Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.

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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear2 timmar sedan

    “Batteries can catch fire” but no problem with a full tank of gasoline. Clarkson is a knob.

  • Banjie The Grape
    Banjie The Grape10 timmar sedan

    [insert unoriginal comment about hating electric cars]

  • Surly Wookie
    Surly Wookie11 timmar sedan

    Go woke, go broke Jeremy. You start taking payments and incentives from electric car companies just to sell their overpriced remote control cars then ALOT of your fans will stop watching. Of course the little sycophants and a** kissers won't go anywhere but people like me....who know the truth about the electric car hype and it's political goal.....will put you in the "whatever happened to......" type of category.

  • Samundra K C
    Samundra K C11 timmar sedan

    I hate electric cars because i love manual cars

  • Cecilia Ramirez
    Cecilia Ramirez12 timmar sedan

    I LOVE Jeremy!!!

  • RaagBir Singh
    RaagBir Singh12 timmar sedan

    The song used in initial few seconds is Winter Linn by Clark.

  • Schaffhausen S
    Schaffhausen S12 timmar sedan

    Nice IWC there

  • The Dude Abides
    The Dude Abides16 timmar sedan

    I'm a Tesla owner & a Jeremy fan. The MX is the most horrendous of the models. The 7 seats are rubbish; 2 of them backward and take all the trunk space. With the doors as they are, you can't put a roof rack on the vehicle. And all Tesla batteries never match their mileage; especially the heaviest of them all, the MX.

  • Steven
    Steven16 timmar sedan

    hahah including the lawyers was awesome. when clarkson reviewed the original tesla the script had the battery failing mid drive... see elon talking about this on YT

  • somebody
    somebody20 timmar sedan

    That's the music track name at the beginning?

  • Burnin In Texas
    Burnin In TexasDag sedan

    Lol they can't even get the autopilot to work in a closed loop tunnel that they themselves built... and this guy's saying how relaxing it is to let it drive 🤣 yeah...about as relaxing as playing russian roulette

  • Nesya Sloane
    Nesya SloaneDag sedan

    Some of the features on this thing seem like they should be illegal the same way marketing sugary breakfast cereals directly to children is illegal in some countries

  • Nithin
    NithinDag sedan

    I would like to see how he reacts to the Model S Plaid

  • shiva prasad
    shiva prasadDag sedan

    Your patters cracked me up! Hahahahahaha

  • Mr. Macedon 🇲🇰
    Mr. Macedon 🇲🇰2 dagar sedan

    lol ofc electric wins on a drag race but lets see it on a long distance race, fucking horse cart

  • Seyed Yousef
    Seyed Yousef2 dagar sedan

    Lawyers are shit no joke

  • Krad
    Krad2 dagar sedan

    ‘Cars can’t drive solo that’s still illegal….’ Wtf was that summon mode then lol

  • Dom Gia
    Dom Gia2 dagar sedan

    I can draw pretty patterns. Proceeds to draw a penis.

  • Borivoje Travica
    Borivoje Travica3 dagar sedan

    So this how looks out of court settlements.

  • Mega Crocosaurus
    Mega Crocosaurus3 dagar sedan

    "James May is ou Moror"

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams3 dagar sedan

    yeah all good and fancy until the electronics start to fail

  • Firestarterx
    Firestarterx4 dagar sedan

    What a difference from the first Tesla they review lol he called it a toy

  • Subu Laji
    Subu Laji4 dagar sedan

    What's wrong with a gimmick is that it's a gimmick. And you have to pay for that gimmick

  • D D
    D D4 dagar sedan

    Only problem with Tesla is the lack of independent repair…and the fact that they treat the concept much like Apple does. Not to say all other manufactures don’t wish they could do the same, but kinda hard to backtrack on gasoline motors after a standard has been established for 100 years….along with the thought of closing down all your local independent mechanic shops. With electric, they’re trying to nip independent repair in the bud before it ever gets started.

  • Spiderman & fun games
    Spiderman & fun games4 dagar sedan

    It's astonishing, thak you Jeremy for this amazing content.

  • 123 456
    123 4565 dagar sedan

    It’s funny where I live a lot of people have bought these, I see about 10 every time I drive anywhere. However, all theirs must be defective because I thought they were quite fast, Jeremy’s is quite fast, but theirs are all locked to 42 mph no matter the limit of the road. It’s a shame Tesla’s quality control is that poor, for 150k I’d have expected better tbh.

  • Ad Versluis
    Ad Versluis5 dagar sedan

    Im actually on Mars, the funny man. To be precise we are all on Mars.

  • Évo x
    Évo x5 dagar sedan

    But Mercedes defeated Tesla.

  • Clay Webb
    Clay Webb5 dagar sedan

    At 156k I’d want it to perform sexual acts on me………on demand……..forever.

  • Jabbernaut
    Jabbernaut5 dagar sedan

    1:02 "I can turn it into a sketchpad, then I can draw pretty patterns and so on" *immediately draws a penis*

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony6 dagar sedan

    Would he be as astonished if an owl flew in front of the car when he was doing 70 mph?

