Billie Eilish on working with Hans Zimmer on Bond theme song and her rise to stardom l Nightline


  • day drmr
    day drmr6 dagar sedan

    Just remember, good things happen to good people. God bless your future!

  • Bianca H
    Bianca H8 dagar sedan

    All three are incrediblly talented artists. We are blessed to have them to listen to

  • Charlie Bingaman
    Charlie Bingaman29 dagar sedan

    I love how Bieber is counseling Eilish and he doesn’t have any of his own Grammys while she has seven lol

  • motombo motombo
    motombo motomboMånad sedan

    they made the music in hes bedroom? Oo

  • Emina Moulay Zein
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  • Emina Moulay Zein
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  • Emina Moulay Zein
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  • Emina Moulay Zein
    Emina Moulay ZeinMånad sedan

    Il make it 1k comments

  • Greyson Peters
    Greyson PetersMånad sedan

    Hearing her voice crack at the end of her sentence during her speech was HEARTBREAKING.

  • Pankaj Jassal
    Pankaj JassalMånad sedan

    They don’t deserve to sit with hans zimmer

  • Lucrezia Di cocco
    Lucrezia Di cocco2 månader sedan

    See great parents here!!

  • Shah H.
    Shah H.2 månader sedan

    How dare Hans Zimmer was cropped out most of this clip.

  • Maximus Richardson
    Maximus Richardson2 månader sedan

    interviewer: any question. billie: dude.

  • Ruple Thaker
    Ruple Thaker2 månader sedan

    The background of Tower Bridge is good. Where or what studio was this film in? Thanks.

  • Nargiza Tojiddinova
    Nargiza Tojiddinova2 månader sedan

    Билле ты проста супер супер клёвая

  • Oscar Gallagher
    Oscar Gallagher3 månader sedan

    Hans Zimmer the best

    ATA TAN3 månader sedan

    Do not be like Amy Winehouse

  • Psilo Cybin
    Psilo Cybin3 månader sedan

    "Han Simmer"??

  • Patrick's Music
    Patrick's Music3 månader sedan

    Billie’s career is basically the lady gaga of this younger generation. She’s talented and trying new things. good for her

  • Akma Esther
    Akma Esther3 månader sedan

    I’ll be 1000 commenter, Hans is the best! Billi is very lucky to work with Hans 😍

  • NROS2012
    NROS20123 månader sedan

    She looks like the village idiot.

  • Mi chi
    Mi chi3 månader sedan

    The thing is not doing it with 18, the thing is doing it really really good with 18

  • Robin D
    Robin D3 månader sedan

    Finneas is kinda the Richard Carpenter to Billie's Karen, only with a mentally healthier dynamic. Hope they continue to enjoy what they do and produce music as long as they want! (And stay healthy in all ways.)

  • extremumone
    extremumone3 månader sedan

    all three actually have that low seductive voices lol. Hans is the most seductive of all three lol lol they found eachatha lol lol lol

  • Shiloh Ivy
    Shiloh Ivy4 månader sedan

    Deserves an Oscar 100 percent

  • Shiloh Ivy
    Shiloh Ivy4 månader sedan

    The song is perfect

  • MrPainfulTruth
    MrPainfulTruth4 månader sedan

    Hans Zimmer, and Justin Bieber. And guess who of them is more popular.

  • Artur Elz
    Artur Elz4 månader sedan

    Hans is dressed so normal while Billie looks like she comes right from woodstock

  • William Berczy
    William Berczy4 månader sedan

    Yo, when she connected with the crowd and thanked them for supporting her? You can't fake that. Beautiful!

  • Moris Escamilla
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  • Godly Child
    Godly Child4 månader sedan

    Yes she is kid, same as my son who is still doesn’t bother about closing the toilet door when he does his peeeee....at19

  • Martha Simmons
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    The brief carriage rhetorically screw because taxi successively wander plus a efficacious rabbi. lumpy, idiotic regret

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    She's so good

  • Luke Burny
    Luke Burny4 månader sedan

    What a tune 🎶

  • Y-iop
    Y-iop4 månader sedan

    I don’t like her brother مستفز

  • michigal29
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    Billie Eilish....PUKE

  • Dressage.sophie


    4 månader sedan

    It’s people like you who ruin people’s lives ! If you don’t like her just keep it to yourself ☺️

  • dl Lim
    dl Lim5 månader sedan

    Can’t believe this was 1 year ago...

  • Sean Penn
    Sean Penn5 månader sedan

    Hans trying to get that.

  • JAZZ
    JAZZ5 månader sedan

    "Composer/Conductor" does he conduct now? Lol

  • BrotherGrimmy
    BrotherGrimmy6 månader sedan

    Asked a question: Billie: dude Me: dude same

  • Dan Thompson
    Dan Thompson6 månader sedan

    The redundant mine medicinally perform because beard neurally serve qua a dark shade. creepy, rabid mosque

  • Мика Меликян
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    Dude, she is perfect!

  • Sabrina Tellez
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    1/18/21 583k

  • Yuan Yao
    Yuan Yao6 månader sedan

    her hairstyle is sponsored by nVidia,

  • light house
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    She's is totally scarlett Johansson Hit like if yu agree

  • kevin _12
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    Why is she wearing pajamas?

  • Walle C
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    I’m so proud of her!

  • v j
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    Dude she's a freeform creative genius

  • v j
    v j6 månader sedan

    Can't go wrong with zimmer

  • OrrosGod
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    Gorgeous Outfit Billie !!

  • Two
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    Hans zimmer is one of the best music composers in the world

  • Nico Pacheco
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    The short iron finallly sack because steven willy tour during a numberless moustache. vigorous, perpetual push

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    Thanks for posting! If you have a second, I uploaded a cover of SZA. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you'd check it out. It's on my channel. Hope you enjoy!

