Catastrophic flooding across western Europe as politicians blame climate change - BBC News


  • Undesignated
    Undesignated17 minuter sedan

    How about clearing the channel ducts at bottom of farmers fields its not done anymore, alot of rivers have natural overflows onto land, use your brains .

  • Sam S
    Sam S23 minuter sedan

    Politicians will blame climate change and do nothing, because they are useless vermin.

  • Sound Mind International
    Sound Mind International43 minuter sedan

    My condolences to all who have passed away. If you are reading this Jesus Christ is coming soon, let us all encourage and love one another

  • Cesar Bonilla
    Cesar BonillaTimme sedan

    Its judgement day boys

  • Rashmi Ghai
    Rashmi GhaiTimme sedan

    Very sad

  • Michael Ibach
    Michael Ibach2 timmar sedan

    Seems nature is taking care of the problem itself.

  • Наталья Владимировна
    Наталья Владимировна2 timmar sedan


    D. TILLMAN3 timmar sedan


  • Believe in Jesus read bible Read the Bible
    Believe in Jesus read bible Read the Bible3 timmar sedan

    Please 🙏 people believe in Jesus Christ the truth is only in the Bible 📖💯🕊️❤️👈 fallow only Jesus Christ from the Bible 📖💯🕊️❤️👈. “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” - John 8:12 (KJV) Where to finde the light? 👉Here 📖💯🕊️❤️👈 God saying read me 📖👈 No church ⛪⛔. No Religion ⛔. Nodomination⛔. Only fallow Jesus Christ from the Bible 📖💯🕊️❤️👈. God bless you all my friends ❤️.

  • Bass Edd
    Bass Edd3 timmar sedan

    How can you have hope when your future is fucked up?

  • Athul~അതുൽ
    Athul~അതുൽ3 timmar sedan

    stay strong guys 💪

  • Наркас Юмадилова
    Наркас Юмадилова3 timmar sedan

    Говори по русски ни об чем речь

  • G K
    G K5 timmar sedan

    Why isn’t world going after China? Or better yet boycotting China made goods? China has become biggest global climate change actor in world. They are building record number of coal fired power plants, ruining global ecology with belt and road construction around the world, destroying ocean reefs by building artificial islands across the pacific, building thousands of dams . We cannot ignore China any longer.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck5 timmar sedan

    I pray that govts. all over find Jesus and help their people, primarily in curbing corruptions and help curb deforestation, high rise buildings for the poor so squatting of lands will be curbed, recycle plastics and pressure private corporations to stop using plastics, styrofoams, reduce pollutions and plant trees, speedup electric vehicles adoption, stop using crude oil, speedup adoption of veggies meat type so cows, chickens and pigs will no longer be slaughtered for food. We have to leave good legacy to next children of generations so they will still have mother earth. 🇺🇸🇮🇱✝︎

  • Brave Heart
    Brave Heart6 timmar sedan

    We human should not be destroy the nature .due to our never ending wants...

  • Silke Eberle
    Silke Eberle7 timmar sedan

    I'm tired of supposedly being responsible for Climate Change. Who is producing all this crap and trying to shove it down our throats!?

  • Silvestre Retutas
    Silvestre Retutas7 timmar sedan

    Jesus 🙈😂 sentence against a sinful City 🏙️🌆 until the 🌎 end of the age.

  • Elizabeth Balazs
    Elizabeth Balazs8 timmar sedan

    They blame the " the climate change " but we all know what to blame STOP CUTTING THE TREE, STOP DIGGING INTO EARTH

  • ArzoO Sialkoti
    ArzoO Sialkoti8 timmar sedan

    oh no

  • Patricia Lucious
    Patricia Lucious8 timmar sedan

    The Most High Yah is on one against the Heathens.

  • Kerry Grant
    Kerry Grant9 timmar sedan

    I🙏 for all in this struggle

  • Ozz KK
    Ozz KK9 timmar sedan

    Hope For Speedy Recovery Safety…The One Said We Will Show Them A Signs Before They Return To Us ….Clears Signs Appears Everywhere

  • MyMy Haley
    MyMy Haley10 timmar sedan

    Don't come to our country!

  • কবিতা ও গল্প ছোটোদের জন্য
    কবিতা ও গল্প ছোটোদের জন্য11 timmar sedan

    We shall overcome all the difficulties oneday from the deadliest COVID19 to natural calamities

  • moni58802
    moni5880211 timmar sedan

    Isn't it sad that upto now they haven't realized that it is Almighty God shaking the earth ??? We should repent and ask God for mercy even as He judges the world.

