Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (LIVE FROM THE STEVE JOBS THEATER)


  • Ramsha Khan
    Ramsha Khan6 dagar sedan

    The bestest ever live solo performance

  • José Gouveia
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  • Abel Martínez
    Abel Martínez6 dagar sedan

    Billie Eillish is everything I wanted

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  • Billie  V
    Billie V7 dagar sedan


  • Billie  V
    Billie V7 dagar sedan


  • Creator District
    Creator District8 dagar sedan

    Somehow, I end up here every single day just to listen to this

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  • k3nleeiscool
    k3nleeiscool11 dagar sedan

    my favorite live performance of hers

  • Mohamed Mahdi malaki
    Mohamed Mahdi malaki13 dagar sedan

    درجه یک

  • Sebastian Vogel
    Sebastian Vogel14 dagar sedan

    0% Autotune 100% Talent

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    اعبيده اعبيده15 dagar sedan


  • اعبيده اعبيده
    اعبيده اعبيده15 dagar sedan


  • 허지호
    허지호15 dagar sedan

    steve! job! theater!!!!!

  • Quỳnh Thy
    Quỳnh Thy16 dagar sedan

    I had a dream I got everything I wanted Not what you'd think And if I'm being honest It might've been a nightmare To anyone who might care Thought I could fly (fly) So I stepped off the Golden, mm Nobody cried (cried, cried, cried, cried) Nobody even noticed I saw them standing right there Kinda thought they might care (might care, might care) I had a dream I got everything I wanted But when I wake up, I see You with me And you say, "As long as I'm here No one can hurt you Don't wanna lie here But you can learn to If I could change The way that you see yourself You wouldn't wonder why you hear They don't deserve you" I tried to scream But my head was underwater They called me weak Like I'm not just somebody's daughter Coulda been a nightmare But it felt like they were right there And it feels like yesterday was a year ago But I don't wanna let anybody know 'Cause everybody wants something from me now And I don't wanna let 'em down I had a dream I got everything I wanted But when I wake up, I see You with me And you say, "As long as I'm here No one can hurt you Don't wanna lie here But you can learn to If I could change The way that you see yourself You wouldn't wonder why you hear They don't deserve you" If I knew it all then would I do it again? Would I do it again? If they knew what they said would go straight to my head What would they say instead? If I knew it all then would I do it again? Would I do it again? If they knew what they said would go straight to my head What would they say instead?

  • Abdu Aqeel
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  • Anna & Lisa Ritmak
    Anna & Lisa Ritmak17 dagar sedan

    I always love your songs

  • Sami Constantinides
    Sami Constantinides17 dagar sedan

    Thank you for waking me up from this dream! Yes I see Sam with me I know they don't deserve me oh well! I keep moving forward knowing there's no winner over love! Highly appreciate your music your love! If it comes from love pure ok but it didn't! Keep going keep moving forward. It was all a dream! Maha

  • Tsitsi Myambo
    Tsitsi Myambo18 dagar sedan

    Amazing luv it

  • Astrid flores
    Astrid flores26 dagar sedan

    Their love is beautiful 😊

  • Hailey Dass
    Hailey Dass27 dagar sedan

    this bad guy is my strange addiction and everything I wanted. her music gives me a bellyache. sometimes she makes me want to bury a friend. she makes me look forward to my future :)

  • Erodilde Flores
    Erodilde Flores29 dagar sedan

    Assistindo do Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Theodore Pakkeman
    Theodore PakkemanMånad sedan

    Billie Eilish

  • John S.
    John S.Månad sedan

    The look Finneas gives her during the line “Everybody wants something from me now and I don’t want to let them down” . . .

  • Lazy Mornings
    Lazy MorningsMånad sedan

    All I want is her ... All I want is to meet her just once atleast ..

  • Секрет БОЛЬШОЙ
    Секрет БОЛЬШОЙMånad sedan

    молодец вот это красиво живой звук - лучшая певица!

