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  • Lura
    Lura20 minuter sedan

    all this dripppp

  • toxic voidz-_- clan
    toxic voidz-_- clan28 minuter sedan

    This song so good

  • Laro Don Music
    Laro Don Music32 minuter sedan

    Oliver Twist

    DENSIL MATHU39 minuter sedan


  • Zarxy
    ZarxyTimme sedan

    This why he's known as harDee

  • Zarxy
    ZarxyTimme sedan


  • NejT
    NejTTimme sedan

    Arrdee is the most britìsh looking guy ever

  • Mystey Boss
    Mystey BossTimme sedan

    This is another LVL

  • Polarbear.666
    Polarbear.666Timme sedan

    Everything about this is a masterpiece

  • PoohKiie
    PoohKiieTimme sedan

    Saw a glimpse now im hooked 😁

  • PoohKiie
    PoohKiieTimme sedan

    Anyone else here from a glimpse of this song in a SEblacks ad?

  • m May
    m MayTimme sedan


  • Atif Khan
    Atif KhanTimme sedan

    Bro 😂😂😂 they pulling wheelies on scooters

  • Lord Xeno
    Lord XenoTimme sedan

    Why does this guy look 10 and 21 at the same time

  • robc1x777
    robc1x777Timme sedan

    Uk rap is so underrated

  • paul scotting
    paul scotting2 timmar sedan

    What bollllllllloxs

  • Raymond Thangkhiew
    Raymond Thangkhiew2 timmar sedan

    I literally had an ad for this song before I watched it

  • mini_rickochate
    mini_rickochate2 timmar sedan

    I have nostalgi

  • Brocam Rio11
    Brocam Rio112 timmar sedan

    Hard g🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • doubz 96
    doubz 962 timmar sedan

    really good

  • Newvibe ace -Topic
    Newvibe ace -Topic2 timmar sedan

    Thank you so much for signing me my song is blowing up now

  • erasmus21
    erasmus213 timmar sedan

    My g has dababys personality

  • Peris Wanjiku
    Peris Wanjiku3 timmar sedan

    Just wondering if he still gets brain when he smokes cigarette

  • Angelo Adriaensens
    Angelo Adriaensens5 timmar sedan

    Who is the grill? instagram pls

  • Itz DragonX
    Itz DragonX5 timmar sedan

    Those transitions though 🔥🔥🔥

    AH BOIII5 timmar sedan

    shush body made ur career

  • no name
    no name5 timmar sedan

    yeah but the girl in 0:40

  • Casimir Libbach
    Casimir Libbach5 timmar sedan

    he gives me holland/ireland vibes haha

  • Giorgio Vanno
    Giorgio Vanno5 timmar sedan

    What flow? Arrdee:yes

  • Laura Meskovic
    Laura Meskovic5 timmar sedan

    Bockt nullll

  • K3NZ1E
    K3NZ1E5 timmar sedan

    Aint miss

    GANGSTER GANG MUSIC5 timmar sedan

    those beats are sick

  • Youtube_hayden
    Youtube_hayden6 timmar sedan

    I love the way he raps but much more his personality

  • K S
    K S7 timmar sedan

    Adeola patrone ❤️

  • Kangaroo ZYZZ
    Kangaroo ZYZZ7 timmar sedan


  • Username 666
    Username 6667 timmar sedan

    #3 on trending sheeeshhhhh

  • Amber Coxhill
    Amber Coxhill7 timmar sedan

    ❤️❤️❤️ such a smart concept

  • XD_ bchnn
    XD_ bchnn8 timmar sedan

    Next polo g

  • Who Are you
    Who Are you8 timmar sedan

    How old is this guy? Fire song

  • eli VII
    eli VII8 timmar sedan

    This guy is a flow genius. He know what he doing frfr 🔥

  • TroopFN
    TroopFN9 timmar sedan

    Oliver caught in 4 K 📸 Lmao

  • LALShortShot
    LALShortShot9 timmar sedan

    I need a collab with centrel cee please

    PO1SON CL4N9 timmar sedan

    I just wanted sum more Oliver twist

  • natasha onyango
    natasha onyango10 timmar sedan


  • Rob Bragg
    Rob Bragg11 timmar sedan

    This is so bad

  • Jayden Powell
    Jayden Powell11 timmar sedan


  • Ashray Selani
    Ashray Selani13 timmar sedan

    Dude’s Twisted.😂😂🧨🧨

    SAREKA SIVAGURUJI13 timmar sedan

    Lol this bgm is copied

  • kxng Nyrie
    kxng Nyrie15 timmar sedan

    His Vybz tho

  • Freeloading Rusty
    Freeloading Rusty16 timmar sedan

    Delivery fed ex facts

  • Francis Henshaw
    Francis Henshaw16 timmar sedan

    Can't get this symphony off my head .. Some juju fr.. Hard banger

  • Ihtisham Hussain
    Ihtisham Hussain17 timmar sedan

    At points his voice sounds like if you played someone’s voice in reverse

  • 502Armed &Loaded
    502Armed &Loaded17 timmar sedan

    I just wanted some mooooreeeee

  • Quinn Fairley
    Quinn Fairley17 timmar sedan

    Song of the year!!!

