Clarkson's Farm but it's Gerald's farm


  • Dr. Craig D. Smith
    Dr. Craig D. Smith5 timmar sedan

    Gerald is more coherent than Joe Biden.

  • David Giles
    David Giles6 timmar sedan

    I remember meeting a friend in Blackburn. We hiked and went to the pub. His friends arrived. They were speaking English ( I'm Canadian ). I caught one word out of 10. It was a wonderful evening.

  • Nooby
    Nooby19 timmar sedan

    Gerald: yeehahbkghkgasuhduhiiuhuhhhoooshhahdhbfhbiy, see what i meen? Jeremy: Oh Yeah yeah

  • Antonio Portugal
    Antonio PortugalDag sedan

    I tought people spoke english in England.

  • ryan ward
    ryan wardDag sedan

    I dont care... Im proud to be British.. And gerald is western legend 😂😂

  • NoTengoIlusiones
    NoTengoIlusiones2 dagar sedan

    The most hilarious character of the Farm series 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tree55B
    Tree55B4 dagar sedan

    Oh dear God! I think I'm beginning to undersrand Gerald.

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence4 dagar sedan

    I think I watched this more than my favorite episodes of Seinfeld or The Office.

  • DoctorSpice
    DoctorSpice4 dagar sedan

    gerald is an absolute gem

  • Bitcoin Kid
    Bitcoin Kid4 dagar sedan

    Top 10 rappers, Eminem won't diss

  • Ian Bailey
    Ian Bailey4 dagar sedan

    He's not that hard to understand, I get every word he says, but then I do work in Gloucestershire.

  • Syed S
    Syed S5 dagar sedan

    The walkie talkie scene 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jimbo Laya
    Jimbo Laya5 dagar sedan

    Lol the auto captions don't even pick up Gerald's accent

  • Germes G1
    Germes G15 dagar sedan

    It's a bit shame to me to ask, but can anyone, please, translate to me what did that man said? I'm not English-speaking, so, sometimes it's hard to understand specific dialects. Thanks!

  • CalumJohnston YT
    CalumJohnston YT5 dagar sedan

    Sign of a true gentleman not to be rude or abrupt with a gent that’s a bit hard to understand!

  • BarryW#6743
    BarryW#67435 dagar sedan

    Gerald is a hero, does anyone remember "Stanley Unwin"? Now that would be a conversation to watch! 😂😂

  • Skeeter McTavish
    Skeeter McTavish7 dagar sedan

    In the middle of the current word he's speaking he starts to say the word 2 words later in the sentence.

  • OrganisedPauper
    OrganisedPauper7 dagar sedan

    Gerald went to the Stanley Unwin school of elecution.

  • Charlie M
    Charlie M7 dagar sedan

    This guy seem genuinely happy in his new life, congrats to him :)

  • Insane Troll
    Insane Troll8 dagar sedan

    You can work out what he's saying by checking the closed captions. For example: 1:00 - "Playing with your bum bond is I'm not being not into that."

  • A.D. Winter
    A.D. Winter9 dagar sedan


  • Paul Morgan
    Paul Morgan10 dagar sedan

    Why is he wearing a mask when he's totally on his own in the cab ???

  • Rick Stevens
    Rick Stevens12 dagar sedan

    I thought he was English? My bad ....

  • Phil Hammond
    Phil Hammond12 dagar sedan

    At the time of writing 226 people have disliked this little slice of human joy - I find that far less intelligible than Gerald's accent. I would be fascinated to hear from anyone who can explain what there is to dislike about the clip or indeed the whole series.

  • Andrew Hardy
    Andrew Hardy12 dagar sedan

    had the subtitles on and SEblacks AI still didn't know WHAT was going on. AND ENGLISH IS MY FIRST LANGUAGE hahahaha

  • Paul Brunton
    Paul Brunton14 dagar sedan

    Proper worker is Gerald.

  • klou32
    klou3214 dagar sedan

    What’s he saying?

  • Eve
    Eve15 dagar sedan

    Gerald is family

  • Granville Bennet
    Granville Bennet15 dagar sedan

    Wonder if Kaleb can decipher Gerald ?

  • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia
    ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia16 dagar sedan


  • Martha Cochrane
    Martha Cochrane17 dagar sedan

    Absolutely hilarious!!!

  • James Charlton
    James Charlton18 dagar sedan

    Gerald and Boris Johnson having a conversation you would not have a clue what either are saying...

  • Spud Magnum
    Spud Magnum20 dagar sedan

    His smile is gold

  • Graham Johnson
    Graham Johnson21 dag sedan

    Gerald is a legend ❤. I'd love to listen to him argue with his Amazon Echo though

  • ApexPredator_
    ApexPredator_21 dag sedan

    😯 surprisingly, Google actually gets what Gerald is saying when you turn on captions!