  • Nimfa Gutierrez
    Nimfa Gutierrez12 timmar sedan

    Stop emissions.... it cost us even more than you expect... Extreme weather will stay if you don't stop carbon emissions... B safe bros...

  • Nimfa Gutierrez
    Nimfa Gutierrez12 timmar sedan

    Effects of emissions from big industrialized countries... Big, big flood... Reduce the use of coal, stop cutting our trees... Maybe... Will help a bit.. B safe brothers...

  • Petleke Ramokgoname
    Petleke Ramokgoname16 timmar sedan

    At least God is answering our prayers of their evil hycroptic deeds they did to Africa, ASEAN, middle East

  • chinese yuan

    chinese yuan

    9 timmar sedan

    it is god that create devil but human being.

  • toni sulistiono
    toni sulistiono17 timmar sedan

    HARPP globalist hand made agenda to continue killing people, world come to an end

  • Keith Tibble
    Keith Tibble17 timmar sedan

    It's not climate change related. It is the traveling of ancient crystal skulls traveling via airplanes. Someone has them very ancient skulls in their possession and the change in altitude during ascension and Descension is cracking the sea floor requiring water to be brought over the land to pour upon it so the the sea floor doesn't crack open and the Earth split. The skulls are supposed to be rotted in the waters. I think the elite have them.

  • LauriD62
    LauriD6217 timmar sedan

    of course, it's climate change.. all of a sudden fires in Canada US and flooding in the East... ?

  • LauriD62
    LauriD6217 timmar sedan

    they always have to slip in that five letter word hey?? awful what is happening ... don't need to hear your stupid five letter word!!

  • Deepit Shah
    Deepit Shah17 timmar sedan

    Nature has its own way, no matter what humans do. Respect Nature.

  • Joanna
    Joanna17 timmar sedan

    May Allah give them strength to come out from this crisis

  • Ren 89

    Ren 89

    16 timmar sedan

    Allah wouldn't approve of your avatar image...

  • Bostjan josic
    Bostjan josic18 timmar sedan

    let the Slovenes return the money to me immediately

  • Darron Sanderson
    Darron Sanderson18 timmar sedan

    "You can run from water, but you cannot from water."

  • Steve Slater
    Steve Slater18 timmar sedan

    Blame imaginary bullshit instead of the real issue, THE POLITICIANS!!

  • Patricia Lucious

    Patricia Lucious

    8 timmar sedan

    It's the most high Yah on one against the Heathens.

  • Priscila Anthuane Diaz Sevillano
    Priscila Anthuane Diaz Sevillano19 timmar sedan

    Que desastre ruego a Dios que se recuperen cuanto daria por estar alli y ayudarlo fuerza los saludos desde Perú!!❤

  • Jacqueline Gonzalez
    Jacqueline Gonzalez19 timmar sedan

    Turn to God 🙏 start believing in him change your ways each day of life is not promised to us we live we die Repent seek God for enter strength and peace and love that's who is is in sprite of the World 🌎 events and disasters ..God be with you heart 💜 and prayers of love peace are with you all in this journey of life 🧬.God always wins it's takes alot to learn to grow and to understand in this World but for me it's Gods earth not ours and this is just the beginning of global warming not the Pope not Governments or any Man Power will stop anything I speak Gods Truth not mine for it is The Bible

  • Joanna


    17 timmar sedan

    What is happening now to the world even here in saudi arabia it is the first time to rain straight 5 days here.,flooded also every where😱😱

  • Jacqueline Gonzalez
    Jacqueline Gonzalez19 timmar sedan

    Praying is the answer 🙏 nobody on earth can stop Gods Will. He always wins is sin and man that ruined the earth corruption perversion and selfish ways this is the birthing pains we all over the entire world must face until the Lord comes for those who choose Christ peace and love my heart and prayers are with you you must pray to God ask him no man is smarter then God you can change global events or Mother Nature for it is written what to come .

  • Luciano Freire
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  • dianne Davis
    dianne Davis19 timmar sedan

    What about the floods that are in London you don’t talk about those.

  • Dustin Jenney
    Dustin Jenney19 timmar sedan

    Mother nature is pissed!

