Asmongold LAST Mount Off Before He Leaves WoW for FFXIV

NOTHING LASTS! Asmongold Hosts the last mount off competition before he leaves the shores of World of Warcraft and embarks to Eorzea, the Final Fantasy 14 world. Will the literal god win this contest?...

Qualifiers 0:00
Semi-Finals 24:00
FINALS 31:28

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  • Trildin
    Trildin2 dagar sedan

    First mount off I've seen this was hilarious especially later on rofl

  • SinusQuell
    SinusQuell4 dagar sedan

    now get on black quiraj drone

  • Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
    Harby Andre Franco Fernandez6 dagar sedan

    Alternate title: Wally getting owned in stream

  • rockvettel
    rockvettel7 dagar sedan

    imagine going 1v1 and getting a level 20 horse out

  • ๖Cloud
    ๖Cloud11 dagar sedan

    WoW players are absolutely brain rotted to pay $8000 for a fucking minion

  • Joseph Bryant
    Joseph Bryant12 dagar sedan

    Asmon using glad mounts that he got carried to get smh cheap af.

  • Jeff Skerratt
    Jeff Skerratt13 dagar sedan

    what a fucking nerd

  • Samuel Hatvani
    Samuel Hatvani14 dagar sedan

    wtf is this shit

  • Ewald Pankratz
    Ewald Pankratz17 dagar sedan


  • T W
    T W17 dagar sedan

    By the way, Ive run ZG like 400 times and I dont have that fucking raptor. I have every other raptor in the game.... fml. I just gave up lmao. Its Heroic only so you cant just reset and 10 times an hour.

  • T W
    T W17 dagar sedan

    Jesus I had the red AQ mount when i only had like 94 mounts in the whole game. I know these vids are old but, Ive been really ill lately (no not covid, much worse) and sometimes Im too sick to even play. So finding Asmongold's channel has been a blessing!

  • Aku Light
    Aku Light18 dagar sedan


  • Mathew Goodall
    Mathew Goodall19 dagar sedan

    He only won with glad mounts lol

  • blackaktus
    blackaktus20 dagar sedan

    wtf with twitch chat, can u even see what ppl say there? looks like spammed monkey screams

  • Night Gamer
    Night Gamer25 dagar sedan

    No one can defeat the final boss of the mount show off

  • john
    john26 dagar sedan

    In like 7:00 is that elder scrolls music?

  • Just Artixx
    Just Artixx26 dagar sedan

    The comments here about him not making it past a little bit of FF14 did not age well lmao. He’s into the third expansion now.

  • freakundude
    freakundudeMånad sedan

    either hes a really good actor or hes acting like a idiot

  • HexJK
    HexJKMånad sedan

    Can someone explain the 1v1 mount off rules? I don't really understand the point of keeping score, seems like they just pull mounts until someone doesn't have any more mounts to pull. Instead of taking turns right after eachother, they should each go twice (once to set a mount, and once to match a mount). Player 1: Picks mount Player 2: Matches mount (if they can't, they dismount, giving opponent a point) Player 2: Picks mount Player 1: Matches mount (if they can't, they dismount, giving opponent a point) This system actually allows players to out-score each other, meaning they can set a proper win condition.

  • KapKanoV
    KapKanoVMånad sedan

    cant watch this dude, becouse she never talking on point only arround... i need instant calls and not trash talk!

  • Nick
    NickMånad sedan


  • Lil Hall
    Lil HallMånad sedan

    Stop milking it and go already lol we all know you won’t stop playing wow

  • Pablo1517
    Pablo1517Månad sedan

    My god how sad it makes me to see people leaving WoW and WoW dying... Warcraft is among my all time favourite franchises ;(

  • Nekrotix
    NekrotixMånad sedan

    You come into an ASMONGOLD MOUNT OFF, *without* Al'ar, expecting them NOT to pull out Asses. That's just on you.

