Billie Eilish was crying during "I love you" in New York, NY |June 18, 2019


  • Pearla
    Pearla26 minuter sedan

    "My friend died a year ago today." Everyone **cheers**

  • Cronustrx
    Cronustrx19 timmar sedan

    4:10 she cried feel bad for her

  • Cronustrx
    Cronustrx19 timmar sedan

    the time lapse

    SIVADA C.V21 timme sedan

    Why I always cry when watching this clip😭😭was it only me

  • JOACO15
    JOACO1521 timme sedan

    como se nota que el hermano la quiere tanto

  • Music God
    Music GodDag sedan

    I feel sorry for Bille Eilish's brother because the croud was saying "we love you", and not "we love you guys" :(

  • Helen riz Swift
    Helen riz Swift2 dagar sedan

    My poor baby my heart

  • Loratolaone Phetwe
    Loratolaone Phetwe3 dagar sedan

    Other comments: defending and comforting her Me: My dumbass actually putting my torch on when Billie said to honour him... am I the only one here... just me... OK THEN

  • lera Deep
    lera Deep3 dagar sedan

    Billie my life 😭😭😭😭

  • bernard okenyoru
    bernard okenyoru4 dagar sedan

    I love billie with my life,,, 😥team talent,,,,the saddists are perfect title for us,,, wish i could just say hi

  • Sandra Jovanovska
    Sandra Jovanovska4 dagar sedan


  • Ali Chaudary
    Ali Chaudary5 dagar sedan

    Brings back memories 😢 of when people pass away

  • B T
    B T6 dagar sedan

    my friend said she likes the guy cause she was bored, i was like damn fam money surely can buy you can cat not a bf

  • Annabella Sclair
    Annabella Sclair8 dagar sedan

    Watching this just broke me down 😭😭

  • Heather JodawnSauls
    Heather JodawnSauls9 dagar sedan

    Honestly the few ppl screaming after she requested lights up is rude as hell and I can tell they both thought so too.

  • Soviet Wolf36
    Soviet Wolf3610 dagar sedan

    damn billie cried over x dis is so sad x would of been da number 1 artist rn

  • Sofia Silva Bührer
    Sofia Silva Bührer11 dagar sedan

    tô chorando pra caralho agora

  • Olympia Reaper
    Olympia Reaper13 dagar sedan

    But I think the people shouldn’t have like been screaming it’s ok because I know it’s from a good intention but it kinda ruins the peace and calm that Billie kinda needed …. But I know these people have great hearts for telling her that

  • Olympia Reaper
    Olympia Reaper13 dagar sedan

    Watching this after the documentary hits different

  • it is what it is
    it is what it is14 dagar sedan

    a very emotional moment so idk why people gotta ruin it by cheering

  • Sebastian Vogel
    Sebastian Vogel14 dagar sedan

    R.I.P X

  • Izzy Rancourt
    Izzy Rancourt14 dagar sedan

    the crowd is the so disrespectful like she was crying because of her friend AND she was JUST broken up with over the PHONE like she has so many emotions rn and the audience is CHEERING WTF

  • Billie_Addiction19
    Billie_Addiction1916 dagar sedan

    Andddd now I’m crying😭🥺 I love her so so much like more than anyone else… sorry not sorry 🖤🖤

  • Krafting4 Kids
    Krafting4 Kids16 dagar sedan

    I kinda understand why she called her fans embarrassing now…

  • • Alerquina FF •
    • Alerquina FF •17 dagar sedan


  • Melz Martinez
    Melz Martinez17 dagar sedan

    4:11 Just makes me want to tear up!! 😭🖤

  • Gio Munoz
    Gio Munoz18 dagar sedan

    I can’t stand fans she can say “I’m going to die in 2 hours” and I stg her fans still gonna go “WOOOOOOOO YEAHHHH” like Jesus stfu

  • Guerreros del Alma
    Guerreros del Alma18 dagar sedan

    BesaZoS bcn

  • Evie
    Evie19 dagar sedan

    * ad for genshin impact comes up* *me*: SHUT UP IM TRYING TO CRY WITH BILLIE

  • Evie
    Evie19 dagar sedan

    i cant i started crying at 4:10

  • Brianna Haynes
    Brianna Haynes21 dag sedan

    I feel so bad awwwwwww I love you billie🥺

  • willie & billie like to be silly
    willie & billie like to be silly21 dag sedan

    this song... hits so hard..

