All Battle for Azeroth Cinematics | WoW BfA Patch 8.0 - 8.3


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    I did NOT include the Warbringer Series in this video. I Hope you'll enjoy this video. (I somehow forgot to add the cinematic after you defeat azshara my bad) you can see it here EVERYTHING Major Coming to the Shadowlands Pre Patch in 7 Mins! Bwonsamdi, Vol'jin & Mueh'zala talks about WHO picked Sylvanas as Warchief MINOR CHANGES Coming to the Shadowlands Pre Patch

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    Is this a movie please tell me i love this sort of animation.

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    @Prabu ... next episode ? there is no more since next expansion release end november

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    hot 1:08:22 1:16:31

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    Não tem dublado?

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    awesome video what was your character may i ask

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    How comical that this is infinitely more enjoyable than the Warcraft movie. Those morons need to learn from _themselves_ and try again.

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    Cool to see now! Great movie now@07-23-2021####04:31AM now! Keep up the good work now! Be well now!

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    Sylvanas *Sure Is* a CGI Hottie!

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    Making Sylvanas a villain was a clunsy amateur lazy writer gimmick that was a slap in the face to all horde players who have played since vanilla wow, the fact they ran with this corny and out of character storyline for years all the while fans knowing Sylvanas would eventually redeem herself down the road is why fans are tired of WoW, the core game remains easy to play and fun but the story that used to be its strength has gone downhill ever since MOP lmao probably even with Cata if we're being honest

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    For some reason, the person in front of sylvanus in the thumbnail looks exactly like Cirilla from witcher 3

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    jaina's story is so good. i hope she'll have a good ending.

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    would anyone watch this if this gets a netflix series like GOT?

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    Só falta o áudio em português!!!

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    the game is shit but the cinemas are great

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    why am I crying at 5 am to the cinematics of a game I never played

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    They really did an amazing job with Sylvanas.

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    Ye 😁

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    Are there anything animations covering the mana bombing of Jaina's City?

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    Madablessed she not

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    You can say about BFA what you want. But the whole Saurfang Story was 10/10

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    and we forgotten what makes us strong... like pvp? horde and alliance ? hahahahahha

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    FOR THE HORDE !!!!!

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    this is really epic... I watched it till very end.. I'm a fan of WoW but had only played it a little, there's that time I played on private server in my country Indonesia and it was wow cataclysm I follow the lore a bit after that and still very exciting about it till now. Could somebody tell me what happen next? I really like sylvanna character... so she left the horde n find herself an army of the undead?

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    This is a movie right here

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    1:19:17 that is arthas??? sorry i didn't played wow

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    Thrall: Horde... Alliance... we've come to this crossroad again and again. It always falls apart. What's different this time? Jaina: idk maybe the writer's will stop churning out garbage?

  • Azshmo
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    Wow Jaina picked a really weird time to throw up a forcefield after the gnome was already obliterated.....

  • SK Shade
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    What's the song at 11:54?

  • ernest tobler
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    With her early graying hair and the one claw gauntlet i wonder if jaina will become the opposite of lady menethil? (the undead chick with the alliance). Arthas' hair turned gray early. The undead have claws instead of fingers. But its only one hand thats forsaken. So half death, half order, and menethil is half death and half light. Interesting, right? Jaina uses death magic in the warbringers cinematic. If sylvannas becomes an illidan character, id much rather follow jaina than menethil. After the loyalty ive had for the dark lady following menethil makes no sense. If jaina were to fall and begin to understand the plight as a forsaken, seeing as shes been forsaken for so long already, makes a lot of sense.

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    combat massress for the win! FOR THE ALLIANCE!

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    Ye silvanas is a bad guy but what can i do she is super bad ass xd

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    This is the first time I've seen Sylvanis go banshee and use battle cry

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    beta troll

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    I havent fully finished the bfa storyline and god am I giving myself so many spoilers lmao

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    Was that last scene a Lord of the Rings reference?

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    Me who knows next to nothing about Warcraft watching Sylvannas or whatever going increasingly more and more ham all the way to the end of this: “someone gonna have to kill that bitch” Shit I don’t care if ya’ll cheese it. Do something, all this magic and shit you got, and y’all Just gonna let her rip open what appears to be a tear in reality? I mean if you’re sitting on something, nows the fuckin time! Shittt. Fun watch tho.

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    Did anyone else just come here for Zappy boi?

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    This storyline (expansion) is nonsense. But in terms of graphics and VFX, it's definately a whole new level. So now, we're literally waiting for a new expansion with a name, "Breaking The Cycle" and bring the game storyline again at the begining of WoW.

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    Homies thought they slick tryna kill Saurfang and Thrall 😤

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    Where our character during all this? Lol

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    Sleeping 🙈

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    Sulvanas should just kill everyone and ress them as undead, problem solved, earth can heal no more humans or orcs etc to destroy it.

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    just happy us Horde don't have some disney prince leading us.

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    @salar FOR THE HORDE!!!

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    The horde is nothing

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    Like it but don't understand it not Actually a full movie??

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    i dont see start film when horde attacks allience's fleet

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    Epic stuff.

