Billie Eilish - Copycat (Lyrics)

Billie Eilish - Copycat (Lyrics)

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Copycat (Lyrics) :

[Verse 1]
Don't be cautious, don't be kind
You committed, I'm your crime
Push my button anytime
You got your finger on the trigger, but your trigger finger's mine

[Verse 2]
Silver dollar, golden flame
Dirty water, poison rain
Perfect murder, take your aim
I don't belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name

By the way, you've been uninvited
'Cause all you say are all the same things I did

Copycat tryna cop my manner
Watch your back when you can't watch mine
Copycat tryna cop my glamour
Why so sad, bunny? Can't have mine

[Verse 3]
Call me calloused, call me cold
You're italic, I'm in bold
Call me cocky, watch your tone
You better love me, 'cause you're just a clone

By the way, you've been uninvited
'Cause all you say are all the same things I did

Copycat tryna cop my manner
Watch your back when you can't watch mine
Copycat tryna cop my glamour
Why so sad, bunny? Can't have mine

I would hate to see you go
Hate to be the one that told you so
You just crossed the line
You've run out of time
I'm so sorry, now you know
Sorry I'm the one that told you so
Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, sorry

By the way, you've been uninvited
'Cause all you say are all the same things I did

Copycat tryna cop my manner
Watch your back when you can't watch mine
Copycat tryna cop my glamour
Why so sad, bunny? Can't have mine


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    essa musica me faz querer chorar n sei pq

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    My Favorite Line Is "By The Way You've Been Uninvited Cause All You Say Are All The Same Things I Did Copycat Tryna Cop My Manner Watch You're Back When You Can Watch Mine"

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    My friend just dumped me and this song mean’s so much to me I can’t stop playing it and my best friend is a copycat because when I said my favourite colour is green she said the same when I got into Billie she got into Billie so my favourite song is now Copycat

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    Don’t be cautious don’t be kind you’ve committed I’m your crime push my button anytime you’ve got your finger on the trigger but your trigger fingers mine sliver dollar golden flame dirty water poison rain perfect murder take your aim I don’t belong to anyone but everybody knows my name by the way you’ve been uninvited cause all you say are all the same things I did. And that’s pretty much it I know

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