  • Abbie Rose
    Abbie Rose22 dagar sedan

    I get that they all love her but it wasn’t the time to be screaming when she was asking them to put their lights up for her friend. Not a good crowd

  • RobloxTime!
    RobloxTime!22 dagar sedan

    Love her soooo much it hurts to see her cry

  • RobloxTime!
    RobloxTime!22 dagar sedan

    Her brother: comforting her when she cries and all good stuff Me: I don't have a sibling.... *sobs*

  • Gio Borges
    Gio Borges29 dagar sedan

    Such an awesome video 🙏🙏🦋

  • Janelle Williams
    Janelle WilliamsMånad sedan

    Love Billie, keep representing 4 X, he was that dude, he was a real one woke powerful he was coming 4 the takeover, they know the power he had, that's why he's gone.

  • I need a display name
    I need a display nameMånad sedan

    Honestly the crowd wasn't respectful at all. Why would you cheer as she's crying. Also, when someone says their friend passed away a year ago, you don't yell their name and clap. Billie deserves a better fan base

  • Rosario Mendoza
    Rosario MendozaMånad sedan

    Pobrecita te amo muchísimo billie

  • Emerson Constant
    Emerson ConstantMånad sedan

    She is so strong

  • Rage At Your Own Risk
    Rage At Your Own RiskMånad sedan

    Sorry for your loss Billie

  • Annie Clarkson
    Annie ClarksonMånad sedan

    God may give peace to her friend

  • Abigail {slut for Billie}
    Abigail {slut for Billie}Månad sedan

    5:26 I remember seeing this video back in 2019 and instantly liking Billie because she honoured X but I didn't really listen to her music. I thought the only reason she was crying was because it was the anniversary of his death. Anyway,now,I'm obsessed with Billie and I'm crying rn🥺🤍

  • Abigail {slut for Billie}
    Abigail {slut for Billie}Månad sedan

    I really wanna watch the documentary but I don't have Apple TV🥺💔

  • Abigail {slut for Billie}
    Abigail {slut for Billie}Månad sedan

    Why would y'all say that 'it's so DiFfeRenT wAtcHing tHis nOw kNowiNg tHe rEal reAsOn* sHe wAs cRying' 'real reason'???? Isn't X's death a good enough reason to cry????

  • Abigail {slut for Billie}
    Abigail {slut for Billie}Månad sedan

    Why would they disrespect X like that. I just started loving Billie but I started loving X soon after he died,so this is actually hurtful. Like,why would they actually do that?

  • Alfred Does Stuff
    Alfred Does StuffMånad sedan

    Someone really just shouted XXXtentacion like we don’t know😭😭😭😭😭

  • Nimia Pilar Wajuyata Grefa
    Nimia Pilar Wajuyata GrefaMånad sedan


  • yamii
    yamiiMånad sedan

    this song man.

  • Brenda Arely
    Brenda ArelyMånad sedan

    No puedo enfatizar suficientemente que desde que este concierto se llevó acabo , hoy esta haciendo 2 años 😢

  • info AMMA MA
    info AMMA MAMånad sedan

    Justamente un año despues de la muerte de xxxtentacion

  • thuxo


    Månad sedan

    não foi por xxxtentacion, está no documentário o motivo

  • Amelia Dawson
    Amelia DawsonMånad sedan


  • Mercedes :D
    Mercedes :DMånad sedan

    I love her brother is comforting her!

  • Chrisohs
    ChrisohsMånad sedan

    If I was her I would’ve left tbh no respect whatsoever

  • potatoes
    potatoesMånad sedan

    this acc made me cry. i feel so bad for her, she deserves way more than just an apology.

  • Greyson Peters
    Greyson PetersMånad sedan

    I like how she was about to cry and then the crowd finished out the lryic for her

  • WonkaMan
    WonkaManMånad sedan

    How u get ur name exactly as billies

  • Aesthetic Capybara
    Aesthetic CapybaraMånad sedan

    4:10 Boy, that hit hard.

