Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

The official music video for Back To Black by Amy Winehouse, directed by Phil Griffin. This track is the third single from the Back To Black album and was released on 30th April 2007, reaching the top 10 in the UK charts and going on to be certified platinum by 2015.

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  • Aleksandra Hajduk
    Aleksandra Hajduk3 timmar sedan

    2021 still listening to

  • syndra a soberana sombria
    syndra a soberana sombria3 timmar sedan

    Rainha 🛐 jamais será esquecida.

  • heavyduty471
    heavyduty4716 timmar sedan

    ** hola hi

  • Enrique Orellana
    Enrique Orellana7 timmar sedan

    Te quiero emy siempre a mi corazón te quiero mucho emy tu voz noura from morroco casablanca

  • ASander
    ASander11 timmar sedan

    gata linDA

  • Arminda Espinosa
    Arminda Espinosa11 timmar sedan


  • Giwrgos Sfakianakis
    Giwrgos Sfakianakis11 timmar sedan

    Amy we are still here,where are u ?☹

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous12 timmar sedan

    her actual style. talent, what she portrayed of the type of person of that era. the children we were and seeing the women around me following this style. going through the same things. the negative things in society. i hate it. its not their fault, but so much has happened. i wish everybody couldve seperated themselves from their problems with no fears and regrets.

  • Daniel Castro de la Mata
    Daniel Castro de la Mata12 timmar sedan

    Anyone here from the Mark Ronson series, Watch The Sound?

  • Millena Torres
    Millena Torres13 timmar sedan

    Nunca será esquecida 🖤

  • Kennedy Silva

    Kennedy Silva

    12 timmar sedan

    Jamais 🖤

  • fumetto
    fumetto14 timmar sedan


  • David Kohl
    David Kohl15 timmar sedan

    Simply Gorgeous.. RIP

  • joffrey terry
    joffrey terry18 timmar sedan

    Cette voie inégalable et Cette musique au top

  • מוריאל ליז לוי
    מוריאל ליז לוי18 timmar sedan

    Miss you Amy❤️🖤😕

  • dimitrios zafeiropoulos
    dimitrios zafeiropoulos19 timmar sedan

    She had a great talent... Rest in Peace Amy

  • Ice Man
    Ice Man19 timmar sedan


  • Jefersonn Ribeiro
    Jefersonn Ribeiro19 timmar sedan

    Não pra ACREDITA que meu morreu!!!!

  • Jefersonn Ribeiro

    Jefersonn Ribeiro

    19 timmar sedan

    Não da nem pra ACREDITA que amy morreu!! (Lendária)

    PUFFERS SQWAD19 timmar sedan

    God I miss her..

  • Jejej Uuu
    Jejej Uuu20 timmar sedan

    علي، محمد، علي، عباس، نسرانا، ادم، وزوجك، حواء، نحن، عبيد، خلد، علي، محمد، عباس، نسرانا، ادم، وزوجك، حواء، نحن، عبيد، خلد، غير، هيك، ما، خصنا، خلد، وما، خصنا، بغيرنا، خلد،AZZ XJMN,

  • Giorgi Tchuluxadze
    Giorgi Tchuluxadze20 timmar sedan

    2021 someone?

  • {Galax}


    20 timmar sedan


  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez21 timme sedan

    Me gustaría la letra en español, siempre tengo curiosidad x lo que expresa.

  • M.Sharif Abdullahi
    M.Sharif Abdullahi21 timme sedan


  • Patrizia Romano
    Patrizia Romano23 timmar sedan

    Cantante con talento, peccato che non vive,ma la sua voce è memorabile

  • Miranda Nicole
    Miranda NicoleDag sedan

    I miss you :( es que no hablo ingles, perdón, te extraño unu

  • Fabrício Rocha
    Fabrício RochaDag sedan

    rihana, Minaj e todo o resto não são dignas sequer de limpar o vômito de amy!

  • Loreen M.
    Loreen M.Dag sedan

    10 years without you😭😭😭

  • Thierry
    ThierryDag sedan

    ESSE MÚSICA E TÃO-🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • Juana Sanchez
    Juana SanchezDag sedan

    Esque fuiste muy grande eres una estrella fugaz

  • Juana Sanchez
    Juana SanchezDag sedan

    Siempre te recuerdo Amy

  • johnnybongo100 John
    johnnybongo100 JohnDag sedan

    She came a long way , sad she gone but her music won’t ever leave !


