Billie Eilish and Finneas Break Down Her Hit Song 'Bad Guy'


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    Love ya

  • I am 18 and if you do like it you can suck it
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    So that was her laugh that’s really cool I never knew that wish they did one for bellyache

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    which software do they use to mix all sounds and editing?

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    Creative Meditation

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    @RAF _ thanx for help buddy !

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    Oh look there you go 0:55

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    Looks like logic

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    Xings stop stop stop gogogogogogogogogogogogo for blind people

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    2:12 didn't know that she was laughing at that part. it makes the song so much better lol

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    Karen and Richard Carpenter Smile

  • Warren -•_•-
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    dude i realized today that she said it was literatlly plants vs zombies and my respect for billie and this song is up 800%

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    Julya Reis8 dagar sedan

    Petition to Harry Styles do a break down of one his songs(or all of them) 👇🏼

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    It’s amazing how they just goof around and yet end up making cool shit damn

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    Finneas: “Never doing autotune again, everyone hated it” Also Finneas: released NDA

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    That was neat

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    i watch this literally everyday 💝.

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    I'm pretty sure Fiona Apple presented herself as a "bad guy" in Crimminal. So, it's not that unusual for a female singer to embrace that role.

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    New word stupiosity greatest word of all time

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    Man my favorite singer put the plants vs zombies i playing this today

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    We need more break downs from Rolling Stone AAAAAA

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    She’s so funny and talented!

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    hi im on my mothers computer at first to me the bad guy was scary because they like reminded me of five nights at freddys its a horror game but now i love bad guy and bury a friend and basically all billie eilish songs

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    the funny thing is finneas is wearing a white shirt

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    you are so awesome.

  • Denn Mcambley
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    5 minutes 52.3 seconds, the harmony is off, and slightly off time.

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    This song is genius!!!

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    Il m'est venu de la tortue de votre vie, papa

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    Amazing video #Billieeilish4ever

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    I love them so much oh my god

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    My god they are both so talented.

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    awesome knowing how you created this song, this is the first song from your album i listen to and it blew me now i listen to it every day

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    5 timmar sedan


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    Is this a clinic on how to make really shitty music only braindead tweeners will listen to?

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    10,000 hours was in LED lettering on the wall I can't even-

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  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastamanMånad sedan

    Racists educates their own children/brother/ sister to be racist.

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastamanMånad sedan

    Billie Eilish once argued that silence implies consent. And now, Billie wannabes are saying "Don't criticize her." to Asian people. They are intending to compel Asian people to keep silence. Now is the time for Asian people to say "Silence implies consent." We Asian people won't keep silence. We Asian people never consent to racial discrimination against ourselves. We have to chase racists(Billie Eilish and her wannabes) out of town.

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    Billie Eilish said "chink" to us Asian people. Billie Eilish is not appropriate for Rolling Stone because she is a racist.

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    funny, the crosswalks in tempe/mesa/phoenix really had me freaked and laughing a few years ago; i almost did a Tempe Center comedy skit about them (& i'm no comedian). They were so shotgun-weird. Right in the middle of a street (Metra? train deescalator too). Felt like i walked into the middle of a 1920's tommy-gun set. I guess the Eilish's & i are soul-siblings now.

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    Eilish is garbitch

  • Production
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    Now again in Engrish Billy.

  • Abigail {slut for Billie}
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    10:35 Damn. I have the answer to a question I asked in another video. I thought you had to know what the song was about before making it😹

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    Down to a ScienceMånad sedan

    "This really cool high hat pattern" *literally just half notes*

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    Wait what do your 'crosswalks' sound like? 🤔😂

  • Darth Yorkie
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    Ay, Finneas. I hope you see this, cause you really are a genius mate. Putting Kanye to shame. I've been following your production work here and there, and it's helping me jump over the learning curve. Maybe I live in a box, but you should start a tutorial channel if you haven't already. Constructive criticism though: You gotta work on not interrupting other people when they talk. If it's of any consolation, I struggle with this too.