    IRINE ULI RUMIRISMånad sedan

    I love you Trujillo 😍

  • jadethearsonist
    jadethearsonistMånad sedan

    I'm literally bawling my eyes out

  • Gaia Spataro
    Gaia SpataroMånad sedan

    Billie: "crying isn't like you" Me sobbing my eyes out: "it's your fault 😭😂❤️" U can rlly hear her voice tremble just before she let the public sing twice

  • Jacinda Schultz
    Jacinda SchultzMånad sedan

    At the end when she put her arms up for x i just ahhh I was already crying but that killed me 😭😭😭

    ANNA LUSETTIMånad sedan


  • Mariposa Sevilla
    Mariposa SevillaMånad sedan


  • Charmaine Reed
    Charmaine ReedMånad sedan


  • Charmaine Reed

    Charmaine Reed

    Månad sedan

    Rip xxxtentician

  • Blues
    BluesMånad sedan

    Awww shes so pure

  • dude ehse
    dude ehseMånad sedan

    what sucks for me is that X died on my birthday

  • Fares Amr
    Fares AmrMånad sedan

    Here after the documentary that made me cry non stop

  • Anthony Tafur
    Anthony TafurMånad sedan

    :c Honestly this is a SAD MOMENT. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE WERE CELEBRATING SAYING WOOHOO. I hadn't known Billie Eilish Why? Before I hated her but now I have started to listen to her songs. Man :c She sings look like an angel :c. Wow If you don't understand me, sorry xd. I am learning English. :v

  • fun all is fun
    fun all is funMånad sedan

    She was talking of which friend who died on the exact day?

  • That_Omnivert_Girl
    That_Omnivert_GirlMånad sedan

    Billie -" a friend of mine just passed away..." Audience - "wooohooooooooooo" Like wth??

  • Akki Akki
    Akki AkkiMånad sedan

    Be strong .I love you

  • Viktoria Hopka
    Viktoria HopkaMånad sedan

    4:10 :( ♡

  • jennie is my bias
    jennie is my biasMånad sedan

    it hurts me seeing her sad.

  • Kristen Bailey
    Kristen BaileyMånad sedan

    the little crack in her voice had me BAWLING

  • Chatnoir :3
    Chatnoir :3Månad sedan


  • Dylaila Lentini
    Dylaila LentiniMånad sedan

    This is not the real billie eilish that canell

  • Настя Коробченко
    Настя КоробченкоMånad sedan

    I'm crying. I love you, x

  • YxllowFlxwer
    YxllowFlxwerMånad sedan

    Full respect to the people who said "Its okay!" When Billie was crying

  • Broskie MK
    Broskie MKMånad sedan

    I came here to listen to Billie's voice but kept hearing XXX's voice😥

  • Jah  編集
    Jah 編集Månad sedan

    Xxxtenatacion was the person that dies

    ANA SOFIA LORETO2 månader sedan

    the documentary changed the way I saw this

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet2 månader sedan

    i absolutely hate seeing bils cry, it breaks my heart. the audience was so disrespectful. we love you billie. very very much.

  • Autumn Leaves Please
    Autumn Leaves Please2 månader sedan

    billie literally deserves the world and more

  • Mia White
    Mia White2 månader sedan

    Her brother is supporting her in the bad times and I love it so much

  • Mia White
    Mia White2 månader sedan

    Her brother is so nice to her and that he is sooo nice

  • Mia White
    Mia White2 månader sedan

    iTS OKAY pls it’s okey

  • Mia White
    Mia White2 månader sedan

    Billie my cos has a overprotective fam so it would be her dream to see u I was there

  • Les textes D'Alyson
    Les textes D'Alyson2 månader sedan

    i love her shitt

  • iphone
    iphone2 månader sedan

    This hits to the maximum

  • S Husnain
    S Husnain2 månader sedan

    Who the hell disliked this 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Runic Deception Gaming
    Runic Deception Gaming2 månader sedan

    This is so pathetic. All love to Billie and the decent respectable 99% of her audience but to that 1% y’all are some of the worst fucking people ever like seriously

  • Coopers Official
    Coopers Official2 månader sedan

    rest in peace x

  • the crazy cobra's
    the crazy cobra's2 månader sedan

    xxxtention rip love you

  • Мария Андреевна
    Мария Андреевна2 månader sedan


  • Bhryani
    Bhryani2 månader sedan

    imagine a really good friend died and people start just to cheer.. like what? that was rude like learn some RESPECT

  • Kithalie
    Kithalie2 månader sedan

    Respect to the person recording, they're not screaming being disrespectful.

    ABIGAIL LOPEZ2 månader sedan

    it must've been difficult,Im really sorry for your loss.

  • Timmy Brown
    Timmy Brown2 månader sedan

    Rip xxxtentacion u were a legend and made a huge impact on everyone 🖤 this was so touching 😭

  • Malak Alzuhairi
    Malak Alzuhairi2 månader sedan

    Aww🙁💔 *4:10*