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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


  • Чарльз Дарвин
    Чарльз Дарвин4 timmar sedan

    Дичь дикая)))) Про прыжок из самолёта и обратно, вообще за гранью логики))))

  • zol4 99
    zol4 994 timmar sedan

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Cuz'F*uckEm Thatswhy
    Cuz'F*uckEm Thatswhy4 timmar sedan

    Remember kids, don't preorder.

  • Kindeslee
    Kindeslee4 timmar sedan

    3:10 we already know the person piloting is stun_gravy

  • Supremegod
    Supremegod4 timmar sedan


  • Nicolae Fabian
    Nicolae Fabian4 timmar sedan

    New Climatefield announced! No Thanks! I want to spend money on a game not an agenda

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    4 timmar sedan

    Tbh no one really thought of this as an agenda, it doesnt provide *any* incentive to care for climate change... BFV was clearly an agenda tho with their bionic woman in WW2 trailer.

  • Jommy 2018
    Jommy 20184 timmar sedan

    Ha I just saw this 4:25

  • Octafire
    Octafire4 timmar sedan

    No political or feminist agenda, multiplayer focus, Damavand, is it 2011 again? Keep going this route and we will for sure meet on the battlefield again!

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    4 timmar sedan


  • Monster killTM
    Monster killTM4 timmar sedan


  • Big Mac
    Big Mac4 timmar sedan

    Creds to the developers for honoring stun gravy

  • Quixt
    Quixt4 timmar sedan

    stun gravy's trickshot made this a whole lot better

  • Poisoned Bullet
    Poisoned Bullet4 timmar sedan

    Wait this is only 1week ago whatt

  • Clutch Genes
    Clutch Genes4 timmar sedan

    I missed THIS battlefield. Keep the politics out of your trailer and look what happens.

    A R N O GAMING4 timmar sedan

    3:19 who is this guy????



    4 timmar sedan

    @Sf Mason what???

  • Sf Mason

    Sf Mason

    4 timmar sedan

    Look up Stun_Gravy here on youtube, and say hello to the Rendezook :D

  • klickstefan
    klickstefan4 timmar sedan

    Ich möchte gerne erst über das neue Battlefield 2042 reden wenn: Das spiel draußen ist und ohne Fehler läuft. Nicht wie bei BF 2-5 erst mit Update spielbar. Das nächste noch wenn, es eine Grafikkarte zum normalen Preis zum Kaufen gibt. Dann denke ich drüber nach mir das BF 2042 vielleicht zu kaufen.

  • Kiki Amira
    Kiki Amira4 timmar sedan

    I hope i can buy a console or pc so i can play this. ❤️

  • Marcus Segerpalm
    Marcus Segerpalm5 timmar sedan

    Jonas Evers

  • Marcus Segerpalm
    Marcus Segerpalm5 timmar sedan

    The person on the cover of the game is a swedish nurse and modell

  • scr
    scr5 timmar sedan

    other people when new sci fi game: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO me when new sci fi game: yay other people when new near future game: YES me when near future game: *YAY*

  • Usama Rizwan
    Usama Rizwan5 timmar sedan

    Rendezook 🙌🏻🙌🏻🔥🥺

  • R B
    R B5 timmar sedan

    5 minutes of absolutely nothing

  • The Man Who Sold The World
    The Man Who Sold The World5 timmar sedan


  • Wsh Rallan
    Wsh Rallan5 timmar sedan


  • Anarchy
    Anarchy5 timmar sedan

    1 Million likes already 🔥👍

  • Wk Bsom
    Wk Bsom5 timmar sedan

    This looks so good man probably the best shooting game trailer I've ever seen. I don't even car if they mess up some stuff in the game, this trailer makes up for it! Thank you DICE

  • Wk Bsom
    Wk Bsom5 timmar sedan

    3:10 idk why but I love the way he turns his head to look 😆

  • Babun Win
    Babun Win5 timmar sedan

    2:59 what a music?

  • Ctrl _
    Ctrl _5 timmar sedan

    Excited for the Tesla Ice Tank

  • Flip out
    Flip out6 timmar sedan

    Gamer : They're coming. game company : who? Chinese hacker : NiHao

  • n3hk
    n3hk6 timmar sedan

    BF3 and BF4 vibes. played bfbc2/v, bf3 and b4. skip bf1 and bf5 for obvious reasons.