    I live you forever baby

  • Ein Arschloch
    Ein ArschlochDag sedan

    I've never used this word but *Queen* instantly comes to mind as soon as I hear this voice.

  • Melissa Rodriguez
    Melissa RodriguezDag sedan

    Every time I hear Amy (RIP) I get goosebumps. I love her music, I’m so sorry she’s no longer here with us, what an amazing talent. One of my favorite singers of all time. She will always be remembered.

  • Maciel
    MacielDag sedan

    I go back to Amy

  • Trudie Armstrong
    Trudie ArmstrongDag sedan


  • K.J_hope
    K.J_hopeDag sedan

    Escuchando estos temasos en 2021.Es triste la triste historia detrás de tan bella canción ...

  • Lima Amrane
    Lima AmraneDag sedan


  • Dora Grabiela Ojito Chirino
    Dora Grabiela Ojito ChirinoDag sedan

    La gente como vos brilla aunque tenga el Alma rota ...siempre estarás en los corazones de los que admiran la sencillez y la buena música..gracias niña por haber existido

  • gabriel gomez
    gabriel gomezDag sedan

    Lets not let this girl die , pure heart head full of demons just like everyone, such a pure yet soft soul lets make her best classic artist

  • Crissie Kaboom
    Crissie KaboomDag sedan

    die musik von der alten gibt mir nichts

  • Eduarda Hubner
    Eduarda HubnerDag sedan


  • @gkm_ķ
    @gkm_ķDag sedan

    Amei essa musica eu tava procurando muito essa musica ❤❤❤

  • Curtis Ross
    Curtis RossDag sedan

    I miss her SO MUCH! Gone far too soon. 💔 We love you Amy. Thank you for blessing us with your brilliant music.

  • stefano carlin
    stefano carlinDag sedan

    Where are you? Unforgotteble

  • eloa trindade SL

    eloa trindade SL

    Dag sedan

    in heaven

  • hasan doğan
    hasan doğanDag sedan

    Allah rahmet eylesin gerçekten çok iyi sanatçıydı.

  • angela Gawinski
    angela GawinskiDag sedan

    The only Artist that died whose videos I cannot watch without crying…What a talent…I hate drugs. 💔😭

  • Superflashc
    SuperflashcDag sedan

    when its your first time listening to amy winehouse

  • vagner 007
    vagner 0072 dagar sedan

    Da saudade de mais dessa Amy canta de mais

  • Vincenzo Clementi
    Vincenzo Clementi2 dagar sedan


  • James S Destefano
    James S Destefano2 dagar sedan

    The aboard pull constitutively preserve because modem taxonomically irritate qua a temporary wheel. eatable, bright examination

  • Gilda McG
    Gilda McG2 dagar sedan

    She was doomed from the start.

  • ibrahim çuhacı
    ibrahim çuhacı2 dagar sedan


  • Misty mac
    Misty mac2 dagar sedan

    Always in our hearts ❤️

  • L. Mavie
    L. Mavie2 dagar sedan


  • Conny Daio
    Conny Daio2 dagar sedan

    Legend 🖤 du bleibst unvergessen! Rip Amy 🙏🏼

  • Fred Fletcher
    Fred Fletcher2 dagar sedan

    RIP Amy 💕 I am still listening to your songs 🌹❇️🌸💐🥀🌺🌷🌹🏵️

  • 2000Cowboys
    2000Cowboys2 dagar sedan


  • mike gossner
    mike gossner2 dagar sedan

    Paving the way

  • mike gossner
    mike gossner2 dagar sedan


  • ASander
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  • Heróis da Reciclagem
    Heróis da Reciclagem2 dagar sedan

  • Cesar Augusto
    Cesar Augusto2 dagar sedan


  • Isaiah McKinley
    Isaiah McKinley2 dagar sedan

    I love you Amy! RIP

  • Mark Tunnicliffe
    Mark Tunnicliffe2 dagar sedan

    A true star that will always shine!! Talent & torment in equal measure. Taken far to soon & missed every time I hear one of her songs.

  • Luciana Barros
    Luciana Barros2 dagar sedan

    Quem veio pelo cabelinho no podpah?

  • Rita Silva
    Rita Silva2 dagar sedan

    Missing you, babe! And it hurts, hope you're in a better place!

  • Adagba Koffi
    Adagba Koffi2 dagar sedan

    Tant d'assurance, tant de fragilité, tant de fatalité.....Le talent.

