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  • Aza Steeve
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    Billie eilish

  • otaku gamer
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    i wonder if billie eilish ever get goosebumps when she sing lovely

    TITN GAMERDag sedan

    Facking Good

    ARCHITHDag sedan

    Soon billie gonna react to this

  • Arianna Thain
    Arianna ThainDag sedan

    Billie is just awesome she does her own thing and knows how to make ppl super happy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you Billie

  • Arthur :]
    Arthur :]Dag sedan

    *billie eilish pog*

  • Jerry Hobby
    Jerry HobbyDag sedan

    You could literally see how impressed Billie actually was. That first girl was great.

  • Eranga Dayamani
    Eranga Dayamani2 dagar sedan

    She is like princess

  • นาลิตา
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  • Annika Balode
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    i like

  • Anyia Christian
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    i love you billie

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  • Playtime With Mia Claire
    Playtime With Mia Claire2 dagar sedan

    This is crazy I have never met you on SEblacks but I know you’re famous I saw your note I saw your note and I’m scrolling across and then I saw you Billy Eilish I was like oh my god did you

  • Kath Luc
    Kath Luc2 dagar sedan

    Omg bille look so preety

  • CøzyCløudyFløøf
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    Other people: “I have goosebumps” *shows arm* Billie: “I have goosebumps!” *lifts leg*

  • Lauren Nixon
    Lauren Nixon2 dagar sedan

    Omg it has been 2 years

  • Siphokazi Mashele
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    Xae representing SA

  • Vyga Sasindran
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    I love you so much I am a fan of you

  • Evangeline ALan ThaiCorps
    Evangeline ALan ThaiCorps4 dagar sedan Snooze ... snow sized ... sno ...

  • Snehal's Film
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    I love you my blish pls make this name famous (blish) or blishers

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  • Act like this channel doesn't exist
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    When the party's over: Me: Oh wow, it's my favorite song! Idon'twanttobeyouanymore: Me: Oh wow, it's my favorite song... wait... You should see me a crown: Me: Oh wow, it's my favorite song! Wait, huh?!

  • Frangelina Star
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    Oh yeah I like song wow wowwwwwwwwwww

  • Frangelina Star
    Frangelina Star4 dagar sedan

    Stop saying f**

  • KO Equine
    KO Equine5 dagar sedan

    Someone at my school sang lovely and it was incredible. If billie saw it she she would be blown away. I was blown away!

  • Grayson Wilson
    Grayson Wilson5 dagar sedan

    Billie: look at that wayside horn railroad crossing

  • Grayson Wilson
    Grayson Wilson5 dagar sedan

    She cries black tears

  • huslia ahmadjamin
    huslia ahmadjamin5 dagar sedan

    Almost crying

  • sunil kumar Tewary
    sunil kumar Tewary5 dagar sedan

    for the violin part u just get used to the violin sitting under your chin.

    BINTH MUHAMMED5 dagar sedan

    She is the only celebrity who is seeing fans songs♥️

  • Thomas Martin

    Thomas Martin

    2 dagar sedan

    she’s great, but: nope!

  • Giovanni André

    Giovanni André

    3 dagar sedan

    You definitely should check other GLAMOUR videos... xd

  • jerry murillo
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    Dis is fake

  • thank u, aurora
    thank u, aurora5 dagar sedan

    i miss this billie

  • Halocene Lover
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    Billie Eilish Is A Living Legend In The Music Industry ACTUALLY. I Fuckin LOVE You Gurl. You're A LifeSaver Thanks For Everything You Do Ma'am. YOU Inspired ME Ma'am , Billie Eilish. Cure Any Lonely ; Depressed I Just Listening To Billie Eilish's Music Actually

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  • ♡︎CasualLouie♡︎
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    Woo hooo Like that part 😂

  • h h
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    Xae you are precious.

  • nora
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    2:43 omg if I tried doing that my fingers would break

  • ●Sidrah Younis Sqaud ●
    ●Sidrah Younis Sqaud ●7 dagar sedan

    Literally the voice of billie is a repeat becuz I saw another vid with the same audio and act of billie for the first one

  • Ariel Currá
    Ariel Currá7 dagar sedan

    Great video

  • erick19 Silva simao
    erick19 Silva simao7 dagar sedan

    #loveli #badguy I love these songs so much 🥰 like these are my very good favorites!

  • Tobias Bengtson
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    3 years later, if you're watching this, you're a legend!!

  • Amaar Murtaza

    Amaar Murtaza

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    @Hallie Davidson lol 😂 that means I’m not a legand 😥

  • Hallie Davidson

    Hallie Davidson

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    It’s only been 2 years

  • Hallie Davidson

    Hallie Davidson

    Dag sedan

    You time traveler

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  • wolfeee wolf
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    this wasn't the video that Billie react to

  • Aphiwut art channels
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    The confusing part is (oohhoooooo do you hear that that’s so clean)

  • kendramatic22
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  • 謝欣妤
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    14:30 in Taiwan!!!!! i'm so surprised to hear that

  • RockerDave12
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    "That's a Taco Bell Buritto". That's freakin funny.