  • freakiestduck 38
    freakiestduck 386 timmar sedan

    Stunt gravey

  • Sanzoo
    Sanzoo6 timmar sedan

    Рофельный Трейлер:)

  • ScharaN
    ScharaN6 timmar sedan

    copping it instantly

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man6 timmar sedan

    After owning every BF game i can say this..they may not know how to make good games...but they know how to make trailers! Im buying...AGAIN!!

  • SquadRus
    SquadRus6 timmar sedan

    В какой шлак вы превратили Батлу...

  • Rich Rollin
    Rich Rollin6 timmar sedan

    Battlefield never fails to impress us

  • kisko calderon soriano
    kisko calderon soriano6 timmar sedan

    fumada 3:23

  • Qwanton “Qwanton”
    Qwanton “Qwanton”6 timmar sedan

    Tee plane stunt was wat made this trailer legendary

  • Artismo By IvanPixeles
    Artismo By IvanPixeles6 timmar sedan

    Adrenaline For Free!!

  • Some Guy In The Internet
    Some Guy In The Internet6 timmar sedan

    Battlefield: The Comeback

  • DutchRaptor
    DutchRaptor6 timmar sedan

    Altough EA is a bad company with all their loot boxes, they are the kings of making gameplay trailers

  • Tanay Chakraborty
    Tanay Chakraborty7 timmar sedan

    Good Graphics and Cinematics 😍

  • Cieylah Sim
    Cieylah Sim7 timmar sedan

    🇺🇸 United States vs. Russian 🇷🇺

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    4 timmar sedan

    Murica ftw

  • B A
    B A7 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one that seems to think, that all of the soldiers animation makes them look like they're panicked and out of balance all the time or falling down? I LOVE THE TRAILER, but the weight balance part is just weird

  • Craze
    Craze7 timmar sedan

    1:21 great example of why you shouldn't use flashlight attachments in a Stealth mission

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser7 timmar sedan

    Now DICE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, add South African servers at launch. We need this

  • Ian Visser
    Ian Visser7 timmar sedan

    Quad on the roof... Please tell me we got C4 physics again

  • Dastan Alfaris
    Dastan Alfaris7 timmar sedan

    I Cant Belive This Is Only 21 Years In The Future So fast :p

  • Renno TV
    Renno TV7 timmar sedan


  • Arjay Paloma
    Arjay Paloma7 timmar sedan

    If I play this game my be in 25 year we are very poor

  • Hart Smith
    Hart Smith7 timmar sedan


  • Boqn Iliev
    Boqn Iliev7 timmar sedan

    this is what happens when everyone is the main character

  • Audrius G
    Audrius G8 timmar sedan

    Guys... In october we will be able to play this masterpiece. Just wait a little longer!@!

  • GCS 88
    GCS 888 timmar sedan

    So happy finally be able to try BF on a PC and looks like theres gonna be a Korean map 4:08

  • JByrd


    6 timmar sedan

    Good luck with the hackers

  • 忍者Ninja-
    忍者Ninja-8 timmar sedan

    3:20 literally goosebumps

  • シュン
    シュン8 timmar sedan

    Last chance they have,

  • Mr. Turkmen
    Mr. Turkmen8 timmar sedan

    i came for this 03:14

  • G Xare
    G Xare9 timmar sedan

    I raised the video quality to 2160p and now my S10 is burning

  • Cwan Ron
    Cwan Ron9 timmar sedan


  • Cwan Ron
    Cwan Ron9 timmar sedan


  • Cwan Ron
    Cwan Ron9 timmar sedan


  • Cwan Ron
    Cwan Ron9 timmar sedan


  • Cwan Ron
    Cwan Ron9 timmar sedan


  • The Gaurav Kunar Gk
    The Gaurav Kunar Gk9 timmar sedan

    Mobile game or pc game

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    4 timmar sedan

    Lmao funny joke my guy

  • dolly jalmaani

    dolly jalmaani

    5 timmar sedan

    dude cmon -_-

  • A Black Picture

    A Black Picture

    7 timmar sedan


  • goldenscrapbonnie sfm
    goldenscrapbonnie sfm9 timmar sedan

    3:11 did battlefield just-

  • Bruce
    Bruce9 timmar sedan


  • SadesTV
    SadesTV9 timmar sedan

    Welcome back Battlefield !

  • Jondde K
    Jondde K9 timmar sedan

    Yoo this is so epic and im really waiting for this

  • pradeep bayalkoti
    pradeep bayalkoti9 timmar sedan

    Kick start my heart by motley Crue

  • Azhar
    Azhar9 timmar sedan

    what the dog doing?

