Bram Stoker's Dracula - re:View

Mike and Jay talk about Dracula. No, not THAT Dracula. The other Dracula. No no no the OTHER other Dracula. Francis Ford Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula from 1992.


  • Christopher Banbury
    Christopher Banbury39 minuter sedan

    I always loved that this adaptation is never all that scary. It makes a great date night movie and is very rewatchable.

  • Rick Boost
    Rick Boost52 minuter sedan

    Fun fact: Mike edited Wolfman fucking (from The Howling) into the Gremlins 2 review.

  • Bob Leonheart
    Bob LeonheartTimme sedan

    Ok so I watched this when it came out last week. I enjoyed it just like I have always enjoyed the movie... it took me until today to realise though that there was absolutely no mention of Renfield who was one of my favorite parts of the movie. Sure a small part but still.

  • Tim Hardy
    Tim Hardy3 timmar sedan

    'after this version I think there's a BBC TV movie' I can't believe Jay 'the film buff' forgot about Dracula Untold starring Orlando Bloom from the Dark Universe.

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni4 timmar sedan

    "We don’t do paid sponsorships" Yea, right. You just REALLY enjoyed eating chunckys chicken, you hacks?

    jimdraw.com5 timmar sedan

    Bram stoked Dracula.

  • Danethanor
    Danethanor8 timmar sedan

    I hated the love story and trying to make Dracula a sympathetic character. He married a stupid woman who couldnt wait a little while for verification of his supposed death. And Dracula's curse seemed like a gift to me. He got demigod powers, harem of unaging beautiful women and immortality. Id forsake my god for that, if I aligned to one. Alot of style and a little atmosphere with a few good performances. Dracula: Dead and Loving It, I think is better.

  • Skittlez Lover
    Skittlez Lover9 timmar sedan

    I thought they were talking about Gary Coleman and was surprised to see some white guy arguing with Bram Stoker.

  • Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni

    4 timmar sedan

    I wish you would have mentioned Tom Waits, but that's just me.

  • _AD MW_
    _AD MW_10 timmar sedan

    Watching the Netflix Series DRACULA by Mark Gatiss has gotten me on a path to see different adaptations of the story , will be seeing this one soon =)

  • Hack The Planet
    Hack The Planet11 timmar sedan

    Its nice to know my algorithm shows me the same garbage as jay

  • Daniel Grigg
    Daniel Grigg11 timmar sedan

    Mike pouring way more into his glass than Jay's. That's my Red Letter Media.

  • arseniccookie
    arseniccookie11 timmar sedan

    Unpopular opinion: Mike should watch Polanski's misunderstood The Ninth Gate to hear Dracula composer Kilar's amazing score for detective Johnny Depp's hilarious descent from sarcastic evil jerk to...sarcastic Satanic jerk. (Accompanied by 1970's stage-and-screen Dracula Frank Langella.)

  • dante charles
    dante charles11 timmar sedan

    the difference in acting for me as a kid, indicated the different levels of manners and the times. Dracula and other elders were old school, their manner of speech would be different than a kid 50 to 500 years younger. It worked

  • The Orange Duke
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  • Remo
    Remo13 timmar sedan

    Awe. No mention of Tom Waits.

  • king Buzzo
    king Buzzo14 timmar sedan

    i live in sonoma county, about 15 miles from the coppala winery and i have been there many times. the wine is decent and the restaurant is actually pretty good. they also have a small film museum. they have the original desk used in the godfather, the Dracula armor, and some really cool props from apocalypse now. dont plan your whole trip around it, but if you are in the area its a fun thing to see.

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson14 timmar sedan

    About the tragic vampires, Fright Night has this one beat in terms of having a vampire with humanity. Sarandon's vampire specifically tried to avoid killing kids, ate fruit to cover the taste of blood, and opted to not murder a mother in her bed.

  • Ron Mar
    Ron Mar18 timmar sedan

    I'm still waiting for Lucas to make THX-1139: Ohm Strikes Back

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo19 timmar sedan

    Relax everyone, they aren't doing sponsored content, they haven't sold out, they're just feeding their alcoholism.

  • David
    David19 timmar sedan

    Oh my yes! I loved this movie when I was a kid, I can’t wait to find out how stupid I was!

