Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Music Video)


  • Liesbeth wuyts
    Liesbeth wuyts9 minuter sedan

  • Alwafi Charki
    Alwafi Charki18 minuter sedan

    damn the only good thing I though in this generation of artists got ruined just like that .. damn girl I though you are different

  • Brandon火影
    Brandon火影31 minut sedan

    billie is so fine

  • Julie Manuel
    Julie Manuel42 minuter sedan

    Love her!!

  • Savannah Tolley
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  • DaVinch1
    DaVinch1Timme sedan

    Кто с тик тока чтоб понять почему она замедлила этот момент?

  • Abdulsalam Johar
    Abdulsalam JoharTimme sedan

    Y u do that? That not good Ilove you billie❤

  • BruceLEE
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  • Tomboy 4eve
    Tomboy 4eve2 timmar sedan

    I like how even in her sad pieces her vocals are sunshine.

  • Los gameplays del vago
    Los gameplays del vago2 timmar sedan

    This song sounds like portishead, nothing new.

  • chocolate milk
    chocolate milk2 timmar sedan

    Chocolat milk was here

  • ملكه فري فاير
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  • Science 2020
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  • Karim Khaled
    Karim Khaled2 timmar sedan

    lesbian party wow

  • Aleedraco
    Aleedraco3 timmar sedan

    It is beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  • Emuykeg _
    Emuykeg _3 timmar sedan

    She sang a beautiful way of saying niggas ain't shit

  • ꃳꋬ꒯ .
    ꃳꋬ꒯ .4 timmar sedan

    You're the best 🙈💘

  • Abel Tejada
    Abel Tejada4 timmar sedan

    I have mixed feelings about this song, i absolutely love it, but I can't help but think about the mixing everytime I listen to it. The mixing is on point, but I feel that the voice its a bit too loud. I know it's meant to be like that but for me it's a little too much.

  • Enderguin58YT
    Enderguin58YT4 timmar sedan

    it's a slumber party. *clothing optional*

  • 𝘥𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘟𝘩𝘦𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘦𝘥


    3 timmar sedan


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  • namjoonie ♡~♤
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    Damn I never thought to see this new version of Billie is beautiful 💖

  • javeria irfan
    javeria irfan5 timmar sedan

    Very awesome keep it up

  • Max Bukowski
    Max Bukowski5 timmar sedan

    1:35 ,,someone luke you would always be so easy to find" we do we see on screen? A girl that is shaking her ass like wtf is that? Girls that are shaking their ass on left and right are something special? Idk maybe wrong timing but i dont think so bc she has money on good directors.

  • Ines Combi
    Ines Combi5 timmar sedan

    Elle a change son style elle et un peut plus féministe mes ses style de musique non pas vraiment mes elle belle

  • D A B I SAMA
    D A B I SAMA5 timmar sedan

    الفيديو كليب بعنوان شوفو جسمي 🙂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Alwafi Charki

    Alwafi Charki

    23 minuter sedan

    بيلي تغيرت

  • najia salih

    najia salih

    3 timmar sedan

    فعلا 😂

  • احمد الشمري
    احمد الشمري6 timmar sedan

    اضيفو اللغة العربية يا ناس

  • Celis •
    Celis •7 timmar sedan

    Billie: god🔥 Song: Zzzz

  • •Gacha_mimi•
    •Gacha_mimi•7 timmar sedan

    Dont be mean i know the the song dont match the vid but why hate just shut up she is finialy out of her comfortzone so be proud fans of here mhm Mia love you billie and the song #billieforever

  • Abemma
    Abemma7 timmar sedan

    Dat "something's in the air right now" might be covid19😆😆😆😂🤣😭

  • Rmifoxgamer 10
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    Ta que sabroso 🥵🥵

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  • Heee Elon
    Heee Elon7 timmar sedan

    If you can't turn the place you live into heaven, every place you flee to is hell.

  • •{Lavinia}•
    •{Lavinia}•7 timmar sedan

    I don't like to show my body lines so I dress loosely ~Billie Ellish if i dye my hair any color other than green it's not me ~Billie Ellish So who are you...

  • eli vaunt
    eli vaunt8 timmar sedan

    ill probably forget this by tomorrow

  • Alwafi Charki

    Alwafi Charki

    22 minuter sedan

    Yea we probably will forgot about it in hours , miss the old billie

  • braylin
    braylin8 timmar sedan

    I love you Billie

  • Bane 47
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  • Dawit Eshetu
    Dawit Eshetu8 timmar sedan

    I love your all songs you're in another level👑👑👑

  • Aspect
    Aspect8 timmar sedan

    bruh she thin again

  • lorena pereira
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  • Joelito
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  • Shashi Bhushan Kumar.
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  • Анна Орлова
    Анна Орлова9 timmar sedan

    I'm so sorry that people start to insult a person for his ariyntatsiya. Even if Billy does not belong to LGBT, it is still low to humiliate a person. I'm sorry people don't understand this.

