Asmongold BLOWN AWAY By "What if Mcconnell was a Raid Boss - The Full Story"

MCCONNELL AS A RAID BOSS! The follow up to "What If Asmongold Was A RAID BOSS", Porcupine Monarch outdid himself with a story which explains Mcconnell original and mostly unknown lore and a raid boss worthy of Wrath of The Lich King & Classic WoW. Blizzard add this boss in Shadowlands and you can still save the expansion!...

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Unlocking the Mcconnellret Raid Instance - The Story:

What IF Mcconnellret was a Raid Boss - Overview & Strategy:

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  • Druid-B96
    Druid-B965 timmar sedan

    retboygod is me but Unholy DK main... mogs, mounts, achievements all i got

  • Mithrhil
    Mithrhil17 dagar sedan

    McConnell is, indeed, a horrible person.

  • Tarron
    Tarron21 dag sedan

    Still, after such a long time, I think the music is what really makes WoW

  • Rue Uchiha
    Rue Uchiha23 dagar sedan

    These videos are like the Ff14 community trying to convince Mcconell to play Ff14 without outright telling him he should otherwise they will scare him off of it. I personally think it would be really cool for him to join in since the dynamic between him and Asmon is always entertaining, but if he doesn’t want to, thats his choice. Not much I can do there.

  • Tom Ragnarok
    Tom Ragnarok24 dagar sedan

    what a legendary video

  • JipperSide
    JipperSide25 dagar sedan

    Can we make this a real raid boss just to see who can get world first please???

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler27 dagar sedan

    This video almost has a million views, but the original one has under 20k. Sad.

  • filcz 111
    filcz 111Månad sedan

    holy shit that start is so related today

  • Nashobah
    NashobahMånad sedan

    This is the third time I watch it all. Might watch it again. 10/10

  • clavi
    claviMånad sedan

    this is too good to have any dislikes

  • janaki pejov
    janaki pejovMånad sedan

    Remember when he wasnt a weeb

  • windshield washer
    windshield washerMånad sedan

    So was this scripted or an actual series of events in the game?

  • Erratas
    ErratasMånad sedan

    Wrath of the Leech King

  • Perceptious37
    Perceptious37Månad sedan

    a year later, that intro is too true.

  • seankkg
    seankkgMånad sedan

    Even though they're circles with names the clutch bubble when it got to 100% was actually epic.

  • bassistomaster
    bassistomasterMånad sedan

    I must say, we need a GM that speak like « judge dead » from the « noob » serie, it is in french but i love so much judge dead an overly dramatic cartoonish villain GM

  • Internetfilantropen
    InternetfilantropenMånad sedan

    if you see this, remember to hop over and like the OG videos

  • Serijas
    SerijasMånad sedan

    Without the fall of WoW we wouldn't have such a Boom in Private Servers. WoW isn't dead, just Official WoW is going to shit and nobody cares about the directions they take anymore.

  • MADhorseKD
    MADhorseKDMånad sedan

    the start of this did not age well.... "the question is...when?" Like, the year after :p

  • NeXesses •
    NeXesses •2 månader sedan

    Bro this was… intense

  • Jeffrey Tyler
    Jeffrey Tyler2 månader sedan

    Having only recently started watching Asmon, and therefor discovering McConnell, through FFXIV; that whole bit about furries and anime before the fight doesn't seem like the McConnell I've been introduced too 😂 This guy is definitely a catgirl, bunnygirl, anime character loving degenerate. Going back and watching their backlogs is a joy. I've known who Asmon was for years I just never watched because I completely misjudged him as someone that just bitched non stop and I'm not into that kind of content. But I was extremely wrong and my misconceptions led me to miss out on a LOT of great content through the years. At least I can watch it all now.

  • Joey Clark

    Joey Clark

    Månad sedan

    Have you watched the DnD vids

  • DarthZ01


    Månad sedan

    Same lol. Switched to FF thanks to my new GF (And the disappointing new patch). Through that heard about the whole deal with asmon accidentally getting cactuar crashed, and checked him out out of curiosity and been watching him a bunch since.

  • Neal Castagnoli
    Neal Castagnoli2 månader sedan

    gunkan from ensidia. nice.

  • Taeru Alethea
    Taeru Alethea2 månader sedan

    Always nice to hear MechWarrior 4 music in something at 26:00

  • MrBeans
    MrBeans2 månader sedan

    His videos are so incredible and thorough like a raid id actually want to do this quest!

  • Eirik Larsen
    Eirik Larsen2 månader sedan

    So apperantly Sappy-Ragnaros rolled higher than McConnel on a mount, is this the background story ?! Very cool if it is

  • The DragonBorn
    The DragonBorn2 månader sedan

    Neckbeard platinum being mined

  • Robert Charles
    Robert Charles2 månader sedan

    Oh god i can't take it anymore

  • MrBack2Roots
    MrBack2Roots2 månader sedan

    its maybe to late but... can anyone say me which song this is at 29:54 ?

