Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes [Live In The Lounge]


  • Hind Boutnafri
    Hind BoutnafriTimme sedan

    The boy ruined Billie eilish


    Cara essa música n é pra qualquer pessoa cantar, billie é billie manw respeitada rainha das vozes ❤🙌

  • blusofa
    blusofaDag sedan


  • Jade Sepe
    Jade Sepe2 dagar sedan

    at times they slip way too much 😌🤨 but go ahead go ahead it's not very serious

  • robochoco4
    robochoco43 dagar sedan

    Amazing. Been listening to it everyday since I first heard this.

  • Snehal's Film
    Snehal's Film4 dagar sedan

    Love you blish

  • Thomas Nappo
    Thomas Nappo6 dagar sedan

    Amazing control...

  • Nathalie Rodriguez
    Nathalie Rodriguez6 dagar sedan

    I've never heard something so beautiful like this 💚🙏

  • Unisulov
    Unisulov7 dagar sedan

    In a world full of fake music, this is a gem, thank you for making such an honest music

  • Cap Hill
    Cap Hill7 dagar sedan

    She can hit the notes. Ive heard her sing up close. Still not bad for being under the weather.

  • Keirah Barnor
    Keirah Barnor10 dagar sedan

    Goshhh her voice is just amazing!!!!!!!!😭😍

  • Red Ice
    Red Ice10 dagar sedan

    The best

    FARAH ABDALAH10 dagar sedan

    I. Miss old billie

  • Eduarda Coutinho
    Eduarda Coutinho14 dagar sedan

    i love her voice. i can't explain but it makes me so good, she is really my comfort character

  • Deborah Moore
    Deborah Moore17 dagar sedan

    love ya billie 💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Habibymusic
    Habibymusic17 dagar sedan

    Hey guys i just made a remix of this song!

  • Adrian Alexander
    Adrian Alexander17 dagar sedan

    getting strong ANOHNI vibes from her bro here

  • Puja Puja
    Puja Puja18 dagar sedan


  • Jackson Aguilar
    Jackson Aguilar18 dagar sedan

    Don't record and edit something you can't pull off live! New age artists make me spew!

  • George Murphy
    George Murphy18 dagar sedan


  • Sandro Rostovskiy
    Sandro Rostovskiy18 dagar sedan

  • Sandro Rostovskiy

    Sandro Rostovskiy

    18 dagar sedan

    Так лучше

  • Brandon kisosondi
    Brandon kisosondi20 dagar sedan

    Her beautiful voice cracking would have pissed me off bad too but STAHP you are perfect and this makes people just starting like me feel better.

  • KyleFromYT
    KyleFromYT21 dag sedan

    Billie ❤💞

  • Abdalla Haddad
    Abdalla Haddad21 dag sedan

    Never record something you can’t do live... the song is awesome tho

  • Ninni Dt
    Ninni Dt21 dag sedan

    chi è qui nel 2021?

  • Insomniac Music
    Insomniac Music23 dagar sedan

    her brother is a star in his own right, beautiful.

  • L̷e̷a̷n̷-C̷ツ
    L̷e̷a̷n̷-C̷ツ24 dagar sedan

    te amo

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown25 dagar sedan

    I just woke up...cuz I had been sleeping.on her ...god damn

  • Abraão Alves
    Abraão Alves25 dagar sedan

    Her best performance ever.

  • Pinkkay8
    Pinkkay826 dagar sedan


  • Amjad Lojain
    Amjad Lojain27 dagar sedan

    I love this version more

  • Lola kabikwa
    Lola kabikwaMånad sedan

    She looses her breath as she sings but

  • Gustavo Silva
    Gustavo SilvaMånad sedan

    Thos ocean E... Omg Yaallll

  • vanilla sundae
    vanilla sundaeMånad sedan

    Made me like her more ! This song is everything!