  • Serhat uysal
    Serhat uysal21 timme sedan

    😆😆😆 DOĞU TÜRKİSTAN YAPILANLAR ELBET ÇIKACAKTIR 🎎☢️ Hahah 🤫🤫🤫 Süper süper 🥲🥲🥲

  • Richard Dower
    Richard Dower21 timme sedan

    I'm not prone for dramatics , climate changes and conspiracy theories aside certainly something is wrong. In America also. Some say God is upset or it's environmental well something certainly is upset. Perhaps we have to pay more attention and use our common sense that we were born with to reverse this trend.

  • Daniel Griffin
    Daniel GriffinDag sedan

    Now we will see how the virus react to the flooding let us pray 🙏.

  • Katie Anderson
    Katie AndersonDag sedan

    When you think you are untouchable...

  • JESUS never existed Stay in School
    JESUS never existed Stay in SchoolDag sedan

    Living near a river can be a death sentence

    LTC KLHDag sedan

    Climate change? NO. Mancaused building in flood plains? YES!

  • pixie dust
    pixie dustDag sedan

    Well I don't get none of it ..We can run a car on flower power but that's to easy to do so we will pollute the air by making electric cars that unless being run by wind turbine or solar panels it is no better off ,and hydrogen is not cost effective even tho better option because to risky to store correctly without killing everyone around if it goes bang, we pollute the air making pay and rent a bikes available for unaprichatable people that dump them and pollute our water ways and habitats, we carry on letting businesses produce unnessasery things that we already have enough stuff that can get recycled, different county's, towns, villages all have different recycling rules, which is a Croc of crap! Why can't my toffee crisp rapper go in the recycling bin but the next town along can.....If it says recyclable then the whole stupid world should be putting it in to be recycling to be made into another one but it's one rule for one and one rule for the other?.........It gets a bit of a piss take really

  • Tomas Tomas
    Tomas TomasDag sedan

    No.. you know what that means? That means huge carbon tax.. that is what it means. Here in the US the forests are unmanaged and that is why those wild fires are getting out of hands. The half of the US already burned in 1970's and 1910's .. but nobody talking about it.. and I wonder why..

  • Yumay Aung
    Yumay AungDag sedan

    💔💔💔These are the results of what we've done.

  • Dahlia Lagyaban
    Dahlia LagyabanDag sedan

    What is happening now to the world even here in saudi arabia it is the first time to rain straight 5 days here.,flooded also every where😱😱

  • Barry Lewis
    Barry LewisDag sedan

    coincidence,countries that are leading the one world order being flooded and all the underground tunnels where evil is being done everyday? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Radu Petrasco
    Radu PetrascoDag sedan

    Climate change

  • George Soukup
    George SoukupDag sedan

    And immediately they start in with their bullshit global warming. And no they did not predict this for decades. They predict Global freezing, warming and now shifted their nonsense to change.

  • Monkey Police
    Monkey PoliceDag sedan

    How much more disaster do you need until you realize it's not climate change. If this is a climate change shouldn't it be an everyday occurrence?

    CRAZY HITMANDag sedan

    Allah khair kare 🙏🙏

  • Bryan Jackson
    Bryan JacksonDag sedan

    People should start being allowed to work from home. Only the absolute necessary should be needed in the office. Everyone else should be allowed to work from home. Companies can downsize their office and pay less for leases. Less wear and tear on employee cars and gas! I actually got more work done and was more willing to work a little longer than when in the office and 5pm hits and I am like "I am ready to get the F out of here and go home".

  • Эндрю Ua
    Эндрю UaDag sedan

    рубите лес дальше! chop forest further!!

  • Benedek Uhrik
    Benedek UhrikDag sedan

    🌈🌈🌈Lmbtq, migration jeeeeeess👍

  • Nwanna Mbanefo
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  • dasin mason
    dasin masonDag sedan

    If they can blame climate change than they should finally be smart enough to start going after ExxonMobil an shit to pay for it

  • Ric Berkley
    Ric BerkleyDag sedan

    Politicians have been barking this global warming stuff forever...question: If they knew this could happen, or even likely happen, what did those windmill spinnin', electric car driving politicians put into place to help protect the people when it happened? My guess: nothing....that would not fit the agenda. Same thing out west in the US...the exact same thing except in this case, lack of water. Politics is the core of all that is wrong in the world today.

  • Lovern Temple
    Lovern TempleDag sedan

    People, repent and turn to the One True YAH/GOD...HE ANGRY WITH OUR SINS AND DISREGARD OF HIM

  • Bass Edd

    Bass Edd

    3 timmar sedan

    god has nothing to do with this 🤣🤣🤣🤣 choices have consequences. Our actions are responsible for climate change.