  • MrBack2Roots


    2 månader sedan

    @Hamza B thx mate but i also found it With the name Seasons of war! But yeah thank you

  • Podge Murray
    Podge Murray2 månader sedan

    cool thing about this guys that edits asmongold, Most streamers have there most hype moments edited altogehter, asmongolds videos end up just being literally him for the whole stream, and the edits are like taking out the 2 minutes it might take him to actually piss lol

  • Jim Jam
    Jim Jam2 månader sedan

    imagine if there was real golden eggs like this in the actual WoW game

  • TheDaxter11
    TheDaxter113 månader sedan

    Can someone tweet this at McConnel and make sure he knows about this?

  • Christopher Moody
    Christopher Moody3 månader sedan

    i thought this was gonna be about mitch mcconnell smh

  • ajax
    ajax3 månader sedan

    better story than twilight

  • Rapportus5
    Rapportus53 månader sedan

    I lost my shit at "Illidaniel?!?"

  • cattysplat
    cattysplat3 månader sedan

    The lore is deep, the strats are legit, the meme is real.

  • Bender C. Moriarti
    Bender C. Moriarti3 månader sedan

    Smh when not one of the phases is his Shaman middle life crisis

  • J R
    J R3 månader sedan

    Why tf is this a better story than retail lmao

  • jorge dominguez
    jorge dominguez3 månader sedan

    noob allys

  • Proteuspl
    Proteuspl3 månader sedan

    To be honest Mcconnell is disgusting and should be banned from any platform

  • Niklas Corben
    Niklas Corben3 månader sedan

    mcconnel is the biggest clown on twitch no cap

  • hydro gamer
    hydro gamer3 månader sedan

    43:49 No, not ninja.... what are you even talking about

  • Alucard
    Alucard3 månader sedan

    if I was Retboy and they tried leaving me out of the raid after I was the person who made it possible for them, I'd just not open it until they invite me or leave the guild telling them I have a rare item to open up a unique raid. Plenty of Guilds would probably want him despite him being dogshit.

  • Noble Wolfy

    Noble Wolfy

    3 månader sedan

    I would do the same

  • Lee Softpaw
    Lee Softpaw3 månader sedan

    I almost passed out at the group of 5 getting wiped out by twilight devestation

  • Osiris261
    Osiris2614 månader sedan

    numbers do lie. the remaining players are bots and goldfarmers

  • Samyaza
    Samyaza4 månader sedan

    ive never paid attention so long to a raid boss mechanics guide

  • Italo García
    Italo García4 månader sedan

    This is more overturned than castle nath

  • OfficialEzzy
    OfficialEzzy4 månader sedan

    the "voice acting" is so unbelievebly terrible. Makes me cringe so hard.

  • deboozombie23
    deboozombie234 månader sedan

    MS is short for Multiple Sclerosis and it still confuses me 10+ years later

  • PoldSkoolGaming
    PoldSkoolGaming4 månader sedan

    had a blast watching this. awesome :D

  • Levin Forever
    Levin Forever4 månader sedan

    42:15 leech leech leech

  • Hellblaue
    Hellblaue4 månader sedan

    Mcconnell isn't even a good Paladin... Drumstick from BG9 NA is the best ret paladin of all time

  • dtmfry
    dtmfry5 månader sedan

    Mcconnell is the best!

  • Zee
    Zee5 månader sedan

    wanna see Complexity Limit and Echo do this haha

  • Zumokatato
    Zumokatato5 månader sedan

    WTF is this, i play on ragnaros for 15 years and i had no idea how much of a ''meme'' server this was untill this video wtf?

  • Ripac Way 2
    Ripac Way 25 månader sedan


  • Talon Queen Zulia
    Talon Queen Zulia5 månader sedan

    Every time I see someone say wow is dead I feel like its just their server

  • Sean Heaslet
    Sean Heaslet5 månader sedan

    God damn Mcconnell xD

  • Musa Cetinkaya
    Musa Cetinkaya6 månader sedan


  • Damien Luedtke
    Damien Luedtke6 månader sedan

    LMFAO, literally Mcconnell is the most legendary raid boss ever.

  • Melina Hristova
    Melina Hristova6 månader sedan

    I tought on netflix and chill , but ended up here. Not disapointed

  • Gurtington
    Gurtington6 månader sedan

    OOOHHH pallys are for kids who hate losing it just clicked. They would rather bubble and hearth instead of lose a duel. Now that I think about it. All ret pallys I've gotten to know over the years might as well all been the same person.

  • Nerón FanFics
    Nerón FanFics6 månader sedan

    Ragnaros is a south america pvp server.

  • NeoLegolasSkywalkerStark
    NeoLegolasSkywalkerStark6 månader sedan

    Asmongold reacts "omg" "it's true!" "this is insane"

  • TinieMassive
    TinieMassive6 månader sedan

    God bless McConnell lol

  • SIO Yes
    SIO Yes6 månader sedan

    The wasteful bagel multivariately start because treatment kelly compete on a messy clef. defective, lean bail

  • lct23
    lct237 månader sedan

    24:15 is so much funnier if you watch mcconnell lose clutch of Ji-Kun first

  • ItsJustWoW
    ItsJustWoW7 månader sedan

    this was so good

  • Croickey ITzmikey
    Croickey ITzmikey7 månader sedan

    make McConnellRet great again

  • Michael Munson
    Michael Munson8 månader sedan

    25:30-25:40 made me cry laughing

  • Goldfish Emperor
    Goldfish Emperor8 månader sedan

    Did Mccool ever reacted to this?