  • Nox Eldar
    Nox EldarMånad sedan

    Bitch shut the fuck up it's a video game, had me there lol

  • Илья Малво
    Илья МалвоMånad sedan

    fuck off everyone gives a shit about you

  • Gryff C
    Gryff CMånad sedan

    wait so asmon is quiting WoW

  • The One Truth
    The One TruthMånad sedan

    I left wow for Runescape.. where farming and herb/potion making actually make a difference end game instead of just being a new grind. Runescape professions just make more sense they actually stay relevant. Quests are like the ones on Final Fantasy, meaning more story and mechanics instead of just go kill X... X amount of times.. Favorite part of Runescape is being able to produce my own end game supplies... and the quests. Wow I just skipped the wow text everytime cause very rarely a wow quest actually had any fun mechanics.. besides kill whatever.. or farm for this object... FF online I loved the more realistic graphics.. and the overall quests were like runescape with more mechanics and overall immersion into the story.. Wow just gives you a cutscene and thinks this is a fucking story quest... what a fucking joke... wow only did one good thing in years.. shadow lands level squish for the whole world.. making every expansion and dungeon more relevant.. sadly not relevant enough.. they should have actually made their world more like RS in terms of how items get replaced.. Just add better items.. level 60 items from vanilla should still be level 60 items.. just not as good as future level 60 items.. making all dungeons and items more relevant each expansion... wow killed their entire world with every expansions killing the last.. previous content. Runescape you can go kills some past previous content and still get decent rewards that will stay with you late game... wow you cant even do that.. and bliz even fired their art team.. apparently cause unique item meshes dont exist anymore... nor does new unique looking tier.. every expansion now just assumes you will do previous content for transmog without actually adding in any new looking gear worth transmoging.. overall new item designs just get ignored. They just re color shit and maybe add a few new basic item designs for when leveling.. getting greens and quest rewards.. but these item designs are just piss fucking poor cheap assed Wee ones type of shit its like they just hire toddlers to draw some awful new designs... look at all the different unique looking items all the way up till wrath.. after that item appearances start to dwindle and become less in variety.. till eventually you get too shadow lands and burning legion ect that have like practically nothing new.. besides some trash new green item designs that end up being used for blues and epics.. Fact wow is also removing spit emote to appeal to thin skinned karens/snow flakes.. makes it even less appealing game knowing they will just censor everything that offend people.. instead of telling them to just grow up.. and deal with life.. what some people find offensive others find fun or funny.. too fucking bad.. if an emote upsets you in any game or being t-bagged after being ganked/killed you dont need to play games.. period cause you take everything too seriously to the point your not even having fun playing a game... fucking pathetic and sad... / spit on everyone thats offended your feelings are insignificant to my own like your opinions ahahahaha too fucking bad.. make me laugh with a reply showing me your offended XD

  • billy poker
    billy pokerMånad sedan

    so many people with no lives in this video.

  • Matthijs Vonder
    Matthijs VonderMånad sedan

    i find Asmongold one of the most annoying streamers in SEblacks.

  • Azjeep
    AzjeepMånad sedan

    Mr i thought you would never quit wow lol! money talks lol

  • Azjeep
    AzjeepMånad sedan

    fuck tthat i have 170 kills and still no alar mount

  • AnimeWatchers
    AnimeWatchersMånad sedan

    god I hate McCuck

  • Fray Z
    Fray ZMånad sedan

    I got the red battle tank off the first trash in the raid lmfao

  • cyllan anassan
    cyllan anassanMånad sedan

    OMG.......YOU ARE EVIL.......look at those poor guildies.......

  • alkhalaaa
    alkhalaaaMånad sedan

    did i just watch a 40 min of wow content.. as a NON-wow/mmorgp player ? this is straight up gold content from asmon. holy!

