billie eilish: best live vocals (w/ finneas)


  • My.queen_billie
    My.queen_billie8 timmar sedan

    I wish I was Finneas like I would be so frickin lucky

  • Bella Nutella
    Bella NutellaDag sedan

    Can you guys answer this question? What is the song she is singing at 0.58

  • Elizabeth MacDonald
    Elizabeth MacDonald2 dagar sedan

    she really does have a beautiful voice

  • editaudios s
    editaudios s2 dagar sedan


  • Gemma Pianesi
    Gemma Pianesi3 dagar sedan

    im really out here sobbing cuz of how talented she is

  • Ghabriell Nichollas
    Ghabriell Nichollas10 dagar sedan

    Her is the best💖

  • J'ai  Hhsj
    J'ai Hhsj11 dagar sedan

    I Love you BiliL Eilish voices

  • TheFightingCat
    TheFightingCat22 dagar sedan

    I love her

  • a n a n d a🌠💕
    a n a n d a🌠💕28 dagar sedan

    Billie eilish canta hermoso :)

  • Nakhia Hodges
    Nakhia Hodges28 dagar sedan

    Its crazy i can track the year by her hair😂😂

  • Music Fan 101

    Music Fan 101

    2 dagar sedan

    Ikkk lmao 🤣

  • Musicfan101🎵🎼


    8 dagar sedan

    Me too

  • Eray Goktas
    Eray GoktasMånad sedan

    Which covwr is this where is can find that cover 01:13

  • Afina Dolinskaia
    Afina DolinskaiaMånad sedan

    No words, just...tears? No, just smile. The happiest smile given by Billie and you, author. Thanks for collecting and posting it. Giving a like immediately :)

  • Alice Walker
    Alice WalkerMånad sedan

    5:33 omggg

  • Matilde Guerra
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  • Matilde Guerra
    Matilde GuerraMånad sedan

    why is nobody talkinh about 2:39

  • Jenlegendary
    JenlegendaryMånad sedan

    EVERY vocal she's singing is the best

  • Nora Z
    Nora ZMånad sedan

    She’s the balance we need after all the other bum touting ‘songs’. A true talent with real family values

  • Francesca Paola Baisi
    Francesca Paola BaisiMånad sedan

    Bellissima VOCE. Sensuale, forte, meravigliosa. BRAVA. 🤩👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌸🌸🌸❤️

  • aitana manoban
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  • Maria Eduarda
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  • nuvem, a mais bela de todas
    nuvem, a mais bela de todasMånad sedan

    Didn't like most of them :( but it's ok

  • Zeynep Naz
    Zeynep Naz2 månader sedan


  • the edit aesthetic
    the edit aesthetic2 månader sedan

    james looks like such a proud dad in the end aw

  • Astro Void Talks
    Astro Void Talks2 månader sedan

    3 singers who make heavy autotune users seem like trash: Billie Eilish Melanie martinez Aurora

  • Astro Void Talks

    Astro Void Talks

    2 månader sedan

    @grains de sésames that's the point of my comment.

  • grains de sésames

    grains de sésames

    2 månader sedan

    Billie doesn't use auto tune

  • a n a n d a🌠💕
    a n a n d a🌠💕2 månader sedan


  • Tabv TV
    Tabv TV2 månader sedan

    People saying she whispers and has no talent... it’s actually substantially harder to sing like billie and consistently sound good rather than belting songs like adele or ariana grader and stuff like that

  • Asthetic Foot
    Asthetic Foot2 månader sedan

    I love it at 7:20

  • SecauCuss
    SecauCuss2 månader sedan

    As Billie transfers caring for her to caring for each other, we'll see her full value.

  • Kathleen Castillon
    Kathleen Castillon2 månader sedan

    6:04-6:10 wow..

  • eculver2005
    eculver20052 månader sedan

    She sounded so baby in party favor 🥺

  • Dinara🥀
    Dinara🥀2 månader sedan

    Так вот откуда она придумала новую татуировку!!!

  • mayan naffaa
    mayan naffaa2 månader sedan

    My heart! I can sleep on her voice.