  • Samuel Spiers
    Samuel Spiers6 dagar sedan

    I wanted to hear from Mia Khalifa sat in the back left. I didn't know she practiced law.

  • chipsthedog1
    chipsthedog16 dagar sedan

    I just watched a video where it did back out of a parking bay

  • a chicken company
    a chicken company6 dagar sedan

    anyone else noticed he sketched a penis ? lol

  • kjell martin olsen
    kjell martin olsen6 dagar sedan

    we need a europan car to the left side drivers too. mars driving NOW. change it to drive it on moon later.

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D6 dagar sedan

    03:25 suddenly I'm having flashbacks to my childhood watching Knight Rider with "The Hoff."

  • G Mercer
    G Mercer7 dagar sedan

    That old guy is hilarious. Love his humor. Just love those Teslas: Toys for the rich.

  • Nick Mich
    Nick Mich7 dagar sedan

    Is it just me, but no matter how much Tesla is faster, I could only give my attention to that lovely v10 sound

  • Alexander Maio
    Alexander Maio7 dagar sedan

    I actually think he was dissing the car the whole time in a way that not everyone could get it lol

  • Ejaja Frozarb

    Ejaja Frozarb

    6 dagar sedan


  • ImRandomGuy
    ImRandomGuy7 dagar sedan

    Well it sure ain't the GWIZ

  • Nathan Bowman
    Nathan Bowman7 dagar sedan

    Tesla is the beginning of cars becoming technology instead of machines

  • Dom Ruck
    Dom Ruck7 dagar sedan

    im sory its fun and all but the audi, on a lap would utterly trash the tesla... but yes electric is better at delivering all of its power at once, where a petrol engine needs to warm up

  • Page five S
    Page five S8 dagar sedan

    It’s funny how many people who drive Tesla’s don’t know where Tesla got the ludicrous and plaid modes. 😂

  • lasamigassiemprejuntas
    lasamigassiemprejuntas8 dagar sedan

    Honda does the same thing

  • Jacob Albrecht
    Jacob Albrecht8 dagar sedan

    So no one noticed the battlefield operation metro soundtrack playing in the background?

  • Samrobloxchurcher
    Samrobloxchurcher8 dagar sedan

    The front is caled a frunk

  • ayush agarwal
    ayush agarwal9 dagar sedan

    It's all fun until someone realises how the car turns into giant robot when lights go off 😅

  • Sarik Rana
    Sarik Rana9 dagar sedan

    10:39 is she asleep?

  • Gargie396
    Gargie3969 dagar sedan

    just realized it looks like an pontiac aztek and now i can unsee it.

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer9 dagar sedan

    by the way now it can come to you from a parking space lol. tech is astonishing and fast now.

  • Youdie Lin
    Youdie Lin9 dagar sedan

    So the question is , did the message relayed to James? Seems important to me

  • Ntokozo Zwane
    Ntokozo Zwane9 dagar sedan

    Tesla is the best there is.. Im excited to see wat the future holds.... I'm still shocked to see Jeremy actually appreciate an electric car

  • I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?.
    I'm Happy So Why Aren't You!?.9 dagar sedan

    But how is it in the snow?, Honestly. Never asked about it and I'm really curious if anyone that has one could tell me.

  • Vinny Vince
    Vinny Vince9 dagar sedan

    I thought I clicked on a different video, so I took this video for a Volkswagen ad. 0:10 reminded me of the DeLorean.

  • Tomi Punmira
    Tomi Punmira10 dagar sedan

    @1:06 That was his idea of a pretty patern?

  • Luke R
    Luke R10 dagar sedan

    What is a moror?

  • F. S.
    F. S.10 dagar sedan


  • Nicholas R
    Nicholas R10 dagar sedan

    I’m amazed it out did the R8

  • Pova
    Pova10 dagar sedan

    In 20 Years this will be Normal

  • Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper
    Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper10 dagar sedan

    Sadly China makes the rules on this planet and China just creates a global dystopian shithole, china banned all combustian cars from the public streets on this planet right after 2030 / 2035 and all politicians on this planet have to follow. Our EU clowns just made the start. UK and USA will follow I am sure. Biggest problem is China, Chinas president Xi told our EU politicians the PRC wont do any business with underdeveloped countries that still allow any combustion based traffic or industry after 2030...

  • Eternal Gamer
    Eternal Gamer11 dagar sedan

    "Vauxhall says its cars are exciting" 😂

  • scott wilson
    scott wilson11 dagar sedan

    Very impressive car but £156k? No thank you! 😆😆😆

  • oojimmyflip
    oojimmyflip11 dagar sedan

    lawyers will be looking for a supercharger a lot more often with that attitude.

  • agung h
    agung h11 dagar sedan

    Stig should drive that with those lawyer 😄

  • Sand Rider
    Sand Rider11 dagar sedan

    Why is this Bellend still on television?