  • James Wood
    James WoodMånad sedan

    I'd like to see him just pull like "White mecho strider!" just to see what happens lol

  • Jason Adams
    Jason AdamsMånad sedan

    I am glad you left. You are toxic as fuck

  • Red eyes

    Red eyes

    12 dagar sedan


  • BronyiTheOne
    BronyiTheOneMånad sedan

    the green fox is ardenweald only btw

  • George
    GeorgeMånad sedan

    Dat witcher vibes kicking in 18:15

  • Petrovich
    PetrovichMånad sedan

    No one ever really leaves wow we all eventually will come back

  • John Gaming
    John GamingMånad sedan

    imagine having a 8k$ pet in a dead game

  • Greeneyed lunatic
    Greeneyed lunaticMånad sedan

    Eaven asmomgold leaves wow. I have no words to say. I left wow too

  • GoblinPhreak
    GoblinPhreakMånad sedan

    "rarest mounts" meanwhile the first 3 mounts, i happen to have. like what?!?!? And I am not even that crazy into wow....

  • Alan Alves
    Alan AlvesMånad sedan

    That Witcher background music tho haha

  • Chris Ch
    Chris ChMånad sedan

    Why the f CK is he getting mad when they have the mounts but also screw with them when they don't? xD

  • FortniteFan1337


    Månad sedan

    It's for entertainment

  • Teague Jelinek
    Teague JelinekMånad sedan

    WALLYYYY!!!! NOO!!!

  • Радослав Хаджирадев
    Радослав ХаджирадевMånad sedan

    worst streamer Ever! No content. Absolute crackhead.

  • Dumbledork _

    Dumbledork _

    Månad sedan


    WOOD BUTCHERMånad sedan


  • Jordy Romero
    Jordy RomeroMånad sedan

    If I was a wow player. I'd get a mount and stop there. Just one mount. That's it. 😂

  • cheesecakesization
    cheesecakesizationMånad sedan

    i just keep hearing the terry meme but with wally

  • Peace and love
    Peace and loveMånad sedan

    I left wow too, but im a man im not gonna play ff14. Mmo are dead for me

  • Kenneth Michelsen
    Kenneth MichelsenMånad sedan

    What's the name of the addon mentioned?

  • teddybearhugz
    teddybearhugzMånad sedan

    dude u only have all these things because people give it to you,you havent earned any f this

  • Aelion
    AelionMånad sedan

    That's a hell lotta eyebrow action.

  • C0ry
    C0ry2 månader sedan

    For anyone wondering what song that was at 9:00 or so, The Witcher 3 Soundtrack: Commanding the Fury.

  • Henry Durand
    Henry Durand2 månader sedan

    The Witcher soundtrack make this so awesome

  • Dominik
    Dominik2 månader sedan

    Witcher OST on WOW mount off? Hmmm...

  • BlankoPie
    BlankoPie2 månader sedan

    I have never played WOW and despite having very little idea about what's going on here I can say this vid is amazing.

  • Asarru
    Asarru2 månader sedan

    That was actually entertaining to watch

  • Ilyes mokrani
    Ilyes mokrani2 månader sedan

    Can you stop moving you eyes liike this ?

  • whatdudeokman
    whatdudeokman2 månader sedan

    Asmongold will go back to WoW.

  • fredEVOIX
    fredEVOIX2 månader sedan

    I had no idea the amount of mounts was that ridiculous there are way too many

  • S H
    S H2 månader sedan

    No malygos 25 mount lol

  • Speed Killer
    Speed Killer2 månader sedan

    what is TCG? 26:17

  • Löu


    Månad sedan

    "The Card Game" you basically need to buy a card to get this mount

  • Zergy
    Zergy2 månader sedan

    hate him so much could punch him easily

  • Phantom991
    Phantom9912 månader sedan

    Yessss the bald man is leaving! The server is finally free!

  • Connor Dutton
    Connor Dutton2 månader sedan

    Dude stop being toxic its just a game. There are more important things than just farming and collecting.

  • Aqualust
    Aqualust2 månader sedan

    This video proves how fucking stupid this game is lmao

  • Poetic Justice
    Poetic Justice2 månader sedan

    I want a compilation of just Asmon saying "shit" from this video lmfaoooo

  • belldanime
    belldanime2 månader sedan

    FFS, go to GW2.

