few workers ( wow team) that maximize profit. Big beer for someone who can technically explain why mass pvp lags in wow and it wasn't improved over the years, even now when game runs on much faster hardware

  • Rambles Wins
    Rambles Wins2 månader sedan

    Why would anyone play this? Wow classic I understand but this is just blizzard milking content already made. Actually sad.

  • eM lliK
    eM lliK2 månader sedan

    Bruh those servers are run by fucking 15yo hamsters. Literally

  • Sean James
    Sean James2 månader sedan

    Lmao and they say WoW is dead

  • Kodric
    Kodric2 månader sedan

    lookin like an angry undead in the thumbnail. lay off the meth bro

  • Kris lol
    Kris lol2 månader sedan

    Asmon got scammed got his raid dc'd like 3 times

  • Johannes Rautio
    Johannes Rautio2 månader sedan

    I love how natural that "New character" comes from even Asmon, I wish I had time and enough meta-game experience to see the chaos and which places to expect it with those boosted animals :P

  • The Gateway Productions - Therapeutic Music
    The Gateway Productions - Therapeutic Music2 månader sedan

    No one likes stress but we can always learn to manage it. Keep it up!

  • Spacey
    Spacey2 månader sedan

    Not this time Sargeras

  • Marcus Bengtsson
    Marcus Bengtsson2 månader sedan

    Where's the ooga gang :(

  • CptFoupoudav
    CptFoupoudav2 månader sedan

    pathetic server, fuck you blizzard, for real, fuck you.

  • А. S.
    А. S.2 månader sedan

    Why the wikipedia's picture of you looks like Varg Vikernes making the new album in the 90's norvegian prison?

  • Unknown
    Unknown2 månader sedan

    Amsongold: Pple who buy things like boosts are plebs Also Asmongold: Gets boosted in every activity by his viewers

  • Brandon Windsor
    Brandon Windsor2 månader sedan

    "Yall fucked up" guy doesnt take responsibility for his bad leadership. Saying lets go lets go and hiding in the back is not strategy.

  • Angela Gocevska
    Angela Gocevska2 månader sedan

    Raped by The HOOOORDEEE!!! :D

  • Connor
    Connor2 månader sedan

    its scarab lord all over again lol

  • Alan Smail
    Alan Smail2 månader sedan

    Ridders of Rohan CHARGE!!!

  • Altered Ego
    Altered Ego2 månader sedan

    These lame ass streamers will ruin this just like they did with classic. They will fight over the crumbs for views and content. Once they bleed it out dry they will bitch and throw a hissy about how it sucks, yet still play the game because it’s their job and they have no other alternatives to turn to.

  • William Kurbante Sams
    William Kurbante Sams2 månader sedan

    They wanna break pockets? Break the SERVER!

  • Cee Loh Stormrage
    Cee Loh Stormrage2 månader sedan

    Why is the theme music from the Last Misson of Halo: 3 playing??

  • De Lima
    De Lima2 månader sedan

    This is real fun!

  • Konstantinos Milonas
    Konstantinos Milonas2 månader sedan

    Blizzard: Stress test was SUCCESS everyone's lagging.

  • Alimdor
    Alimdor2 månader sedan

    Fuck the Alliance

  • Chris Herman
    Chris Herman2 månader sedan

    Its just unfortunate a game i loved and grew up on is irrelevant now, it saddens me😪

  • SuperZekethefreak
    SuperZekethefreak2 månader sedan

    The Devs said people would forget me, yet they are still calling the name of Zoog, Zaga, Zug-Zug and all that jazz. It is an honor to be fondly remembered by the Geeks, Dweebs, Nerds and Dorks. ZOOGZOOGZOOG!!!

  • - KaDrD
    - KaDrD2 månader sedan


  • Biacs Viktor
    Biacs Viktor2 månader sedan

    Private servers shit on this power point presentation from ALL the angles possible. Like holy fuck just google up a tbc server instead of this.

  • Mustafa Frosty
    Mustafa Frosty2 månader sedan

    What a joke lol, shitty servers.

  • BeelBrother
    BeelBrother2 månader sedan

    TBC and Wrath are what I was looking forward to the most with the announcement of Classic. Now I have zero desire to play the game at all.

  • aafenlared
    aafenlared2 månader sedan

    Imagine if all tohose players pay 15 dollars a month for good servers... oh wait...

