Adele performing Someone Like You | BRIT Awards 2011


  • Shayeen Elahee
    Shayeen Elahee7 timmar sedan

    Story of my life

  • Comme Des Garçons
    Comme Des GarçonsDag sedan

    Totally agree with you James When you have a very beautiful voice like Adele You don't need to strip off your clothes on camera just to get people's attentions LOVE YOU ADELE

  • hani 💣 YT
    hani 💣 YTDag sedan

    Que talento wow 😳♥️♥️

  • Denise Harcus
    Denise HarcusDag sedan

    Such a masterful and emotional performance by her . Not only did she nail it live, but her sheer emotion radiates making your heart break with her

  • Robert Maki
    Robert MakiDag sedan

    her voice is majestic..

  • Adiel Stephenson
    Adiel StephensonDag sedan

    The chorus is sung very badly here - it's supposed to be meek, soft and vulnerable, but she sings it in just the opposite way.

  • Êmilly Ferreira
    Êmilly Ferreira2 dagar sedan

    Eu sou o cometário brasileiro que você procura 😎

  • stephen mcconaghie
    stephen mcconaghie2 dagar sedan

    Sometimes in life you have to sit back and say. Nothing ever will beat that This is one of those occasions Along with Queen at Live Aid

  • Victor Da Silva
    Victor Da Silva2 dagar sedan

    Park your bus

  • Jon Shearer
    Jon Shearer2 dagar sedan

    Beautiful song and a beautiful voice. Just saying: She was at her heaviest back then. She looks better now that she's dropped a Tongan.

  • Marikio D

    Marikio D

    2 dagar sedan

    Does it matter how "heavy" she was back then. Her voice is beautiful. A wonderful performance. Don't you agree?

  • Jerick Alojado
    Jerick Alojado2 dagar sedan

    July 2021 and still amazed by you and your songs! Thank you ADELE!

  • Khalid Khan
    Khalid Khan3 dagar sedan

    2021 i still cry hearing this song adele love you for giving such a beautiful song

  • Mitch Bristow
    Mitch Bristow4 dagar sedan

    She refind buety

  • Chris Glover
    Chris Glover4 dagar sedan

    I watched this performance it really touched me in a nostalgic way

  • Derek Morrison
    Derek Morrison4 dagar sedan


  • Daniel Nissim
    Daniel Nissim4 dagar sedan

    And shes a massive spurs fan.... win , win coyd

  • Daniel Nissim

    Daniel Nissim

    4 dagar sedan


  • Jose Itamar
    Jose Itamar4 dagar sedan

    Adela westyua

  • Anick Gravel
    Anick Gravel4 dagar sedan


  • Dawn El hajj
    Dawn El hajj4 dagar sedan

    I could never find someone like him he is unique and i wish nothing but the best for him 🙈🙉🙊❤😘

  • Judge Greg

    Judge Greg

    Dag sedan

    Hello How are you doing

  • Stanley Smith
    Stanley Smith4 dagar sedan

    Outstanding record.

  • Cam Adventures
    Cam Adventures5 dagar sedan

    please chubby again, Goddess

  • Ricardo Fernandes
    Ricardo Fernandes5 dagar sedan

    10 years have past. Still sounds timeless. Damn, Adele.

  • Pingvini s' Madagaskara
    Pingvini s' Madagaskara5 dagar sedan

    Some things you can't buy with money 😔😔😔

  • Carol Lyman
    Carol Lyman5 dagar sedan

    There are songs that touch your soul....this is one of them 🙏

  • Judge Greg

    Judge Greg

    Dag sedan

    Hello How are you doing

  • UncleJim
    UncleJim5 dagar sedan

    182 million views. No more need be said

  • Mario Bellu
    Mario Bellu5 dagar sedan

    Here in 2021 thumbs up It's been over a decade !!!

  • Ray B
    Ray B5 dagar sedan


  • The one
    The one6 dagar sedan

    We love u Adele

  • Julie Parker
    Julie Parker6 dagar sedan

    Her voice brings tears to my eyes! So beautiful!

  • Judge Greg

    Judge Greg

    Dag sedan

    hello How are you doing

  • Jimmi Fernando
    Jimmi Fernando6 dagar sedan

    Whos here in 2021

  • Damion Swain
    Damion Swain6 dagar sedan

    ty love it

  • Bruna fermin
    Bruna fermin7 dagar sedan

    ❤️❤️❤️ que voz! Que música! Que talento!

  • Oscar Reluz chavez
    Oscar Reluz chavez7 dagar sedan

    :) :) que linda canción ;)

  • Régis Dupuis
    Régis Dupuis7 dagar sedan

    Adele !!!!!