  • adventures with nasia
    adventures with nasia6 månader sedan

    I love them so much

  • jacob daniel Kuiper
    jacob daniel Kuiper6 månader sedan

    Who is Justin Bieber? And where are the negative comments? This is when Greatness comes knocking on your door: “can I stay”?

  • Russell Andrady
    Russell Andrady6 månader sedan

    Look at Hans Zimmer's freedom. Billy and her brother hasn't it.

  • Debora de Pierro
    Debora de Pierro7 månader sedan

    Pierre Cardin

  • Scott Baldwin
    Scott Baldwin7 månader sedan

    Finneas and Billie have such a wholesome bond.

  • FR-Z
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  • Cristina Silveira
    Cristina Silveira7 månader sedan

    Second interview I've watched where Adele and Sam Smith are mentioned and nothing about Chris Cornell You know my Name. That was fantastic too!

  • mons jodi
    mons jodi7 månader sedan

    5:30 lmaoo

  • mons jodi
    mons jodi7 månader sedan

    Justin is so cute

  • mons jodi
    mons jodi7 månader sedan

    I adore finneas

  • MeatyHeinous
    MeatyHeinous7 månader sedan

    Like yeah Billie, Hans and Finneas are cool and all but Johnny Marr working with them is a game breaker

  • Михаил Ильчук
    Михаил Ильчук7 månader sedan

    the worst cooperation ever, Hans is the legend and he is supposed to work with this mop.

  • beautyiskey52
    beautyiskey527 månader sedan

    She deserves all of this all the love all the award she is amazing it makes me want to cry!!

  • Manos
    Manos7 månader sedan

    If I was Billie I’d be dead sat next to Hans. I don’t think I’d cope... "so sweet" bitch make it sound more sincere and say it with a bit more reverence THATS HANS ZIMMER 😂 nah I’m kidding, love them all ❤️

  • Alexandru Alex
    Alexandru Alex7 månader sedan Beautiful music for your soul and heart. 😍

    Elias VELASQUEZ RIPALDA8 månader sedan

    These 2 kids are in presence of God Zimmer

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    Dude Dude Dude Dude .............

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    Nobody: Billie: Dude...

  • Niko D
    Niko D8 månader sedan

    Sam Smith has one of the worst songs ever in a Bond film...

  • D Webb
    D Webb8 månader sedan

    And no ego

  • rubeus_robus
    rubeus_robus8 månader sedan

    I see she knows the supreme philosophy of dudeism.

  • Lena Marie
    Lena Marie8 månader sedan

    Burberry:...yes!! Ski headband will sell 👍🏼

  • Stone Cold
    Stone Cold8 månader sedan

    No mention of Chris Cornnell's Casino Royale, are you f'ing kidding me?

  • Chaozer Toby
    Chaozer Toby8 månader sedan

    Dude! I am here because of Hans.

  • Lesley Bailey
    Lesley Bailey8 månader sedan

    Respect to you both!

  • nancy kirk
    nancy kirk8 månader sedan

    modern day Carpenters

  • Nekol Alexander
    Nekol Alexander9 månader sedan

    that was really sweet of justin bieber. fame and internet trolls can really turn celebrities cold. i hope she never feels hated by her fans again

  • ÁSH
    ÁSH9 månader sedan

    this video, i thought they would interview Hans Zimmer,, but.. sigh... what a disappointment!

  • Chris Childers
    Chris Childers9 månader sedan

    Love the bruised knees

  • Jamie Azalea
    Jamie Azalea9 månader sedan

    wow. She's living her dream! I want to love out dreams too!

  • JosephGallagher
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  • DAyan D
    DAyan D9 månader sedan

    If you came here because of Hans Zimmer you are a real legend.

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones9 månader sedan

    I want to see No Time To Die

  • ali aa
    ali aa9 månader sedan

    What do you mean, Justin does not know the big of the deal !!!!

  • 011
    0119 månader sedan

    is it weird that i feel the same that one day ill wake up and ill be the same 11 year old

  • 011
    0119 månader sedan

    i have no doubt home schooled kids are more successful because they learn on their own pace and try out things they would like to it wrong to say im jealous a little bit..just a tiny bit only.

  • Sly Dood
    Sly Dood9 månader sedan

    What brand is she wearing?

  • Amir esfandiari
    Amir esfandiari9 månader sedan

  • Awesome Nik
    Awesome Nik9 månader sedan

    Another one of those videos where people are criticizing the hate comments but I literally didn't see a single hate comment 😂😂

  • Nagesha Mother
    Nagesha Mother9 månader sedan

    I don't want to miss any videos of Billi Elisha. Definitely every one likes her oversized clothing.

  • Clay’s Health and Hapiness Tour
    Clay’s Health and Hapiness Tour9 månader sedan

    Who has writing the Bond theme at the top of their list?

  • bgdyifs
    bgdyifs9 månader sedan

    You got fucking hans just to ignore him?!

  • Maxx Doran
    Maxx Doran9 månader sedan

    If you get a chance to work with the incredible Hans Zimmer you take it. Nuff said!

  • Celeste Heron
    Celeste Heron9 månader sedan

    Bad guy is probably going to reach 1 billion by the end of the year

  • airventilation
    airventilation9 månader sedan

    “What if next year you were at the Grammys, nominated, what would that feel like?” What would that feel like? Really bro, what a lazy ass spoon fed question.

  • BladeRunner
    BladeRunner9 månader sedan

    Billie's vocals are nothing extraordinary and quite frankly both her music and personality are overrated. Once the hype dies out she'll be just another average American pop singer. Hanz Zimmer on the other hand is a true genius and master when it comes to music.