  • Diego Leon Gomez Arango
    Diego Leon Gomez Arango2 dagar sedan

    que chimba de tema y de artista

  • jogo poulos
    jogo poulos2 dagar sedan

    schade :(

  • Michelle Jefreis
    Michelle Jefreis2 dagar sedan

    Saudades eternas 🖤

  • Nono
    Nono2 dagar sedan

    "We only say goodbye with go back to her and I go back to us", just try to skip this part ❤

  • Joacílio Rodrigues
    Joacílio Rodrigues2 dagar sedan

    We feel a lot of miss you, Amy❤😥

  • Kiria Gracioli
    Kiria Gracioli3 dagar sedan

    Quem tá em 2021?

  • Raquel Monteiro
    Raquel Monteiro3 dagar sedan


  • Teresa Dianne Shadden
    Teresa Dianne Shadden3 dagar sedan


  • Yessica Valderrama
    Yessica Valderrama3 dagar sedan

    25/9/2021 😁😁😁😁

  • Pascal gery danny Desplancke
    Pascal gery danny Desplancke3 dagar sedan

    Amy,you are one of a kind pitty you left us but you always be on my mind,hope you feel ok in the afterlife,love,pascal

  • Irmak Karadağ
    Irmak Karadağ3 dagar sedan

    Bu şarkıyı grinin elli tonundan hatırlayanlar :)

  • Tatiana GTG
    Tatiana GTG3 dagar sedan

    В венах закипает кровь от этого завораживающего голоса...

  • Switzerland Switzerland
    Switzerland Switzerland3 dagar sedan

    La reine de la soul

  • Marília Cristinatito Tito
    Marília Cristinatito Tito3 dagar sedan

    Meu vinho barato me fez refletir que tem coincidências em vcs duas kkk kkk

  • Lyzander Edgar Sohkhlet
    Lyzander Edgar Sohkhlet3 dagar sedan

    Comment section is still active after 11 years. Respect ✊

  • music lyrics
    music lyrics3 dagar sedan

    what a beautiful song, like if you think the same

  • Camilo Tovar
    Camilo Tovar3 dagar sedan

    2021 la voz más hermosa que escuchado en mi vida 😍 gran pérdida

  • Maria Cristina Gimenez
    Maria Cristina Gimenez3 dagar sedan

    Still listen to you 💔

  • Charles Wills
    Charles Wills3 dagar sedan


  • Moonstarsand Love
    Moonstarsand Love3 dagar sedan

    Me 2 but not anymore I’m gonna get them I’ve been working on this for a long time this is for all who needs justice fuck em

  • Eliangela Macedo
    Eliangela Macedo3 dagar sedan


  • PinguimGutemberg Carvalho
    PinguimGutemberg Carvalho3 dagar sedan

    Está é a melhor da década dela. Tem outra inglesa também com uma voz, ela é loira

  • Gary Hanna
    Gary Hanna3 dagar sedan

    What a talented young lady xxx

  • Karina Fernandes
    Karina Fernandes3 dagar sedan

    Era muito maravilhosa ... uma voz inesquecível

  • Sammy Alegria
    Sammy Alegria3 dagar sedan


  • dark horse is heart shaker
    dark horse is heart shaker3 dagar sedan

    There is something so mystical about this song which can't be explained !!!!

  • Manny


    21 timme sedan

    Calm down

  • Deva Lovers देव प्रेमियों
    Deva Lovers देव प्रेमियों3 dagar sedan

    0:23, why youtube censorial this word ? They must censorial all the durty rap music then ! 😠 1:46 too.. Or they censorial all this kind of words (but all the rap "artists'' will loose a lot of money) either all or nothing !

  • Deva Lovers देव प्रेमियों

    Deva Lovers देव प्रेमियों

    Dag sedan

    @eloa trindade SL Buenos Dias ! Yes, I agree.. Where are we going if they start to censorial all the perfect and wonderful stars like our Amy .. I wonder Have a very good afternoon !

  • eloa trindade SL

    eloa trindade SL

    Dag sedan

    Eu pensei o mesmo, porque as musicas de rap tem palavrao a cada 5 segundos e não é censurada? '-'

    MANU-TONYO3 dagar sedan

    Bless that girl, a tortured soul that gives so much pleasure

  • Ana Célia Lima
    Ana Célia Lima3 dagar sedan

    Very very

  • Juan Tudela
    Juan Tudela3 dagar sedan


  • Aly Williams
    Aly Williams3 dagar sedan

    Amy will never be forgotten such a distinctive gorgeous voice

  • קרן עבדו
    קרן עבדו3 dagar sedan

    There is no like her