Billie Eilish - i love you (Lyrics)


  • Gold Coast Music
    Gold Coast Music2 år sedan

    I had to share my two favourites from Billie Eilish new album, this one gave me the chills, lemme know how this song made you feel ;)

  • no one

    no one

    43 minuter sedan

    everyone makes me feel like im useless and it just breaks my heart in a million pieces. On the other side my bf is being the only thing that keeps me alive.

  • Delaney Edmunds

    Delaney Edmunds

    2 dagar sedan

    @Siddhant Bagchi i love her soo much

  • Belle Lastnameson

    Belle Lastnameson

    9 dagar sedan

    Me right now

  • Emily Hilton

    Emily Hilton

    Månad sedan

    The thing is i do

  • Alina Pardo

    Alina Pardo

    2 månader sedan

    @Gold Coast Music ojo6k66jj6666oj6pj6666666j6666j6jj6j66666oj6j666666⁶66666666joj66j6666i666666-- 6mg mg 6666jj66jjp666666o6666de ókjojojj6jj6j6j6j66j66jj66j666j6j666j6j6j66jj6jjjojjoj6ij6jj6j6jjojjojjjjjjj6ojo6ojojj6ojiojjojjojjj66j6o6jjpj6jo669j66oj6jjo6jojojjojojojojojojjjjjjiojojojojojoj

  • Leon Whilden jr
    Leon Whilden jr11 timmar sedan

    Hi Billie baby-your such a sweetheart! I love you too! 🙂❤️⭐️🐅💋🥰🌺🕊🦋

  • Shelby Pickering
    Shelby Pickering20 timmar sedan

    It’s Monday, July 26, and I’m crying because I don’t know how to fix myself

  • Shelby Pickering
    Shelby Pickering20 timmar sedan


  • Şeyma
    Şeyma20 timmar sedan

    Every night i come here and i make suffer myself but i love it.

  • Condra Jones
    Condra Jones20 timmar sedan

    I heard this song today. It’s on the movie Ali& ratu ratu queens on Netflix. It was a perfect selection for that movie.

  • Xristina S.
    Xristina S.Dag sedan

    Iam in love with this song

  • Sama Mohamed
    Sama MohamedDag sedan

    I used listening to this song when i become so depressed and confused

  • Kakola Kalia
    Kakola KaliaDag sedan

    I rmr 2 years ago 15 year old me sitting in a bus blasting this in my headphones on repeat ( around this time I isloated myself from everyone because I felt like that was the only way I'll become a better person. It was basically with myself and my negative self-conscience.

    MRADTMAN2 dagar sedan

    I LOVE YOU ❤️

  • Alexis Alexis
    Alexis Alexis2 dagar sedan

    "i dont want too, but i love you"😪😒😔

  • زيزو خالد
    زيزو خالد2 dagar sedan


  • Alex Vixens
    Alex Vixens2 dagar sedan

    This song is beautiful but headphones r a whole different expirence

  • Cello asf
    Cello asf3 dagar sedan

    Imagine being the idiot who broke up with their boyfriend knowing she could have just kept in the neglect from him for until he himself would remember he had a girlfriend. I'm the idiot.

  • • SL~Půrple Teå •
    • SL~Půrple Teå •4 dagar sedan

    Perfect song to cry to right here

  • soypiki
    soypiki5 dagar sedan

    its been 9 months i should be over u now

  • Michel Casas
    Michel Casas5 dagar sedan

    Me hizo llorar 😪😩😭

  • Zainal Abidi
    Zainal Abidi5 dagar sedan

    Good 😙❤️

  • Siti Sarah
    Siti Sarah6 dagar sedan

    Things i would say to myself but interpreted in a song

  • V.I.P Dance
    V.I.P Dance8 dagar sedan

    No matter how many times this mix gets deleted, someone always pulls through and manages to re-upload it 😏

  • Laura
    Laura 8 dagar sedan

    ✨ A R T ✨

  • Candelaria Ortiz
    Candelaria Ortiz9 dagar sedan

    Night day after noon 24 hours a day I ve been listening ever since the everything I wanted song and it was on I fell in love with her music I've heard good songs but when I don't get tired of listening that's a very good sign for me please I'm your Numero#1 fan

