Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Official Music Video)


  • Juan Catalan
    Juan Catalan5 sekunder sedan

    I’ve never fallen fromuite this high

  • Juan Catalan
    Juan Catalan2 minuter sedan

    I’ve never befallen from quite this high school

  • stax
    stax19 minuter sedan

    no way its been this long the last time ive listen to this song was when people were making fortnite montage

  • Marco antonio Inuma ramirez
    Marco antonio Inuma ramirez51 minut sedan


  • Elite Editz
    Elite Editz2 timmar sedan

    20 or more years I'd bet this song in being a children's rhyme, I mean it just gives me those vibes 😜

  • asma sini
    asma sini3 timmar sedan

    Just 3 days for your de new album lol 😭😭😭

    LORRY KITTY4 timmar sedan

    if she never sung this on yt she might nit be here...all of our lifes would be different and she might not of made bad guy or anything else...this started her off great with over 367 million views now...this changed everything

    ADRAS4 timmar sedan

    I lvv every song 👌😍

  • Helena Sarana
    Helena Sarana6 timmar sedan

    Alguém aqui do Brasil????

  • Maja Etzold
    Maja Etzold6 timmar sedan

    OMG, Hello Billie Eilish I am your biggest Fan :D

  • joud
    joud6 timmar sedan

    Billie at 13 : makes music, famous, talented literally a millionaire me at 13 : 'sites to watch anime on'

  • Emily KEEPING
    Emily KEEPING8 timmar sedan

    2:26 is the best

  • Rex
    Rex10 timmar sedan

    I know it ain't August yet, but let's see how many people are listening to this masterpiece in pre August and August as well

  • Rithika
    Rithika10 timmar sedan

    Still listening to this in 2021 💖

  • Edit Dünyası
    Edit Dünyası10 timmar sedan

  • Dillip Kumar
    Dillip Kumar12 timmar sedan

    August 2021 who are watching

  • Edit Dünyası

    Edit Dünyası

    10 timmar sedan

  • Dillip Kumar

    Dillip Kumar

    11 timmar sedan

    I mean who will watch in August

  • misaki mei

    misaki mei

    11 timmar sedan

    Its stil july

  • Groovyvenn
    Groovyvenn12 timmar sedan

    Lol I listen to do this because of kenma's edit lolol:>

  • Edit Dünyası

    Edit Dünyası

    10 timmar sedan

  • Helia Farmani
    Helia Farmani14 timmar sedan

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚ILOVE You💚🥺😭😭😭😭😭🥺💚🥺💚😭

  • vincenzo Giambanco
    vincenzo Giambanco14 timmar sedan

    Baby girl, you know how hard it is being a rock star with all the girls baby girl, you know how we are baby girl. I promise I love you. Yes I have problems baby girl. I am just upset. I hope you heal my pain baby girl. I love you. Kisses.

  • Mini Sasuke
    Mini Sasuke16 timmar sedan

    Billie love😍🥳🥰👍

  • Jock O'Hazeldean
    Jock O'Hazeldean18 timmar sedan

    look at the likes to dislikes when you weren't actively a piece of shit

  • Vi Plays
    Vi Plays19 timmar sedan

    Billie Eilish 💚

  • sasahh
    sasahh19 timmar sedan

    5 anos 😭😭

  • Qaaniq Ningeok
    Qaaniq Ningeok21 timme sedan

    She is THE Ocean Eye's for ME to GOD

    BLOOD BROTHER21 timme sedan

    i wonder how did she get fame in the world i will hate you until I die

  • Juviee Jhitt
    Juviee Jhitt21 timme sedan

    This girl can fucking sing 💕🧐

  • Charlotte Legate
    Charlotte Legate22 timmar sedan

    This song!❤️ her voice❤️ the lyrics❤️ I’ve played this over and over!!

  • Riaka Kiyomi Uchiha
    Riaka Kiyomi UchihaDag sedan

    Ningún argentino? o alguien que hable español? :'v

  • Steve G
    Steve GDag sedan

    That voice !!

  • Fabian
    FabianDag sedan

    old but gold

  • Elena Volgachova
    Elena VolgachovaDag sedan

    Just.I can't believe that this girl is Billie.OUR Billie.