  • Randy Woodman
    Randy Woodman20 timmar sedan

    I love the way they play with shadows in this movie, reminds me a lot of Nosferatu. Got mad flashbacks to being scared as hell when Nos was on tv when I was a child, the shadows always got to me then.

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    19 timmar sedan

    1992? What will you be reviewing next? Tremors?

  • Randy Woodman
    Randy Woodman20 timmar sedan

    I really liked this movie, watched it for the first time recently. Was watching it with my flat mates and they all left before it ended saying it was bad. I have a fair amount of appreciation for it, some good performances and some terrible performances, I also liked the way they show parts of the set like it's a stage show, something my mates didn't enjoy. It has some really cool special effects as well. Definitely going for style over substance and it works in my opinion.

  • Randy Woodman

    Randy Woodman

    20 timmar sedan

    Over the years people have told me that Keanus accent would ruin it for me, being English myself. I didn't think he did a terrible job, it's not a great voice but it is definitely serviceable.

  • Hubert Forelle (Bananazilla)
    Hubert Forelle (Bananazilla)20 timmar sedan

    I wish you would have mentioned Tom Waits, but that's just me.

  • Oxfordium
    Oxfordium20 timmar sedan

    The day Mike stopped giving a fuck what Billy Shat thinks.

  • david gagnon
    david gagnon21 timme sedan

    You forgot all about Tom Waites!

  • david gagnon
    david gagnon21 timme sedan

    I just wish Winona worked more with an accent coach. She makes me cringe a couple of times. Maybe they could have done another take.

  • david gagnon
    david gagnon22 timmar sedan

    In Romania, Vlad Tepes is considered a national hero.

  • david gagnon
    david gagnon22 timmar sedan

    Last of the Mohicans was nothing like the book. Blade Runner was nothing like the novella. Angel Heart was nothing like the novel. The book is the book. The film is something else.

  • João Costa
    João Costa22 timmar sedan

    isnt chloe zhao gonna make a dracula movie

  • Caleb Fox
    Caleb Fox23 timmar sedan

    Talk about Dracula Dead and Loving It you fucking cowards.

  • Metaph
    MetaphDag sedan

    7:25 I don't blame him, but I'd try to make at least something, even if it's not a movie.

  • Scott I'Anson
    Scott I'AnsonDag sedan

    It's amazing how much work went into the film. I've always liked it but I'll watch it again soon with this fresh appreciation.

  • ermonnezza74
    ermonnezza74Dag sedan

    29:12 the eye in the sky scene reminds me a similar effect at the beginning of white zombie

  • Young Productions
    Young ProductionsDag sedan

    Pyrite is alright with meeeee

  • Tony From Syracuse
    Tony From SyracuseDag sedan


  • Rock girl
    Rock girlDag sedan

    That clip with Gary Oldman and Coppola invokes that scene in Spinal Tap when Nigel is complaining about the sandwiches.

  • Thomas N
    Thomas NDag sedan

    1992? What will you be reviewing next? Tremors?

  • james c
    james cDag sedan

    Sorry, but I can't get passed the shirt that Jay is wearing. I zone in on some great commentary and then I zone out because of Jay's shirt, what were they saying about Wynona Ryder?

  • HintOfLogic
    HintOfLogicDag sedan

    I think it's too convenient and an oversight to criticize Keanu's role. I think he was perfectly cast. I think Jonathan needed to be vulnerable, but somewhat naively courageous. I'd say it was perfectly casted. Keanu's role had to be that hopeless protagonists that you inherently root for but are constantly frustrated with (like cliche horror movies)... The "c'mon man"! role. If he was confident and competent, he'd be a worthy adversary to Dracula from the moment he arrived. He would be a worthy adversary to all of Dracula's suspicious behaviors and also as a counterpart love interest to Mina. We're supposed to see Mina get seduced by Dracula as the forbidden love is the crux of this film. Jonathan's vulnerability makes watching Mina fall for Dracula more understanding... Jonathan is the "everything opposite" of Dracula. Either Keanu understood this role in that way, or his rigged acting just emphasized these characteristics and credit goes to Coppola / casting. I'd say it's a little of both.

  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    Dag sedan

    Really miss a podcast even though you guys are bad people, wish they were more reviews like remember heartbeaps?

  • KaplanRobert
    KaplanRobertDag sedan

    Air Force One was released in 1997, not 1991. Yes, I am that guy.