  • A Little Part
    A Little PartMånad sedan


  • Esma Demir
    Esma DemirMånad sedan

    1 tane türk hayranım var 1 tane de yabancı biri billie elish biri BUSE DUYGU ama en iyisi bu🎤🎹

  • TeddyRats
    TeddyRatsMånad sedan

    always will be my favorite song.. makes me cry everytime 💕

  • JasmineSan
    JasmineSanMånad sedan

    Neném da mamãe 😍

  • πKawertaπ
    πKawertaπMånad sedan

    I love you billie eilish ❤️💞💖🙈

  • Child
    ChildMånad sedan

    How come no one talks about Phineas

  • Im'fakh r
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  • Alisa Kröger
    Alisa KrögerMånad sedan

    Its best thing of Billie she don't need autotune!

  • Rando Charmed xcx
    Rando Charmed xcxMånad sedan

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  • Valérie D. G
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    💓❤️MAGNIFIQUE DuO🎼🎹❤️💓👌🏻

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  • Павел Иванов
    Павел ИвановMånad sedan

    Тысячу раз могу сказать что ты молодец! 🙏

  • lori burke
    lori burkeMånad sedan

    What talent! Also her brothers..she is AMAZING...when can I see her in concert!?

  • katis999
    katis9992 månader sedan

    Very nice

  • L Grace
    L Grace2 månader sedan

    Please go check out my cover of this song if you have time. It would mean the absolute world to me!! 🎵

  • Mattia Rivoltella
    Mattia Rivoltella2 månader sedan

    She is soooo talented

  • Mattia Rivoltella
    Mattia Rivoltella2 månader sedan

    She is sooo talented

  • April Hutapea
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  • Reema Shehadeh
    Reema Shehadeh2 månader sedan

    She is voice very bueatful 💗💗😍😍😍💞🥰

  • Alexis Otti
    Alexis Otti2 månader sedan

    There is always finneas❤🧡💛💚💙💖💜🖤💎😍😃🌈🌸

  • fans billie eillish
    fans billie eillish2 månader sedan

    Awesome 👏🏻

  • silkktheshocker
    silkktheshocker2 månader sedan

    Anyone else get tingles?

  • Robin Team
    Robin Team2 månader sedan

    Jesus is everything we wanted

  • Laylaa Lehmannn
    Laylaa Lehmannn2 månader sedan

    I would just like to say we dont give Finneas enough recognition. Like no where near enough.

  • Sanjana S
    Sanjana S2 månader sedan

    im crying i love her voice and something about her music just makes me feel like i'm in heaven like this really peaceful place i would literally die to watch her sing live one day

    PORCH PONE2 månader sedan

    Top 20 English Songs 🎵 Hits of 2020 | Porch Pone

  • The Carpenters
    The Carpenters2 månader sedan

    Billie is beautiful has the most glorious voice and however is rude to her is just a bully and wished they looked like her and is wishing there as talented as her

  • Georg Ernst
    Georg Ernst2 månader sedan

    So eine Art Schlaflied.

  • Yasmin
    Yasmin2 månader sedan

    Ladies and Gentelman she´s the one who saved us from Depression

  • Mehmed Akif ER
    Mehmed Akif ER2 månader sedan

    fuck that audience scream. every time i heard that, i turn down the sound, bcs i have neighboursss

  • fans de the umbrella academic
    fans de the umbrella academic2 månader sedan

    Yo al hoir la cansion no se q diga buscandola traduccida es hermosa la cansion ojala tuviera un amor asi

  • Agnes Miron
    Agnes Miron2 månader sedan

    She’s such a legend, normal financially-gifted people will never understand the pain she’s crossing right now. Billie you’re such a incredible person, you are my present time favorite artist, Michael Jackson ranking at perished favorite. It’s just so deep and wonderful! Billie you will always be my idol, you’re voice and songs always make me feel good ✨💫🌊

  • priya
    priya2 månader sedan


  • Rage At Your Own Risk
    Rage At Your Own Risk2 månader sedan

    I love this song and all of her other songs

    ALEATÓRIO2 månader sedan


  • Juliette Vermeulen
    Juliette Vermeulen2 månader sedan

    She sings with so much emotion waaw

  • احداث اخر الزمان
    احداث اخر الزمان2 månader sedan

    Message to the benefactors viewers Help a family who lives among the Atlas Mountains Brothers of short stature and widows of needy Watch the free Facebook channel Spread goodness to the world The bank account number of the association in the description box Thank you very much to the viewers🙋👍👍

  • Milissa Mackenzie
    Milissa Mackenzie2 månader sedan

    I love this song,love your voice Billie & music i feel it when I'm listening to it,Thanks for sharing your amazing talent Billie.