  • Joey H
    Joey H2 månader sedan

    Blizzard should hire Asmon for his love of the game, lore, events and dedication to the community. Yeah I know he is an undead warrior but I think Blizzard can have use for his inputs

  • Brent Heins
    Brent Heins2 månader sedan

    Multi dollar company

  • M1ntberrycrunch
    M1ntberrycrunch2 månader sedan

    I hope shit like this will happen on the release lol. Would be sick to just see massive pvp battles, and people scattering trying to get experiences where they canw hile the hordes of PvPers run down Hellfire

  • fi9e
    fi9e2 månader sedan

    sorry but wow pvp with more than 20 people are a clusterfuck. this game is not design for massive pvp. and it never changed after 16 years

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball2 månader sedan

    So this guy really complained all this time about how blizz ruined this game just to come promote the absolute shit out of it.. what a fucking piece of shit

  • Dante WOW
    Dante WOW2 månader sedan

    jajajaj pretenden tirar el server con 4 sarnosos

  • Mikl Brr
    Mikl Brr2 månader sedan

    Bald the door

  • Desolaytore
    Desolaytore2 månader sedan

    Someone should have got a Horde group to have them clash at the dark portal.

  • Silvax
    Silvax2 månader sedan

    This is so fucking epic

  • C G
    C G2 månader sedan

    It's pretty funny how much he enjoys the part of the game he hates when it happens to him.

  • Cristian Efternamn
    Cristian Efternamn2 månader sedan

    Asmongold has army: "HAHA THEY SUCK KILL THEM" Asmongold without army: "PLS DONT KILL ME I AM TOO WEAK PLEASE!

  • Nathaniel Bellmore
    Nathaniel Bellmore2 månader sedan

    If this is what classic is like, I could get back into this game lol

  • Barberforce
    Barberforce2 månader sedan

    Blizzard......"Oh god not him....not ASMONGOLD"

  • Doosvel Von
    Doosvel Von2 månader sedan

    Very cool vid bro. Such a lovely server

  • DewGaming
    DewGaming2 månader sedan

    Imagine being the biggest game developer firm, and not be able to handle this, year after year, same issues each time...Comon' Blizz, use some money to get this shit fixed. Maybe up the ressources by x2 each time, so we don't have to waste time for something like this lag. Learn from last year stresstest, which didn't help at all at launch...

  • DewGaming


    2 månader sedan

    @LordTourettes nah dude, they just reccently fired two big names in development. They have the biggest staff, but the ones they have picked is not worth it, and they can't handle the simplest tasks.

  • LordTourettes


    2 månader sedan

    They keep firing their top line of staff on mass, why are people acting like that doesn't have detrimental effects to the game's performance?

  • GodsAccomplice
    GodsAccomplice2 månader sedan

    All this stress test showed is what we already know, Blizzard servers are completely uncapable of mass pvp. It's why a huge part of classic wow was messed up from the get go. Blizzard just doesn't care and people still pay them for this garbage. Millions infact.

  • Tskip Gaming
    Tskip Gaming2 månader sedan

    you are still here? dude ur a f'n tool really dude, do what u want but u have been the worst for this game, i love this game an so wish you gone

  • Arndrick
    Arndrick2 månader sedan

    I got hair transplant ad on this vid! Love you baldmangold!

  • Nate Lethal
    Nate Lethal2 månader sedan

    For The Horde!

  • Connor McDowell
    Connor McDowell2 månader sedan

    this is beyond epic Prayge Asmon

  • Jack Salonsky
    Jack Salonsky2 månader sedan

    very cringy to hear Asmon say dub

  • W K
    W K2 månader sedan

    The halo music as they fly "on a pale horse" brought back so many memories

  • Stefan Bergsma
    Stefan Bergsma2 månader sedan

    20:09 sarcastic individual of the year

  • Aeriel Vanluesauls
    Aeriel Vanluesauls2 månader sedan

    I was playing horde during this. We totally won the fight (*lag battle? idk if it even counts tbh). We had HH for 4x as long as they had thrallmar, and they didnt even get it until we died in HH and had to run across the map to rez

  • Liverpool italy

    Liverpool italy

    2 månader sedan

    @Aerial Vanluesauls yeah and of course Asmon didn't really show the Horde keeping HH for so long in the video, and he considered a win the fact that eventually the Alliance could just attack Nazgrel (and fail) in Thrallmar LOL

  • dan forbes
    dan forbes2 månader sedan

    at 12.14 how did he move his mount if he was afk and you can see he was not at pc????????