  • hana eshete
    hana esheteDag sedan

    RIP 🙏so sad painful

  • Ju Ju
    Ju JuDag sedan

    Creative society International online conference "The Global Crisis. This Already Concerns Everyone" on 24.07.2021 with translation into more than 70 languages ​​of the world, including sign language translation. Global climate change, what can we do to weather the coming disasters, the exponential development of artificial intelligence in the coming years and massive unemployment. Modern civilization has reached the point of instability and global crises. The global financial, economic, environmental, anthropological, and climate crises are realities that every person is already facing. But this is only the beginning. Do people realize the full scope of the upcoming threats? Radical changes in all spheres of life in the near future are inevitable for every person on the planet. Yet, how aware is the world community of these changes, not to mention being prepared for them?

  • Velv S'Orezly
    Velv S'OrezlyDag sedan

    Let's talk about saving the world, finally, To save us n the people of world n Mother Earth, read this carefully... All the Prime Minister's, Presidents, Kings, Queens, all Leaders in this world, they n the rest of us must CEASE, STOP ' all the smoke from factories, everybody has to stop smoking cig's, cigars, instead of smoking weed, take edibles, every kind of vehicle, the only to thing that should be operated are the Emergency vehicles n Emergency Aircrafts, and a limited amount of Transport Truck drivers n trucks for supplies n food, eventually, we'll go back to Horse n Buggy... Don't hurt the people in the whole world anymore, don't hurt people with deadly sicknesses or Germ Warfare, that's all got to stop now, all we have to do is just STOP all the SMOKE from the leaving the Earth, STOP all the SMOKE, STOP the SMOKE, Let's save OURSELVES, THE REST OF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD n MOTHER EARTH, For this to happen, all the world Leaders must STOP ALL THE SMOKE from leaving the Earth, all at THE SAME TIME OF DAY, all the whole world have all different TIME ZONES, this is just to save our Ozone Layer, Mother Earth, and us... Sounds 🤪ridiculous🤪 ? 🤪Insane🤪 ? Yes, am sure it does, but that's we got left to do, it will work bcoz N O B O D Y has ever taken the time or the chance or even tried this insane, ridiculous method to SAVE THE WORLD... ❤️🙏☮️🙏❤️ Just remember to always to keep praying for the victims of disasters, missing people n us n Mother Earth ❤️🙏☮️🙏❤️

  • Mary R
    Mary RDag sedan

    That's to show that God has the final say, 1chronicles 7:14 let us call on our God on our knees.

  • sieh megena

    sieh megena

    Dag sedan

    @Mary R Aaah, so you just admire the beauty of cars I guess...still it's better to take action than to simply fall on our knees and hope in dispair ;) Some.. no, A LOT of christians are very uneducated when it comes to catastrophes like this, they put everything on god and never change their ways.

  • Mary R

    Mary R

    Dag sedan

    Wrong perception child of God, is just a picture put there@sieh megena

  • sieh megena

    sieh megena

    Dag sedan

    No, your profile picture shows one of the reasons why things like these will happen in the future. Its people consuming too much meat and poisoning the environment, just research a little and change your behaviour towards mother nature. We ALL have to change our behaviour and educate ourselves how to live in harmony with nature.

  • Алина Симонян
    Алина СимонянDag sedan


  • jojo avila
    jojo avilaDag sedan

    2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • Asianbabe LifestylePH
    Asianbabe LifestylePHDag sedan


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    Bassey DavidDag sedan

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  • Geoffrey Kamau
    Geoffrey KamauDag sedan

    this means no one is immune to climate change, not even one of the largest polluters and emitters,

  • jenifer parker
    jenifer parkerDag sedan

    Not just in eaurope but also in asia this what the expert saying before but some ignoring it. Climate change is real more will come soon god help us all..

  • Lilian Jacob
    Lilian JacobDag sedan

    Naipenda Tanzania yangu

  • Ruby Familola
    Ruby FamilolaDag sedan

    Very unfortunate incident! God please have mercy!

  • Ruby Familola
    Ruby FamilolaDag sedan

    Very unfortunate incident! God please have mercy!

  • Latrell Beckett
    Latrell BeckettDag sedan

    I'm an Aussie but this is very sad because my friends Uncle passed away in the floods due to him being an elderly, he couldn't save himself. My friend's mother is in her 80's and was actually helping fire fighter's to get all the water out of there cellar while her brother was stuck in another apartment.