  • Alice Simas Magalhães
    Alice Simas Magalhães10 dagar sedan

    this song is so beautiful

  • Samantha Hernández
    Samantha Hernández10 dagar sedan

    I love your songs

  • Samantha Hernández
    Samantha Hernández10 dagar sedan

    you are a good person

  • Samantha Hernández
    Samantha Hernández10 dagar sedan

    billie you are the best i love you

  • Chaerin Angel
    Chaerin Angel11 dagar sedan


  • Ana Luiza Amorim
    Ana Luiza Amorim11 dagar sedan

    I've been thinking about doing something hahahaha I'm broken

  • Isabelle Paal
    Isabelle Paal11 dagar sedan

    “I can’t escape the way I love you” I will never stop loving you and that’s what’s so crazy.

  • ᅭ𝖈̲𝖔̲𝖈̲𝖔̲ᅭ
    ᅭ𝖈̲𝖔̲𝖈̲𝖔̲ᅭ11 dagar sedan

    Cuanto quisiera desaparecer y nunca más estorbarle a mi familia :), pero no puedo solo puedo llorar en silencio y aguantar.

  • Miruna Dan
    Miruna Dan11 dagar sedan

    it’s friday, 16th of july, crying for not knowing how to fix myself.

  • Gabbi Tuazon

    Gabbi Tuazon

    14 timmar sedan

    feel u sis

  • kim torres

    kim torres

    11 dagar sedan

    the worst feeling ever.

  • Dyl and laur
    Dyl and laur12 dagar sedan

    It’s been 7 months since you both left me. Losing one of you was hard enough. But a week later he went to. It comes to a point where I question if God even loves me. If he knew it would make me like I am, why would he take them from me? I still remember the last day I saw them happy. But it was all a mask. As we were fixing his thermostat, he started to cry. “I’m just so depressed. I want to get out of this wheelchair.” I have never seen that man cry. He was so strong. I know they’re together. But what about me? They’re great granddaughter? What about my mom? They’re granddaughter? What about us. What about my brother? Why would they do this to us? I can remember wanting to die. When I woke up and I was told he left us, I wanted to die. Walking in the garage, looking at the blades. Wanting to do it so bad. I’m in therapy now, I don’t have thoughts like those anymore. I just want to be happy.

  • Nakamoto Xuxi

    Nakamoto Xuxi

    12 dagar sedan

    hi are you okay?

  • Yamileth Beltran
    Yamileth Beltran12 dagar sedan


  • lsuarez03 lsuarez03
    lsuarez03 lsuarez0312 dagar sedan

    This song is so beautiful, it makes me remember how happy I was with it :')

  • Karu -
    Karu -13 dagar sedan

    July 14 1:26 staring at the ceiling

  • shade
    shade13 dagar sedan

    I wanna see that one person that posts lyrics in comments

  • Alan Wexler
    Alan Wexler13 dagar sedan

    Yup im listening to this song cuz I feel like my mom doesn't even love me anymore 🙂💖

  • Vlada Semeniuc
    Vlada Semeniuc14 dagar sedan

  • Anna Creel
    Anna Creel15 dagar sedan

    Ok go to the next song already I see u rewatching it.

  • Michael Brennan
    Michael Brennan17 dagar sedan

    Beautiful ❤

  • Merlyn Contreras
    Merlyn Contreras17 dagar sedan

    Just watched black widow yesterday basically hours ago and I can’t stop crying I miss her

  • The Sun (solar system)
    The Sun (solar system)17 dagar sedan

    The last thing anyone would ever say to me:

    LVUTI17 dagar sedan


  • Tj Suemnicht
    Tj Suemnicht17 dagar sedan

    I walked down the aisle to the piano version of this

  • sugar oppa
    sugar oppa17 dagar sedan

    “The smile you gave me, even when you felt like dying”. 😩📉📈📉

  • harrf
    harrf18 dagar sedan

    It's so weird that this song is literally telling the story of my life

  • Doina Gutan-Tihon
    Doina Gutan-Tihon18 dagar sedan

    anybody in 2021?

