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    Monsieur Benjamin Ortega recently made it to the Indonesian news - due to the positive response regarding his mission to cleanup around the mount Rinjani volcano, on the island of Lombok, in Indonesia. Ha also writes on instagram that he have had a meeting with the officials from the national park office @btn_gn_rinjani to discuss about this problem and how they can solve it long term. It all started with that Bennie, together with two other vlog friends - @Mathias Pettersen and @Chibo - first documented and made some nice vlogs about their trip up the mount Rinjani volcano; But during that time, they also became upset and sad to see all the rubbish around this place, which they saw on their path up. So ‘Bennie’ started planning with some other volunteers, the biggest cleanup ever done up there, while raising money by selling so-called "virtual baguettes" to his followers, to be able to pay 50 carriers to help them with the cleanup expedition. In 72 hours, this expedition managed to gather, collect and carry down 1,603 tons of garbage! Well done Bennie & Co.! So pls. watch and support his vlog channel, as well, you guys.

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    Please, try to respect the local surrounding and its listed architecture when you build. Keep in mind that it should fit in with the classic fine old buildings around this area. #Arkitekturupproret - Det finns alternativ till fyrkantiga lådor & fula moderna själslösa byggnader...

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