AURORA - RUNAWAY - The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Concert


  • Anuska Roy
    Anuska RoyTimme sedan

    Goodness ! Her voice is lovely !


    I love her bc I have the same control of my vocals but I am still not good as her

  • iamaj7gaming
    iamaj7gaming3 timmar sedan

    Ithokkeyaan paat👻

  • Benny Roman
    Benny Roman4 timmar sedan

    The inconclusive ellipse happily wonder because production preferentially use lest a dazzling statement. garrulous, disgusting story

  • Maruf Rifat
    Maruf Rifat4 timmar sedan

    sia junior

  • haroka arts🇵🇸
    haroka arts🇵🇸8 timmar sedan

    3:40/why she doing that?

  • Ella The Dangerous Woman

    Ella The Dangerous Woman

    6 timmar sedan

    Doing what ?

  • Bhalo Basar Ranna Ghor
    Bhalo Basar Ranna Ghor11 timmar sedan

    she stand in the stage barefooted this is the first sign of an ultimate artist who knows how to respect the frm Ind.....

  • Shammy Akter
    Shammy Akter12 timmar sedan

    What country

  • Donkeye
    Donkeye12 timmar sedan


  • The Marshalls
    The Marshalls12 timmar sedan

    4.05 to 4.13 Wow, Aurora put her heart and soul into that stunning performance. ❤

  • AK Studio
    AK Studio12 timmar sedan this song best remix look at

  • Vijay Gudekar
    Vijay Gudekar13 timmar sedan

    Deaf people wondering why she wants to blow away the world Jokes apart she is my favourite singer I think she is very down to earth .... she is performing barefooted

  • notice
    notice16 timmar sedan


  • Jeon Taehyung 🐰❤🐯
    Jeon Taehyung 🐰❤🐯19 timmar sedan

    her music is so passionate I literally teared up. She can make people feel deep emotions even if its not their story and that is the true meaning of music.

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy19 timmar sedan


  • Lokesh Bharani
    Lokesh Bharani23 timmar sedan

    Excellent voice modification, we expect more hit songs from you Aurora.. Lots of love from india

  • lucas2blea
    lucas2bleaDag sedan

    por que esta canción no tiene mas visitas?

  • gagbo aaron
    gagbo aaronDag sedan

    I’ve been carried away 😲🥺🥺😩

  • GOLDEN-13
    GOLDEN-13Dag sedan

    que hermoso es que ella cante con el cuerpo, eso me dejo en shock OMG!

  • Krishna Leela
    Krishna LeelaDag sedan

    Love this girl.

  • Dede Ahfaitar
    Dede AhfaitarDag sedan

    People here should listen to stars and rabbit - man upon the hill. They are really similar.

  • Mystic Moon
    Mystic MoonDag sedan

    Yk this is basically me. I have danced in the rain many times and it let's me Express myself which I am not the best at.

  • Parmar Ajit
    Parmar AjitDag sedan

    Best song

  • Muhammad Sadik
    Muhammad SadikDag sedan

    They choose the best song for the nobel prize ceremony considering everyone there was a genius and for them the song is.....

  • •~M A R I N X T T E~•
    •~M A R I N X T T E~•Dag sedan

    *I had a dream i was seven climbing my way in a tree i saw a piece of heaven waiting in patience for me down when i was running far away would i run off the world someday Nobody knows nobody knoooows i was dancing in the rain i felt alive and i cant complain but no take me home take me home where i belong i cant take it anymoooore* feel it

  • Meggy Burbano
    Meggy BurbanoDag sedan

    Nice mad

  • Ronyy Gupta
    Ronyy GuptaDag sedan

    U are the best

  • Dedik Rudi
    Dedik RudiDag sedan

    Em kak bagus lagu nya maaf ya kalau aku ada salah dan semuanya em dan makasih atas kebahagiaan kita sama semua sampai tersenyum aku juga kak tersenyum makasih banget kak dan bye kak

    KOVID CHANDADag sedan

    amazing feeling

  • Holy_Crystals
    Holy_CrystalsDag sedan

    I heard she made this when she was 7...

  • Ali Smith

    Ali Smith

    Dag sedan


  • Epic Club
    Epic ClubDag sedan

    I have anxiety to the point that I have panic attacks at times and with everyone being in mandatory lockdowns and such, Chillhop is an oasis. It's so nice to see a community of awesome people such as yourselves. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy! 👍

  • Ali Smith

    Ali Smith

    Dag sedan

    As to you. :)

  • Craft O Craft
    Craft O CraftDag sedan


  • •~TaffyplayzYT~•
    •~TaffyplayzYT~•Dag sedan

    I heard she was barefoot still she's calm and always a fairy✨

  • Daybreak


    16 timmar sedan


  • Rafael Ma
    Rafael MaDag sedan

    She so pretty

  • Rebeca Rivera
    Rebeca RiveraDag sedan

    Is she OK because her hands are flying everywhere

  • What if...?