  • Mehran IRAN
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  • Najm Ffs
    Najm Ffs9 timmar sedan

    Billie used to sing for sad people, now she’s dissing them

  • Alwafi Charki

    Alwafi Charki

    24 minuter sedan

    damn ;(

  • Just Brexxit
    Just Brexxit9 timmar sedan

    1:58 Billie Eilish an Xbox gamer? Time to switch😏

  • Softbbllix
    Softbbllix9 timmar sedan

    Im glad shes happy rn...but i wasnt...readyyyyy.....

  • Rio Maggi
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  • not DOOM GUY
    not DOOM GUY12 timmar sedan

    This is a different style style from her previous videos

  • not DOOM GUY

    not DOOM GUY

    12 timmar sedan

    See yah later

  • Big Dillan
    Big Dillan12 timmar sedan

    Just sing without whispering/muttering im interested to hear what u actually sound

  • Yongshin CNBLUE
    Yongshin CNBLUE12 timmar sedan

    Your beauty bury me

  • joe rogers
    joe rogers12 timmar sedan

    Billie is, respectively, looking bad as fuck

  • Angly Official
    Angly Official12 timmar sedan

    Kita ngopi bareng...i love u

  • The Cartlodge Company
    The Cartlodge Company12 timmar sedan

    I can't stop watching this song vid! I love u Billie!!!! 😘

  • Kriti Aggarwal
    Kriti Aggarwal12 timmar sedan

    Omfg sooo good

  • Bannour Rahma
    Bannour Rahma12 timmar sedan

    That's not you Billie , you're so défirent 😭but I still love you 😘

  • Felipe P
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  • Epik Quinn.
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  • Toast Music
    Toast Music13 timmar sedan

    be yourself Billie ,don't share ur real feelings. people who keep spreading those fake rumors, stop it . Stop making your idol tried!

    YUAN DING15 timmar sedan

    yay billie is blonde

  • MrProstaff61
    MrProstaff6116 timmar sedan

    The high octane action in the video doesn’t seem to match the low vibe of the song.

  • Franco hermosi
    Franco hermosi16 timmar sedan

    hermoso vìdeo

  • Sumit Katnaur
    Sumit Katnaur16 timmar sedan

    Nice song like your voice and you are songs and you 😍

  • Ward Zayir
    Ward Zayir16 timmar sedan

    This is TRASH

  • Vonne Blazier
    Vonne Blazier16 timmar sedan

    I liked that she didn't show a lot of skin. Guess she's over being different.

  • Diamond _326
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  • Ekam Sidhu
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  • Lil Dicy
    Lil Dicy18 timmar sedan

    This song on daily repeat I will be here when the albums drop

  • Niloegg123
    Niloegg12318 timmar sedan

    There's a reason why it has 64M views

  • Jock O'Hazeldean
    Jock O'Hazeldean19 timmar sedan

    Is Billie not using her brother for success rn? I knew she always sucked and was a terrible person but...

  • Just some girl with a moustache
    Just some girl with a moustache20 timmar sedan

    I do not understand why people say that this video is offensive?? It is not queerbaiting. She is just vibing with her friends and is a bit touchy but close friends are sometimes like that. I can't see anything sexual in this music video that could be interpret as "queerbaiting". I'm bi and I do not find Billie offensive in this video.

  • anna-lena shaw
    anna-lena shaw20 timmar sedan

    bro i feel bad like shes going out of her comfert zone and now shes getting hate like leave her aloneeee and shes happy now like i dont get why ppl are now hating on her ;-;

  • Nick Torgeson
    Nick Torgeson20 timmar sedan

    This song should be after My future on her album. It would make a good transition.

  • Gonzalo Ibañez
    Gonzalo Ibañez21 timme sedan

    Si este es el comentario q esperabas en español dime si no fuiste el unico q solo tuvo la mirada en billi

  • Norge_Indian Kumar
    Norge_Indian Kumar21 timme sedan

    Hence i decided to puberty....

  • Proberts7878_YT
    Proberts7878_YT21 timme sedan

    I'm so proud of you girl you deserve every bit of what you have and more, I love you so much billie you're great you know you've really done it for yourself.

  • cherry avakin
    cherry avakin21 timme sedan

    Where's the old Billie Eilish? That wasn't her style or even that..or maybe she's been like this for a while and decided to show what she's doing I think I'm going to unsubscribe that channel

  • cherry avakin
    cherry avakin21 timme sedan

    I hated you after that video. I feel like you will lose followers because of that video.. you and your friends do weird things in this video.. you are gay and your friends too. What are you doing

  • ·se cae de un cuarto piso·
    ·se cae de un cuarto piso·22 timmar sedan

    love you so much

  • brincando com manu monteiro
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  • Brisa Ortiz
    Brisa Ortiz22 timmar sedan

    Damn Billie 😍🔥

  • official_kyanokp
    official_kyanokp23 timmar sedan

    I like the black and green hair more⚫🟢

  • Aa AA
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    KAUÊ SANDag sedan

    Billie perfeita🤍

  • Kaua Alves
    Kaua AlvesDag sedan

    This really so different from everything she's ever done in her whole life

  • ralfinjsh ?

    ralfinjsh ?

    2 timmar sedan

    Yeah and its 🔥🔥🔥

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    anything for money...

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    11 timmar sedan

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