  • lk8856
    lk8856Dag sedan

    It’s an amazing piece of art

  • Eric Kowalczyk
    Eric KowalczykDag sedan

    Great video. As always keep up the great work.

  • Miguel Angelo
    Miguel AngeloDag sedan

    11:21 Keanu Reaves is the most misunderstood method actor in history. The man has been in character all his life.

  • Jeff King
    Jeff KingDag sedan

    Reeves was also the worst part of "Dangerous Liaisons."

  • Santo Satchin

    Santo Satchin

    Dag sedan

    I love the guy, but he can't act for shit! Let's not forget "The Devil's Advocate"...

  • sjbrooksy45
    sjbrooksy45Dag sedan

    I love movies that feel like a fever dream

  • Paddy Robinson-Griffin
    Paddy Robinson-GriffinDag sedan

    Have you considered contrasting it with The Lost Boys?

    THE TORPDag sedan

    go to the theater and review Quiet Place 2

  • Mark Withers
    Mark Withers2 dagar sedan


  • Peter Krug
    Peter Krug2 dagar sedan

    4:47 "Did you know Tom Cruise had no idea he was in that vampire movie till two years later?"

  • Christopher Freeze
    Christopher Freeze2 dagar sedan

    In all fairness, Pinot Noir - in the bottle - is highly variable. Storage conditions must be perfect - and even then, bottles can go sideways (no reference intended, and yet!)... When Pinot Noir is sent to wine reviewers, instead of the typical single, two bottles are sent from differing parts of the warehouse.

  • Red Flanagan
    Red Flanagan2 dagar sedan

    Now I'm really curious how Coppola wine tastes...

  • Wioth
    Wioth2 dagar sedan

    dost kayaoğlu napin

  • Q
    Q2 dagar sedan

    I've drank that pinot noir, I always think it's good

  • Nagashi Satoshi
    Nagashi Satoshi2 dagar sedan

    Really miss a podcast even though you guys are bad people, wish they were more reviews like remember heartbeaps?

  • Prizm
    Prizm2 dagar sedan

    Coppola is a toss pot, just like Ridley Scott. They made one or two good movies decades ago, then just made shitty movies ever since then.

  • James Shields
    James Shields2 dagar sedan

    Did Jay forget that Amazon is remaking Lord Of The Rings right now?

  • James Shields

    James Shields

    2 dagar sedan

    @Harrison Haine oh yeah I think it's way too early (shows my age) but apparently Amazon has invested a large amount into it. also sorry for being a little snippy earlier in my response. I got defensive for some reason.

  • Harrison Haine

    Harrison Haine

    2 dagar sedan

    @James Shields I just can't believe they would bother trying to remake movies that aren't even really dated at all. Sounds like they're destined to be terrible.

  • James Shields

    James Shields

    2 dagar sedan

    No, he specifically went into a thing about how after the Peter Jackson's LOTR that nobody else would dare to attempt a large budget remake because they wouldn't be able to match the scale or epic feel of it. Did you watch the video?

  • Harrison Haine

    Harrison Haine

    2 dagar sedan

    you're joking right?

  • Banserki
    Banserki2 dagar sedan

    I got halfway through the film and couldn't take it anymore. It's such shite.

  • Warpdroid
    Warpdroid2 dagar sedan

    That's Gary Oldman playing Dracula? I thought it was our good old Palpie's actor.

  • Warpdroid
    Warpdroid2 dagar sedan

    1:42 I guess this is how we're going to get the new Nerd Crew episodes from now on.

  • Timothy Rakstang
    Timothy Rakstang2 dagar sedan

    Special request: mike and jay should do a review of Once Upon a Time in the West. And then a mike and rich review of the x-files season 1 and 2

  • AJ Gentile
    AJ Gentile2 dagar sedan

    We have this idea for a Dracula movie, it's going to be completely fresh and faithful to the book *Gary Oldman practicing the Lugosi voice he does throughout the movie*

  • Brad O
    Brad O2 dagar sedan

    That photo you use of George Lucas eating take away food is at of all places Frankston in Victoria, Australia. Frankston is essentially a real life Australian version of Mos Eisley, so I guess it’s kind of fitting really 🤣

  • PhoenixMoonbeam
    PhoenixMoonbeam2 dagar sedan

    If you like the work of Francis Ford Coppola you should check out the work of his nephew, Nicolas Kim Coppola , goes by the name of "Cage"

  • PhoenixMoonbeam
    PhoenixMoonbeam2 dagar sedan

    as an english person, I don't think the accents were that bad, I've heard a lot worse and it felt like they were really trying.. sadly, this may have been the last time Keanu ever really tried to act. What about Hopkins's german accent that keeps going welsh in places? and the hammy generic eastern european vampire accent that Oldham does (actually he was quite good in this).

