Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video)


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    Переведите плиз для неграмотных...

  • Σεβασμιος Γέροντας
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    How can you dislike this song? I am not a fan of Adele I barely know 2-3 songs

  • inspector javert
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    Skyfall was the best bond flick ever. It's not even close.

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    Listening this song while watching the Malaysian coast far away, on board a ship put in quarantine... ~Where worlds collide and days are dark~

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    ... This is the f..king... This is an..l! Cry my baby, cry...

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    Why she doesn't sing a new song i need another song for listening until 8 years later although it never gets old. 2021 still listening

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    adele skyfall 007 operation (skyfall 007 operation) (2012) publicado el 7 sep 2017 adele 21 alternate album (2012) & skyfall 007 operation (2012) & film music (2012) album (2012) top 10195 songs of billboard year end charts animaciones & cartoons & projects 10195th years anniversary 1 alaska season 10 (2012) 2 44 cats fingers part 1 & fingers part 2 & cell iphone & whiste & ghosts & happy halloween pumpkins & quesuriooo & jib jab friendship is magic season 1 (2012) 3 iron man armord adventures spiderman alternative season 3 (2012) 4 young justice papa season 1 (2012) 5 fishooks sapolio season 1 (2012) 6 fanboy & chum chum batman alternate season 1 (2012) 7 the penguins of madagascar calimero season 3 (2012) 8 the avengers earths mightiest heroes spiderman season 1 (2012) 9 phineas & ferb sapolio alternate season 4 (2012) 10 my big big friends bob the builder alternate season 2 (2012) 11 wakfu pinypon alternative season 3 (2012) 12 tracy beaker returns mama & papa season 1 (2012) 13 totally spies my little pony season 10 (2012) 14 upin & ipin mister peabody & sherman season 4 (2012) 15 shake it up mama season 1 (2012) 16 wizards of waverly place mama season 4 (2012) 17 take two with phineas & ferb sapolio season 1 (2012) 18 lazy town mama & papa & las niñas & los niños edit season 7 (2012) 19 zeke & luther mama & papa season 2 (2012) 20 minuscule the private life of insects sesame street uk season 5 (2012) fecha de lanzamiento de de jueves de 1 de julio del (2012) & de julio del (2012) & de noviembre del (2012)

    THE_BIGDADDY 42021 timme sedan

    damn feels funky to be funky, wouldnt you agree?

  • Markel Beverley
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    This was a classic. In my opinion, every other song they used for the James bond intro was complete trash. Adele did her damn thing on this one.

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    If Aliens Come Here Play This

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    It's July 2021 and I still play this song.. replay again and again..

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    2021/26/07 🇹🇳🔥🔥🇹🇳

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    "What did u say? Take the bloody shoot?" 007.

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    bop i miss 2012

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    I can conclude that I am the villain now. And NONE of you are safe😀😀

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    🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕F*ck world elite f*ck NWO, wake up people's 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    S a a gs gv 12 😀dkaa tt

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    July 2021

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    Adele is truly magnificent, how she fit the perfect notes, pitch, harmonies and melodies all in this masterpiece is beyond normal.

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    So true greatest songs made to a movie besides Halloween with respect 🙌

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    Best Film Song Ever!

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    The end of worlds its coming,hear her words,this is the end they re winning,fk Illuminati fk Bill geits



    Dag sedan

    Learn to spell and string a sentence properly and comprehensibly if you want to convince anyone.

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    I can’t describe how powerful this song sounds

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    Essa música vai tocar no fim do mundo

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    I listen to this to calm down What a masterpiece

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    I'm here because of a certain shark

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    James and bond friends

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    Wonderful music.

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    Please GOD I am begging you to destroy the world now

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    This is the music i played when one of my coworkers got chosen by voting to go on a duty during the weekend...

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    Melhor música para o melhor 007 perfeito.

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    Alta banda sonora 💞🎶🎤

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    Maxwell Smart was a much better spy than 007 and I don't think it's fair that he never had a song made for him like this.

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    sabes? querido youtube, hago todo para evadir a Adele, pero me la presentas una y otra vez? querido youtube, quieres que me suiichide? simplemente me hace daño.

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    July 2021???

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    i heard this song in the cinema bathrooms. i have no regrets the best piss i’ve ever taken in my life

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    the lyrics: are on the fucking screen

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    True masterpiece

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    8 years ago already time flies.

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    Just another amazing song. Thanks Adele to send us your beautiful voice n' songs!

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    Era una cosa bellissima i suoi film😭😿😿😢

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    Great song listening it in 2021 but still love it.

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    супееер, мне очень нравится ее голос

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    Is this non-copyrighted? I wanna use this in my video?

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    Will someone count to ten for me

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    much LOVE Kimmyssong

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    The name is what??

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    James Bond.

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    2021 Let tge sky fall

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    ayo....2012 and still vibing

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    My name is Adele, 23,7M Adele !🔥

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    Adele s Skyfall is superbious, but Skyfall as a movie was lame. All that James Bond knows and kills all evil crap all over again. I expected nuclear war between nations, space stations with inhabitans inside and an breathtaking story as he tries to do the "right" thing. Kick it up a notch James Bond!!!

