• Cali Blue 2
    Cali Blue 22 timmar sedan

    The old stuff is better in my opinion so beautiful 💜

  • Michell Ortiz
    Michell OrtizDag sedan

    cover Melanie martinez 💗

  • kasskass TV
    kasskass TVDag sedan

    Why don't she sing like this in some on her songs her chest voice (no hate just wondering)

  • Shaine Gozun
    Shaine GozunDag sedan

    2:09 Billie Eilish sounding like Arianna Grande like anyone agree

  • Hello
    Hello2 dagar sedan

    I think I went to school with that boy. He had a brother and they said their mom wouldnt let them cut their hair.

  • James Darrell
    James Darrell2 dagar sedan

    not that good

  • Kelly W
    Kelly W2 dagar sedan

    0:08 - 0:30 IS THE CUTEST THING EVER

  • Life Records
    Life Records2 dagar sedan

    That's awesome. Big fan.

  • Hamida
    Hamida2 dagar sedan

    I just fell in love with her voice in the last song, so strange and amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rajesh Parmar
    Rajesh Parmar3 dagar sedan

    So Cute billie 😄👍👍👍

  • Leon Altmark
    Leon Altmark3 dagar sedan

    Congratulations Billie you always had it. Please don’t go through all these phases to keep your stardom as others before did. Stay real without Vogue and designer glitzy stuff shtick. I expect you to be different, original and true to yourself. Please skip on the Nike design bs. What made you unique is you being a individualist not follower.

  • K I A R A ʟ ᴇ ᴇ
    K I A R A ʟ ᴇ ᴇ4 dagar sedan

    LITERAL ANGEL Yall can hate but you can't deny that she is incredibly, INCREDIBLY talented

  • vihanga yapa
    vihanga yapa5 dagar sedan

    I like your CUT G!

  • T. K. Glover
    T. K. Glover6 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know the titles of the songs she sang in each clip?

  • T. K. Glover

    T. K. Glover

    3 dagar sedan

    *UPDATE* Partial Song List "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" "Secret" by Missy Higgins "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys (Unknown) (Unknown) "Thinking Bout You" by Frank Ocean

  • hemana banana
    hemana banana7 dagar sedan

    Still can't sing . Amazing

  • Lutefisk Limeade
    Lutefisk Limeade7 dagar sedan

    She isn't good. Her brother is actually the talented one.

  • Paw Desu
    Paw Desu7 dagar sedan

    She is the cutest

  • Jade Packard
    Jade Packard7 dagar sedan

    WAIT IS THAT FINNEAS SINGING WITH HER?! he had long hair ? '-'

  • Rebecca Ash
    Rebecca Ash8 dagar sedan

    Now i understand why her music so different. It's her style ever since she was a kid. 👏

  • Maxamel
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  • Viewlizuadora
    Viewlizuadora8 dagar sedan

    E perceptível que ela altera a voz toda vez que canta..não e a voz natural dela aquela dos clips

  • Sunny and Cody
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    Omg her voiceeeeeee

  • Kayla Yang
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    Aw I love the Frank ocean & Alicia keys cover!

  • Catherine S. Todd
    Catherine S. Todd9 dagar sedan

    Incredible! She was born to be A STAR!

  • kami jenkins
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  • Will Baker
    Will Baker10 dagar sedan

    Wasn't Finneas Ronnie Jr in Modern Family?

  • Matt van den Ham
    Matt van den Ham10 dagar sedan

    I guess I'm missing something because she seems completely average talent wise

  • timtucker09
    timtucker0911 dagar sedan

    She can carry a tune...good job

  • joe jackson
    joe jackson11 dagar sedan

    This was before she actively tried to make herself look a summary active as possible.

  • fart my ass
    fart my ass11 dagar sedan

    Little did small Billie knew that she could achieve success at such a young age 🧚‍♂️💚

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P12 dagar sedan

    They play this at her Legends of Music Award, in thirty years from now.