  • Александр
    Александр2 dagar sedan

    Better if you buy that skull vodka)

  • Internet69
    Internet692 dagar sedan

    When are you going to get Gregg Turkington on?

  • MagnumTriumph
    MagnumTriumph2 dagar sedan

    Never understood why Tom Cruise was mad about covid. He's a scientoligist. If anyone was going to be against mask wearing, the lethality of covid, the vaccines, all the bs, you'd think it'd be him.

  • Mexi Sexroid
    Mexi Sexroid2 dagar sedan

    Loved this movie as a teen. Still the best classic horror adaptation BY FAR imo (plus tom waits in the asylum is awesome)

  • GreenMachine1975
    GreenMachine19752 dagar sedan

    Wait, wait! Was there NO discussion of Tom Waits' performance?!? I feel like you guys need to do a "Part 2" on this film... There's so much more to discuss!

  • Declan Oregan
    Declan Oregan2 dagar sedan

    Please do Small Soldiers

  • richard acevedo
    richard acevedo2 dagar sedan

    Did anyone from RLM catch the shout out for the army of the dead review on Redbar Radio's latest episode? around 1:31:00 When your favorite content creators collide!

  • Okan Akalin
    Okan Akalin2 dagar sedan

    Do “The Ninth Gate” next!

  • Nuclear Salt
    Nuclear Salt2 dagar sedan

    Picture this. Cameron Mitchell spotlight that trails off into a nukie spotlight with Jack n Tim

  • Danich Ivanov
    Danich Ivanov2 dagar sedan

    Why not to talk about Mel Brooks's Dracula?!

  • Beatnik Conspiracy
    Beatnik Conspiracy2 dagar sedan

    I watched this entire video awaiting for a mention of Tom Waits.

  • gundammon
    gundammon2 dagar sedan

    I'm an idiot--I never noticed that Drac doesn't have a reflection in the shot when he's buying the paper off of the newsboy.

  • ImCallingJapan
    ImCallingJapan2 dagar sedan

    3:29 So Scientology really CANNOT cure any disease or ailment known to humanity.

  • Google Lysander Spooner
    Google Lysander Spooner2 dagar sedan

    Damn - how long do I have to wait for the Hal Needham re:View?!? All Midwestern boys of our generation used Cannonball Run as a gateway drug into cinema. Let's have it already.

  • Lester Green
    Lester Green2 dagar sedan

    FFC should make a film about a wine maker that's about 5 hours long, really slow, and starring Faye Dunaway, Vicky Krieps, and Ben Kingsley. It'll be titled 'Vintner Of Mozambique', or possibly 'Rain Dance Of The Cherub', a title with not even the vaguest relationship to the plot, and will be a sweeping, sluggish romantic epic that will annoy the shit out of people with pretentious, neverending contemplative dialogue like in 'The English Patient' but worse. The plot will go nowhere. No action, aside from a really violent car crash two hours in where the passengers, Ben Kingsley's character named Vlad, and Vicky Krieps' character named Marguerite, the most ridiculously sumptuous names imaginable, get severely hurt, with Marguerite, Vlad's young mistress, going into a coma, and his wife, Dunaway's character named Jehenne, finds out. Vlad goes into his winery still in a wheelchair, and gets obliterated drunk, breaking bottles and kicking over barrels of wine and grapes while cursing God. Just total Oscar bait. It will end with Vlad and Jehenne sitting on a cliff of a mountain, staring out over a sprawling desert landscape, where she finally grasps his hand and asks "where do we go from here?". He locks eyes with her, then turns to look at a three legged buffalo being pursued by lions, and a single tear runs down his cheek, and he says "we stay here. Right here, Jehenne. Under the kaleidoscope of God, where we waltz with the devil". It concludes with a small lizard approaching them where Jehenne takes a mummified raisin from the locket hanging from her necklace, which once belonged to her great great great grandmother, who was princess of a fictional country named Gomorrah two hundred years prior, stares at it, and tosses it to him. He eats it, and scuttles away, and it ends with a dark screen with the word 'Fin'. It'll have an 88% on RT, will recoup maybe $40 million, will lose every Oscar except cinematography, costume design, and Supporting Actress. It'll be Dunaway's "revival", and she'll get a nom for Best Actress, but won't win. And then after she'll end up in one or two superhero films before fading back into obscurity.