  • Amira Zito
    Amira Zito18 dagar sedan

    the fact that this song is the best to really even feel your feelings. and this is coming from a person who thought they couldn't feel anything lol. I had some friends that I just got back together with and they 100% back stabbed me as much as they could lmao, they told everybody everything and it doesn't even stop from there. and they did was talk shit and watch me fall for it. right now im friends with a person who saw it all happen. and the really sad thing is that I would 100% go right back to the if you ever asked because I know how much they meant to me, and you cant just go from thinking that that person is your life to hating them. and I never thought I could feel this way ever about anybody. im way to young im only in middle school. they took all my other friends from me and told the lies just so they could have them and I couldn't. right now im probably stuck with 8 fake friends that always pick sides and its never mine. im so scared of losing them because I have nobody else. I cant even talk to them about my feelings. im sick of having friends and they cant be there when im upset, just when im "happy" and I always have to be around them, oh and they expect me to be there for them? fuck no.

  • Angie bubs
    Angie bubs18 dagar sedan

    Can’t help but hear some vibes of Elvis - can’t help falling in love.💛

  • oneshot music
    oneshot music18 dagar sedan

    I pretend it's her saying I love you directly to me because atleast then 1 person does

  • ana anhe
    ana anhe19 dagar sedan

    it's already july 2021

  • Ayoub Wakas
    Ayoub Wakas19 dagar sedan

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai19 dagar sedan


  • John Hoxworth
    John Hoxworth19 dagar sedan

    I love this woman with all my heart

  • Adebesin Jacob

    Adebesin Jacob

    7 dagar sedan

    The same boat bro 😶

  • Timothy Hudgens
    Timothy Hudgens20 dagar sedan

    The willing car systemically mix because plier apically live about a infamous engineering. delicious, dapper mini-skirt

  • Osvaldo Piroli
    Osvaldo Piroli20 dagar sedan

    Nothing ..........literally nothing just emty asf ......................or maybe pain of being someone else by losing the one that made you this someone else😭

  • Andreea I
    Andreea I20 dagar sedan

    7 july, 2021 the song dedicated by that person, but now it's not mine… hurt :/

  • Alyaa Batrisyia
    Alyaa Batrisyia20 dagar sedan

    Your skin is not a paper, don't cut it Your heart is not a door, don't shut it Your life is not a movie, don't end it

  • Jadranka Djurisic
    Jadranka Djurisic20 dagar sedan


  • Blake Warren
    Blake Warren20 dagar sedan

    Oh how I know this feeling

  • Avaruussukkula
    Avaruussukkula20 dagar sedan

    Listening to this right after i cut ties with my ex 😂 Hurts like a bitch

  • teddy bear
    teddy bear21 dag sedan

    I'm only crying because my mom just sent me this.

  • mc Gonagall
    mc Gonagall21 dag sedan

    mi mood hoy es: llorar escuchando a billie x qe es el cumpleaños de cameron :(.

  • farah zagdoud
    farah zagdoud22 dagar sedan

    I love 💕 the songs❤️

  • life IS ENDLESS
    life IS ENDLESS22 dagar sedan

    Well.. I'm back again..

  • Anna Creel
    Anna Creel22 dagar sedan

    My mind: keep it together girl 👁👄👁 Me: ok..k..kkk..k Also me: 😭😭😭 My brain: BILLIE I LOVE U

  • Kurt Vanasse
    Kurt Vanasse22 dagar sedan

    Good song

  • Kurt Vanasse
    Kurt Vanasse22 dagar sedan

    If I was on a boat with a Sunday float

  • silly _dreamer
    silly _dreamer23 dagar sedan

    Why do I feel so empty tho my family and friends are all around me ? 😭😩

  • dubu luv
    dubu luv24 dagar sedan

    Sometimes, i cant even give people reasons to live because i can't find any reasons to live either. Yet i give advices to people when i dont listen to it myself, such a hypocrite