  • Michelle Courts
    Michelle CourtsDag sedan

    I love you so much 😍🥰😚

  • Elvin Aliyev
    Elvin AliyevDag sedan

    Ne qeder baxiblar eee .ne menasi var ??

  • Dallas Coryell
    Dallas CoryellDag sedan

    Best version of Billie by far

    ZOMBIEDag sedan

    Billy why don't you put me a heart ❤

  • D M
    D MDag sedan

    I don't listen to her (except right now obviously) but this is pure serenity

  • hibaaq jamac
    hibaaq jamacDag sedan

    its july who else listens to thissss

  • Hà Tuệ Châu
    Hà Tuệ ChâuDag sedan

    (fun fact) many ppl in the cmt: *billie at 13 became famous* then *me at 13 doing sth* ... (they would get many likes 😉 ---> so write that down if u wanna get many likes) 😄😆

  • hi
    hiDag sedan

    Us asians with black eyes.... lets just say we have 'night sky eyes"

  • Isabell Onn
    Isabell OnnDag sedan


    HESSEl_MIDNIGHTDag sedan

    People watching this in 2021 be like: 😭♥️💎

  • jian zhi yan moe
    jian zhi yan moeDag sedan


  • Pasidu danujaya
    Pasidu danujayaDag sedan


  • Neha Sharma
    Neha SharmaDag sedan

    She's grown so much in these 5 years, I feel weirdly, proud! 🥺💕

  • Sania Naved
    Sania NavedDag sedan


  • mar zoe
    mar zoeDag sedan

    first time hearing this. issa slapper

  • Flxoral
    FlxoralDag sedan

    Billie at 13:everyone loves her Me at 13:*too scared to flush the toilet at night*

  • SICK
    SICKDag sedan


  • bruno szwajcer
    bruno szwajcerDag sedan

    Affreusement nul.

  • HRvllogers
    HRvllogersDag sedan

    Now also me😎😎

  • Mariana Ramirez
    Mariana RamirezDag sedan

    Te amo billie eilish 😍😍😍😘😘😘😗😗😙😙😚😚😚

  • Hannah -
    Hannah -Dag sedan

    How in the jesus fuck was she 13. When I was 13 I was getting my period on the chair in math class and wearing glitter eyeshadow for my foundation

  • 𝑅𝑎𝑔ℎ𝑎𝑑𓁹.
    𝑅𝑎𝑔ℎ𝑎𝑑𓁹.2 dagar sedan

    شوضع كل التعليقات اجانب😭💗؟

  • Chawanda Foster
    Chawanda Foster2 dagar sedan

    5th time watching this

  • Dora the Fatti
    Dora the Fatti2 dagar sedan

    August 2021, lets see how many ppl are watching this years later

  • Nikolina Vasic Petrova
    Nikolina Vasic Petrova2 dagar sedan

    Pray for Billie being 14 and making such a masterpiece! She doesn't deserve any hate! Here almost August 2021 and listening to this masterpiece!

  • I Told You To Smile Why Won’t You Smile
    I Told You To Smile Why Won’t You Smile2 dagar sedan

    She creep me out

    THE END2 dagar sedan

    لو عايز طريقة تاخد منها 100 صندوق (كلاسيك مجانا) فى pubg mobile كل اللى هتعمله هتدخل جوجل وتكتب mpc45 وتدخل اول موقع هيبعتولك الصناديق - الطريقة سهله ونفعت معايا

  • Elizabeth Lusiana
    Elizabeth Lusiana2 dagar sedan

    I just know her today ...

  • حف فخخل
    حف فخخل2 dagar sedan

    Hermosa eya la amoooooo

  • Sirwa Ali
    Sirwa Ali2 dagar sedan

    Billie brother: supports her* My brother :steals my leftover noodles*

  • Oléson


    31 minut sedan

    I bet her brother also steals her noodles tho

  • Zahra Mahmodi
    Zahra Mahmodi2 dagar sedan

    تو شیطان پرستی😐😭

  • 17kIOS
    17kIOS2 dagar sedan

    This is how it all started with Billie Elish

  • shinzu_ poo
    shinzu_ poo2 dagar sedan

    Its amazing how billie got famous for doing some hand thing touching her face and standing in fog AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HER BEAUTIFUL VOICE AND FACE I wonder if i dance in fog and sing will i be famous too c: (I probably never will not even compared to billie eilish)

  • Trọng Nguyễn Thanh
    Trọng Nguyễn Thanh2 dagar sedan

    Gò Vấp TPHCM

    OPxRENEGADE2 dagar sedan

    That's whats called 'music'❤️

  • Shivani Ramesh Rao
    Shivani Ramesh Rao2 dagar sedan

    I m seeing this the nth time and only now i cared to notice the background (help! Coz of Billie's eyes) and I couldn't stop laughing at the hands moving over the lilac cloth to give that effect.