  • Alan Francisco
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    world warcraft you guys, the creators never imagined what this game would be like with "knights of the zodiacs" in this battle between humans against worc or worc against humans with the ZODIAC KNIGHTS

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    The upset milk pivotally tumble because taurus hemperly glue on a green grey grieving archer. innocent, elegant farmer

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    Imagine having a movie out of this, I’d be the first to watch

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    Hulk is half human half orc oki

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    Warcraft and starcraft should have a series

  • jay H
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    sylvannas was trying to buff up everyone on Azeroth because she knew about the jailer. damn sylvannas is the real one

  • João Ribeiro
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    Battle for Azeroth or "How a fan favorite character decided to fuck everything up cuz Blizzard wrote themselves into a corner"

  • Boalol lal
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    I still don't understand how they fucked up the storyline so bad with the Shadowlands. Warcraft lore is dead.

  • Coada Catalin
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    During the throne room cutscene why do they let Sylvanas, one of the deadliest fighters on Azeroth get so close to Anduin?

  • Training Days
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    Which idiots have given disslikes........

  • Amy H
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    Will never play game again but this cinematics are still fireee

  • Amy H

    Amy H

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    Facts I will follow the storyline til I die, just cant play the game lol

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    They always make fire cinematics imo 😁

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    Магия - Она Везде

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    As a Horde player, I have never liked Sylvanas and thought she was too hellbent on revenge to even think clearly. She's only ever power-hungry and I don't think she plans before she acts. Wasn't fit to be the leader one bit, and I will never acknowledge that she became "warchief". I want her to disappear from the game, but I suppose without her, things would be less interesting. After all, look at the wars and all the destruction she's caused. I'm so glad the Horde has a council now instead of a one-rules-all.

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    por que no le ponen subtitulos en español

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    So let me get this straight... The Horde and Alliance were always aligned. The Scourge are the true enemies. The Lich King's helm stands broken, but can be fixed.

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    9:29 what is the name of this character?

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    Im very strong wirh tha light

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    you'll be remembered as the king who died for nothing!... *looks up*.. for the alliance.

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    Ok that was really awesome!

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    The sloppy rooster aerobically miss because equinox gradually talk aboard a aspiring tendency. crazy, psychedelic limit

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    Saurfang finaly gets the warrior death that he wants. Random shaman: *casts Ancestral spirit*

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    1:19:51 *You receive: Illusion Dust x 5.*

  • Ludmilla Kalasnyikova
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    They could make their shitty movies until 90% of the members quit, only members of the PVP clans could get 50 levels worse stuff than PVE.. I’ve been playing for 7 years since the beginning, but I’ll never pay for it again.

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    Where i can read full story

  • Johnny Clancy
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    Sylvanas is so brutally overpowered that it's actual horseshit. Sincerely hope they just kill her off since they can't be bothered to fix her as a character. She was great until anything after Wrath.

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    Him and your

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    Arthas my son

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    lol thought I'd only watch a bit then come back to this later. Over a hour later I'm still here and I made to the end lol

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    Suck story 😵

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    They were allies before! Wth even happened!

  • Beagslie76
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    I mean, I know the Dark Lady is an evil bitch queen and want's us all to rot in a horrible tentacle hell, but that voice now and forever gives me a warmth in my special place.

  • TheNekgned
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    bad story telling

  • Αντωνης
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    out of curiosity because i have no idea , sylvana broke lich kings crown and it seemed to break reality , what is exacly is going to happen ?

  • MMD -
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    25:15 king robert?

  • codename wrf
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    I don't even fucking play wow lmao, idk why tf i watched to the end xd

  • Constantin Vasiliev
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    Sylvanas has been my favorite from the early days of WC3. I'm glad she got a good arc

  • Tanjiro - Kun
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    This would be a perfect opportunity to create Warcraft 4 Rts but... I don't think they would do it :(

  • Wentao Guan
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    love it when a bunch of random people dropped in and did wierd stuff.

  • Alexander F
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    "Stand as one for the alliance!" *Immediately breaks formation by charging*

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    The boy.......and his Simba powers......

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    I don't play wow. Can someone tell me why Tyrande and Malfurion went berserk? I get that they're angry because Sylvanna burned the tree but why the eyes?

  • Shane Fernan
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    I feel like this channel is owned by a little fanboy of Sylvanas. Lol

  • Shane Fernan

    Shane Fernan

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    @LeystTV Then I was wrong and thank God

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    Hahahahahahaahahahah no not at all :D

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    The heartbreaking parentheses dfly wriggle because music extraorally curl out a marvelous dredger. tangy, burly son

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    Fuck the HORDE!

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    The cinematics doe.. g'dammnnnnn

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    Just crashed the dome! oO

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    I'd do Jaina

  • Lorenzo Orsogiuffra
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    so many request for films but few films

  • Hybrodon
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    there really is no point in repeating cinematics just to get more video length.... you just collect negative votes lol

  • Scott Chan
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    Blizzard should make this into a series. Start with the war of the ancients

  • Ruhan Ahmed
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    Lord Saurfang: Creaming What Is Mine

  • Eric D.
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    came for tyrande killing nathanos...left disappointed

  • Tom zheng
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    Finally the trash traitor has become to a toasted pig. What a laughable statement. "You can't kill hope?" Why should I need that? Live as deveil, enjoy the hell, and the heaven is NOTHING. Screw you hypocritical alliance shit.

  • Ro Phiamphu
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    I think it deserve something like lord of the rings and Harry Potter if it is made into a series.

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