  • Maanvi Tiku
    Maanvi Tiku7 dagar sedan

    So soulful!!

  • Rufaro Peciance Maingehama
    Rufaro Peciance Maingehama8 dagar sedan

    Adele you nailed it

  • Beneilson Nogueira
    Beneilson Nogueira8 dagar sedan

    Muito boa música 🎶

  • Amina Ferhat
    Amina Ferhat8 dagar sedan

    Love u adel the queen of emotions xxx

  • Maddie sha
    Maddie sha9 dagar sedan

    How is it possible that this is 10 years old?

    WALID HALAWI9 dagar sedan

    How beautiful WAS Adele's face B4 she slimmed down:)

  • Victor Marin

    Victor Marin

    8 dagar sedan

    Well she’s also 10 years younger here

  • Olga Diez Torello
    Olga Diez Torello9 dagar sedan

    Esto es un directo!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Michael Christian
    Michael Christian9 dagar sedan


  • Wilfredo adriano Pinilla plaza
    Wilfredo adriano Pinilla plaza9 dagar sedan


  • Matthew Borgert
    Matthew Borgert10 dagar sedan

    Wow 10 years ago!! Time just goes to fast, and our time on this big blue marble is fleeting at best. The years keep feeling shorter the older we get, the beautiful and equally tragic is the simple reality that we are all just a blip that comes into existence and suddenly we expire….always just sitting out in the future, until it’s not.

  • Maurice Asm

    Maurice Asm

    8 dagar sedan

    I have got this same feeling.

  • Erick Albert Silvera alcarraz
    Erick Albert Silvera alcarraz10 dagar sedan

    Quien está escuchando esta hermosa canción julio 17. 2021

  • GiadinhGauYeu
    GiadinhGauYeu10 dagar sedan

    Who is here in 2021?

  • Glen Ford
    Glen Ford10 dagar sedan

    #Awesome such talent 👍

  • Joseph Tallieu
    Joseph Tallieu10 dagar sedan

    Some bullshit directing there to zoom out and shoot her back on the first bridge.

  • C R
    C R10 dagar sedan

    That's what A beautiful woman looks like, it's simple, no ?

  • Russell Johnson
    Russell Johnson10 dagar sedan

    Adele, yes quite an accomplished composer and singer......

  • Greyham Lockett
    Greyham Lockett10 dagar sedan

    July 2021 and still Stunning Vocals 😍. Congratulations from New Zealand 🇳🇿👏❤💖

  • Scilo 69
    Scilo 6911 dagar sedan

    Adele so so Pretty

  • K Crib in
    K Crib in11 dagar sedan

    A mind with feeling so beautiful you would bow in her presence. Truly a talent so beautiful. I wish this lady long life and years of good music writing.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor11 dagar sedan

    I'm a heavy metal fan but I love class and this lady oozes that very thing boom 👍

  • Aztec Steel
    Aztec Steel11 dagar sedan

    Hits me like a brick ...adele she can sing👌

  • V Brown
    V Brown11 dagar sedan

    Adele has the gorgeous voice, the lyrics, the stage presence and the emotion and that melodious piano makes this performance: Perfection!!!

  • Peter Ford
    Peter Ford11 dagar sedan


  • ricardo correa
    ricardo correa11 dagar sedan

    It is a woman making that ? recording vs live royal ...?

  • Susana Garcia
    Susana Garcia12 dagar sedan

    Hay que ver el teatro ; no volaba una mosca ; supera que respeto ; bárbaro!❤️

  • Adhel Dhyas
    Adhel Dhyas12 dagar sedan

    Estou aqui em 2021 💕

  • premier4 6
    premier4 612 dagar sedan

    The fact that she was so nervous makes this performance even more poignant. She holds back the tears and wipes the sweat from her hands as she finishes. Bravo heart on your sleeve lady. I watch and listen over and over. Thank you.

  • Music101 Ligh
    Music101 Ligh13 dagar sedan

    It would have been way better for her if that cheap US sold asshole hadn't spoken before the song

  • Kevin Tomaselli
    Kevin Tomaselli13 dagar sedan


  • Ahmet akgül
    Ahmet akgül13 dagar sedan

    Mükemmel 😊

  • kat13
    kat1314 dagar sedan

    Ptm no puedo creer que ya pasaron 10 años

  • dick tate
    dick tate14 dagar sedan

    once in a decade astronomers get a wow ! signal. . . . . .music fans get this

  • Mr:Dome Malitong
    Mr:Dome Malitong14 dagar sedan

    ฟังดีนะเราข่อนข้างทำทุกอย่างไว้รัดกุม ขอซิบอกพระเจ้าว่าเกิดอะไรขึ้นบ้าง ไม่มีเวลาใดที่จะแยกความรู้ออกห่างเราได้เลย.เพราะมันเป็นเรืองส่วนตัวที่ครั้งหนึ่งเกิดขึ้นกับเรารับรู้ไว้ว่ามีโอกาสเมือรัยคงเจอกันแน่