  • appie sour
    appie sour2 månader sedan

    Zacks reactions are so hilarious! 😂😂

  • mattzx77
    mattzx772 månader sedan

    LOL wow is such a stupid game. Lets compare epeen useless mounts lol

  • Alen Bananalen
    Alen Bananalen2 månader sedan

    His editor a Final Fantasy fanboy

  • K
    K2 månader sedan

    asmon must have some real good eye brow muscles jeez

  • Andrei Oproiu
    Andrei Oproiu2 månader sedan

    Go to gw2, way nicer ppl and stuff to do. Best pvp ive played ever.

  • Deku The Broccoli Boy
    Deku The Broccoli Boy2 månader sedan

    That thumbnail needs a promotion

  • John Ståler
    John Ståler2 månader sedan

    Darrowshire vanilla server launch 30 july! check it out old pre nerf AV +++

  • Samich
    Samich2 månader sedan

    I don't watch asmon's shit because its snooze city, but i will ask this... How much is ffiv paying you? Every new video is about ffvi like world of warcraft wasn't your cash cow before it. Also, pretending your going to participate in a mount off after playing for a week is cringe at best.

  • Brendon Harvey
    Brendon Harvey2 månader sedan

    Wow, I’ve never played WoW but I loved this

  • Galsamel OOF
    Galsamel OOF2 månader sedan

    You know it’s bad when asmongold hasn’t played this game for a month.

  • Seaweed Banana
    Seaweed Banana2 månader sedan

    his fan base is so wholesome

  • con2829
    con28292 månader sedan

    wtf is wrong with face keeps twitchin?

  • Pyrosium
    Pyrosium2 månader sedan

    last as in, he never EVER goes back to WoW?

  • Hector Santana
    Hector Santana2 månader sedan

    wow I've never been so disappointed..... and I JUST renewed my twitch sub too!! fml.

  • Sir_Grayfoxx
    Sir_Grayfoxx2 månader sedan

    FFXIV Is boring

  • tmr3volver
    tmr3volver2 månader sedan

    selling anything in these games for 1000 dollars. absolutely disgusting. gtfo, Blizzard

  • Löu


    Månad sedan

    what have they sold for 1000 dollars ??

  • Lee Savage
    Lee Savage2 månader sedan

    I bet Infinite Timereaver wouldve screwed alot of people over

  • Forsake
    Forsake2 månader sedan

    finally leaving that shit mmo ey

  • Alejandro .Vargas
    Alejandro .Vargas2 månader sedan

    I am going to miss this :(

  • macmaasi79
    macmaasi792 månader sedan

    get your ass into TBC. Fuck FF 14

  • Okami Kitsune Gaming
    Okami Kitsune Gaming2 månader sedan

    Please don't come to FFXIV. We dont want you playing that it at all

  • Frzxt


    Månad sedan

    Yikes you’re one of those people.

  • carrapaz
    carrapaz2 månader sedan

    It's a tie

  • Johollister
    Johollister2 månader sedan

    Well at least I have Invincible.

  • Emil Nilsson
    Emil Nilsson2 månader sedan

    did that Nelf druid Tenshe shadowmeld hide and pop out at 9:20 with ashes of alar and hiding since he didnt have the mount simrunner blanchy before?? you cant se him on the mount at 8:35 but instead hiding at the dwarf Clanke

  • Major Shrimp
    Major Shrimp2 månader sedan

    What a drama queen. Get a haircut.

  • Pavel Vinogradov
    Pavel Vinogradov2 månader sedan

    What's wrong with Azmotard eyes?

    FUKU TORA2 månader sedan

    I feel sorry for Asmon leaving WOW, but FF is better!

  • Apfelsaft 007

    Apfelsaft 007

    2 månader sedan

    I hate FF but WOW have big problems

  • 7DeepRecords
    7DeepRecords2 månader sedan

    Drink game - drink everytime he lifts his eyebrows 🤣

  • Pure Vanilla
    Pure Vanilla2 månader sedan

    So am I just crazy or in the final round is the person who gets the first point just going to win no matter what because of how the turns work? Because the turn doesn't end until the person wins a point so it starts at 0-1, then 1-1, 1-2, 2-2....9-9, 9-10. I feel like its literally impossible to win if you don't get to go first.