Billie Eilish - when the party's over


  • Robert Dominguez
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    Im probably completely wrong but this is how i interpret. The black liquid represents the truth of the matter that xxxtention is physically gone and her body rejects it in her tears. But parallelly speaking the tear also the pain she feels because of his absence. Coming to grips with the hurtful truth. In my mind its a beautiful story that way. I read it was something totally diffrent. Either way great song and video

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    2 years later, I still don't understand the clip concept.

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    She is always depressed,,

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    I Love you

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    Bir sürü ingilizce yorum içinden bu türkçe yorumu görenler

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    Algun dia quiero conoserte 😞😭

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    When I was little I got scared watching this and couldn't sleep

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    Wdym when u were little this came out two years ago

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    I,m a big fan you ar de best💗

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    Linda essa música

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    Me encanta la cansion

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    I love you baby girl make dreams come true, I went through to much in life not to have them. Thank you.

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    Please make my dreams come true I am not a whore, I am a good person who will stand by your side forever I love you baby girl. Please I don't want to let you go. Some people in this world are NEVER satisfied.

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    I feel so bad for those who haven't heard this masterpiece but they are so lucky too because they can hear it for first time

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    You are demon

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    Feeling like crying with her like that🥺😩😩😩

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    This Video Show's What Angel's Look Like When their Broken 🖤

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    quand on me dis de faire le plus gros rot possible, moi entrain de boire du coca 1:12

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    Lyrics reveres : yes yeah kill yes yeah kill billi ellish is walking in evil hell At 00:10

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    2021 everyone??

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  • Cockatiel companion

    Cockatiel companion

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    Me here

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    Boli ailis mai mult speriat cu muzica

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    what kind of coke is that and where can i buy it?

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    Bille îmi pare rau de Xxxtecacion 😣😣😓😓😢😭😢😭😢😭😢

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    That black water is thumbs up😳😳

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    I really love this song

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    Hi song I'm sure I speak but how much I know English 😞😔

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    @Amir tatlo

  • A Queens World
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    My interpretation is this. The lyrics sounds like she wants to be with someone and that someone is cheating with her. She acts like it doesn’t bother her because something is better than nothing even if that means she can only have a piece of happiness during those moments with them. The reality and pain only hits her once she goes home alone. The black drink represents her turmoil within for being willing to accept so little when she deserves so much more. She wants to be ok with that but she’s not and she fakes it until she can no longer.

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    i am an army but i love billie eilish ,she is amazing

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    You 😲

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    Lagunya enak di denger , tapi mbohh nyong ora ngerti artine 🤣

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    Soy la única que no le entiende ni madres?👁️👄👁️

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    Love Billie

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    Eu sou BRASILEIRO🇧🇷

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    No quiero una puta fiesta

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    Si eso yo lo entiendo yo estoy muy triste ... cuando tenia fiestas de cumpleaños y todos de iban yon lloraba porque pp pegaba mm por pque se gastaba demasido en mi

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    We’re both doing better now I suppose!

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    nước chè đỗ đen thôi ae :))

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    ur over, and should get over it.

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    No u

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    amo essa musicaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Eu amo a bille

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    Ебааааать что я сейчас испытал

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    My brother recently took his life.This song breaks me evertime I hear it.😭

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    اني الوحيده عربيه اهناا 😂😂

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    @ليفاي اكرمان وك لعد 😂😂

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    لا على ما اعتقد .؟

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    When did lord come back they literally sound exactly the same

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    Anyone listening in july 2021?🙋‍♂️

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    This is so creepy

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    je ressentb tout le temp sa

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    Me: *thinking about what the drink taste like*

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    its god music

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    I LOVE YOU Billie :)🥺❤

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    Xxx tentacion

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    I love it some

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    I love it! ❤️

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    عيد مبارك و كل عام و أنتم بخير

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    the best song i heard

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    wow, just wow

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    oh wow thats a lot Billie!!!! I think u gotta give a break to the tears!

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    I love girl

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    I am Kauan from Brazil✌❤🖐

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    This song hits hard🥲. My bf and I broke up a month ago, was hard but had to let go. Was not actually a fan of Billie coz i find her videos creepy like this one when she cried black, but just didn't notice my tears falling down the moment I saw it. Very comforting song. Bet her songs are not depressing at all. She's the best!

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    Do I care? No one asked

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    Sad 😭 like like like 😭

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    She ‘s beautiful ohh my god 🥺

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    2019.... она как предвестник апокалипсиса 😍 супер

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    Esta cancion la escuché en marzo del pasado año... Joder pasé en toda la cuarentena reproduciendo esta canción

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    I'm a good guy, can this comment be honoured and remembered?

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    this is one of most pretty's songs I never hear😢😍

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