  • george jones
    george jones2 dagar sedan

    Love the film and rlm but no the movie reeeeeally doesn't stay faithful to the book. Please refer to dark corner reviews video on the film

  • Peanut Turner (peanutismint)
    Peanut Turner (peanutismint)2 dagar sedan

    Did you know: Dracula was actually the name of the scientist, not the monster.

  • timmybmn


    14 timmar sedan

    Actually...the character is based on a "Dr. Acula". He stole blood from his patients when he was supposed to be conducting a legitimate phrenology practice.

  • Nordic Paws

    Nordic Paws

    22 timmar sedan

    @david gagnon He is joking. There's a long-standing joke where folks give the "little known fact" about Frankenstein, thinking they're God's gift to literary intellect. He's satirising that trope.

  • david gagnon

    david gagnon

    22 timmar sedan

    You are joking, right?

  • Harrison Haine

    Harrison Haine

    2 dagar sedan

    Victor Von Dracinstein

  • Sam Russell
    Sam Russell2 dagar sedan

    Apparently George lucas eats at Hildas coffee shop in san anselmo. Too bad they didnt use a pic of that.

  • AdventuresInPortland
    AdventuresInPortland2 dagar sedan

    Hmmm... Just noticed you guys haven't talked about "Raised by Wolves" yet. Or at least my youtube search of your channel didn't bring up any results. I'd be down to hear your thoughts.

  • KronantheBarbarian
    KronantheBarbarian2 dagar sedan

    Japanese woman.

  • Jack Marshall
    Jack Marshall3 dagar sedan

    Man, I watched this movie for the first time like 2 weeks ago

  • Check and Mate
    Check and Mate3 dagar sedan

    Love this film. Always have. Always will. So many great things about it which you touched on.

  • franco biagioli
    franco biagioli3 dagar sedan

    Weird thing about this movie, when i rewatched it in a modern tv, it kinda looked to me as if it was a recorded theater play

  • Los Vlogs de Yeril
    Los Vlogs de Yeril3 dagar sedan

    I should have known the wine joke was coming

  • Skynet
    Skynet3 dagar sedan

    Please watch KUNG FURY 2015 short film '

  • Taylor West
    Taylor West3 dagar sedan

    The fact that they still censored the wine bottle 40 minutes into the video brought a little joy into my shriveled heart.

  • Cash Dingo
    Cash Dingo3 dagar sedan

    I havent seen it but do they choose the actors BECAUSE Anthony Hopkins and Gary Oldman would seem to carry so much more gravitas in the film because you want those characters to seem so much more capable than everyone else?

  • Chris Hermetikk
    Chris Hermetikk3 dagar sedan

    Braindead re:View?

  • Amph G
    Amph G3 dagar sedan


  • Sound Author
    Sound Author3 dagar sedan

    "The old man still lives! Whoa!"

  • Charlie Pashayan
    Charlie Pashayan3 dagar sedan

    Great review. I really want to watch the movie now!

  • TheModer8ter
    TheModer8ter3 dagar sedan

    Jesus, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe this applies to you and trust Jesus to save you, then you have everlasting life in heaven. John, 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus

  • Jeremy A
    Jeremy A3 dagar sedan

    Can you re:view Screamers(1995)?

  • John Benjamin Tatum
    John Benjamin Tatum3 dagar sedan

    Now time for "Mary Shelly's Frankenstein"

  • 1903tx
    1903tx3 dagar sedan

    The visuals and costumes remind me of Castlevania:SoTN

  • Chaz Squatch
    Chaz Squatch3 dagar sedan

    Talk shit on Leslie Nielsen...... I dare you. But seriously you guys should watch Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Mel Brooks' best film to date.

  • Metaph


    Dag sedan

    Spaceballs and Young Frankenstein are my favorites.