  • MrKlotzi123
    MrKlotzi1238 månader sedan

    Blizzard, watch and learn. This is how you make Money.

  • HJK !!
    HJK !!8 månader sedan

    Dam!!! roasted to the core dude 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hurline Rose
    Hurline Rose8 månader sedan

    The placid leaf concomitantly remember because milk usually remember throughout a tearful motorcycle. overjoyed, little encyclopedia

  • Gragge
    Gragge8 månader sedan

    it is legit hilarious lol

  • Carlitos Pickles
    Carlitos Pickles8 månader sedan

    34:56 TRUE LULW

  • STEFI, Lord of Smugness
    STEFI, Lord of Smugness8 månader sedan

    34:10 what a day indeed

  • Tryharder
    Tryharder8 månader sedan

    Why’s mcconell not reacting to this as well

  • SexCannonMusic
    SexCannonMusic8 månader sedan

    Now THIS would be a fucking fun boss... except for the real life money part , but i'd be down for the ingame currency stuff xD

  • Tricus
    Tricus9 månader sedan

    This truly is an Asmongold Universe lore check.

  • P B
    P B9 månader sedan

    you need to warm up your fards before the raid startsXD

  • Battleax
    Battleax9 månader sedan

    39:27 I love how Asmans always making fun of the goblins yet him and his friend say stuff like this

  • Blasphemies
    Blasphemies9 månader sedan

    Pretty sure asmons eyebrows have gotten tourettes

  • Brandyn Kruzan
    Brandyn Kruzan9 månader sedan

    What a day boys.

  • Xaltorez Kekw
    Xaltorez Kekw9 månader sedan

    where was retboys dps meter :( ?

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres9 månader sedan

    The unusual brush bareilly haunt because lasagna critically squeal among a noiseless locust. violet, charming peer-to-peer

  • Guilherme Barnabé
    Guilherme Barnabé9 månader sedan

    Maybe this is what we need to deflate the economy...

  • Magnizz
    Magnizz10 månader sedan

    Cold chills watching this...............

  • Demetris Topouzis
    Demetris Topouzis10 månader sedan

    So I watched this after watching the Method EXPOSED! video on the Gallywix RMT stuff. Kinda interesting how they claimed to sell gold for $50 for 1,000,000 gold there, and in this video the one ability says "spend 20,000 gold to reduce timer by 0.5% and on mythic its $1 to reduce timer by 0.5%. which means $1 = 20k therefor $50 = 1,000,000... Just a random fun coincidence :)

  • The Defcalyon
    The Defcalyon10 månader sedan

    Anybody have any idea what font is that video using in wow ? I like it , but can't find it ;(

  • Aluneth Master
    Aluneth Master10 månader sedan

    If Blizzard could hire - Porcupine Monarch -Rextroy -Asmongold -Madseasonshow the game would be so much more interesting. and then ofc 1 pvp class leader tren > dh Ziqo > mage etc and 1 pve class leader idc, u name this idc. 20 ppl can really make the difference xD

  • Dallas Scandling
    Dallas Scandling10 månader sedan

    You and belluargaming honestly do deserve your own boss fights or something

  • Yeahzus
    Yeahzus10 månader sedan

    asmonbald should ask his chat to atlast finger up videos what he like to watch

  • Yuri Kendal
    Yuri Kendal10 månader sedan

    Mcconnell happens to be the name of a boss character in the USA Senate



    8 månader sedan

    Its Mccools grandfather, no cap.

  • That Meme
    That Meme10 månader sedan

    Phase 1 Secret: Type in Chat /y I Bring Gold For He Who Has Rent. Result: AutoSkips Phase 1.

  • IpwnzxHD
    IpwnzxHD10 månader sedan

    The GM's in germany actually talk like that i dont know how its over there. :'D



    8 månader sedan


  • Drudge Jedd
    Drudge Jedd10 månader sedan

    guild wars 1 and 2 are both better than this sh.t by far geezus

  • David Marks
    David Marks10 månader sedan

    Super funny. Love the raid boss MCCONNEL.

  • Hurline Rose
    Hurline Rose10 månader sedan

    imagine being a gm getting paid 24 k a year while having to maintain full character while getting bitched at by 13 year olds

  • Lone Wanderer

    Lone Wanderer

    9 månader sedan

    lmao stop stealing comments loser

  • Hurline Rose
    Hurline Rose10 månader sedan

    I've never seen Asmon so impressed with a video before. Just goes to show how much he appreciates McConnell

  • Huub
    Huub10 månader sedan

    Mcconell the REEEEEEE Man. My god that guy is one piece of emotion..........