ABBA Voyage - LIVE

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album from the official store for first access to tickets.

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  • Tunci Baba
    Tunci Baba15 timmar sedan

    Do you know that God really exists? Forever young and music. And enjoy. Loving God is a ticket. Admit it: All songs are composed by God.

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who17 timmar sedan

    I am so happy with the new songs. I have watched several videos of youngsters who proclaim themselves a music critic and every single one of them LOVED the songs! The young music critics are all blown away at the production with many saying that they just don't make songs like them anymore (with strings, piano, bass, etc.). Many were brought to tears (like the rest of us). They say that most music these days is all computer made and rather the same and predictable. Every one of them were not around when ABBA was actually together and making music in the 70s and early 80s. So it IS possible to make EXCELLENT music with more than 4 notes and not use profanity or racial slurs! (yes there was a time when timeless SMASH hit songs were made and I am happy and fortunate to have been alive when they were fresh) I am glad that ABBA gave the world the gift of their music again. Regardless of what country you are from or your political views, ABBA music speaks to the soul and brings happiness and hope which is missing from the world today. I am kind of sad that ABBA made us wait 40 years and deprived us of their magic all this time. But, they are back (for a time) so I am enjoying the gift they gave us.

  • louisedemarillac777
    louisedemarillac77722 timmar sedan

    Who is this presenter? She's so real, funny... a real natural... she's sooo excited, without gushing

  • YOUNAN1111
    YOUNAN1111Dag sedan

    ABBA to me it is good memories beautiful moment history back in the days and everything beautiful stuck in my mind since I was a little kid until now thank you ABBA love you forever 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Mỹ Dung 400k vào (
    Mỹ Dung 400k vào ( sedan

    21:02 Nếu có 2 chồng sách, 1 chồng to và 1 chồng nhỏ. Tớ sẽ là chồng nhỏ, còn cậu là chong to

  • Skyler Borg
    Skyler BorgDag sedan

    The ABBA girls are just amazing as always. From ABBA to Chess, to Mamma Mia, to Kristina and now to Voyage , The ABBA guys are music geniuses!!!

  • Gratitude Dallas
    Gratitude DallasDag sedan

    When I can't sleep. I watch ABBA videos & text them to my friends with "Remember when...?" stories! They sometimes get annoyed...

  • Du Pedroso Numismática
    Du Pedroso Numismática2 dagar sedan

    Todas músicas tem verdade poema coração ❤ tenho sertesa que está mistura de amor não poderia ser diferente o resultado tudo isso se resume em apenas 1 palavra sucesso parabéns pelo canal saúde e Paz mundial

  • Du Pedroso Numismática
    Du Pedroso Numismática2 dagar sedan

    As músicas todas perfeitas Parabéns

  • Primož Dolenc
    Primož Dolenc2 dagar sedan

    You are playing a good music

  • Gemma Equine
    Gemma Equine2 dagar sedan

    Only one thing wrong with this interview! Zoe Ball... a suit with trainers??? FFS can we still get a grip of 'formal'?

  • Gemma Equine
    Gemma Equine2 dagar sedan

    I was born while they performed Waterloo at Eurovision and I'd love to meet the people who I associate with when I was born! The people I aspired to... they brought me tears, warmth, and happiness all in one!

  • Gemma Equine
    Gemma Equine2 dagar sedan

    We never thought this would happen! We all thought they had gone different directions... Genius ABBA, I applaud the wisdom xxx

  • Willie Bromon
    Willie Bromon2 dagar sedan


  • Austin Garcia
    Austin Garcia2 dagar sedan


  • Em Marcel A
    Em Marcel A2 dagar sedan

    welcome back ABBA!! We missed you 😍

  • Joerg Zabbee
    Joerg Zabbee3 dagar sedan

    The brandnew ABBA concert Hall in London will be the worlds biggest Disco. Amazing 😍

  • Vitor Lima
    Vitor Lima3 dagar sedan

    Bem vindos de novo....é uma honra voltar a ouvir musicas de qualidade novamente

  • Nikolett Dósa
    Nikolett Dósa3 dagar sedan

    ABBA is the Best Band in History! ❤❤❤❤

  • themek2307
    themek23073 dagar sedan

    just bought my tickets for London

  • World Music
    World Music3 dagar sedan

    I LOVE ABBA FOREVER! CAN YOU SING MY SONG? Hello! GOD BLESS ABBA! This vitamin helped me and I haven't had a cold for over 15 years. Use mask and alcohol gel. To strengthen immunity you beat the blender 10% roots, 50% vegetables and 40% fruits with yogurt without lactose and water, do not let it become sweet. It is important to choose many different colors as each color has a different nutrient. Drink this vitamin throughout the day and never get the flu again. OUR FATHER Bossa Nova

  • Triborn
    Triborn3 dagar sedan

    Couldn't be at a better time.. The world need Abba..