  • Stecca
    SteccaMånad sedan

    beAUTIFUL PERFORMS, let me say that i really can't stop thinking on those fucking gorgeous ocean eyes jajjajjaj. This performs is diferent and natural, the fact that Eili fail the note makes a mood that i wish to be there !!! i DONT KNOW how to call her but i like TO SAY Eili, so thank you so much i love from ARGENTINA

  • Delphini Boo
    Delphini BooMånad sedan

    I couldn't stop staring at her ocean eyes.😂

  • Emily Rock
    Emily RockMånad sedan

  • C.J
    C.JMånad sedan

    at 3:35 it doesn't look like she's singing, and at the end she closes her mouth before the note ends.

  • Cornelius Gray
    Cornelius GrayMånad sedan

    I love you billie!

  • Apurba Biswas
    Apurba BiswasMånad sedan

    Horrible voice

  • Daud Choudhry
    Daud ChoudhryMånad sedan


  • No Name
    No NameMånad sedan

    Anyone elsr watch this over 100 times?

  • ISAAC HMAR Billop op jokit
    ISAAC HMAR Billop op jokitMånad sedan

    The best song ever in world

  • Gamer Glam
    Gamer GlamMånad sedan

    People say it’s mumble singing and honestly my mumbles sound no where as near as beautiful as this. So beautiful and so much emotion is out into this song

  • Mariah Klingeman
    Mariah KlingemanMånad sedan


  • Shelly-Ann Williams
    Shelly-Ann WilliamsMånad sedan

    Love u Billie!!!

  • KANK 6 6 6
    KANK 6 6 6Månad sedan

    STOP!! WINCH!!!!!!

  • Riya Singg
    Riya SinggMånad sedan

    finneas sang shit here

  • Abigail J
    Abigail JMånad sedan

    Crying 😭😭 so powerful to see such a powerful voice make mistakes. I hope she knows how inspiring that is, and how real it makes her. Everything she has she worked hard for. So awesome

  • Tom Faron
    Tom FaronMånad sedan

    Finneas killin' it on the nord stage 2!

  • Nick Breedveld
    Nick BreedveldMånad sedan


  • Delicca Tollner
    Delicca TollnerMånad sedan

    The deep beast jointly box because agreement timely fetch pace a vague thread. feeble feigned, slow wednesday

  • Sena Scamander
    Sena ScamanderMånad sedan

    I looooove it.

  • Justin Ys brother
    Justin Ys brotherMånad sedan

    She can’t sing

  • Kneegrow#
    Kneegrow#Månad sedan

    i do wish that shit pianist would stop trying to harmonise out of key, pos. get outta here

  • Sudipta Roy
    Sudipta RoyMånad sedan

    she is always best....❤❤❤

  • sabzi khoshk
    sabzi khoshkMånad sedan

    Junk music

  • Roller Girl
    Roller GirlMånad sedan

    Their relationship makes me brothers never treated me with this kind of love and respect and I craved it so badly 💙

  • Francisca Cantes
    Francisca CantesMånad sedan

    I really like to meet Billie and where does she live?!?!

  • Brandt Maxwell
    Brandt MaxwellMånad sedan

    Overrated 👎 Freya Ridings has a better voice. Just not as good of a marketer.

  • Kyle Major
    Kyle MajorMånad sedan

    How Finneas just jumped in switched it up coz she was having tired voice day! Brilliant!

  • Kristin Jones
    Kristin JonesMånad sedan

    Voice of an angel, made me tear up! What a beautiful soul 💖

  • L
    LMånad sedan

    Brother is way more talented but she brings the cherry in top

  • Krissy's Makeup Reviews
    Krissy's Makeup ReviewsMånad sedan

    Such a beautiful song. I hope she produces more like this one day xo

  • Kathleen R
    Kathleen R2 månader sedan

    i had a heart attack at 1:21

  • Kelly Bryant
    Kelly Bryant2 månader sedan

    This has to be the hardest song to sing! god damn she is so brilliant!!