  • kandigurl87
    kandigurl8712 dagar sedan

    I liked her with blond hair

  • kipling1957
    kipling195712 dagar sedan

    Who is Billie Eilish?

  • kipling1957


    Dag sedan

    @Carola Melito Thanks.

  • Carola Melito

    Carola Melito

    Dag sedan

    A famous singer

  • Videos Legais Que Tenho dó de apagar
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  • Videos Legais Que Tenho dó de apagar
    Videos Legais Que Tenho dó de apagar14 dagar sedan


  • Videos Legais Que Tenho dó de apagar
    Videos Legais Que Tenho dó de apagar14 dagar sedan


  • Dimitris Liapakis
    Dimitris Liapakis14 dagar sedan

    She should play Ciri in the Witcher

  • Brooke Alexander
    Brooke Alexander14 dagar sedan

    The face she made in the church when I people started cheering lmao

  • Diesel 1777
    Diesel 177715 dagar sedan

    what is the song she sings at 00.50min??

  • Yalisa Vd Greef
    Yalisa Vd Greef15 dagar sedan


  • Аліса Коцар
    Аліса Коцар16 dagar sedan

    Absolutely talentless. Just as she is now

  • Regents Park Music
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  • M.
    M.17 dagar sedan

    1:59 2:10 that’s the same song

  • M.
    M.17 dagar sedan

    1:59 angelic

  • Celina Lin
    Celina Lin17 dagar sedan

    How cuuuuttte 😍

  • Pirate Roberts
    Pirate Roberts18 dagar sedan

    Oh my god she couldn’t sing then… and nothing has changed. Horrible…

  • Sharmily S
    Sharmily S20 dagar sedan

    , she looks like scarlet jhonason.

  • Элина Фамеева
    Элина Фамеева20 dagar sedan

    1:40 song plese

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K20 dagar sedan

    When Eilish jumps out of her skin at the sudden roar of clapping. 😂

  • Jennifer Jenkins
    Jennifer Jenkins21 dag sedan

    There so talented

  • Eklaz OntheBeat
    Eklaz OntheBeat23 dagar sedan

    what is the name of the son of 1:31? thanks

  • lily Thompson
    lily Thompson23 dagar sedan

    I love her

  • Hugo Bres
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  • for you🤡
    for you🤡26 dagar sedan

    Billie eilish i love you, i'from Brazil

  • Jesse Caine
    Jesse Caine27 dagar sedan

    Shame modern music is so shit, though.

  • UwU
    UwU27 dagar sedan

    1:26 wow Billie is always the same 😂 we love u Bille

  • OfficerJungle
    OfficerJungle28 dagar sedan

    Only if she knew what was in store for her future. I bet she never thought she would be one of the worlds #1 artist of the 21st century

  • Mason Belanger
    Mason Belanger29 dagar sedan

    What's the name of the last song?

  • Allison Marie
    Allison Marie29 dagar sedan

    Billie I know how you do that thing with ur mouth that people think ur saying doi doi.. I started doing that young into my hand and the word u are saying is GIRL. omg my son goes crazy cuz he doesn't believe I am saying that word. U are the only other girl I've ever seen do that! It was so crazy to watch. I don't remember why or when I started doing that. But I used to and still bug people out cuz they have no clue how to do it. When I saw u my jaw literally dropped.. love Allison I hope u see this

  • Allison Marie

    Allison Marie

    29 dagar sedan


  • Whitelavender727
    Whitelavender727Månad sedan

    Wow crazy. She sucks just as bad back then as she does now.

  • grains de sésames

    grains de sésames

    26 dagar sedan

    She has never been a bad singer 😭💀

  • cristalejj 26
    cristalejj 26Månad sedan

    0:55 babe dying

  • Ansh Nayan
    Ansh NayanMånad sedan

    And now she gets a Grammy!

