Bella Poarch - Build a B*tch (Official Music Video)


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    How many of my friends did you find in the video?? 👀🧐

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    Idk Yes!! I can comment!! Build a Babe!!

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    Dark Horse

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    Dina mia

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    I saw zhc

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    I love both songs

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    YASSSS girl

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    Isnt that ZHC

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    This is shit

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    I can't belive that the girl bopping her head became this. So much respect. Also, her abum cover artist is the same as the kid laroi's, props to that.

  • Glenn Coulson
    Glenn Coulson18 minuter sedan

    she got axe

  • Rosh Lepz
    Rosh Lepz19 minuter sedan

    Wow 248M!!! Keep on going.

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    Nagtatagalog ka pala Hindi ko alam dumbell ako

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    2 days ago

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    she's a good singer

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    @Rosh Lepz IT WAS A PRANK

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    @Rosh Lepz guess what this was… I’ll wait

  • Rosh Lepz

    Rosh Lepz

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    Lol. You still cant move on? It was a prank.

  • Glenn Coulson
    Glenn Coulson22 minuter sedan

    oh no bella poarch what happen to you

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    Hi Bella

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    I love the song 🎧💯

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    This is from Mozart, mkay.

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    Vergan and vixen😀😀

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    Pretty hypocritical

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    I now your secrets

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    When was this Bob the Builder's problem?

  • Jon Coakley
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    Mia isn't anyone type she's everyone's type

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    Its like your watching a film

  • Ana Todorovic
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  • Duffy
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    Is it just me does the part from 00:20-00:30 sound like it's from a different song? I don't quite remember the song, anyone know it?

  • Rosh Lepz

    Rosh Lepz

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    Music is universaL

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    My name is Dina

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  • 𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕃𝕦𝕃𝕦 ♕
    𝔻𝕒𝕟𝕔𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕃𝕦𝕃𝕦 ♕44 minuter sedan

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    Who else came from zhc

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    This sounds like Ghetto Pre-school music

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    1:05 Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down, Never gonna run around and desert you. Came here from memes lol

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    I love you bella🛐💗

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    *2 months:* 248 millions of views *I:* wow

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    I like how you included Zach from zhc and I really like the song to

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    Idk lol

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    Who Noticed 👀 ZCH

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    I love you so much

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    2:13 "Пиздец"?:D То, что там пару русскоговорящих тиктокеров тоже норм

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    Your boyfriend

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    Bye kunno,welcome queen bella.

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    You are a boyfriend

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    Is so cool

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    OMG I love this song

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    U r

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    You copi Mozart

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    Are you half Asian half American?

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    Pure filipino but half citizenship filipino-american

  • jamsup


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    No. She is a pure filipino but adopted by an american and a filipino.

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    Wtf 248Milion Watched

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    Who else saw Larry running 😂

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    Eu tenho a impressão que já ouvi essa música

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    Can you please make more songs

    AHL GAMING2 timmar sedan

    nice video

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    I saw ZHC in the vid I saw sub urban LARRAY a lot of cool yt and singers

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    nice zhc

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    These days the girls build themselves with surgery.

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    Either built by God or by doctors

  • stop being poor

    stop being poor

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    if its for themselves then its fine

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    who came here from zhc's vid

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    zhc is in it

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    No Ones gonna Talk about Mia Khalifa 1:43

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    hi bella poarch

    MARGARET HAND2 timmar sedan

    I know your secret change house is actually blacked out because you didn’t want him in it but want to smoke part came I saw him in it that is not right

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    Larray yelling ahh run

    VALENTIN SOSI2 timmar sedan

    1.44 sale mia kalifa

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    La sansu de pi

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    who came here because of zhc?

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    buen video.... pero es una copia de Mozart 1768

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    This is so f**kin underrated

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    When you see ZHC in the video.....🙃

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    La mejor canción del mundo

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    This song has a great message.

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    Wow de video

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    wait ... your song looks a lot like mozart's :0

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee2 timmar sedan

    Like girls don’t look at fat guys and go I don’t want him before they even know his personality 😂 I like the point of the song but it really goes both ways.

  • Lilly Mae
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    Dear person reading this you are amazing no matter what anyone says and keep doing what you are doing because your are amazing no matter what

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    ¿Detroit become human?

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    Hols up is that ZHZ-

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    over 4 mil subs for 1 vid shes broken the youtube algorithm

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    Music has gone to shit

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    just don’t listen to it tf

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    the drawing guy

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    boi you got mia khalifa in your spot?!?! 2:38

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    I love how there’s more likes than her subscribers

  • Victoria Pulcifer
    Victoria Pulcifer2 timmar sedan

    "Boys are always playing dolls, looking for their Barbie. They don't look like Ken at all, hardly have a heartbeat Needs someone who falls apart so he can be Prince Charming" THIS THIS THIS 😩👌🏼

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    52 minuter sedan 🤐🤐

  • Never Die

    Never Die

    52 minuter sedan 👿😈

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