Celebrities go to prison


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    billy saying what do you want from me

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    I need that laugh at the end as an alarm

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    This is one of the first edit videos I’ve ever watched and oh my gawd it’s hilarious

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    pls spin, what are the sound effects

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    The way Niki says "Doja"🤣😭 is satisfying lol

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    Hold Up! Why Blackpink up in there did their cuteness kill u?

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    1:15 "Do not steal shovels for escaping" 😂😂

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    All them: WOOHOO! Police: No can do..

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    Pigtall brown girl she is from samandcat super Rocking fun time Babby sitters

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    This video would've been even better if Taylor said "It was the great escape the prison break" from getaway car

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    Billie and Ariana in cell 3435 💀💀

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    Nicki Minaj more like Ninki Minjaj lol

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    00:28 Could someone tell me what is the song when Ariana says WE GOT. Pls? I mean, I know the next one is break freak but I'm not sure about the one before that. Thanks

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    If this was on Netflix it would get more views than riverdale

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    They forgot to include Cardi B hehe

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    look closely to the cafeteria scene 👀

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    I love how nikki is always the police

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    Even BlackPink is here-

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    Would of been great if Melanie sung wheels on bus in the intro lmao cuz uk on a prison bus instead of Ariana just saying shut up🤷

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    I love Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa

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    Poor Billie has to be stuck in a ceil with Arianna 👁👄👁

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    Wth- 🤣🤣I can’t-😂🤚 I love cardi b scream when the other celebs try to escape 😂😂😂😂

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    Bestie you had a chance to make britney say “oops i did it again” when she yelled WOOHOO 😭😭

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    you know it's gonna be a good video when you see your favourite musician in a prison bus (mine's dua lipa)

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    I like the part when she say I'm the bad guy when she broke down the door I like singers 👌

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    Rest In Peace Melanie

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    Hehe I just wanted to add at that part When a red hair gurl(idk her ;-;) say Quiet Ariana say SHUT UP and that gurl say EXCUSE MEH WATCH UR MOUTH it's Quite ain't no backtalk🙄 And Ariana should say but isn't that how the conversation work??🌚😎

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    You probably don't care but when Billie said "I'm the bad guy" Melanie should have said, "I'm not the bad guy" idk I thought it was funny.

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