    What if...?

    Dag sedan

    She's feeling and expressing the song with body moves, she's ok, that's what a real artist do

  • Mysore Mallige
    Mysore MalligeDag sedan

    This masterpiece was recommended to me after 5 years......

  • Daybreak


    16 timmar sedan


  • Timothy Hudgens
    Timothy HudgensDag sedan

    The slimy verse logistically dam because condition findingsinitially grab amongst a aboard santa. dusty, absent leg

  • imlaura
    imlauraDag sedan

    She wrote this at 11 I was bearly a conscious being at 11 😂😭

  • Daybreak


    16 timmar sedan


  • Navneet Pathak
    Navneet Pathak2 dagar sedan

    Damnnnnnn she is controlling her feathers inside so humans couldn't see them.

  • Asma Khan
    Asma Khan2 dagar sedan

    Why does this song remind me of Hermione (Emma Watson)

  • Mumtazah Syahira
    Mumtazah Syahira2 dagar sedan

    She's like fyn jamal vers malay

  • M.J** GAMING MjG
    M.J** GAMING MjG2 dagar sedan

    So cute❤️❤️

    THE SEVENTH HOKAGE2 dagar sedan

    0:52 😤😤😤😤

  • Anausha Rahi
    Anausha Rahi2 dagar sedan

    A little fairy is singing 😍

  • Akash Pandey
    Akash Pandey2 dagar sedan

    No auto tune, no mixing. Not using any software.. Her voice is a blessing for all of us..

  • Aditya Thakur
    Aditya Thakur2 dagar sedan

    She is like a Doll

  • Ravindu Fernando
    Ravindu Fernando2 dagar sedan

    I was listenin' to the ocean I saw a face in the sand But when I picked it up Then it vanished away from my hands, down I had a dream I was seven Climbing my way in a tree I saw a piece of heaven Waiting impatient for me, down And I was runnin' far away Would I run off the world someday? Nobody knows Nobody knows, and I was dancing in the rain I felt alive and I can't complain But now take me home Take me home where I belong I can't take it anymore I was painting a picture The picture was a painting of you and For a moment I thought you were here But then again, it wasn't true, down And all this time I have been lyin' Oh, lyin' in secret to myself I've been putting sorrow on the Farthest place on my shelf La-di-da And I was runnin' far away Would I run off the world someday? Nobody knows Nobody knows, and I was dancing in the rain I felt alive and I can't complain But now take me home Take me home where I belong I got no other place to go Now take me home Take me home where I belong I got no other place to go Now take me home Take me home where I belong I can't take it anymore But I kept runnin' For a soft place to fall And I kept runnin' For a soft place to fall And I kept runnin' For a soft place to fall And I kept runnin' For a soft place to fall And I was runnin' far away Would I run off the world someday? But now take me home Take me home where I belong I got no other place to go Now take me home Take me home where I belong I got no other place to go Now take me home Home where I belong Oh, no, no Now take me home Home where I belong Ho, ho, ho Now take me home Home where I belong Oh, no, no Now take me home Home where I belong I can't take it anymore

  • Zineb Hajji
    Zineb Hajji2 dagar sedan

    This voice is very sweet and beautiful.This voice is my favourite voice.

  • Peace
    Peace2 dagar sedan

    Bro my name is Peace :D

  • Blue panda
    Blue panda2 dagar sedan

    3:34 cute

  • Maraline Manahan
    Maraline Manahan2 dagar sedan

    I can’t stop crying 😭

  • Hwang Hyunjin 황현진
    Hwang Hyunjin 황현진2 dagar sedan

    Aurora don't need autotune, she sings beautiful😍❤️

    DEAD-THIRSTY2 dagar sedan

    And I am a girl

    DEAD-THIRSTY2 dagar sedan

    I love this song

  • wolfie is alive
    wolfie is alive 2 dagar sedan

    we all know she sings really well what do u think about her dance ? lol

  • What if...?

    What if...?

    Dag sedan

    That's what a real artist do, she's feeling and expressing the song with body moves

  • 𝗗𝘅𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘅𝗱𝘆シ
    𝗗𝘅𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘅𝗱𝘆シ2 dagar sedan

    Aurora sings this song at the age of 11 Me:blows up the microwave

  • A R I UwU
    A R I UwU2 dagar sedan

    This is so good

  • Chimponyk
    Chimponyk2 dagar sedan

    Welcome to the Aurora World 🎈

  • Alexander Hay
    Alexander Hay2 dagar sedan


  • แนน โน๊ะ
    แนน โน๊ะ2 dagar sedan

    She not control Voice but Voice control her

  • Pensive Pineapple
    Pensive Pineapple2 dagar sedan

    💫Shes reality shifting to this song.💫

  • DragonBeast360
    DragonBeast3602 dagar sedan

    Damn, just damn…

  • Infinity Em
    Infinity Em2 dagar sedan

    She’s adorable 🥺

  • Melaney Walz
    Melaney Walz2 dagar sedan

    Hi I love you song so much and I am expired by you

  • Usman
    Usman2 dagar sedan

    She was Floating on words

  • Gusté Juozapaityté
    Gusté Juozapaityté3 dagar sedan

    She is the best!