  • Brendan Avery
    Brendan Avery18 timmar sedan

    I was the 6 million view sheeeeesh

  • Jacob
    Jacob18 timmar sedan

    If you never thought someone could be white, hood, and a redcoat, here you go😂

  • Jani Zupanič
    Jani Zupanič18 timmar sedan

    ke ze Mislek???

  • Uriel
    Uriel19 timmar sedan

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Too 🥶 👑🐐

  • Angelo
    Angelo19 timmar sedan

    0:48 he found out ardee was filming and cut from his football training lol

  • Angelo
    Angelo19 timmar sedan

    damm u seen the speedy 50cc scooters running Brighton?

  • Haider Rafeeq
    Haider Rafeeq19 timmar sedan

    The next aich 😂

  • Toxic Productions
    Toxic Productions19 timmar sedan

    Aitch on drugs:

  • hbar hedera
    hbar hedera19 timmar sedan

    Big ups ludwig van beethoven, mans going in HARD on the riff uno, next up for realli🔥🔥🔥

  • The god
    The god19 timmar sedan

    Why is there dislikes

  • Clochard Original
    Clochard Original20 timmar sedan


  • Tea
    Tea20 timmar sedan

    May God bless yall! Jesus is coming soon 🤍✝️

  • Arafat Yusifu
    Arafat Yusifu20 timmar sedan

    So is nobody gonna talk about adeola in the video 1:44

  • arsenal boss
    arsenal boss20 timmar sedan

    English beats is hard af

  • jack. scoots
    jack. scoots21 timme sedan

    Just recognise how bad American drill is

  • EpixeladonJr
    EpixeladonJr21 timme sedan

    BRuH bet this guy’s a psy irl

  • CptSlick141
    CptSlick14122 timmar sedan

    Anyone know the girls @ at 1:46

  • Haiden Spall

    Haiden Spall

    17 timmar sedan




    22 timmar sedan


  • Megan Evans
    Megan Evans22 timmar sedan

    i'm a lesbian but arrdee confuses my sexuality

  • Ki Mu
    Ki Mu22 timmar sedan


  • Eunice Ackerson
    Eunice Ackerson23 timmar sedan

    Omg he even got adeola in it

  • wesley price
    wesley price23 timmar sedan

    This more overrated than stardawg 💯🤣

  • RahyanKurdish
    RahyanKurdish23 timmar sedan


  • Роман 777
    Роман 77723 timmar sedan

    English Cigano

  • Sidney 666alex
    Sidney 666alexDag sedan

    I don't give a fuck

  • Moumen DZ
    Moumen DZDag sedan

    what oliver twist mean ???????

  • lucy r

    lucy r

    16 timmar sedan

    @Moumen DZ ye

  • Moumen DZ

    Moumen DZ

    17 timmar sedan

    @lucy r the orphan one ?

  • lucy r

    lucy r

    17 timmar sedan

    oliver twist the famous character who asked for more food lol. das why he says 'i just wanted some more - oliver twist'

  • SuperBloxTube
    SuperBloxTubeDag sedan

    Sick! :)

  • Dimitrije Djurdjevic
    Dimitrije DjurdjevicDag sedan

    my guy is 64% head

  • Ricciroyale
    RicciroyaleDag sedan

    I just wanted some more...

  • dis foo
    dis fooDag sedan

    slim jesus

  • PewDiePie09
    PewDiePie09Dag sedan

    He reminds me of tommyinit

  • Mikateko Malema
    Mikateko MalemaDag sedan

    This song is dope Big ups to Arrdee and the crew 🔥🔥🤝

  • *:・゚✧*:・゚𝕔𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕕𝕥𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕤 *:・゚✧*:・゚
    *:・゚✧*:・゚𝕔𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕕𝕥𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕤 *:・゚✧*:・゚Dag sedan

    for our school production were doing oliver twist *if they don't use this song imma just-*

  • Liam Evans
    Liam EvansDag sedan

    But what is the girls name?

  • Liam Adams
    Liam AdamsDag sedan

    I hate this song with a passion and I’ve still clicked on the video, I’m a fool

  • Angelo


    19 timmar sedan

    lol same.

  • adam Asgar
    adam AsgarDag sedan


  • ToxicMegaCunt
    ToxicMegaCuntDag sedan

    We went from people like Eminem, Tupac and biggie, to now thinking this guy makes good music ffs

  • douwe.j1
    douwe.j1Dag sedan

    Nederlanders hier

  • Me Ma
    Me MaDag sedan

    His rydem is not very good to be honest dont feel like his on tune the beat is bad though he needs to work on the way He says he's lyrics and how it's just offbeat with the voice of his

  • Mikail Alüste
    Mikail AlüsteDag sedan

    Broke the replay button

  • Cheo.
    Cheo.Dag sedan

    who's the blonde in the vid? asking for a friend

  • Angelo


    19 timmar sedan