Billie Eilish ~ The End of the World (Lyrics)


  • brooke p.
    brooke p.23 minuter sedan

    mateo and rufus

  • Jacky
    Jacky59 minuter sedan

    My mind immediately went to the Carmilla Series and: •Carmilla being dead S1 •Carmilla & Laura fight S2 •Danny dyingS2 •Matti dying S2 •Laura and Carmilla moments S3 especially the last scene 😍

  • Goddess Lucifer
    Goddess Lucifer6 timmar sedan

    My babygirl doesn't even know how special and beautiful she is.

  • Billie Eilish Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish Billie Eilish9 timmar sedan


  • cowgirl hat
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  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama15 timmar sedan

    “If we had 5 more minutes” -caroline forbes & liz forbes

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee21 timme sedan

    This song reminds me of Sally face when sally found out Larry killed himself.

  • _weirdo_ bella_
    _weirdo_ bella_Dag sedan

    "If we had five more minutes" Me and him

  • B
    BDag sedan


  • Khai Enbee
    Khai EnbeeDag sedan

    i know this is a cover but jesus this song was meant for her to song

  • Milie Pelletier
    Milie PelletierDag sedan

    If we had 5 more minutes my mind: Lexa...

  • lashai forward
    lashai forwardDag sedan

    omg this song reminds me of when damon rang elena and said who would of got the goodbye and she says i love stefan and he says no i get its alwtas gonna be stefan and then 3 season later thier saying goodbye toghter as she goes in a coma

  • lashai forward
    lashai forwardDag sedan

    " if we had 5 more minutes" ... 3 words .... stefan and caroline

  • lashai forward
    lashai forwardDag sedan

    " if we had 5 more minutes 3 words .... elijah and hayley

  • Water Im-alone
    Water Im-aloneDag sedan

    Am i crying because i was reading in another life before this? Yes, yes indeed i am. (Iykyk)

  • AwesomeAlicia AB
    AwesomeAlicia ABDag sedan

    when i say billie is underated, T H I S I S W H A T I M E A N like bad guy is good, and so is all the other really popular songs that blew up. bUT THIS MASTERPIECE IS UNMATCHABLE IM SORRY.

  • 624clexa100
    624clexa1002 dagar sedan

    "if we had 5 more minutes" bonnie and enzo clarke and lexa ymir and historia elijah and hayley

  • Ana Laura Corradi
    Ana Laura Corradi2 dagar sedan

    i have… i have depression?

  • Letícia Rodrigues Lenhardt
    Letícia Rodrigues Lenhardt2 dagar sedan

    If Luke had five more minutes with his mother🥺 series: Julie and the Phantoms. Listen to Unsaid Emily and cry!

  • Letícia Rodrigues Lenhardt
    Letícia Rodrigues Lenhardt2 dagar sedan

    I remember Julie and the Phantoms listening to this song... Luke e Emily 🥺❤️

  • danaysia lambert
    danaysia lambert2 dagar sedan

    “ if we had 5 more minutes “(if you watched fear street) Alice & Cindy Cindy & ziggy Tommy & Cindy Kate & josh Simon & Kate deena & sam

  • Stéfani Paula Sant'ana
    Stéfani Paula Sant'ana2 dagar sedan

    isn’t this music on spotify? if it’s please somebody send me the link

  • Lucy Romero
    Lucy Romero2 dagar sedan

    “i’ll see you in 5 minutes” -Paul Walker

  • Leah Adams
    Leah Adams2 dagar sedan

    If we had 5 more minutes…. My mind: Clarke+Lexa Octavia+Lincoln Tonks+Lupin James+Lilly Tobias/Four+Tris Augustus+Hazel

  • Dirt.
    Dirt.3 dagar sedan

    if we had 5 more minutes id watch jack manifold can't stop that jack manifold grind

  • Jacqueline Lopez

    Jacqueline Lopez

    6 timmar sedan


  • Dirt.
    Dirt.3 dagar sedan

    my comfort song ik its a cover, but i prefer this one

  • Yasmina Bouziane Nedjadi
    Yasmina Bouziane Nedjadi3 dagar sedan

    This song is made for duc leto and jessica from dune

  • firepie 005
    firepie 0053 dagar sedan

    1:18 ofc spend them with BILLIE ofccccc Not leaving no best frends behind

  • urdadshairyballsack
    urdadshairyballsack3 dagar sedan

    if we had five more minutes, Newt….