  • Mr Vic
    Mr Vic3 dagar sedan

    her soulful voice got me in tears. Purely magnificent and magical performance

  • Bryanna Liebsack
    Bryanna Liebsack3 dagar sedan

    The way she reaches out to the world to pull the sound out of her, how she uses her arms and hands to stabilize the sound ❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭👏👏👏👏👏

  • Aryan Singh Rajput
    Aryan Singh Rajput3 dagar sedan

    ☮️🕊️ peace

  • Dhundakari Nepali Gaming
    Dhundakari Nepali Gaming3 dagar sedan

    Pain is all i can feel in your voice as no body knows what you have been through in your life

    VIJETA SINHA3 dagar sedan

    She was beautiful !

  • Inat Brown
    Inat Brown3 dagar sedan

    I love how she moves her arms and makes it like very true

  • Daybreak


    16 timmar sedan


  • Bimugdho
    Bimugdho3 dagar sedan

    Masterpieces don't exist- Aurora: Hold my fairy 🧚‍♂️

  • Just Chalametthing
    Just Chalametthing3 dagar sedan

    Completely speechless.. Love how she is dancing with the music...

  • Daybreak


    16 timmar sedan


  • Mridu Bharti
    Mridu Bharti3 dagar sedan

    Damn am I the only one feelings some unnamed feeling while listings to her like something is not right in my world something........

  • Diemazt Black
    Diemazt Black3 dagar sedan

    Her voice very clear!

  • Keanan Connor
    Keanan Connor3 dagar sedan

    Came back just to cry some more

  • Just A Stranger
    Just A Stranger3 dagar sedan

    See you in 6 more years when this vid have been recommend to me by youtube

  • Joshua Reyes
    Joshua Reyes3 dagar sedan

    Que voz tan impresionante 😍

    DAFAQ3 dagar sedan

    So she is 16 now?

  • Ivan Marquez

    Ivan Marquez

    2 dagar sedan

    no she's 25 right now, 19 in this video. 11 wrote the song

  • islasocean
    islasocean3 dagar sedan

    imagine performing at the nobel peace price

  • colin murray
    colin murray4 dagar sedan

    Her vocals

  • • مـرمـر •
    • مـرمـر •4 dagar sedan

    سأبقـى للأبـد احبك يا صديـقتي الذي تركتـيني 💔 I will forever love you my friend who left me 💔

  • ♡『☆𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕖𝕚𝕟_17』


    2 dagar sedan


  • afranaz lizard
    afranaz lizard4 dagar sedan

    I really love this

  • Cookiie
    Cookiie4 dagar sedan

    Her hands are telling the story

  • Иван Завизион
    Иван Завизион4 dagar sedan

    Очень нравится творчество этой самобытной девушки. Манера исполнения, одежда и главное её глаза! На руках нет накладных ногтей. Аврора, браво!!!

  • kevin lucas
    kevin lucas4 dagar sedan

    Love you

  • 💜OT7💜
    💜OT7💜4 dagar sedan

    She's not singing . She's just singing her life💜👏

    REDRAGE PUBG4 dagar sedan


  • Dark Dragon
    Dark Dragon4 dagar sedan

    Aurora is an awsome singer who sings with her soul, and her spirit, shes different from the other singers, i admire her.

  • Stereo Babe
    Stereo Babe4 dagar sedan

    her movements, her voice, and her postures i can feel her unexplainable pain

    ALBERT BELMONTE4 dagar sedan

    July 2021 anyone?

  • Shaswot Malla
    Shaswot Malla4 dagar sedan


  • Robegen Palma
    Robegen Palma4 dagar sedan

    This is 5 years ago? I thought it's new. Wow💕

  • Sukumar Subramani
    Sukumar Subramani4 dagar sedan

    Your song emphasis on to stay on issues with love

  • bilal idrees
    bilal idrees4 dagar sedan

    i show a thing in her voice i think she did not use auto tune in her ost

  • missael cruz
    missael cruz4 dagar sedan

    Ya 5 años y todavía toy enamorado y anoninado por la voz de bb aurora usssshhhh me muerooooo!!❤️❤️😍😍😍x cierto me gradué hace 2 semanas🎓🤍

  • Demi priest
    Demi priest4 dagar sedan

    she does so much with her hands like..

  • dilly dilly
    dilly dilly4 dagar sedan