  • Élise LOPEZ
    Élise LOPEZ2 månader sedan

    3:50 omgggggg🥰🥰

  • Kim Seok Jin
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  • leandra :)

    leandra :)

    Månad sedan


  • big n chonky
    big n chonky2 månader sedan

    everyone’s talking about6:03 but what about 6:45 it’s just 🤌❤️

  • amelieアメリ
    amelieアメリ3 månader sedan

    she’s so perfect

  • Tina Lawrence
    Tina Lawrence3 månader sedan

    Me too She and the Billie Stans are my only friends in my head and heart -when there is nobody at all here in my real life. She is the best friend / girlfriend we would all like to hang out with. x

  • billie x shawn
    billie x shawn3 månader sedan

    She’s always amazing❤️

  • Willow Tree
    Willow Tree3 månader sedan

    Thank God I'm not in a relationship. Because I'm in love with Billie's music

  • sireen play day
    sireen play day3 månader sedan

    I m in love with Billie 😍

  • Grace
    Grace3 månader sedan

    An angel from heaven

  • Elisabetta De Barbieri
    Elisabetta De Barbieri3 månader sedan

    Finneas is so underrated! I love him too

  • シلـَـجيـن
    シلـَـجيـن3 månader sedan


  • Blissful Moon
    Blissful Moon3 månader sedan

    But the way she just goes like whOoooOoooooo it’s like perfect

  • Bex C34
    Bex C343 månader sedan

    I love how James Cordon is just observing Billie at the end and you can tell it's out of pure joy

  • G13
    G133 månader sedan

    Glad to know many directioners r eyelashes❤️

  • amelia
    amelia3 månader sedan

    she’s so influential and for good reason but NO ONE ACTUALLY FOCUSES ON HER RAW TALENT !! everyone focuses on her fashion or her next big moves, but she has such a raw talent that i feel like everyone knows about but never addresses

  • girl don't do it

    girl don't do it

    3 månader sedan

    Yes sadly :(

  • Equine_Love_4_ever
    Equine_Love_4_ever3 månader sedan

    4:22 gives me chills 😌

  • Kyle
    Kyle3 månader sedan

    You see in her eyes that she like already married the music

  • Lea Zapp
    Lea Zapp3 månader sedan

    I love bilieeeeeee sooo muchhh

  • B Henry
    B Henry3 månader sedan

    The 1st one wasn’t real.

  • girl don't do it

    girl don't do it

    3 månader sedan

    It is

  • Pantaleimona
    Pantaleimona3 månader sedan

    She brightens my day and lights up my soul. Billie and Finneas are brilliant.

  • Billie Eilish Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish Billie Eilish3 månader sedan


  • serena cat
    serena cat3 månader sedan

    ok -5:10 is incredible due to the fact that she’s live, and dancing at the same time while maintaining her impeccable sound

  • Sofia Sahonero
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  • Amy Hamartía
    Amy Hamartía3 månader sedan

    3:03... awesome

  • Army_tritodekia
    Army_tritodekia3 månader sedan

    6:50 name of the song?

  • Levity


    3 månader sedan

    8 - billie eilish

  • Brian O
    Brian O3 månader sedan

    Her brothers amazing

  • ——
    ——3 månader sedan

    The ending of the ocean eyes on the doc ✨✨🔥

  • Levi Hitsujikai
    Levi Hitsujikai3 månader sedan

    Omg I sang her “The end of the world” cover for an open stage once that song makes me so emotional 😭😭

  • Chels
    Chels3 månader sedan

    This girls voice I just can’t get over it it’s timeless

  • Elisabetta De Barbieri
    Elisabetta De Barbieri3 månader sedan

    2:55 what's the song name please?

  • Elisabetta De Barbieri

    Elisabetta De Barbieri

    3 månader sedan

    @Levity thanks

  • Levity


    3 månader sedan

    The End Of The World

  • alex :]
    alex :]3 månader sedan

    her voice is ethereal this is why i love her sm

  • Jada Jeffery
    Jada Jeffery3 månader sedan

    A.k.a 7 minutes of chills

  • Devika
    Devika3 månader sedan

    she is soo talented, her voice is so soothing

  • Elmo
    Elmo3 månader sedan

    2:02 I think im in heven

  • Coffeemaker
    Coffeemaker3 månader sedan

    ive been listening to you don't get me high anymore for the whole day lmao her voice is beautiful and i'm singing it rn I try to do it as perfectkly like her lmao lmao lmao even tho i'm not good

  • Lilly R
    Lilly R3 månader sedan

    and people say she uses autotune please she will never need that

  • uwusaur
    uwusaur3 månader sedan

    I'm just trying to figure out which performance the thumbnail is from T_T

  • megony
    megony3 månader sedan

    she literally sounds like an angle 24/7

  • Viola Rizzo
    Viola Rizzo3 månader sedan

    O my god

  • I think therefore I am
    I think therefore I am3 månader sedan

    I love Billie sooooooo much!!! She's so beautiful and so talented and funny honestly she's amazing i wish I could meet her so much!