  • Olivia Summer
    Olivia Summer3 dagar sedan

    i’m confused, billie stans pls don’t come for me, but did billie write this song or is it a cover? cause i’ve seen yt videos with the name as cover so i have no clue

  • ACL_tired o-o

    ACL_tired o-o

    2 dagar sedan

    Yeah she did a cover of the song but i can’t remember who originally sang it

  • Kellz
    Kellz3 dagar sedan

    “Because you smiled at me.” “What?” “You asked why I wanted to do this with you. It’s not because you were up on the ledge too, even though, okay, that’s part of it. It’s not because I feel this weird responsibility to keep an eye on you, which is also part of it. It’s because you smiled at me that day in class. A real smile, not the bullshit one I see you give everyone all the time where your eyes are doing one thing and your mouth is doing another.” “It was just a smile.” “Maybe to you.” ― Jennifer Niven, All the Bright Places(book)

  • lexi
    lexi3 dagar sedan

    “if we had five more minutes” rufus and mateo:((

  • Kellz


    3 dagar sedan


  • Erik Fickey
    Erik Fickey4 dagar sedan


  • Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf4 dagar sedan


  • julia brianna
    julia brianna4 dagar sedan

    who i think of when it says “if we had five more minutes”: james & lily remus & sirius draco & astoria caroline & stefan hayley & klaus enzo & bonnie (!!!)

  • kanna
    kanna4 dagar sedan


  • Vortex
    Vortex4 dagar sedan


  • camila Pienegonda
    camila Pienegonda4 dagar sedan

    literally any paring in Merlin

  • Perseverance Soul
    Perseverance Soul4 dagar sedan

    When I was walking to school and got to the end of the song, the world stopped and went silent for just a moment

  • Master Beo
    Master Beo4 dagar sedan

    DIO: * rhythmically nods in agreement *

  • gen. just gen.
    gen. just gen.4 dagar sedan

    if we had 5 more minutes of air, my parents would wanna spend them with me. or so they say. but id take off running away. far into the woods where they can't find me. after all they put me through and all they did to me, they don't deserve to have that moment with me. id rather come to peace with my own company than spend it with my living demons in that house.

  • caitlyn mendoza
    caitlyn mendoza5 dagar sedan

    “If we had 5 more minutes” You can’t tell me that’s not for Fred and George 😭

  • danah abdulaziz
    danah abdulaziz5 dagar sedan

    natasha and yelena??

  • Aishwarya Singh
    Aishwarya Singh5 dagar sedan

    Billie's voice has the essence of amazing depression, looks weird but it does. It can get you through a lot, like my strange addiction 💙

  • Try Again
    Try Again5 dagar sedan

    Is this cover by another artist? Why didn't Billie put the song on her channel?

  • Try Again

    Try Again

    3 dagar sedan

    @Idkwhattoputherelmao thank you

  • Idkwhattoputherelmao


    5 dagar sedan

    its a cover of rob dickinson's song :)

  • Sunk
    Sunk5 dagar sedan

    How have I never heard of this? This is literally the first time I've heard this song?? Where was this all this time??

  • Idkwhattoputherelmao


    5 dagar sedan

    maybe cus its a cover idk

  • Emily Mckague
    Emily Mckague5 dagar sedan

    I wish this was on spotify

  • cherry
    cherry6 dagar sedan

  • Bella M
    Bella M6 dagar sedan

    Violet and Draco from Limerence

  • Adventures with cherish 2.0
    Adventures with cherish 2.06 dagar sedan

    "five more minutes" Cindy+Ziggy.

  • carms
    carms6 dagar sedan

    “If we had 5 more minutes” 1 word Michael 😢

  • Reka
    Reka7 dagar sedan

    the thing is this just hurt when u dont have someone to spend the last five more minutes with so u just imagine ur comfort fictional character instead ..

  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose7 dagar sedan

    Thinking of Ziggy and Cindy while listening to this and I’m sobbing

  • Xx Maja xX
    Xx Maja xX7 dagar sedan


  • Qubed
    Qubed7 dagar sedan

    i cant express the amount of respect i have for this young woman. her voice is just breathtaking. i wish to sing like her someday

  • Jiikai Ru
    Jiikai Ru7 dagar sedan

    Catch me crying to this right after finishing The Invisible Life of Addie Larue

  • Chloe Leavitt
    Chloe Leavitt7 dagar sedan

    Two words: aelin and nehemia.

  • Sofia
    Sofia7 dagar sedan


  • KK’s World
    KK’s World8 dagar sedan

    “if we had 5 more minutes” me: onyx blaise and mel in the recent obscene chapter

  • harry potter edits
    harry potter edits8 dagar sedan

    “i’ll go with you”

  • fenix
    fenix8 dagar sedan

    rengoku deserved 5 more minutes

  • Lucien
    Lucien8 dagar sedan

    This is something I would like to said to my grandpa, but it's really late now, it's funny how I just spent five years without you, I miss you, you were like my father to me, after all, because you were there when no one was, I really hope you're happy whenever you are

  • Nicolas Otero
    Nicolas Otero8 dagar sedan

    this cover is soul destroying

  • mika izuki
    mika izuki8 dagar sedan

    “if we had five more minutes” my mind: peter and tony (NOT as a ship) nat and steve loki and mobius steve and bucky morgan and tony scott and cassie yelena and nat t’chaka and t’challa bucky and wakanda wanda and pietro wanda and vision happy and tony nat and wanda

  • •

    7 dagar sedan

    loki and thor too not a ship ofc!