  • Ganesh mhz
    Ganesh mhz2 månader sedan

    Billie eilish ❤️

  • Shriya Khanna
    Shriya Khanna2 månader sedan

  • Leonard Escarilla
    Leonard Escarilla2 månader sedan

    This my peborit

  • Afonso Bernardes
    Afonso Bernardes2 månader sedan

    GOD Damn when is she coming to portugal? I need a live concert 🥺

  • Karl Hayes
    Karl Hayes2 månader sedan

    The more I hear of Billie the more incredible her voice becomes. These slow songs she does are so just so raw. And shout out to her brother who gives her all this fantastic material but seems quite happy to avoid the limelight

  • Артур Акопян
    Артур Акопян2 månader sedan


  • Nancy R.
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  • J stockin
    J stockin2 månader sedan

    i want somebody who cares about me like her brother does for Billie

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  • Dear Insomnia,

    Dear Insomnia,

    Månad sedan

    Same here

  • Mahde salih Alblkany
    Mahde salih Alblkany2 månader sedan

    Are you from shingal

  • Mahde salih Alblkany
    Mahde salih Alblkany2 månader sedan

    Perfect you boutifal my lesning vouis you the time dash me

  • Mahde salih Alblkany
    Mahde salih Alblkany2 månader sedan

    Perfect 💗🥰

  • Skitz
    Skitz2 månader sedan

    Billie and Finneas are both so talented wth?

  • CR7
    CR72 månader sedan

    vocado love you billie love you 🍐🍐🍐💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚goood joop

    Maria UNICÓRNIO2 månader sedan

    I love Billie eilish 💚

  • The Yes
    The Yes2 månader sedan

    Wait! This isn’t Polo G?!

  • kevin the pigeon
    kevin the pigeon2 månader sedan

    was I the only one to notice FINNEAS's ear piece :( him and Claudia are goals

  • Monika35 Kaleb
    Monika35 Kaleb2 månader sedan

    Anyone that hates Billie ,they are a F*cking b*tch

  • angel
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  • Alina Vasilik
    Alina Vasilik2 månader sedan

    Gorgeous 💓

  • Sandra
    Sandra2 månader sedan

    Ahh these two just pure talent... I love that they are brother and sister so precious i hope they make music together forever

  • ines gap
    ines gap2 månader sedan

    es una diosa canta hermoso

  • Leyla Magalí Matías Correa
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  • Deusiane Lázaro
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  • Rashi Choubey
    Rashi Choubey3 månader sedan

    Such a beautiful soul,she is such an inspiration

  • Shamia George
    Shamia George3 månader sedan


  • Pierre Pruneau
    Pierre Pruneau3 månader sedan

    I am a 72 years old grand-father and I love listening to her songs or see her videos with my grand-daughters ! I hope to be able to see one of her shows if she comes in Montreal ! She really represents a revolution in the Music World ! I wish her to continue to do what she likes as long as she wants it , she's good at it and now she even seems to enjoy it more than ever !

  • Gilda Olsen
    Gilda Olsen3 månader sedan

    Billie has such a pure voice! 💖 Finneas' musical skills and harmonization make this a unique duo. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • samanthaxxxedits
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    GERARDO FERRER3 månader sedan

    De flojera su música....😴

  • sahar eilish
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    ÇİSEM NAZ ÇELİK3 månader sedan


  • yaren su
    yaren su3 månader sedan

    Wer are you form ?

  • Billie Eilish Avocado
    Billie Eilish Avocado3 månader sedan

    Billie I am pianist like u 2 and I'm proud of this