  • Sheila Hendrix
    Sheila Hendrix3 dagar sedan

    May 💜God💚 Be 💙With💕 Everyone ❤Always 💙Much 💙Love Blessings💚 Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💚❤💚💚💚💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚💚💚💚💚

  • Sheila Hendrix
    Sheila Hendrix3 dagar sedan

    Peace💙 and💚 Blessings ❤Too ❤My 💙Brothers💛 May 💚God❤ Bless 💛Everyone 💚Always ❤May God💙 Bless💛 Everyone❤ Richly with 💛everything❤ they 💕need Always 💙Much 💚Love ❤Blessings 💜Always 🎇💯💛😇🌐🌈💛💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💛💛💚💚💚💯💥✌

  • Blybly100
    Blybly1003 dagar sedan

    Ca nous fait penser à leur jeunesse qui ne reviendra jamais ...A. notre jeunesse définitivement perdue .... C'est à pleurer !!! Ne restera que leur musique comme trait d'union vers le futur, quand nous serons tous .... morts.

  • zzz zzz
    zzz zzz4 dagar sedan

    Havent bought an album in 15 years. Any album by anyone. Preordered this, never done that before either. Gonna buy the cassette and lp too. This is life altering.❤ 😁

  • Valentinas Šiaudvytis
    Valentinas Šiaudvytis4 dagar sedan

    Myliu tai nepakartojama mūsu gyvenime

  • Миха IL
    Миха IL4 dagar sedan

    За отсутствие субтитров Диз, учитесь не только замещать себя красивыми вымышленными картинками на фоне старушечьих голосов, но и уважительно относиться к своим зрителям!!

  • James Scanlon
    James Scanlon4 dagar sedan

    Watching from Cape Porpoise, Maine. ABBA fan since I first heard them on Radio Luxembourg in 1974.

  • Lizzy XD
    Lizzy XD5 dagar sedan

    Un believable

  • Batphink 2
    Batphink 25 dagar sedan

    LOOK some fans have no face diapers,isn't that wonderful? Shame I missed it.Being a musician/writer myself I appreciate this band so much. Not all of us fans are gay either lol! Great to see them back in action even if 'virtual'!

  • Mrs Doubtfire
    Mrs Doubtfire5 dagar sedan

    Abba brings back memories from high school. I still know all their songs by ❤

  • My best Scorpio Mc
    My best Scorpio Mc5 dagar sedan

    What a mountain 🏔

  • Artur Dias
    Artur Dias5 dagar sedan

    Abba é patrimônio da humanidade, obrigado por todas as músicas lindas e inesquecíveis que fizeram de vcs os melhores do planeta. Eu amo vcs !♥️♥️♥️🇧🇷

  • Dazzle Monroe
    Dazzle Monroe5 dagar sedan

    Everyone in the live chat getting all pissy coz the concerts are in London. Well, I got tickets for July. Am I excited?

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    5 dagar sedan

    I'm guessing more concerts will be planned after London. They probably just want to make sure it goes as planned without glitches in London before scheduling any more.

  • Viia Vanhanen
    Viia Vanhanen5 dagar sedan

    I love abba!😭❤️

  • alex
    alex5 dagar sedan

    4:00 is when it begins

  • Love To Travel
    Love To Travel6 dagar sedan

    Abba just takes me back to happier times, thank you all so much for getting back together, it’s a huge gift to us all.

  • palimpalim
    palimpalim7 dagar sedan

    Years ago I had a couple of teenagers in my car. I had one of my many 80ies CDs playing. The young people started complaining. Then I took the CD out, put ABBA Gold in and they were singing along.

  • Jason McGilloway
    Jason McGilloway7 dagar sedan

    Only ABBA could make this work. Exactly what the world needs at this time.

  • Dahlia Abo El makarem
    Dahlia Abo El makarem7 dagar sedan

    👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 👍🏻 you two are amazing people :) sensual, funny & humble yet so talented.. genius 🤗 I love your two new songs recently released .. really amazingly relaxing to hear and true feelings. ❤️ Love ABBA ❤️

  • Maryo Druet
    Maryo Druet7 dagar sedan

    And here in Canada, radio stations do not play Abba's new songs due to lack of space in music schedules. None of them play their new songs. Completely stupid!

  • Angelika Ho
    Angelika Ho8 dagar sedan

    I heard it and thought that is original Abba! And i cried. The text and the music is so matching.