  • K Cris
    K Cris8 dagar sedan

    3:46 THE RUNS

  • K Cris
    K Cris8 dagar sedan

    3:34 😫😮‍💨😮‍💨❤️

  • salvctored
    salvctored9 dagar sedan

    rufus and mateo :(

  • Little Angel
    Little Angel9 dagar sedan

    3:37 ... in this part i die

  • Anaëlle Grau
    Anaëlle Grau9 dagar sedan

    rich and grace … if they were five more min ..

  • Anaëlle Grau
    Anaëlle Grau9 dagar sedan

    wow idk what to say its just so … wow

  • ydk me
    ydk me9 dagar sedan

    bro literally all I can think about when I listen to this song is Sophia and ace this shit broke me I couldn't breathe

  • hermione jean granger
    hermione jean granger9 dagar sedan

    marauders anthem

  • Emilia V
    Emilia V9 dagar sedan

    Okay but Hope to Klaus...(tvdu)

  • Elayne Aguirre
    Elayne Aguirre9 dagar sedan

    I can only think of my dog that was taken away from me to only find out months later that he has cancer from tumors and I wasn’t even able to see him before they put him down :(

  • Srta. Daudiツ
    Srta. Daudiツ10 dagar sedan

    "sa-yo-na-ra"... If we had five more minutes....

  • Isabella K
    Isabella K10 dagar sedan

    If we had five more minutes 🥺

  • Rolling Rock Studio
    Rolling Rock Studio10 dagar sedan

    자존감 낮은 우울증 환자의 독백 잘 들었어요

  • N U S A Y B A
    N U S A Y B A10 dagar sedan

    Fact: You can never forget how Billie made you feel.

  • Eliseo Ayala
    Eliseo Ayala11 dagar sedan

    Love it

  • JasmineSan
    JasmineSan12 dagar sedan


  • Anabelle Rios
    Anabelle Rios12 dagar sedan

    This reminds me of 6.8.18

  • Kaylynn Murphy
    Kaylynn Murphy12 dagar sedan

    I know she was queerbaiting and she’s racist but she can sing

  • Beef


    8 dagar sedan


  • 💛💛💛
    💛💛💛12 dagar sedan

    This is so *beautiful*

  • idkwhatisthis
    idkwhatisthis12 dagar sedan


  • Grace Ward
    Grace Ward12 dagar sedan

    “If we had 5 more minutes” Louis + Harry from 1D

  • olixa2006 xd
    olixa2006 xd12 dagar sedan

    "If we had five more minutes." Thomas and Newt 😭😭

  • vibes:)


    2 dagar sedan

    Dont do this, pls

  • Elbay Mursalov

    Elbay Mursalov

    11 dagar sedan

    im gonna cry

  • Toriann Hall
    Toriann Hall12 dagar sedan

    "If we only had five more minutes" Ace+sofia Ash + eiji August+ Victoria Mine + tatsumi

  • corina
    corina13 dagar sedan

    my sister just broke up with her boyfriend because he hurt her to much. ive never seen her so sad. any tips to make her happy??

  • po tae toes👹
    po tae toes👹13 dagar sedan

    Sad twerking

  • Omega Rose
    Omega Rose13 dagar sedan

    isnt it sad that she sais they have 5 more minutes of air and the song lasts 4 minutes and 23 seconds? :(

  • Isabela Fonseca
    Isabela Fonseca13 dagar sedan

    "Let me go, It's okay"

  • hellwasboring666
    hellwasboring66613 dagar sedan

    Pov: everybody keeps talking about this song but you're crying about they both die at the end

  • hellwasboring666


    3 dagar sedan

    @krishna yeah it was so cruel I cried so fucking much 😭 (his name is Mateo by the way)

  • krishna


    3 dagar sedan

    @hellwasboring666 i was sobbing and crying when the first one of them died while making coffee ( i forgot the name cuz its almost been an year)

  • lexi


    3 dagar sedan

    me rn

  • Lily Malligan

    Lily Malligan

    4 dagar sedan


  • hellwasboring666


    9 dagar sedan

    @spotloves_ me same I never thought that there was a book that was so sad and so good at the sa. S time 😪

  • joannielt
    joannielt13 dagar sedan


  • Chilling with jay
    Chilling with jay13 dagar sedan

    Hi future me

  • Diego Navarro Rivadeneyra
    Diego Navarro Rivadeneyra13 dagar sedan

    An amazing cover.

  • Hayden Carlson
    Hayden Carlson14 dagar sedan

    literally anytime i hear this song, i start crying… my dog recently had puppies and i was so close to them and they sadly passed away.. 💔 I wasn’t with them when they died, and i wish i could just see them again . Atleast five more minutes with them.. I just want to atleast see them once again.

  • Kaylie Mancino
    Kaylie Mancino14 dagar sedan

    this is giving me marianne and héloïse vibes

  • snapthatneckk
    snapthatneckk14 dagar sedan

    "if we had 5 more minutes" *thinks of newt and thomas. . .*

  • Luna
    Luna15 dagar sedan

    Ymir: I'm sorry.. Hange: Historia. You got a letter. "To my dear Historia, as i write this love letter-.." "the only thing I'm sad about is that i was not able to marry you..-"

  • Derek Keenan
    Derek Keenan15 dagar sedan