  • Mr:Dome Malitong
    Mr:Dome Malitong14 dagar sedan

    หนุยก้อเหมือนกันเราสัญญาว่าไงในการนั้น ณ.ที่นั้นเรายังไม่เลิกความตั้งใจ เราก้อเสียใจเป็นนะ.เธอน่าจะเข้าใจ

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith14 dagar sedan

    Someone Like You Vicki Grenell ! My Dalton love.

  • Rob Davis
    Rob Davis14 dagar sedan

    I just like her no crap just singing like my singers from earlier times you go you good thing and god bless

  • Oonagh Sutton
    Oonagh Sutton15 dagar sedan

    Love this song. So emotional + rly moving. Gets me every time. Love you Adele my inspiration station ❤️❤️💯💯🛹🎳

  • Cynthia Wilson
    Cynthia Wilson15 dagar sedan

    She's beautiful

  • Николай Аладьев
    Николай Аладьев15 dagar sedan


  • Steve Cowdell
    Steve Cowdell15 dagar sedan

    Applause for the piano.

  • Daniel Owen
    Daniel Owen15 dagar sedan

    This song rocks me to the core everytime I hear it. It's very personal, my parents have been married 52 years. My marriage failed within 3 years, that was 9 years ago. I still keep the faith that I will find my kindred, one day.

  • Shane Fraser

    Shane Fraser

    11 dagar sedan

    U will😀



    11 dagar sedan

    Sure you will.

    FREAKSWAN15 dagar sedan

    im crying

  • Fatima algrny
    Fatima algrny16 dagar sedan


  • Kasenyi Dorcus
    Kasenyi Dorcus16 dagar sedan

    The only celebrity I know who dresses decently....I love u Adele

  • Rick Carr
    Rick Carr16 dagar sedan

    I hope she comes back to the staple center soon.

  • Cheryil Marsh
    Cheryil Marsh16 dagar sedan

    2021 still here LOVE her

  • Marcia Castilho
    Marcia Castilho17 dagar sedan


  • Charisse Fain
    Charisse Fain17 dagar sedan

    She’s so beautiful & genuine

  • Charisse Fain
    Charisse Fain17 dagar sedan

    A lot of us has been through this her album was my most favorite when it came out listened to it over & iver

  • Yves Stoeckel
    Yves Stoeckel17 dagar sedan

    Je l'adore 😘

  • John Odalo
    John Odalo18 dagar sedan

    "If you sound like that all you need is piano"

  • Pearl Rodrigues
    Pearl Rodrigues18 dagar sedan

    2021 and I find myself here... anyone else???

  • Pedro Borges
    Pedro Borges18 dagar sedan


  • Phyllis Banther
    Phyllis Banther19 dagar sedan


  • shooter 2335
    shooter 233519 dagar sedan

    the king of youtube videos amazing and im a metalhead

  • Janaina Lopes Silva
    Janaina Lopes Silva19 dagar sedan


  • Graham Wilson

    Graham Wilson

    13 dagar sedan

    Hello janaina, how are you doing today.

  • Гулия Кажимова
    Гулия Кажимова19 dagar sedan


  • Cecil Estrella
    Cecil Estrella19 dagar sedan

    You are so good Adele..

  • David Maez
    David Maez22 dagar sedan

    This song makes me cry, it happened to me. It's a great song and she sang that

  • Youtube Balls
    Youtube Balls22 dagar sedan

    "i don't crumble-honey"

  • TheOutsidersPost
    TheOutsidersPost22 dagar sedan

    Better than the studio

  • don donatto
    don donatto23 dagar sedan

    Un-fing believable. I just revisited this and think..." Why didn't I ever perform this at open mic night? I gotta get to work because her vocal delivery is beautifly all over the place. This has to be studed before being performed.

  • NJ Rob
    NJ Rob23 dagar sedan

    James Corden didn't age lol

  • Kenny Pope
    Kenny Pope23 dagar sedan

    When she sings “ I guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you”. Is she talking about anal…??

  • Alice Carter
    Alice Carter24 dagar sedan

    The fine spot bizarrely crash because parrot apparently learn save a tawdry cold. frightened frightening full fumbling functional, mindless swimming