  • Karmize Carmize
    Karmize Carmize21 dag sedan

    I can't understand not a single word said by Gerald

  • Linda NWFirefighter
    Linda NWFirefighter22 dagar sedan

    What he say? 😳

  • Harry Belcher
    Harry Belcher22 dagar sedan

    I'm from round these parts and I can only understand about half of what he says. If I really try. I've got a brand new combine harvester...

  • cal kestis
    cal kestis22 dagar sedan

    The flat jennifer mostly release because jaw contrastingly prepare upon a flat channel. delirious, pumped nitrogen

  • Sack Head
    Sack Head22 dagar sedan

    I'm sure they have edited and cut his voice to make it worse than it is 😂

  • julian sturgeon
    julian sturgeon23 dagar sedan

    I love gerald, he reminds me of characters i grew up with in somerset . Real genuine people with great humour. I was in a builders merchant years ago and the staff could not understand a word of what a customer was saying due to his very strong accent, i could understand him so helped sort out his order, i thoroughly enjoyed my childhood in somerset. I would also say that clarksons farm is the best thing i have watched in a long time.

  • Rafael Bogdan
    Rafael Bogdan23 dagar sedan

    Jeremy Clarkson's "Hold on, I thought I spoke English" faces are priceless

  • Justin Rippon
    Justin Rippon25 dagar sedan

    I seen another side to Jeremy Clarkson in this series, very respectful man, especially towards Kaleb and Gerald.

  • ac1dcamel
    ac1dcamel25 dagar sedan

    The haircut is legendary.

  • Ahox92
    Ahox9225 dagar sedan

    We need a conversation between Gerald and Ozzy

  • Alfie Eddy
    Alfie Eddy27 dagar sedan

    I had to skip parts just to make sure it wasn't me forgetting how to understand English im that stoned #cali

  • Fret Plec
    Fret Plec27 dagar sedan

    Watch the end of the series and Gerald suddenly speaks clearly... This is Clarkson and co scripting it.

  • Mark McGrath
    Mark McGrath28 dagar sedan

    Bloody fantastic. I nearly went to hospital due to me laughing pains! Priceless! We need more farms like this

  • Rod D
    Rod D29 dagar sedan

    Love this. Best program Clarkson has done.

  • Glynn Johnson
    Glynn Johnson29 dagar sedan

    God damn he's in good nick for 72

  • Stonky Kong
    Stonky Kong29 dagar sedan

    even though i can only understand about 5% of what he says, i still friggen love him and think he is an honest great guy

  • Stonky Kong
    Stonky Kong29 dagar sedan

    Gerald sounds like if you tried to speak in 'Hagrid'

  • Simon
    SimonMånad sedan

    I wonder how Amazon subtitled this

  • Solider
    SoliderMånad sedan

    how to fix a TV.. Gerald: you terun i- offvn n back onnnagain

  • Positively dark - Awakening
    Positively dark - AwakeningMånad sedan

    1:33the thing is I don’t even sallow b a boat in my albums swing idjdeh? Ya rhink souh?

  • Janis Lubgans
    Janis LubgansMånad sedan

    Turn on YT subtitles

  • armando mendez
    armando mendezMånad sedan

    I love how Gerald says OKI Doki

  • Bailey TV
    Bailey TVMånad sedan

    Absolutely LOVE Gerald

  • Halli Day
    Halli DayMånad sedan

    Not that hard to understand what he's saying. He's saying 'you indulge these horseriders, they knock the wall down'.

  • Matthew Freeman

    Matthew Freeman

    14 dagar sedan

    Not if you eat gooseberry yoghurt

  • SaltyMcBoatFace
    SaltyMcBoatFaceMånad sedan

    and now we know who the character from hot fuzz "Mr Webley" was based on

  • Quantum Magnus
    Quantum MagnusMånad sedan

    Big ups if you understand what he’s saying.

  • izzy
    izzyMånad sedan

    Gerald: *unintelligible British accent* Clarkson: "Hmm yeah, yeah..."