  • Daniela Nunez
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  • E180 TEKNO
    E180 TEKNOMånad sedan

    haaaaaa why does not continue in this style 01:04 she would have torn all of them even more

  • jglow
    jglowMånad sedan

    That was when Billie was in a full fledged relationship with Justin Bieber, before he broke her heart.😍😘😜

  • P.R. Chakma
    P.R. ChakmaMånad sedan

    Singing is absolutely her in-born talent!

  • Abigail {slut for Billie}
    Abigail {slut for Billie}Månad sedan

    That's true,why doesn't Billie sing in her chest voice?

  • Lonesomeshaddow
    LonesomeshaddowMånad sedan

    2:09 whats that song?

  • Alain Nino Gàbor
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    0:17 😂😂😂

  • HisRoyalMajesty 08
    HisRoyalMajesty 08Månad sedan

    Kid mac miller was more talented than Billie R.I.P. Malcolm McCormick

  • An_avocaado
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    2:07 is this really singing 😂😂❤❤

  • An_avocaado
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    1:40 yesssss whoo hoooo hooooOooO

  • An_avocaado
    An_avocaadoMånad sedan

    0:49 its actually nlt so bad

  • An_avocaado
    An_avocaadoMånad sedan

    Thank you everybody whoo hooOooOOoOOoOoO

  • Cal 99ers
    Cal 99ersMånad sedan

    That poor kid in church with that Croup Cough

  • nicholas williams
    nicholas williamsMånad sedan

    That was a star in the making now she shining bright love her

  • jules wins
    jules winsMånad sedan

    She got a little better as time went on.

  • E O
    E OMånad sedan

    5:31pm 14/6/21

  • Arthur Henrique
    Arthur HenriqueMånad sedan

    Who would have thought that little girl would win 7 Grammys

  • Ms Zreik
    Ms ZreikMånad sedan

    How dare that man cough while billie performing

  • Justin Carroll
    Justin CarrollMånad sedan

    Love my silly Billie

  • Mark Griskey
    Mark GriskeyMånad sedan

    Beautiful. I love seeing the development. The human voice is the one instrument I am "behind the curve" on

  • Papi Chulo
    Papi ChuloMånad sedan

    The kid coughing in the background 😭👹

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren SmithMånad sedan

    The day I learned she had a chest voice. Her head voice and whisper style have set her apart but man if she started mixing that powerful chest voice in there she’d blow everyone else out of the water. She’s extremely talented

  • [ i n e ]
    [ i n e ]Månad sedan

    2:09 OKAY WHAT---

  • Jess Taylor
    Jess TaylorMånad sedan

    Wow........ What a star in the making so much talent 😂😂😂😂

  • Mario S
    Mario SMånad sedan

    Perseverance and determination

    TiVVESTYMånad sedan

    Love bil so much but pretty sure she won't sing like this again. After "dont smile at me" ep, her voice went from slightly fuller and lighter to an even more whisper-like tone, and i think that's why many people say she "can't sing".

  • Pat
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  • cowpattycreek
    cowpattycreekMånad sedan

    3:08 damn Finneas!

  • Al Children: Recopilaciones y Tops!!
    Al Children: Recopilaciones y Tops!!Månad sedan

    Hermosa 😍

  • Spoiler Film
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    Is that billie eilish ?

  • Esrafeel Feels
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    fame spoiled her

  • ✿Ohayo-bears✿
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    Cute cute cute cuteeeee 💕🛐

  • Tina Andrews
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    BRANDON SHROCKMånad sedan

    Wait, 2:25 long haired Finneas?!?!

  • William Paul
    William PaulMånad sedan

    First clip: Hey, she sounds like a normal child! Second clip: Oh.

  • Emily Schooler

    Emily Schooler

    11 dagar sedan

    that is because she is, she lived like any other girl, till her first hit 'ocean eyes' she even took dance classes

  • Madeleine Koonce

    Madeleine Koonce

    13 dagar sedan


  • Golu Dahiya

    Golu Dahiya

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    Yaa right !!!!

  • Brittnie Bern
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    So güt

    DJZONEYMånad sedan