  • aditia pratama
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    155M 😭

  • Sarah Dukich
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    i mybe can do that

  • RAMZ
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    Hearing these kids sing it 😂😂😂 your the kid 😂😂

  • נתנאל ביטון
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    What Billie said to Richie was the most true of all that could be said about his clip

  • Isis Adannaya
    Isis Adannaya8 dagar sedan

    Billie elish Should listen to justin

  • Isis Adannaya

    Isis Adannaya

    8 dagar sedan

    He song lovely baeutiful

  • Dishanth D
    Dishanth D8 dagar sedan

    She always surprises fans

  • Ahmad
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    omg billie Eilish my sister name is Dana she love you so much and me to she like you so much😍😍😍

  • Gdoggyfresh
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    I'm an Abby Glover fan and I didn't know Billie reacted 😭

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  • Sithija
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    16:50 bro that's lit👌

    EMILY HARGIS8 dagar sedan

    Yay yay

  • Sarah Reeve
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    DANG bILLIE This actually a good song

  • Gámèr Sánďrø
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    U are legend to bro

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    @Xaeee 😭❤

  • Madison LIVSHIZ
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    Wow I thought you watching Justin it’s sad that you weren’t

  • Jur'nees' World
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    Johnny's world

  • Original Family
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    It's July 2021 lets see how many people are watching this masterpiece.........❤️

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    look how many views this has

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  • Jade carmel
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  • Peter Suan
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    Lovely, i don't wanna be you anymore, bad guy are really really good

  • Asif Iqbal
    Asif Iqbal10 dagar sedan

    am i the only one who didnt see billie eilish smile or laugh?

  • Asif Iqbal

    Asif Iqbal

    9 dagar sedan

    before 0-0

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  • the hog
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    filthy mouth on a young girl, very sad....

  • Hali Smith
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    Billie eilish

  • Fernando Games
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    K-Kira I-image s-super coffee s-some day

  • Amy La Rue
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    She should hear me sing her. She'll think I have a clone of her in my throat.

  • *لولو
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    OK ok ko ok🥺♥️

  • Naza gyan
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    bella porch she is rely cute than you

  • Cheryl-lee Conway
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    Play 12311231345345565431565431101101on a peon

  • Cheryl-lee Conway
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    Your the best

  • Aurora Munro
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    Omg u have nlue hair

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  • Sarai sarai
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  • Salim Pasha
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    I hope that she will watch justin's lovely cover

  • barryispuzzled
    barryispuzzled12 dagar sedan

    Billie's sensitive and kind heart is clear to see here. In fact, I'd say it's her sensitivity that makes her a great artist. This whole video is one opium-rush of goodwill!

  • Quang Le
    Quang Le12 dagar sedan

    .........má ơi

  • kim kaltoum
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    Subscribe plis💜💜

  • Kingz Mama
    Kingz Mama12 dagar sedan

    And a trio with keara & Alyssa

  • Kingz Mama
    Kingz Mama12 dagar sedan

    I need to hear @billie & the 3rd, young lady, doing a duet to "lovely"

  • Delaney Johns
    Delaney Johns12 dagar sedan

    I love how she is talking about the facts that art is what you like and find creative and cool and not about looking the best because I saw the video she reacted to my first thought was that was cool and I wanted to paint him. I appreciate that because my personal art style is dark, and creepy but I add something beautiful into it like for example a painting I did in the past was of a beautiful woman looking in a mirror but her reflection was a half of her face and half a skull because the way I wanted it to look is the fact that everybody is beautiful no matter what but in society we have to try look our best to be seen as beautiful so the girl in my painting in a way wore a mask to hide her self and her flaws.

  • Delaney Johns

    Delaney Johns

    12 dagar sedan

    I have had some many people tell my I shouldn't paint or draw like that because it isn't "pretty" or good and I am tired of it and this is why I like her music it is more of the lyrics I like than the actual videos but her videos are my favorite in the music industry plus BTS but the same reason I like her songs are the reason I like theirs and I like BTS deeper songs with deeper meanings even though all of their songs are great.

  • Ulrich Grande
    Ulrich Grande12 dagar sedan

    I understand why Billie Eilish don't want to hear daneliya tuleshova...she is better! Have a look:

  • kiki and Gemini😘😍
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    ooohhhh god that is so clean

  • pessoa legal
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    Billie doesn't seem to care about anything, but she's so sweet and cute, I love that

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  • Patience C
    Patience C13 dagar sedan

    16:28 I'm just gonna uhh... skip the rest.

  • Love Story ML Edits
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    B - Beautiful I - Intelligent & Incredible L - Lovely L - Lover I - InLoved E - Elite

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    just loooveee her

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    Isn’t this fake or somehting

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