Ariana Grande reacting to various famous singers!


  • Arianators Family
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    do you have any other favorite singers besides Ariana?💜

  • Éléa Panda-Roux

    Éléa Panda-Roux

    28 dagar sedan

    Aurora, my love ♥️

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    Celebrity Squad

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    Sariah Flores

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    Selena Q

  • hi


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  • This Chick
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    OMG PINK DANCING AT 1:19!!! 🥰🤩 Awwww Mac!!! ❤💞😇

  • Matthew Hayek
    Matthew HayekDag sedan

    Arianna Billie and Taylor we Stan them forever

  • Miss South Dakota
    Miss South DakotaDag sedan

    Your voice must be scratchy 24 7 it is prob really hard

  • Miss South Dakota
    Miss South DakotaDag sedan

    Literally love you

  • Laffy Taffy
    Laffy Taffy3 dagar sedan

    ari is an icon

  • Elena Strinati
    Elena Strinati3 dagar sedan

    the second one

  • Missy B
    Missy B4 dagar sedan

    Pete Davidson dressing like that would have embarrassed me and I would have sent his back in the house to change. He's so gross

  • Go Hanna
    Go Hanna6 dagar sedan

    1:10 Ariana;👁👄👁 Frankie:🕺🏻

  • Adel Belgacem
    Adel Belgacem6 dagar sedan

    This is the first time I hate restoring something old all of this because off the stupid men in this video which i think he doesn't know what restoration mean

  • Rob G
    Rob G7 dagar sedan

    Maybe I just haven't noticed it, but I feel like I don't see her talking shit on other singers - she seems to genuinely enjoy her contemporaries, and that's really cool. Ariana knows she's talented, and she lets her music do the stunting while she applauds others' success.

  • Evelyn Tarawa
    Evelyn Tarawa7 dagar sedan

    Ari Ana hera = Angle

  • Shilpi Bothra
    Shilpi Bothra7 dagar sedan

    Ariana is such a supportive person. I love her

  • Vitondé Miora DJOHOUN
    Vitondé Miora DJOHOUN7 dagar sedan

    Karma. In almost the same outfit

  • moon_child
    moon_child8 dagar sedan

    She is so cute

  • XxAnthonyplays
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    Arianna is such an amazing person

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  • Karina Díaz García
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    I just see to Skrillex xd:3

  • fiona
    fiona8 dagar sedan

    Madonna ?

  • Galveson Myers
    Galveson Myers9 dagar sedan

    Can we see Becky G instead of the grande girl.

  • Romane
    Romane9 dagar sedan

    1:35 i kinda miss mac miller 😫😫

  • Artthur Ataide
    Artthur Ataide9 dagar sedan

    Não vejo a hora dela ver a PABLLO cantar veyr

  • Lara Froeschl
    Lara Froeschl9 dagar sedan

    2:45 when Ariana dances with her Nonna 🥺🥺

  • HardyQuinn
    HardyQuinn10 dagar sedan

    I love her so much! She's such a kind person, so supportive and beautiful!

  • Erin Ashley
    Erin Ashley11 dagar sedan

    1:10 Frankie is a whole mood 😂😂

    AR1SFAIRIES11 dagar sedan

    ariana moving her head crazily joan yessir

  • Keerthna L
    Keerthna L11 dagar sedan

    2:22 me:a Billie and Arianna fan

  • Jaden Lee
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    Jesus Christ loves you too

  • Julian Alberto Vizcaíno Mateo
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    2:33 Fifth harmony walking is so amazing

  • heyitsahuva
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    By Taylor swift she just looked bored lol

  • Nuttelamitbutter _
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    No one sings like her 😩

  • K0RAL1NE
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  • The Weeknd but Red
    The Weeknd but Red15 dagar sedan

    nobody matches frankies energy

  • Namaste Arianators
    Namaste Arianators15 dagar sedan

    The social butterfly

  • Loredana Andreea Constantinescu
    Loredana Andreea Constantinescu15 dagar sedan