  • Riz-馬鹿
    Riz-馬鹿10 timmar sedan

    I like something everyone

  • kj
    kj10 timmar sedan

    im starting to think battlefield 5 was just the appetizer...

  • Андрей Негрий
    Андрей Негрий10 timmar sedan

    после того как посмотрел на канале вдф прафильную версию, не могу не смотреть с улыбкой

  • B L
    B L11 timmar sedan

    What is an ATV doing on top of a skyscraper? Lol

  • AlexXx


    10 timmar sedan

    Only in Battlefield )

  • JAD's MV's
    JAD's MV's11 timmar sedan

    After this game has run its course 6-7 years from now and the next BF trailer is out, we are all going to see this trailer again and remember the times that are yet to come.

  • StarScream Plays
    StarScream Plays11 timmar sedan

    I will see you guys on the battlefield October 2021 👌

  • I have no friends
    I have no friends11 timmar sedan

    NOOOOO the guy who did the thumbs up Nooooooo

  • MEE43_ Gide Ahan Parag
    MEE43_ Gide Ahan Parag11 timmar sedan

    No campaign? Take my dislike

  • Hoang Vo

    Hoang Vo

    4 timmar sedan

    The replay value of the campaign is minniscule in comparison to multiplayer.

  • Salad V

    Salad V

    10 timmar sedan

    Imagine buying a bf game for its campaign

  • G .G
    G .G11 timmar sedan

    Hope for God that this never becomes cyberpunk 2077!

  • Aadarsh Patel
    Aadarsh Patel11 timmar sedan

    RendeZook is awesome

  • LMAO
    LMAO11 timmar sedan

    At 3:10 is a iconic trickshot hit by stun gravy called rendazook

  • PickleYoda
    PickleYoda11 timmar sedan

    This is how you know it's the next generation.

  • Azamat05
    Azamat0511 timmar sedan

    Это место казахстана

  • RaPToR ChaCha
    RaPToR ChaCha11 timmar sedan

    Rendezook baeeeebayyyy😍😍😍

  • Osama bin laden
    Osama bin laden11 timmar sedan

    The people who disliked are sad there isnt a campaign, I get the multiplayer is good but still :(

  • Super Senpai

    Super Senpai

    6 timmar sedan

    You still have bots to play with on multiplayer.

  • The Balkanizer
    The Balkanizer11 timmar sedan

    Finaly . So Beautyful :-(

  • Epic Battle Music
    Epic Battle Music11 timmar sedan

    See you on the battlefield guys💪

    KINGSMAN GAMES11 timmar sedan

    3:05 🔥 underrated moment

  • Adam Nilsson
    Adam Nilsson12 timmar sedan

    i got this feeling as i did with battlefield 1 and 5 that it will not turn out great. I dont like that we have specialists and free choice of choosing secundaries (everyone can go with bazooka, does not matter which specialist you get), also we did not see any destruction. In a battlefield game i want to destroy walls, buildings, holes in the ground. did not see anything like that in the trailer which we could see in battlefield 3 and 4 trailers. hope i have wrong in the upcoming gameplay in july

  • rodallega09
    rodallega0912 timmar sedan

    BRO... REALLY ?

    YSL LOVE12 timmar sedan

    15mil views! YESIRSKI

  • Minerva
    Minerva12 timmar sedan

    26k people really decided to have a wrong opinion.

  • Jeevan Sahagun

    Jeevan Sahagun

    8 timmar sedan

    And also being toxic in the comment sections as if this game is trash.

  • Fikret Tekcan
    Fikret Tekcan12 timmar sedan

    Time for a comeback , offline since battlefield 3 😎

  • Dark Sound
    Dark Sound12 timmar sedan

    last 5 minite i was breath less

  • leZiggy
    leZiggy12 timmar sedan

    4:02 me and the bois doing the side quest but its tied to the main quest...

  • Thomas Greyson
    Thomas Greyson12 timmar sedan

    Oh goodie another war shooter where everything explodes. WHAT DID THEY DO TO KICKSTART MY HEART!!??

  • Abdul Mohamad
    Abdul Mohamad13 timmar sedan

    They should remove the battle pass from this battlefield and keep the system like battlefield 4 like earning gold packs for leveling up or leaving up the weapons and getting a battle pack for it.

  • The Russian Loli
    The Russian Loli13 timmar sedan

    No one; Not a single soul: *Baby turtles 5 seconds after they hatch* : 0:28

  • Bluejuice
    Bluejuice13 timmar sedan

    Watching this video without sound like watching an app game ad on mobile