  • zodiarkful
    zodiarkful2 månader sedan

    they added the store and all that shit but they kept the servers XD

  • Simon Tain
    Simon Tain2 månader sedan

    loose gaggle

  • MelloTV
    MelloTV2 månader sedan

    Every single Stress Test that they did in the last 15 years has been like this, im starting to think that somebody isnt doing his job..

  • FortniteFan1337
    FortniteFan13372 månader sedan

    I was one of the horde here it was pretty epic

  • Shin Gaming
    Shin Gaming2 månader sedan

    Imagine how fun it would be like if you'd have to kill the pit lord by banding together before you're able to actually play the expansion; because otherwise the pit lord would one shot you as soon as you pop your head into the dark portal

  • Stepan HKA
    Stepan HKA2 månader sedan

    this is exactly why I love WOW

  • Weirdodude 1
    Weirdodude 12 månader sedan


  • J. Alc
    J. Alc2 månader sedan

    Jokes aside, doing that content with that number of ppl is something I have only done 1 or twice in my whole life. Been playing mmorpgs for 15-20y easy. That was amazing. Thanks for the video man that was Awesome. Little jealous I wasnt there xD

  • Jason Rouse
    Jason Rouse2 månader sedan

    Next time insert a catheter so you won't die when you take a piss. Hope you washed yo damn hands Bucky

  • Steampunk Pixie
    Steampunk Pixie2 månader sedan

    Here is a challenge for Osmongold try acknowledging that female gamers exist, before anyone says it I know we are in the minority.

  • Farva
    Farva2 månader sedan

    19:52 that facepalm lul

  • Amin AK
    Amin AK2 månader sedan

    this lag sucks , its not acceptable

  • Zefar77
    Zefar772 månader sedan

    Blizzard: Want to do a stress test. Asmon: Say no more. Blizzard: Wait, you wasn't supposed to do that.

  • yaboy flvcko R
    yaboy flvcko R2 månader sedan

    ofc horde will delete yall pussy ass alliancies

  • B Sho
    B Sho2 månader sedan

    lmao I love how asmondgold is playing halo music while going through the dark portal lol

  • Seisure
    Seisure2 månader sedan

    a 2004 game in 2021, multimillion dollar company - blizzard and they can't afford some proper pathetic

  • Marek Králík
    Marek Králík2 månader sedan

    It´s sad how private server like Warmane can handle more peoples around then retail server.

  • Caenlorn
    Caenlorn2 månader sedan

    EU like coordination on the gryphons to Honor Hold!

  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer2 månader sedan

    I cant even see the enemies

  • JapanImmersion0001
    JapanImmersion00012 månader sedan

    servers still run like shit

  • Lynchpin TM
    Lynchpin TM2 månader sedan

    Servers sponsored by win98 and Dell.

  • Rainer Unsinn
    Rainer Unsinn2 månader sedan

    the line was embarassing

  • Jada SU
    Jada SU2 månader sedan

    If WoW is going to make a come back into the world, it is only going to happen when they can have epic 100+ people vs battles in the open world. Literally the one thing the game is missing that would take it to the next level for streaming events, etc.

  • Hooman Seddighi
    Hooman Seddighi2 månader sedan


  • Reuterss
    Reuterss2 månader sedan

    Blablabla why do private servers work and blizz can't handle it blablabla toaster servers blablabla. Just shut it. Ever wondered why on full private servers you couldnt see mobs that were a few yards away? Ever thought about all the stuff they cut which had not to be calculated in the background? Ever thought of researching how many of those compromises pservers had to come up with, so the game runs properly? Do you plebs know the difference between "active" and concurrent player base? Are you IT specialists aware of the difference and the multitude of problems you can run into when running multiple megaservers compared to one fkin private server? You can blame blizz for a lot of sht they did in the last years and how they have completely disconnected to their playerbase. But let me assure you that nobody would do a much better job concerning server stability and performance, when they would use the original code so the game runs and is played like it is supposed to be. It has been a problem since vanilla and that's not because of "cheap" servers ffs. :D