  • Dino Sauro
    Dino Sauro11 dagar sedan

    Tesla is trash.

  • Vengeance
    Vengeance11 dagar sedan

    Sigma among 6 betas

  • oneworldfamily
    oneworldfamily11 dagar sedan

    This is not Clarkson from our universe. This one must have quantum jumped (or whatever they do) over here from whatever better place he's from. Our Clarkson must be bound and gagged in a cellar somewhere.

  • EdwardcentenoTheBest
    EdwardcentenoTheBest12 dagar sedan

    Did anybody see what he drawed😳

  • shellsbignumber2
    shellsbignumber212 dagar sedan

    Times they are a changing.

  • Wandiya // වංඩිය
    Wandiya // වංඩිය12 dagar sedan

    Excellent video 💛💚🧡

  • suryo risky
    suryo risky13 dagar sedan

    'Fabolous' word from a PETROLHEAD.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mere Mortal
    Mere Mortal13 dagar sedan

    "I can write in English" "Oh really! Show me, write something in English" 2:51

  • MsPinkwolf
    MsPinkwolf13 dagar sedan

    The person who comes back to their car after he parked like that will be so glad they cant get in🤔

  • John Winters
    John Winters13 dagar sedan

    Audis can do that automatic lane changing trick too. Without indicators obviously, but if you're driving an Audi there's no need to check the proposed lane for yourself - you just switch when you feel like it.

  • Jim Glasson
    Jim Glasson13 dagar sedan

    Dirty little liars

  • Ibrahim Mohd Noor
    Ibrahim Mohd Noor13 dagar sedan

    No more breakdown this time?.. 😊👌

  • Optimus Martian
    Optimus Martian14 dagar sedan

    There are a few people that don’t like Tesla cars because they “have too many unnecessary features” or “they produce more pollution than gas cars”. Well in this man’s very words... “Oh No! Anyway...”

  • Julien B
    Julien B14 dagar sedan

    1:02 what was he trying to draw???

  • Jeff Richards
    Jeff Richards14 dagar sedan

    Clarkson is a legend lmao. He is a legend in hosting shows lmao. Awesome

  • Laarni magbanua
    Laarni magbanua14 dagar sedan

    Try the model plaid s sir... If you want the speed..

  • RandyMarsh RA
    RandyMarsh RA14 dagar sedan

    Didn't this guy totally douche out his first Tesla review?

  • Hakan Derin
    Hakan Derin15 dagar sedan

    Probably people on backseats can get out at that park site through wing shaped doors.

  • Cascito
    Cascito15 dagar sedan

    11:33 LOL Clarkson , what do you think the falcon wing doors are for? To showoff fancy things? It's designed to open in those situations...

    BN ZONE15 dagar sedan

    Well with self driving.........i guess drunk driving will be outlawed

  • The Basement Dweller
    The Basement Dweller15 dagar sedan

    He drew a chode

  • john bill
    john bill15 dagar sedan

    I like that even though Elon sued(twice) top gear because of their review of the roadster they seemed to have worked it out and I’m surprised Jeremy was such a gentleman about to and didn’t just shut on the car out of spite

  • Julia Hello

    Julia Hello

    13 dagar sedan

    Top Gear lied about what the Roadster did and didn’t realize that Tesla can track their cars at all times. Oops!

  • NsanePixel
    NsanePixel16 dagar sedan

    He drew a penis on the Tesla screen and many laughs are had.

  • Claire
    Claire17 dagar sedan

    Elon has a great sense of humour

  • Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

    Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

    16 dagar sedan

    There was that one time Elon sued Top Gear cause of their Tesla Roadster review, let's just Elon lost...badly.

  • Nella Jones
    Nella Jones17 dagar sedan

    LOL Okay I love this car!

  • Unclassified Clips
    Unclassified Clips17 dagar sedan

    Elon Musk totally destroyed top Gair 💯👀

  • kjm 1955
    kjm 195517 dagar sedan

    Tesla don't have protection against cosmic rays, all it takes is a single ray that's travelled 14.5 billion light years to hit your CPU and the cars toast, LOL

  • Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS
    Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS18 dagar sedan

    Seems ironic for a guy known for driving to love a car that he doesn't have to drive.

  • CT3657 Baron
    CT3657 Baron18 dagar sedan

    I have a theory this car could help with my road anxiety and help me get used to high speeds, but not to where it becomes a reliability

  • Ałtaj Qtsawa
    Ałtaj Qtsawa18 dagar sedan

    Mr. Clarkson, please no :(

  • GoPro Dog
    GoPro Dog19 dagar sedan

    Lol. Anything for money.

  • Marcel Valega
    Marcel Valega19 dagar sedan

    We got new fiat multipla here.. that is really ugly car and also it is not good quality! Rather have that Audi 120%

  • Samuel Anthony
    Samuel Anthony19 dagar sedan

    He drew a penis

  • Metro
    Metro19 dagar sedan

    6:52 Best method of scaring car thieves away