Billie Eilish - i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre)


  • Ali
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    I miss 2019 😭

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    Benim mezarlarımda ölü yok; hep yaşanık olanlar var. Anılarımda bir yer dinmeksizin kanıyor, günbegün bundan. Güldüğümü gören bana bakıyor, görüyorum. Ağlasam geçer biliyorum; ağlanmıyor......

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  • Julie Giles
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    They thought this through what a great idea to raise the bed with them both playing there songs,for all they did in their home in the bedroom,great too watch& see how comfortable they are together,real trust. ✨🙏💗

  • Primadewa Aji Nugroho
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    03:01 Goosebumps time

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  • Eliaas Oliveira
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    ᘓ᭄I love you

  • Seonmi Kim
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    it's amazing how a song can change your feelings.

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  • Bella Koeva
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    🌹💋Billie you have Best voice i love you 🔥

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    Чё za хуйня😭😭

  • Emanuelle Pereira
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    billie eilish commited you different 'cause because wish were gay shut nails tonight everybody whit they mouth best friends ends are promised shadow my neck goodbye i love you bleeding themselves before laghter bellyache oxyticts bloody caving things father cant happier than ever lansaddon coming see through again bad company faces beter? cannathory conn 11anos billie eilish alone therefore fallings nails she's choking softly food were hurding ?an primeyrha bellyache next button like once was earth ?nothing being cologne all wrong that wondering fleu made find dont hide anyone satisfactory dark time die billie eilish completad guy 17anos billie eilish o'connell the world'a little blurry from jah lansaddon out álbum happier than ever teaching finneas produtod quens jah fay out álbum dhe billie 😘dont ask questions salker feeling cannibal come outs billieeilisho'connell tell lost afford ells conesoud money the world'a little blurry from vacation my future hell couldont bitches fence you six fee under thirly under ?


    Billie Love youuuu ❤

  • Gabriela Valeria
    Gabriela Valeria3 dagar sedan

    Ela é merece tudo ela é muito dedicada no faz eu amo a Billie Eilish

  • Laui
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    She was crying to this video on her IG. Insane voice..

  • Hania_Bojdo
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    This hurts soo much

  • 김루나
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    I wish I was there:(

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    I love this…

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    وج بيلييييييييييييييييييي احبجججججججججججججججججججججججججججججججججج 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Mia Martinez
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    Your song is very beautiful I can sleep while you're singing cuz it's already midnight so I should go to bed while you're where you're thinking so that you can make me sleep because you are beautiful singer if when I put your picture I'm going to put some emojis that I'm going to put a love emoji a lot of love emojis and I love you so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Mia Martinez

    Mia Martinez

    4 dagar sedan


  • Rifa Muhammed
    Rifa Muhammed5 dagar sedan

    I'm just jealous of those people who heard this masterpiece live .

  • Epic Club
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    Pillow: Don't worry I'm here to catch your tears. Bed: Don't worry I'm here to help you cry yourself to sleep. Mirror: Don't worry I'll laugh with you and cry. Shadow don't worry i won't judge the way you look. 🙂💕

  • Brendan Todaro
    Brendan Todaro5 dagar sedan

    Full body chills. Everytime.

  • Eric Castro
    Eric Castro5 dagar sedan

    It dosen’t matter the lenguage, the feeling is the same 😔

  • S. öztekin
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    Neden bu şarkı bu kadar çok kalbimi acıtıyor.😓🖤

  • S. öztekin
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    "There are no words in this life. Words are very hurtful. Leave your heart to the flow of the rhythm, don't pollute it with words, close your eyes and look, many things are said without words"...😓💔🖤

  • Adrian Alvarez
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    maravilloso!!!!! es un hermoso sueño

  • I am Tung
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    I wish I could be there :( beautiful song, incredible performers, awesome atmosphere

  • dion bergin
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    I feel the song, do not want anything special. Other than your song.

  • Roy Zou
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    3:00 Literal chills

  • Michelle Ball
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    Looooooove u Billie

  • Sorry for the Inconvenience
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    Ай лав ю

  • AngelOrDiamond
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    The Cover of Kay of "The Voice" France is a million times better than Billie. I'm sorry Billie fans but it's the truth.

  • Debbie Cornelius
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    I have no words. Just beautiful!