    Ariana is one of the best singers i have ever heard so she is allowed to have opinions about others

  • Chanchal Suhag
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  • Jordan Latchmiah
    Jordan Latchmiah15 dagar sedan

    Arianators and billies avocados unite

  • Roseann
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    Why no is talking abt how cute ariana looks in the thumbnail🤚😭❤️

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  • Pinar Altan AYDIN
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    2:27 oyyy ben seni yerummm

  • Pinar Altan AYDIN
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    Tümü küfür etti billie burdan kalp kalpp

  • Avyukta
    Avyukta17 dagar sedan

    I just love how she be hyping everyone and supporting everyone in the music industry, she really is an icon!! And I love how Frankie is just dancing like no one's watching bahah

  • Leo
    Leo17 dagar sedan

    Frankie do be vibin

  • SunnySide
    SunnySide17 dagar sedan

    The intro never gets old

  • Ariana's Whistles
    Ariana's Whistles17 dagar sedan

    1:10 mac was there too 💔

  • Ariana's Whistles

    Ariana's Whistles

    17 dagar sedan

    1:48 :)

  • Ariana's Whistles

    Ariana's Whistles

    17 dagar sedan

    1:36 mac

  • Ariana's Whistles
    Ariana's Whistles17 dagar sedan

    0:29 😭

  • Cute Goddess
    Cute Goddess18 dagar sedan

    With the Beyoncé One she was acting like she was in church

  • Christina X Destiny
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    Ariana’s reactions are so cute 💖

  • Michelle K
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  • Este's Corpse
    Este's Corpse19 dagar sedan

    0:45 it looks like she was just tryna vibe out to shake it off but 🛴 was killing the vibe 😒

  • Irene Fonti
    Irene Fonti20 dagar sedan

    La reaction d ariana Grande 😄😁

  • Natalie Ngo
    Natalie Ngo21 dag sedan

    do lisa from black pink

  • Abira 1015
    Abira 101522 dagar sedan

    Rimar Calista is the best female vocalist & 1st place for the best Idol in Indonesia 🇲🇨 and in the world of all time. His voice is characterful, lively and it's clear what meaning is conveyed to the viewer from each song he performs...👍

  • Sasini Madhushika
    Sasini Madhushika24 dagar sedan

    who are the singers in 2.37

  • thea thomas
    thea thomas24 dagar sedan

    no only Ari

  • Denise Aguiar
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    ANTMK25 dagar sedan

    Please she looked so bored with Taylor.

  • Tracey Dumase Banda
    Tracey Dumase Banda25 dagar sedan

    Seeing Mac Miller actually made me kinda sad

  • · Flvffy Clxxdx ·
    · Flvffy Clxxdx ·25 dagar sedan

    2:37 which concert is this because that outfit is queen

  • Nila Noonie
    Nila Noonie25 dagar sedan

    Cardi b: *breast feeding on stage* Ariana Grande: *Uhh...*

  • Gabby Navarro
    Gabby Navarro26 dagar sedan

    Imagine if her reactions was like Cat Valentine

  • Susan wolf
    Susan wolf26 dagar sedan

    it's like someone taped you reacting to all your classmates presentations

  • Sofia Leal
    Sofia Leal27 dagar sedan

    Wait, when she was in Taylor Swift performance it was someone that looks a lot like Scooter Braun OMG 👀👀👀👀👀 and hé was dancing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hennri Herczw
    Hennri Herczw28 dagar sedan

    1:44 Mac Miller :(

  • Gabriela Alba Cazales
    Gabriela Alba Cazales28 dagar sedan

    her face during Selena's speech it's like mine when I listen to Selena's vocals

  • Brittany O
    Brittany O29 dagar sedan

    So glad I'm not required to go to these things. I'd be crusty facing a bunch of these people. 😂✌

  • Maria Zaragoza
    Maria ZaragozaMånad sedan

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you guys do know most of these song's are from"Kids Bop" right......................................... and one from"Sing's" please tell me you knew that🥺

  • Elite Emma
    Elite EmmaMånad sedan

    Dang that woman is way too supportive But... Who am I to stop her

  • Corpsy Crystal
    Corpsy CrystalMånad sedan

    Right who still sees Mac Miller and gets teary-eyed......