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    this would be better if it was just her talking about it tbh

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    Silly song

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    8:44 9:54

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    Hello Miss. Eilish, I wanted to say that I appreciate you as an artist. I really enjoyed your song for the new Bond film. "No Time to Die". It's awesome that you wrote that song too! I saw how you showed compassion for some fans as well. Stay Graceful! I did enjoy your Style, with the blond hair! It suits you ! I raised my sibling, so don't take that the wrong way. I am inspired by your work even though I am older than you are. I used to want to be like you. I do have a creative, artist side. Growing up, I wanted to entertain, sing, dance, etc. I love music. I was faced with harsh criticism & dehumanized. I paint abstract art as a hobby. Like my side gig if needed. Be that as it may, l wanted to encourage you. I know you are grown, but I see that you are becoming "Distinguished", as younger artist but u have an old soul. Don't let anyone put u down. Evolving with the times is never easy. I just wanted to say thanks for being you. I recently tried to write a song of my own & I got stuck. I felt so alone, especially how things have been with this horrendous pandemic. The world will never be the same. So I am putting myself out there.... trying to get as social as I can, in a " safe" way. I guess I just have to embrace it. Is that how ya do it? You made being surrounded by crowd's of strangers look easy. I was recently dehumanized by someone with no leadership skills. He was a co-worker. I showed up to a meeting once, and he tells me; " why don't u go look in the mirror?" I thought maybe my fly is down... because, I had on make-up, a very feminine outfit, & my hair was fixed. So, I went to check myself. When I come back he had locked me out of a business meeting. He steps back out. I said, you have a problem with me, or how I am dressed? I said I am a professional. Soon after that I reminded him; of course, with not even 1 curse word about Civil Liberties & Amendment Rights. I said, I am speaking freely sir, I do have Freedom of Speech in this country. Oh, also the 2nd Amendment, right to bear arms, I said, yes I am also allowed to vote now. However, he hijacked the conversation. So then I told him; "I will not be bullied in the workplace or just take it." He was way out of line. I am sharing this with you, so if you're ever in that situation. People can be so cruel. You have so much talent. When I was your age, I wish I would've had someone tell me that I was great. I would be doing Broadway plays if somebody would have just believed in me. I believe in you!

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    they are truly madly genius.

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    Ashley UmstedMånad sedan

    I like seeing how much time goes into these pieces!

  • 0000song0000
    0000song0000Månad sedan

    Just realized Billie is the Michael Jackson of this generation. but instead of an abusive father, she got a supportive talented brother. Finneas is 🔥🔥🔥

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    Denise ClarkMånad sedan

    Please don’t change

  • Denise Clark
    Denise ClarkMånad sedan

    Please don’t change

  • uɐɟ ǝᴉllᴉq
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    6:19 Captions by me: alahusa


    Nicki Minaj probably got inspired “BAD GUY” they are also both sag ♐️

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    6:55 7:22 9:10 9:32 11:00

  • Carl_Anderson
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    What program is Finneas using?

  • Carl_Anderson


    Månad sedan

    @Tony Thanks

  • Tony


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    Logic pro

  • Shah Bhuiyan
    Shah BhuiyanMånad sedan

    Their creative synergy is insane. Finneas' ingenious, versatile, and super creative production ability matched with Billie's vocals, and her constant creativity tracks is insane. No wonder they won all those Grammys.

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    Sonic has Boba i learned that from an add

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    Pleeeeease with lyrics so that non mother tongue speaking people may able to understand this, thanks a looot

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    Yo Billie is truly legend- As a PvZ gamer I'm legit crying what- 😭✋

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    9:33 ahaha

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    This is the easist beat ive heard 😂😂

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    I’m here coz it’s PLANTS FOR ZOMBIES



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    Didn't use autotune, but melodyne works just fine huh?

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    06:37 pvz

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    They have such amazing chemistry I could watch them for hours 😬😬

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    "Literally plants vs zombies" Thank you.

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    And to think, bands like the the Stones and Zep used to use a mobile recording studio that was set up in the back of an 18 wheeler to produce timeless classics that we'll be listening to loooooooong after this stuff is buried and forgotten.

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    6:30 PVZ & WoWP

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    Girl and guy is not the same

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    As a huge pvz fan i find this really awesome 😁

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    6:33 I now respect Billie

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    His/her music has the soul of a white upper middle class family that’s into music and artsy stuff. Oh wait. Did they give instagram a Grammy too? Bec that would’ve been fair.

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    Everyone gangsta until the pea shooter pulls out the copyright papers

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    Any time I hear this all I can think of is some plants and the undead

  • mrtriffid
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    "Did you hear the one about the guy who tried so hard to become something that he was NOT, that he turned INTO the something that he wasn't?!?!?!"

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    Thank you

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    Well this all fine and all but why does every song have to include that salt and pepper shaker noise in it? 😑

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    6:30 Billie’s inspiration for her song’s tune

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  • TheRandom.


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    @Nothing Unusual np

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    Thank you

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    "No girl has been the bad guy" I think we forgot about Lord Dominator