  • msphil4life
    msphil4life2 månader sedan

    Something about this young lady!!! And....Her brother is truly a GEM💕💕.

  • James Flores
    James Flores2 månader sedan


  • Vincent Chase
    Vincent Chase2 månader sedan

    Better than most of the content out there these days. She really is very talented.

  • silentbutterfly
    silentbutterfly2 månader sedan

    Brothers encouraging nod....and my sis wont even let me out sing her

  • kieshaanne ramirez
    kieshaanne ramirez2 månader sedan

    “you really know how to make my cry when you give me those ocean eyes” subtitles: you really know how to make me cry when you give me those lotions💀

  • StyleMeThrift
    StyleMeThrift2 månader sedan

    she probably had a cold or it was super early, still sounded amazing!

  • Kareli Leyva
    Kareli Leyva2 månader sedan

    She is so real...❤️ and this song is so amazing.❤️

  • Junjungfa channel
    Junjungfa channel2 månader sedan

    This is really good, I like Billie Eilish, I hope to meet Bilie Eilish

  • Trip J
    Trip J2 månader sedan

    Need that puke button

  • cmomofilm
    cmomofilm2 månader sedan

    She can't sing, she's a whisper singer.

  • Ysane
    Ysane2 månader sedan

    finneas looks so proud

  • Emma Bright
    Emma Bright2 månader sedan

    Bloody brilliant

  • Ashley Pie
    Ashley Pie2 månader sedan

    Am I the only one who is still trying to process her looks vs talent? I thought she was a Rockstar loll

  • Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris2 månader sedan

    Angel warriors

  • Amanda Harris
    Amanda Harris2 månader sedan

    U both are so amazing, beautiful angels ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lightsafer Beats
    Lightsafer Beats2 månader sedan

    This Song is Beautiful

  • i am workin
    i am workin2 månader sedan

    Finneas is so humble and supportive, everyone needs a Finneas :D

  • Rac Mm
    Rac Mm2 månader sedan

    support, billie

  • Sabrina N
    Sabrina N2 månader sedan

    He is the real shining brilliance here. She's just the conduit.

  • Bruno Ledesma
    Bruno Ledesma2 månader sedan

    1:18 Being humble and not being ashamed to make mistakes, admirable.

  • Ben Landon
    Ben Landon2 månader sedan

    I love this singing personality disorder. So talented despite her disturbed psychology.

  • Quillow D.
    Quillow D.2 månader sedan

    Not so good live 😳

  • sigmund tabucanon
    sigmund tabucanon2 månader sedan

    She cute

  • О К
    О К2 månader sedan

    Супер чистый звук! Услада для ушей)))))))

  • Michelle R
    Michelle R2 månader sedan


  • Othembela Soji
    Othembela Soji2 månader sedan

    damn the bro can sing. Billie is just a star man i'm lost for words to describe her

  • מיטל טליאס
    מיטל טליאס2 månader sedan

    I love you

  • Jhade Bredenkamp
    Jhade Bredenkamp2 månader sedan

    can phineas be quiet please. he shouldn't sing and billie would benefit more from actual back up singers who can sing like-

  • d7
    d72 månader sedan

    ok now its getting complicated. keep it simple

  • Kristofer Hernandez
    Kristofer Hernandez2 månader sedan

    why i feel like people i just rude in the chat like STOP BEING RUDE PEOPLE

  • Ash_wat_hi✨
    Ash_wat_hi✨2 månader sedan

    She have that ocean eyes❤️

  • Misshi Eilish O'Connell ~
    Misshi Eilish O'Connell ~2 månader sedan

    Perfección al 100% 👌

  • Ahsatan Nessisari
    Ahsatan Nessisari2 månader sedan

    Wallah...beautiful. .

  • Elif Sunkur
    Elif Sunkur2 månader sedan

    blue-haired billie was different