  • samoth lleb
    samoth llebMånad sedan

    its like talking to your mate who says he is sober but is trying to fight the taxi guy for abducting him =P

  • Jason Wright
    Jason WrightMånad sedan

    SOLID GOLD!!! 😂

  • wink1980
    wink1980Månad sedan

    is Gerald having a stroke? or pissed off his nut i think the latter

  • VisionedSpoon28
    VisionedSpoon28Månad sedan

    the part where he kicks down the wall jeremy builds will forever be one of the funniest things I have ever seen

  • Mr. H
    Mr. HMånad sedan

    Tried watching this with subtitles turned on… didn’t help 😂

  • Dean Porter CC
    Dean Porter CCMånad sedan

    The look on Jeremy's face when Gerald was talking was as if he didn't understand a word he was saying

  • Shayura’s Wrath
    Shayura’s WrathMånad sedan

    I told my dad, who’s Irish, about ol’ Gerald, and when I couldn’t tell him where he was from, he asked me if I was able to understand a word ol’ Gerald was saying. Apparently absolutely incomprehensible speech is a starkly Welsh trait. Fun fact.

  • Lifemond Internacional
    Lifemond InternacionalMånad sedan

    Excellent, mate! 😂Thank you!

  • matthew blackburne
    matthew blackburneMånad sedan

    Brilliant 🤩

  • brittonblitz
    brittonblitzMånad sedan

    does anyone know if this a similar old local dialect, bit like Asum Grammar?

  • Gareth (Ga-reth)
    Gareth (Ga-reth)Månad sedan

    When Jeremy went to say good bye to his sheep I almost fainted from laughing. I love animals but there's something about the situation that really tickled me pink. Not sure I've seen JC speechless and out of his element.

  • Gordon Ferrar
    Gordon FerrarMånad sedan

    Chief of security and all round good bloke.

  • Walking and Adventures
    Walking and AdventuresMånad sedan

    Gerald is great….

  • Gary Warren
    Gary WarrenMånad sedan

    Gerald can do Clarkson's job with his eyes closed.

  • Lemi Lemi
    Lemi LemiMånad sedan

    if Gerald's character was invented you would think it was overplayed. Cant wait for season 2

  • Harrison Foley
    Harrison FoleyMånad sedan

    Anyone else slowly understanding Gerald the more you hear him?

  • John Cordon Travel and Beauty Photography
    John Cordon Travel and Beauty PhotographyMånad sedan

    Clarkson’s Farm should be prescribed by the NHS. I have never laughed so much. Not only is Clarkson brilliant (I used to hate his silly car antics) but Caleb, Gerald and Charlie are true stars. I cannot wait for series 2 to be shown. It’s worth my annual Prime subscription on its own. Absolutely outstanding, the best show on TV. Thank you Andy Wilman. You have made us all smile.

  • Bec X
    Bec XMånad sedan

    The fact we all typed in GERALD to get here!!! I love him

  • smc
    smcMånad sedan

    I wasn't the biggest Clarkeson fan till I watched this. Absolute tv gold. Everyone featured on the show is fabtastic. I cant wait to watch season 2

  • UK patriot
    UK patriotMånad sedan

    He’s like the farmer from Shaun the sheep. Such a nice chap

  • markcw
    markcwMånad sedan

    Love the absolutely brilliant more and more of the Farm please

  • Psyhodelik
    PsyhodelikMånad sedan

    Gerald The Legend x)

  • Marcos Dineros
    Marcos DinerosMånad sedan

    I couldn't have put it any better myself.

  • Quagmire88
    Quagmire88Månad sedan

    Sea mine...

  • Gareth Horlick
    Gareth HorlickMånad sedan

    Was Gerald raised on Stanley unwin?

  • OSUCherokee
    OSUCherokeeMånad sedan

    Watching this with Closed Captions on is the best.

  • BurntSienna
    BurntSiennaMånad sedan

    Can someone please put subtitles on or translate what he is saying?

  • Xolder Night
    Xolder NightMånad sedan

    Man's auto attack cancelling his sentences, every time I think I know what word he's about to say man hits me with a pump fake and starts another sentence

    MrWIWARDMånad sedan

    He is the living audio version of one of those pictures where everything looks familiar but you can‘t name a single object. Listening to him must be what having a stroke feels like.

  • Colin Turner
    Colin TurnerMånad sedan

    Great stuff decent honest people

  • Progtrak Records
    Progtrak RecordsMånad sedan


  • Jam Coste
    Jam CosteMånad sedan

    I know if I ever had a speech impediment I'd be working in the fields out of the way of people⚒️good man Gerald

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur FleckMånad sedan

    Must be a breath of fresh air for Clarkson having Gerald and Kaleb around and not the pretentious bootlickers.

  • Shane Threlfall
    Shane ThrelfallMånad sedan

    The subtitles didn’t help

  • MrGulstad
    MrGulstadMånad sedan

    Clarksson should revisit some off the old cars if some off them still are around and see how they fared against time and other cars. PS watch this clip and especially ca 1,10 mins in to the clip

  • Richard Dale
    Richard DaleMånad sedan

    Sounds like bane