  • Hector Hernandez
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    Billie *vvvvgggb

  • Hector Hernandez
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    Billie Eilish

  • truck driver 69
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    Writing this comment because when someone likes it after a month or a year I can listen this masterpiece again 🥺

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    People have just stopped commenting the last one was a year ago

  • Adnane Ashraf Touir
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    The best song in the world

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    Br ?

  • Игорь Вап
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    I'm crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • V.I.P Dance
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    Everyone who reads this, we don't know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world 💕,

  • Cliff Chicken
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    This song is the most beautiful song I've ever heard 🥺❤

  • Марван
    Марван9 dagar sedan

    I love you ❤.

  • Raine Mirag
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    Such a beautiful piece that always each time u listen to...... I'm not crying 😩🔥

  • billiejad
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  • Kinzligaybean
    Kinzligaybean9 dagar sedan

    I love this song bc my brother has A.D.D and he constantly hurts me and my lik brother so this is perfect

  • Kinzligaybean
    Kinzligaybean9 dagar sedan

    This song is so sad that even my tears cry

  • M. M.
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    ♥️🙏😇☁️🌈🌞Grüße aus Germany

  • mohsen taheri
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    its so fucking good😪💖

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    what depression I am now 🚶

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  • Deepti
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    Imagine you're on that hanging bed, singing this song, and everyone around you loves you but you're slowly dying.

  • Kev Ros
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    Her voice is so beautiful it makes even the most masculine man soft to his knees....😂🤣👍hey it’s ok to be soft’s ok my friend

  • EMov
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    The best love song performed by the 2 most talented brother and sister💚💚Love you❤️❤️Big Love from🇦🇲

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    THAYVERSO12 dagar sedan

    Amo uma irmandade:

  • Carolina Dafunchio
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    No sé de qué es la letra Pero veo a gente llorando Asique debe ser una canción q emociona ojala te pueda conocer alguna vez Y abrazarte.te amo billie tengo 11 años y te amooo😘🥰😌

  • Christina Nunez
    Christina Nunez12 dagar sedan

    billie im crying bc of this song thank you i wish i was there i wanted to give you a big hug...

  • shadow king
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    أخخخ جتني قشعريرة 2:59 😭😭💔💔💔

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    Beautiful ❤️

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  • Rahma Bakour
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    billie eilish i saw u in roblox

  • Erasmus von Skrezeba
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    Love it, make me cry

  • Bart headbanger
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    Sounds like peper in the eyes And rock on the heart

  • Anjali Sharma
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    I just came here to see those lightning by fan it looks like lightning bugs

  • Cathy Andrews
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    I wish I know how to copy and paste

  • Patrick James Spillane
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    Great...but not live.

  • Evana Huq
    Evana Huq14 dagar sedan

    Can someone explain to me what this song is about? I'm a little confused that the lyrics say "nothing has to change today, you didnt mean to say 'I love you'". Does she want his love or is she telling him not to reciprocate? I'm genuinely asking.

  • Марван
    Марван14 dagar sedan

  • Happier Than Ever
    Happier Than Ever14 dagar sedan what the hell?? whats going on billie can someone explain this video

  • Margherita Biaggioli
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    One of my favourite songs ever

  • Fucking Rockwell
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  • SL
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    This song is truly underrated

  • McKenna Roberts
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    i wish i would have gotten to go one of these concerts :///

  • Jeh Ndb
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    Are you house😩

  • Rifal Kh
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    I love you Eilish 🥺

  • Jairelys Olaya
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    Mi canción le pertenece a ésta canción

  • Angel Perez
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    La adoro con un carajo.... Desde CDMX

  • Abdu Aqeel
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  • Akasha Dance Theatre
    Akasha Dance Theatre17 dagar sedan

    If you love Billie Eilish’s music, check out this indie film, I Climb the Wire Fence and Laugh at Vertigo, at Brighton Fringe online. The film features five of her beautiful songs..and a cover! Here’s the link to the trailer: Many thanks! Akasha Dance Theatre

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    Best till now

  • ahmad issawi أحمد عيساوي
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  • Alex Basopoli
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    La unica cancion que al escuchar me puede hacer llorar, Billie TEAMO

  • Rajesh Bidlan
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    made me crying everytime

  • Miguel Pires
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    After this I need to relieve, I think I´m gonna hear "Cure for me"

  • Inês Ribeiro
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    in LOVE with this

  • Sarah Cook
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    Man that must be such a high

  • bilslilman.7
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    Y así te reciben en el cielo

  • Rodel Remolana
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    It is just me who unintentionally hear an i love you x What They'll Say About Us mashup?