  • Rua Stacey
    Rua StaceyDag sedan

    All man made by haarp NOT CLIMATE CHANGE! WEATHER WAR HAS NOW BEEN PERFECTED.Harrp was cloed down in 1960.No it wasent,they had complete secrecy and time to practice,check history and weatherr patterns and what countries that have been hit and when.The Keyoto accord is about slush funds.and you dont matter.Snow practice was Texas then sudan then flood China now the rest of you that wont play ball,but dont take my word for it, do some research of your own.Im 73 this year and i have seen it all.

  • Khaliq Karim
    Khaliq KarimDag sedan

    Divine punishment for sins If possible they have to find right path And prayers to Allah subhan hu wata Allah

  • David Smith
    David SmithDag sedan

    Yep keep on building on green belt lands because of immigration and high birth rates.

  • Aaron Weiser
    Aaron WeiserDag sedan

    Floods have been happening for Hundreds of years, This has nothing to do with Climate change........

  • Aaron Weiser

    Aaron Weiser

    9 timmar sedan

    It's not the amount of water or actual flooding is worse ,You just have alot more population than you did 700 years ago so it looks alot worse.......

  • Scanida


    Dag sedan

    Yet this is the worst incident in over 100 years. At least a dozen other towns have experienced there first ever flooding in 700 years (the oldest document which reported a flooding).

  • YouTube user
    YouTube userDag sedan

    Signs of day of judgement,landslides etc

  • ingrid quiroz
    ingrid quirozDag sedan

    Is God, using his creation to punish the wicked. He is the same today, yesterday, and everlasting. God, the Living God is claiming for the habitants of earth to take care of it.

  • vxlgsi
    vxlgsiDag sedan

    I blame Haarp

  • Liaqat Ali
    Liaqat AliDag sedan

    the US and its Allies were killing innocents peoples in in the name of war on they will pay the price...this is a the next years half of the Europe will be submerged under sea water and rain water...killing more and more good luck..prepare for the worst

  • panta rei
    panta reiDag sedan

    Businesssss change climite !!! HAARP?? YES 👎👎👎👎👎

  • tengiz beridze
    tengiz beridzeDag sedan

    У меня такое неприятное предчувствие и так кажется о том, что не дай бог, человечество если не остановится со своими «греховными играми», то в один прекрасный день не рассчитает «свои грехи» и неожиданно потеряет атмосферу матушки земли... Вроде бы разумное существо «человек», делает неразумные греховные ошибки и не ведают об этом... поэтому надо всем одуматься, остановиться, признать грехи, покаяться и верой бога любить жизнь и друг-друга, тогда и успокоиться природа и наступит мир во всём мире...Амин!!!

  • Jittanan Jaidee
    Jittanan JaideeDag sedan

    So sad,,, God bless you all

  • Rj A
    Rj ADag sedan

    We are entering time of tribulation , just whatch upon Israel when they are attacked, know the tribulation began .Gods eyes is on Israel that is his dear people . And he whatch upon them if anyone attack them. We will suffer the consecuencess off. Pray for the peace of Israel, so God can give us peace, when israel is attaked the world suffer, when wicked things are upon humanity the wold suffer . Gods wrath is maniffest by fire around the world. Flood, storms, blood. Sign Gods judment. So we need to be ready . This iscserious .

  • Rj A
    Rj ADag sedan

    How long you will keep saying climate Change , ? This is God's wrath around the world. You mas be ready Jesús can come any time .

  • Rj A
    Rj ADag sedan

    This is happening around the world, people need to be right with God and ask for repentance, Jesús is coming..

  • Rj A
    Rj ADag sedan

    Global warming? Gods call great tribulation , and Gods wrath. Mattew 24 .

  • Hauwa Modu
    Hauwa ModuDag sedan

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  • YeonnieTan
    YeonnieTanDag sedan

    China is also flooding like hell. Seems all the big continents and countries are bearing the brunt of the disaster. Now is not about politics or wtv its human lives.

  • Terry Finley
    Terry FinleyDag sedan

    I am old enough to remember the ‘70’s when the “experts” were sure that we were heading into the next ice age! What happened? They can’t make up their mind! The truth is, we would have climate change if all humans were dead. Much more severe climate change happened before humans were on the scene. They can destroy human civilization, which is what these people are trying to do, and there will still be climate change. And a lot of helpless starving people heading back to the Stone Age.