  • Michael W. Farwick
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    she of British Invasion, v2.0

  • Thunder-Hedge
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    Billie Eilish, bow down to the true queen of James Bond music! Because your song was trash…

  • Thunder-Hedge


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    @ISHA BISWAS couldn’t have said it better myself, yeah.



    Dag sedan

    Why was Eilish even chosen for the sequel? Doesn't she just breathe into the mic and call that singing? Bond films need strong playback voices like Adele or even Gaga maybe

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    Before you ignore this remember that everyone started from somewhere. Hello Im Khari, Im a lover of it all Bossa Nova, Hiphop, Rock, and the beautiful jazz. I made a track called ⚔️"Dueling Dragons" 🐉. For years I wanted to be a musician but fear always made me say "My time is too late, I missed my shot" so at 26 I became fed up with the day to day, moved to rural japan 🎎🗻 and started putting out music. This song is all about the good vs. the bad. One minute you're focused, the next meeting you are distracted. One minute you are planning for great things, next minute you are wallowing in your sorrows. The beat is from Japan! The artwork is from Russia 🇷🇺 the instrumental is from the superb Dutch producer 🇳🇱 the lyrics are from America 🇺🇸and the temptation is from Germany🇩🇪 , so I hope that you enjoy the show! It's quite theatrical. We also created a new genre Hip-hop + City Pop #CityHiphop. (You jazzers might like Schroeder and Lucy though) =)

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    Oh no, mummy you're hurt....

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    🙆🏿‍♀️🙆‍♂️ 🏝😒 🌊

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    Wow epic music 👌🏻as well good job adel keep on 🥰🥺

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    This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten Feel the Earth move and then Hear my heart burst again For this is the end I've drowned and dreamt this moment So overdue, I owe them Swept away, I'm stolen Let the sky fall When it crumbles We will stand tall Face it all together Let the sky fall When it crumbles We will stand tall Face it all together At Skyfall At Skyfall Skyfall is where we start A thousand miles and poles apart Where worlds collide and days are dark You may have my number, you can take my name But you'll never have my heart Let the sky fall (let the sky fall) When it crumbles (when it crumbles) We will stand tall (we will stand tall) Face it all together Let the sky fall (let the sky fall) When it crumbles (when it crumbles) We will stand tall (we will stand tall) Face it all together At Skyfall Where you go, I go What you see, I see I know I'd never be me Without the security Of your loving arms Keeping me from harm Put your hand in my hand And we'll stand Let the sky fall (let the sky fall) When it crumbles (when it crumbles) We will stand tall (we will stand tall) Face it all together Let the sky fall (let the sky fall) When it crumbles (when it crumbles) We will stand tall (we will stand tall) Face it all together At Skyfall Let the sky fall We'll stand tall At Skyfall Ooh

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    It's so good and Adele is still amazing plus it's so good that when I have kids I'll make them listen to this no matter what

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    Просто кайф

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    Skyfall is one of my all time favorites

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    Perfect ✨

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    No começo parece a música Talking to the moon

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    Either... A. Someone has been watching James bond recently Or B. Been playing I expect you to die

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    Es sublime ❤️😘🇦🇷😘

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    I remember listening to this back in 2013... I was 12 back then... and I heard it in music class. Now I'm in third year of university... and I still listen to this. 8 years later

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    Fantastic song i had ever listen, can understand each word

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    Here because of my nigga Rich Paul

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    Skyfall is actually a sad song honestly

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    Omg aftrer so long like 8 years there r pp that still listen to this and comment and im here for it like yall keeping this shit alive

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    1:24 Thank me later

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    I always wanted her to vocal the song for Spectre would have been great

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    Never gets old.

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  • M.K
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    Im comparing who did their 007 song better, Adelle, Billie Eillish, or Sam Smith. What yall think?

  • darkwarriorsddd


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    @M.K I still think Adele's is better than both but it depends as Billie's was meant to be more slow and sad and Sam Smith well he was ok

  • M.K


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    @meow •ㅅ• Nah, Sam Smith had the best in my opinion. Hers was to mumble singing.

  • meow •ㅅ•

    meow •ㅅ•

    4 dagar sedan

    i love billie's one

  • Andrew Iles
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    Absolute masterpiece! My favourite Bond songs are crescendo's, and this - IMHO - is the best Bond song yet.

  • StussyLee
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    That first verse is one of the best verses in any genre in any song Of all time

  • Anthony Bowen
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    I was driving when I heard this for the first time when it was released pre-film opening and was blown away. I could hardly wait to get home to find it and hear it again. 9 years later I still get goose-bumps.

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    What is SME? Why do the fuck they block same video in my country though I can listen to it here, it has no sense

  • Jason Carrasquillo
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    (Lmmfao) " Sky Fall " do these rules apply to her ? I believe so.

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    always sound check with this one.

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    Dasious Awesome you are on my mind My disk spin bond Adele skyfall/

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    just imagine being in war with this song