  • Brandon Vigil
    Brandon Vigil2 dagar sedan

    This song was about a girl with beautiful eyes billy covers it well for her brother he's amazing.

  • Mahrukh Jatt
    Mahrukh Jatt2 dagar sedan

    july 2021,, hey you still here? xD❤💀

  • c b
    c b2 dagar sedan

    BLM, lost soul! You sold out to satan

  • danishi
    danishi2 dagar sedan

    Billie elish first song

  • Cassandra Solomon
    Cassandra Solomon2 dagar sedan

    I love it 😀

  • Elin Hubacher
    Elin Hubacher2 dagar sedan

    I Love it

  • King Santiago
    King Santiago2 dagar sedan

    I'm in 2022 still jamming out to this masterpiece

  • Cabeyoo
    Cabeyoo2 dagar sedan

    Essa música é tão linda e profunda, e a voz da Billie torna tudo ainda mais perfeito

  • #RobloxFortniteMinecraft
    #RobloxFortniteMinecraft2 dagar sedan

    Lets here it out for the 2022 people

  • BillieEilishSiblings
    BillieEilishSiblings2 dagar sedan

    Ive been watching you for sometimes.🤐

  • bass  bosst dj dapr
    bass bosst dj dapr2 dagar sedan

    Hello tu voz es única y relajas con todas tus música siento ganas de llorar👏👏👏💋

  • Jabeen Rasul
    Jabeen Rasul2 dagar sedan

    Im dying over this song i love it so MUCH ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Luvuyo Gebashe
    Luvuyo Gebashe2 dagar sedan

    Still rocking this one

  • Qaaniq Ningeok
    Qaaniq Ningeok3 dagar sedan

    I Love this song

  • Walnut Gynne Enderson
    Walnut Gynne Enderson3 dagar sedan

    Is the background a sheet with people pressing on it?

  • moin moin
    moin moin3 dagar sedan

    i am better

  • Finneas era
    Finneas era3 dagar sedan

    Its 2021 n i want remake of this

  • Tyaa Fadliyah 2
    Tyaa Fadliyah 23 dagar sedan

    July 2021 😍

  • Avika Srivastava
    Avika Srivastava3 dagar sedan

    This is really a masterpiece who is listing it in 2021😌❤️

  • Mia khalifa
    Mia khalifa3 dagar sedan


  • Familie Jansen
    Familie Jansen3 dagar sedan

    She’s first music video 😀😻 or?

  • Kayley O'Connor
    Kayley O'Connor3 dagar sedan

    this is such a pecful song

  • ✨Anne✨
    ✨Anne✨3 dagar sedan

    Who else noticed that they did the Wave effect with people hands behind the tarp thingy 🌊🌊🌊🌊

  • Marcell_Surya
    Marcell_Surya3 dagar sedan

  • stephanie eme
    stephanie eme3 dagar sedan

    since I knew Billie i've been inspired to be a musician. BILLIE IS A RARE GEM..

  • Dane Williams
    Dane Williams3 dagar sedan

    Such a soothing song! What proud parents they must be

  • Elielma Cordeiro
    Elielma Cordeiro 3 dagar sedan

    Quem é Brasileiro, é está ouvindo essa música, deixa um like!;)

  • lords of afan
    lords of afan3 dagar sedan

    She's 13 in this video?? She must've looked 21 from birth lol. Seems like this girl has been around for a loooong time... when in reality its only been for a few short years.

  • Lorna Hunt
    Lorna Hunt3 dagar sedan

    Billie Eilish. This song is amazing. I love this song.

  • taettae luv
    taettae luv3 dagar sedan

    No one: Not even a single soul: The whole comment section: Billie at 13: Me at 13: