Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - First Look Trailer


  • serene wolf
    serene wolfTimme sedan

    This would be very exciting if it wasnt ubisoft.

  • Aasteem
    AasteemTimme sedan

    Ubisoft, please make a breathtaking game out of this. I always wanted a game with flying islands and fantasy elements, and that you combine this with the Avatar Franchise is very awesome!

    GREATEST EVERTimme sedan

    Ill probably buy the game when it comes out unless its utter trash

  • Олег Семейко
    Олег СемейкоTimme sedan

    Впечетляет !Дожить бы до прасмотра !?

  • _Pavel_
    _Pavel_Timme sedan

    if this is gonna be first person, it will have so many far cry elements

  • Frank Walker
    Frank WalkerTimme sedan

    wow...it looks like the movie What a graphics man😱

  • Momento Zen
    Momento Zen2 timmar sedan


    ESTUDIOS 773 timmar sedan

    Me recuerda a Ark génesis 2

  • Kumtael DemonLord
    Kumtael DemonLord3 timmar sedan

    Well i hope that wont be fail as first game.....

  • Ludger Uri
    Ludger Uri4 timmar sedan

    Bro, why does a cinematic have psp graphics?

  • Impy 2D
    Impy 2D4 timmar sedan

    Can't wait to play as the RDA

  • Code Monster
    Code Monster5 timmar sedan

    Oh my God, why did it have to be Ubisoft? *WHY?*

  • MetaOKind
    MetaOKind6 timmar sedan

    Guess I'll save my Christmas money, I honestly don't really care what it looks like I liked the first game low quality, I'll be 15 in 2022 yay I guess?

  • Will Will
    Will Will7 timmar sedan

    Ubi? Omg think about ....downgrade

  • Jonathan Tejada
    Jonathan Tejada7 timmar sedan

    Yeah I'll wait for actual Gameplay

  • Andresito Sidler
    Andresito Sidler8 timmar sedan

    Was excited for the gamd until i saw Ubisoft is making it

  • Andy Crimson
    Andy Crimson8 timmar sedan

    I got excited because I thought it was the movie trailer

  • S L
    S L9 timmar sedan


  • dRoYbEn
    dRoYbEn9 timmar sedan

    But like... even for a Ubisoft trailer this seems kinda low quality :/

  • Guilliano Vitalis
    Guilliano Vitalis10 timmar sedan

    No papyrus?

  • Luigi Cotocea
    Luigi Cotocea15 timmar sedan

    If you can describe beauty, this is the game!

  • Atharva Poyekar
    Atharva Poyekar15 timmar sedan

    I hope the controls are still the same.

  • Luis Chavez
    Luis Chavez18 timmar sedan


  • Martin M
    Martin M19 timmar sedan

    The Hexapod animals would point that the peoples there were not from there as they're missing two limbs.

  • Perseus Love
    Perseus Love20 timmar sedan

    If aerial combat is really like that in game, that would be dope. Hope a gameplay trailer comes out soon.

  • Praveen Santosh
    Praveen Santosh20 timmar sedan


  • True der wahre
    True der wahre22 timmar sedan

    bitte verkack das nicht UBISOFT!

  • anonymous69
    anonymous6922 timmar sedan

    Sooo, we're supposed to climb radio towers, collect valuables, seize control of settlements and then finally work our way up to the boss, right? Right.

  • James Robnett
    James Robnett22 timmar sedan

    If an Ark:Survival trailer and a No Man's Sky trailer had a baby this is about what I'd expect.

  • Aashay Nagar (ash)
    Aashay Nagar (ash)23 timmar sedan

    but off-fking-course, its a full on CGI trailer...if this were an animated show/movie i would love it but as it currently stands, piss-off ...its evidential (from 100s of past examples) none of this is actually in the game.

  • 瀬尾良平
    瀬尾良平23 timmar sedan

    First I take it is Horizon Zerodawn...

  • Loosa Palooza
    Loosa PaloozaDag sedan

    I think they're 10 years too late on the "give a fucknesss" of this franchise

  • dude its rodger
    dude its rodgerDag sedan

    Yall better make it look as good as this trailer

    ТЕХИНСЕРВИСDag sedan


  • Skrtlord
    SkrtlordDag sedan


  • The Alchemist
    The AlchemistDag sedan

    i want a red flying idk what those are

  • Carolina Santiago
    Carolina SantiagoDag sedan

    Add stock cars race in the crew 2 pls ubisoft🥺

  • Ej Ridenhour
    Ej RidenhourDag sedan

    Love this can’t wait the movie suppose to come out net year too🔥

  • Rolanne Bouchard
    Rolanne BouchardDag sedan

    Please tell Mr they made this for the Oculus quest!

  • N Midnight
    N MidnightDag sedan

    Time to tame the big orange boi lmao

  • Joan Ixito
    Joan IxitoDag sedan

    I would so love to see this on the Oculus Quest 2!

  • Mrmsses
    MrmssesDag sedan

    So who do we play here as? Blue native Americans or colonist Americans bringing them freedom?

  • Gamer Lightning nr 1
    Gamer Lightning nr 1Dag sedan

    It said 2022 But avatar 2 Movie was gone come out in 2020

  • cyber ben
    cyber benDag sedan

    Old gen is no more?

  • HN Classic
    HN ClassicDag sedan

    *Ek like us maa ki lambi umar ke liye jis ne aapko janam diya 💙*

  • Aniket Ghongate
    Aniket GhongateDag sedan


  • Aniket Ghongate
    Aniket GhongateDag sedan

    Don't Screw This Up Ubisoft. You Giving Us Cyberpunk Vibes Because of All The First Person Only Bullshit. It's Been My Dream to Play Avatar 2 Since I Was a Child You Bastards😭 Don't Screw This Up...Gosh Darn Is It Soo Difficult To Have a Good Single Player Story Campaign You Arseholes??!! You Been Blowing The Hell Out Of Every Game Of Yours Ever Since Black Flag😭😭😭🙏

  • YahBoiMate
    YahBoiMateDag sedan

    I was pretty excited at first until I realised that it's gonna be first-person.

  • Meher Baba is God in human form
    Meher Baba is God in human formDag sedan

    Looks great!

  • Marvin Behrens
    Marvin BehrensDag sedan

    Wait a second, Last Time, i watched the movie i Sided with humanity. No Ubisoft I wont betray my race. There is really a video online why humanity are actually the good guys but well... they want to make you believe we are evil....

  • Albert
    Albert2 dagar sedan

    2:09 this ikran just hammering a steel attack helicopter with its body is just unexplainably funny to me

  • Papa_Posadskiy
    Papa_Posadskiy2 dagar sedan

    Клёво смотрится .... Ждем, ждём ...

  • Toilet FX
    Toilet FX2 dagar sedan

    Pls dont let this game be a flop

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake2 dagar sedan

    And they are still using the damn Papyrus font ! Haaaaaaaaa

  • PikaPool
    PikaPool2 dagar sedan

    Don’t look good ps5 and Xbox series X look trash graphic

  • Phu Dao
    Phu Dao2 dagar sedan

    My processor cant handle these computation

  • Kaarthik Menon
    Kaarthik Menon2 dagar sedan

    I always wanted an Avatar game!! Just hope Ubisoft dont screw it up 😬

  • HeiZeus
    HeiZeus2 dagar sedan

    Surprised it's not "Tom Clancy's Avatar"

  • RandomCommentor
    RandomCommentor2 dagar sedan

    I loved the trailer… except for the Ubisoft part.

  • Roger William
    Roger William2 dagar sedan

    Welcome to world again were humans are enemies

  • Jonathan Gagne
    Jonathan Gagne2 dagar sedan

    Gameplay please stop trailer wtf

  • S W
    S W2 dagar sedan

    why they do a solo game, they ain't no more good for it, they may've done a multiplayer hugh map scale Na'vi against humans and it would've been pretty cool

  • Jae Young Kim
    Jae Young Kim2 dagar sedan

    Only problem of this game: Ubisoft

  • sri hari
    sri hari2 dagar sedan

    Video game laga vundi,, toys,

  • Steen Eugen Poulsen
    Steen Eugen Poulsen2 dagar sedan

    First Look? wtf, this is nothing but cinematic trailer, it's not a look at the game in any meaningful way.

  • MIT VK
    MIT VK2 dagar sedan

    movie please, make it happen

  • Ernan Dumilig
    Ernan Dumilig2 dagar sedan

    I really exited to watch this movie..

  • Kieran Brown
    Kieran Brown2 dagar sedan

    Ubisoft just a world of advice i think you would make a lot more money if this went on Xbox don't you think

  • ッnotme
    ッnotme2 dagar sedan

    Kinda scared because this is Ubisoft we are talking... There's definitely gonna be a graphic downgrade 😭

  • Mỹ Duyên 300K Vào Henho24h xyz
    Mỹ Duyên 300K Vào Henho24h xyz2 dagar sedan

    03:24 Người đến là phúc, người đi là phận 🚯

  • Dr Swagat mahanta
    Dr Swagat mahanta2 dagar sedan

    So this is the new far cry game

  • Dr Swagat mahanta
    Dr Swagat mahanta2 dagar sedan

    “A” Ubisoft game??? Wtfffffff brrroooo... seriously no one saw this before releasing??

  • Grigoris Chatzimelissis
    Grigoris Chatzimelissis2 dagar sedan

    There are two kinds of Avatar: The good Avatar and the other one with the blue people

  • Wesley Koenen
    Wesley Koenen2 dagar sedan

    Yes a open world game

  • Mehrzad Qasemi
    Mehrzad Qasemi2 dagar sedan

    It seems to we need at least 250 GB of space

  • serpent steel
    serpent steel2 dagar sedan

    dam it better be good or I will be angry

  • Atoz charan
    Atoz charan2 dagar sedan

    This game to release PS4 also

  • Валера Масленникова
    Валера Масленникова2 dagar sedan

    Отвратительно вообще не передаёт то ощущение что при просмотре фильма и вообще не заинтересовало

  • Captain Ireland
    Captain Ireland2 dagar sedan

    No one will know how u got No likes

  • c t
    c t2 dagar sedan

    I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THE AVATAR GAME and then I learned that it's about the blue cats. Not the real avatar :(

  • Noized
    Noized3 dagar sedan

    Crazy how the game might look better than the first movie

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot3 dagar sedan

    I absolutely hate it when there's trailers for new games that shows 0 gameplay.

  • Pheonix
    Pheonix3 dagar sedan

    Hope this will not be like Assasins creed origins and the pc version will explode my pc becawse they optimized it very bad.

  • Андрей Путинцев
    Андрей Путинцев3 dagar sedan

    долго делают

  • Wildman2012
    Wildman20123 dagar sedan

    Bravo to every vfx artist involved... extraordinary renderings!

  • Mitchell Palacio
    Mitchell Palacio3 dagar sedan

    Still pre ordering no matter what because they're working on the open world star wars game. TAKE MY MONEY

  • Jonne van de Beek
    Jonne van de Beek3 dagar sedan

    filthy blue rats earth needs unobtainium to survive

  • My Play Sky
    My Play Sky3 dagar sedan

    Oh Yeah Another Avatar the game Is Coming Soon 😍🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • tata nugraha
    tata nugraha3 dagar sedan

    is this no man's sky DLC?

  • Paulberry jam
    Paulberry jam3 dagar sedan

    Please tell em this is going to be PC Supported?

  • Christian Loria
    Christian Loria3 dagar sedan

    problem is GPU shortage, you might find one but 3-4 times the price

  • Piyush Maurya
    Piyush Maurya3 dagar sedan

    Is it a game or movie . Can someone tell me

  • Piyush Maurya

    Piyush Maurya

    3 dagar sedan

    @Drake Arvidsson Thx 🙂

  • Drake Arvidsson

    Drake Arvidsson

    3 dagar sedan

    It's a game but there is a movie coming out.But i think the game comes first

  • Chancla
    Chancla3 dagar sedan


  • Warp
    Warp3 dagar sedan

    I hope goobisoft doesn't mess this up but I also don't trust them enough to not mess this up.

  • Anwar Khan
    Anwar Khan3 dagar sedan

    i still play the first one lol

  • GP Consultoria
    GP Consultoria3 dagar sedan


  • Misheu
    Misheu3 dagar sedan

    I can't wait to whip out these blue monkeys as a RDA trooper

  • Miles Technologies
    Miles Technologies4 dagar sedan

    The potential of this game is enormous, but I just hope they'll do something proper with it.