  • Ayame Mari
    Ayame Mari24 dagar sedan

    Jesus is coming soon please share n repent

  • life IS ENDLESS
    life IS ENDLESS25 dagar sedan

    If another twilight is ever made and she's not the soundtracks ima throw a fit

  • life IS ENDLESS
    life IS ENDLESS25 dagar sedan

    My heart tho ouch

  • Susana Cornejo
    Susana Cornejo25 dagar sedan


  • =]
    =]26 dagar sedan

    " i l o v e y o u" "b u t i d o n t w a n t t o"

  • Dakota Gildner
    Dakota Gildner26 dagar sedan

    It's a good song to cry to when you have a break up or you miss someone you love

  • Mary McCartt
    Mary McCartt26 dagar sedan

    I wish she wasn't gay. I want her next to me all day everyday

  • Sandra Bensadon
    Sandra Bensadon27 dagar sedan


  • Yexxity
    Yexxity27 dagar sedan

    i love you because your perfect

  • CottonLUV
    CottonLUV27 dagar sedan

    since ppl are sharing there story's (im here for yall

  • Nadira __lmao
    Nadira __lmao29 dagar sedan


  • Jillian Jevin
    Jillian Jevin29 dagar sedan

    Single Ali Ratu Ratu Queens Indonesian Movie

  • Daniel Green
    Daniel Green29 dagar sedan

    Nothing has to change today

  • Stacy garrett 123 garrett
    Stacy garrett 123 garrett29 dagar sedan

    We are not broken just

  • Timothy Hudgens
    Timothy Hudgens29 dagar sedan

    The good employee contrastingly replace because fish bailly place for a testy language. miscreant, debonair ukrainian

  • Queen Peach
    Queen PeachMånad sedan

    I love Billie she is so amazingly talented and just authentic she is such a young queen 👑

  • Janina May Francisco
    Janina May FranciscoMånad sedan

    Throwback to those days

  • Haley Allen
    Haley AllenMånad sedan


  • Eliyana Eliki-Jones
    Eliyana Eliki-JonesMånad sedan

    I found someone who cared about me. Who loved the same things I did. Who made sure I was okay and was always there when I wasn't. I gave this person everything. I loved her. And I thought she loved me too. She told me this was her favourite song... before she left. So I'm here.

  • Treasure A Craig TV
    Treasure A Craig TVMånad sedan


  • Merception
    MerceptionMånad sedan

    i really love the way this is sang and wrote man i really wish shed do one singing about being deeply in love but in the style on this songgg

  • mane
    maneMånad sedan

    *''and I don’t want to...''*

  • India · ̊
    India · ̊Månad sedan

    all I want is someone to not get tired of me

  • pink lamborghini
    pink lamborghiniMånad sedan


  • Hajar제 이름은 하자르 입니다
    Hajar제 이름은 하자르 입니다Månad sedan

    26 June Saturday: IDK maybe afraid maybe not No one understand u didn't explain it to them so how u expect that I know I can't talk anxious me every time I start to talk i feel like throwing some empty disorganized words to a closed ears my mouth just start saying some incomplete phrases me I don't f. Know what it is the only thing that I know it's that's not what I wanted to say. "I'm okay just trying to know me understand me "

  • Neža Rauter
    Neža RauterMånad sedan

    3:07 :(

  • childhood traumakid
    childhood traumakidMånad sedan

    Rae, I don't know how to tell you..

  • niko icy
    niko icyMånad sedan

    im in love and i still sob whenever i listen to this song

  • Joao Pedro Alves R De Sales
    Joao Pedro Alves R De SalesMånad sedan

    Essa música 😢❤❤❤

  • Chaloo
    ChalooMånad sedan

    I was crying so bad about everything thats said in this song that’s happening to me then this song came and idk why i supposed to cry harder but i stoped crying and it calmed me down.

  • Oleander Shipley

    Oleander Shipley

    20 dagar sedan

    Same. I sing this song to my niece when she's crying and it always calms her down. its a beautiful song...