Calm Down Rookie Cha Cha slide


  • TheBliza
    TheBlizaÅr sedan

    Wonder how we parsed on this

  • Niklas Börjesson
    Niklas BörjessonÅr sedan


  • Jaydankest
    JaydankestÅr sedan

    Faber active here!? I think he used to play Shaman with me in my old Vanilla guild, Tribune - Jaedenar. - Ardes, Shaman

  • Ming / Outplayedx
    Ming / OutplayedxÅr sedan

    where's Lawson

  • MacEleven


    År sedan

    Lawson leveled a paladin to 40 and gave up, now hes on a rogue

  • PrussianZwei
    PrussianZweiÅr sedan

    Only in classic you can watch something as amazing as this.

  • erin whitehouse
    erin whitehouseÅr sedan

    Charlie Brown. WTF?!

  • Vehemencedj
    VehemencedjÅr sedan


  • Phibbus
    PhibbusÅr sedan

    I think you can rank this stuff in phase 2.

  • The Blind Assasin Docs
    The Blind Assasin DocsÅr sedan

    Do the Macarena next.

  • Kyberson


    2 månader sedan

    human dance is op for that

  • Ryan Spikowski
    Ryan SpikowskiÅr sedan

    Haha YES! #Pixiepie