  • KingFishaholic
    KingFishaholic2 månader sedan

    CATECOIN - Great new idea - cat version and arch nemesis of DOGE - Meme and NFT platform with working dap and 80k holders within a week (unheard of) - CG and CMC listing almost immediately with imminent CEX listings on their way aiming all the way up to eventually Binance - Organic growth pre marketing is what you see thus far - Deflationary with 1% redistribution and 1% burn at each sale - That’s 5+ reasons why this is going to rocket Baby! 🚀🚀🚀

  • St Ben
    St Ben2 månader sedan

    still as laggy as hillsbrad foothills in 2005, lmao

    SNTBB2 månader sedan

    DESERVED IT Asmon receives invite to stress test TBC launch. Immediately proceeds with attempt to grief the Horde players with his "asmon raid" by attacking & killing them over and over, thus blocking them from entering the portal (at least that was his plan). Blizzard rightfully steps in to stop his BS. 2 minutes later he gets the right idea and says "Alliance and Horde fight together" to defeat the Pit Lord. I really enjoy Asmon 95% of the time, but sometimes he's a real prick for the sake of being...a prick, and that's not enjoyable to watch. Then he does something like coordinate a Gryphon rollercoaster to Honor Hold and I'm in lub with Asmon again :)

  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention2 månader sedan

    Any idea what music theme is playing around the pit lord 5:45-7:00? Sounds like final fantasy but I can't recall what it's from.

  • Richard Helmet

    Richard Helmet

    2 månader sedan

    It's To Kill a Demon from the Halo 3 OST. Or a part of that song, at least. If you only care to listen to the orchestral bit of the song, there's a 6 minute extended version of it on SEblacks.

  • That One Asshole
    That One Asshole2 månader sedan

    19:53 someone said the n word in chat.

  • Sivert H.
    Sivert H.2 månader sedan

    They’re probably not even using dedicated classic servers, they’re probably just using the free space on the retail servers after everyone left KEKW

  • Hoffy C.H
    Hoffy C.H2 månader sedan

    We on Gehennes is gonna have a Blast i can see now :P

  • Weep Weep
    Weep Weep2 månader sedan

    imagine blizzard brings in servers where u could actually do cityraids or mass battles like this...i mean its not like blizzard is a multibilion dollar company who could affort it to bring back stuff like this lul....layer everything so you cant see other ppl so you have to play alone and destroy the mening of a mmo

  • SuperZekethefreak


    2 månader sedan

    I always felt that was the true purpose of the game. Not Raidcraft, but WAR-craft. It's literally supposed to be 1000v1000.

  • Wesker
    Wesker2 månader sedan

    It's people like Asmon that keep the mmo alive and well in 2021

  • Beefangus
    Beefangus2 månader sedan

    Wish I had a ton of money set aside just to play wow..

  • BeHeaven616
    BeHeaven6162 månader sedan

    Asmon is the best example of big words without any actions following. Complaining about how blizzars treats its customerd yet continues to shove his money up blizzards ass, influencing people in doing the same. I will rather cut my dick off instead of giving blizzard even one more cent of my well earned money

  • Sareseras
    Sareseras2 månader sedan

    Like watching a Path of Exile summoner with unlocked abilities chant spells to bring forth it's minions, then riding off with passive debuffs like lagg and so much more.

  • mancimn
    mancimn2 månader sedan

    God the fact blizzard servers cant actually function with more than 40 people on the screen is ruining what would be a super cool in game player driven event.

  • Fulbor
    Fulbor2 månader sedan

    we were doing dungeons by the time he was over in thrallmar, no lag on instance server so that was nice

  • DocDirty MrClean
    DocDirty MrClean2 månader sedan

    This is proof Blizzard favors the shitty Horde.

  • PrplDave
    PrplDave2 månader sedan

    cheap ass servers make the thing not just unplayable, but frustrating to watch in 2021

  • Ethelnalen
    Ethelnalen2 månader sedan

    I like how he thinks blizzard personally disconnects them. And not that they fucking overwhelm the server so the latency is so high everyone in the area gets an error lol

  • SuperZekethefreak


    2 månader sedan

    Well, when the Horde army isn't getting DC'd, and it happens over and over, someone is pushing the red button. Probably not Blizz per say, but someone with the usual and unusual hacks.