  • Sunrise Mendoza
    Sunrise MendozaMånad sedan

    Mac and her jamming to queen b is so cute

  • Kriss Music
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    0:21 Skrillex 😂😂

  • TTK Mira
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    Her brother was getting it to work

  • Diana Alcaraz Bandin
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    oh omg is the ariana grande is beautiful

  • E P
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    1:54 she really loves that damn lemonade album it’s true

  • ꧁Ă̈k̆̈ĭ̈r̆̈ă̈꧂
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    1:11 now i remember that i was used to sing this song like: wa wa wa wa wa wa, she is a Chihuahua hua hua hua hua... Idk why ._. i think it's cuz i had a Chihuahua but she died and that song was like.. idk

  • onikster0313
    onikster0313Månad sedan

    Ari is so beautiful ❤️

  • AnnaETN Show
    AnnaETN ShowMånad sedan

    When i become a various singer: Ariana: go GIRL go girl go girl go girl

  • x......Ari.......x
    x......Ari.......xMånad sedan

    ❤️Wow suuuuuuuuuper ❤️

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  • John Rich P. Villanueva
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    2:44 awww so sweet❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • DrummerChick
    DrummerChickMånad sedan

    Me hearing 5H and instantly coming to life again. I miss them so much.

  • Annie Berardino
    Annie BerardinoMånad sedan

    All I saw in one clip is Skrillex in the back Vibin lol

  • Matheus Olly
    Matheus OllyMånad sedan

    Ariana grande is amazing she's forever on my heart

  • Pattiya Pthet
    Pattiya PthetMånad sedan

    1:10 Frankie just viben

  • Max Gallegos

    Max Gallegos

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  • Mini R
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    0:26 Which song?? Dose anyone know?

  • Agatha Victoria
    Agatha VictoriaMånad sedan

    2:45 OMGGGG

  • Amy Stout
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    ariana singing shake it off is just the cutest thing aww 😖✨♥️

  • leo
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    something abt 0:27 has me rolling 💀

  • Frankie Ayala
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  • ¡EU DAVI!
    ¡EU DAVI!Månad sedan

    Ela tava cega na cardi b ? 🤓

  • Ananya Roy
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    2:40 song name???

  • Max Gallegos

    Max Gallegos

    Månad sedan

    Shower by Becky G

  • Uhu Buru
    Uhu BuruMånad sedan

    She's not reacting jack're just pasting clips and collect views. Big deal.

  • Wolfgirl
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    Ilove you Videos!!!!

  • Victoria Abril Acosta ☕
    Victoria Abril Acosta ☕Månad sedan

    ¡Ariana is so cute!❤

  • Chicken Phlaye
    Chicken PhlayeMånad sedan

    I look how on talyors one she was like🙃💃 no ones dancing with me👁️👄👁️ okay.... i'll stop... i lowkey wanna dance tho

  • VV
    VVMånad sedan

    Billie you do this everytime when you win you tell the others you deserve this no no you deserve this … I am like shut up and appreciate that you got it . It’s disgrace always after win , telling no you deserved this 1000times I am like shut up if you say it then do it and give it away otherwise anything else is fake ! Fuck you are annoying

  • Tina Cavanaugh
    Tina CavanaughMånad sedan

    1:44 Mac Miller ❤️

  • Alejandro Caro del Castillo Rodr�guez
    Alejandro Caro del Castillo Rodr�guezMånad sedan

    Im in 💖 with Ari 😍

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  • Isaias Eliel
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    ela.percebendo.que a Billie é melhor q ela