  • %❗️VAN3S❓%
    %❗️VAN3S❓%3 månader sedan

    Billie doesn’t even need audio her voice is perfect like fr

  • Julia W.
    Julia W.3 månader sedan

    Why this film is 7 minutes instead of 19 years?

  • sydniii
    sydniii3 månader sedan

    6:08 oh my goodness! jus insane🥺🥺🥺

  • Ima Nou
    Ima Nou3 månader sedan

    me finding out i am not straight after knowing Billie Eilish be like :💀🥵

  • Aarna Kadyan
    Aarna Kadyan3 månader sedan

    goosebumps have taken over my body

  • Viola Rizzo
    Viola Rizzo3 månader sedan

    😱😱😱🙀 it's beautiful l

  • TARI
    TARI3 månader sedan

    Oh my God I love this!! I wish I discovered mind when I was younger but nothing is too late. I will be uploaded my first cover music my Lauren daigle 2nd/April/2020 (Saturday) Though I have like two piano videos of me already. I love to hear Billie sing

  • gemmyy xbill
    gemmyy xbill3 månader sedan

    I can't believe I'm re watching this cuz I miss her. Imagine married to her then she sings and looks like this I'll die

  • Amalia Bella
    Amalia Bella3 månader sedan

    I think. she looks better with the light hair... jmo

  • Fatya Talibova
    Fatya Talibova4 månader sedan

    Angel 🌕✨❤️

  • yas cam
    yas cam4 månader sedan

    she is simply the best singer of all time and she was 14 when she started singing

  • Mage
    Mage4 månader sedan

    Beautiful voice and so authentic 💜 she is a beauty 🙏

  • TwoSweetKittyCats
    TwoSweetKittyCats4 månader sedan

    Love This !!❤️

  • Jon 25
    Jon 254 månader sedan

    يابنت وليميز الحلال حلالك والخير عندي واجد. تراني يابلي انا في خير رجال اضوي الفوايد. ولعيونك الزرقه انا شاقي وبقاسي البعد لاكن يا قلبي اجاهد. الموت ياآشلي كل مره تغني لي بس برضوا صامد. عندي أمل يابت وليميز يجي الكرسمس وفي الفرح تستقبلني في بيتك زوج من الطايف عايد

  • Jose Gimenez
    Jose Gimenez4 månader sedan

    She is perfect 💖

    MUHIDDIN PARPIYEV4 månader sedan


  • partridgx
    partridgx4 månader sedan

    There are 7 billion people in this world and only one is gonna marry her

  • partridgx


    4 månader sedan

    @girl don't do it I am a girl but imagine trying to have her kids 😏

  • girl don't do it

    girl don't do it

    4 månader sedan

    Imagine having her kids 😩😩

  • Nicholas Fisher
    Nicholas Fisher4 månader sedan

    Imagine driving to school and getting out of the car, and hear people saying THEIR MOM IS BILLIE EILISH?!?! AFAFJFJKJKJ

  • Laura Paschell
    Laura Paschell4 månader sedan

    AMAZING... my first time ever listening to her... 😯WOW

  • Jon 25
    Jon 254 månader sedan

    انا يابنت مهربد ونت ماتدري عن الي شدني لك. العشره يابت وليميز طوليه بيننا والسنين دكتني دك. ونتي سحسبي يابلي اقدر انساك ونتي من صغر سنك في تفكيري وقلبي معك.

  • Leah sampson
    Leah sampson4 månader sedan

    Why am I ✨CRYING✨

  • Susana Sousa
    Susana Sousa4 månader sedan

    Today I saw a comment saying that she is not a singer... I replied with a text of almost 10 lines😂

  • girl don't do it

    girl don't do it

    4 månader sedan

    As you should

  • Ліліана Галян
    Ліліана Галян4 månader sedan

    Зачем стараться если всегда будет кто то талантливие тебя

  • pandaAna_GamerYT
    pandaAna_GamerYT4 månader sedan

    i love you billie eilish

  • Skunkeeyluve
    Skunkeeyluve5 månader sedan

    Let’s be honest everyone wants her voice lmao

  • 👻𝓢𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓱𝓢𝓬𝓱𝓷𝓪𝓹𝓹𝓞'𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓵𝓵🖤
    👻𝓢𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓱𝓢𝓬𝓱𝓷𝓪𝓹𝓹𝓞'𝓒𝓸𝓷𝓷𝓮𝓵𝓵🖤5 månader sedan

    Billie is like an angel, she's my strange addiction

  • love아단 갤러거의 아름다운 얼굴
    love아단 갤러거의 아름다운 얼굴5 månader sedan


  • Jimena Belen
    Jimena Belen5 månader sedan

    Bad- Michael Jackson coveeerrr