  • Prinz Tiyo
    Prinz Tiyo8 dagar sedan

    Best thing that happens in my life as a music fan. Greeting and love from Java Island. Welcome back, ABBA!! Terima kasih untuk kehadirannya kembali. 💙💛

  • Анна Татаренко
    Анна Татаренко8 dagar sedan

    Москва любит вас!!!!

  • Rhonda Renee
    Rhonda Renee8 dagar sedan

    BALLING!!!!!!!…….tears of joy and ultimate appreciation for the immense beauty of these 4 musical angels…..they are truly a bridge between Heaven and Earth……they ARE heaven on earth!

  • Pixelologist
    Pixelologist8 dagar sedan

    ABBA's return makes for a very fun, somewhat magical cultural moment that not even this tragically annoying hostess can ruin.

  • Kaisa Nuolioja

    Kaisa Nuolioja

    8 dagar sedan

    Funny... I loved the hostess. So full of excitement. To me she was perfect.

  • Dash Overton
    Dash Overton8 dagar sedan

    31:29. 😂

  • Julian Quiamhor
    Julian Quiamhor9 dagar sedan

    I'm proud to say I've been part of the history. When I watched that one in a lifetime livestream.

  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven9 dagar sedan

    " ... that we have made a new album, with Abba ..."

  • Laura Byrd
    Laura Byrd9 dagar sedan

    Still got it!!!! Way to go

  • Laura Byrd
    Laura Byrd9 dagar sedan

    Awesome thanks

  • Patriot 1776
    Patriot 17769 dagar sedan

    All that is required for people to love ABBA’s music is exposure to it. Their music will doo the rest...

  • Leitrabi Parody

    Leitrabi Parody

    9 dagar sedan


  • Er Sc
    Er Sc9 dagar sedan


  • Isabella
    Isabella9 dagar sedan

    It feels like watching an episode of Black Mirror about Abba😭

  • wichywoo
    wichywoo9 dagar sedan

    abba isnt just music or an expression of art , there's something geeply spiritual and ubiversaly harmonic about their creations which stirs the emotions and awakens something deep within the listener/observer today's music dif you can call it music dos't do that its just noise filling the mind with clutter there's nothing insightful/spiritual about it ;o)

  • wichywoo
    wichywoo9 dagar sedan

    good-grief could they not have found a more professional interviewer than zoe ball she is so out of her depth !

  • Nalin Sharma
    Nalin Sharma9 dagar sedan

    I think ABBA surpassed every band on this planet, their music is untouchable and is incomparable to anyone else, it's in elite league of its own. B&B are two modest geniuses and A&A two beautiful angels. So so much love from India!!

  • Whereisdavetoday?
    Whereisdavetoday?9 dagar sedan

    I would love to have an ABBA song dedicated and written about my wife Susannah!

  • Petru
    Petru10 dagar sedan

    Today I will participate in DISCOTECA ’80 Cluj where ABBA will be present 18.09.2021

  • В С
    В С10 dagar sedan

    I can't believe my eyes! Watching ABBA as we know them, singing new songs... Beyond imagination! ABBA are back with new perfect songs and unbelievable Voyage... Providence? No doubt...

  • Zee Loveback
    Zee Loveback10 dagar sedan

    It's not actually THEM. They're not THERE. It's them in CGI.

  • Dyn Jarren
    Dyn Jarren10 dagar sedan

    Mama Mia? That’s not even one of their better songs. It’s a gimmicky song because it’s an Italian saying. Knowing me Know you is brilliant and the Name of the Game and many others.

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi10 dagar sedan

    Tienen idea de la felicidad que generan? Unir abuelos, hijos y nietos en una sola generacion, es grandioso. Porque lo estan realizando. Gracias

  • •мυғғιn•
    •мυғғιn•10 dagar sedan

    That's cool af, I envy those who will go to that hologram revolutionary concert in London

  • LauroRM
    LauroRM10 dagar sedan

    Se o Abba voltasse de verdade, fazendo uma turnê, acho que o mundo parava.

  • Just a Girl / / Uma Miúda

    Just a Girl / / Uma Miúda

    9 dagar sedan

    Eu parava para ir vê-los ao vivo! 😉

  • Heidi Dolly Christensen
    Heidi Dolly Christensen10 dagar sedan

    Been waiting my whole life 🎼❤️

  • Jack Carter
    Jack Carter10 dagar sedan

    Jesus, how many times can she ask them the same question? She literally asked them the same question in three different ways about 4 or 5 times…

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    10 dagar sedan

    lady who did the interview) kudos

  • Danny Cartwright
    Danny Cartwright10 dagar sedan

    That presenter at the start is so unintentionally hilarious! "Big and fabulous, just like I like my men" Did she really just say that?! LOL

  • Paulina Novoa
    Paulina Novoa11 dagar sedan

    Ojala llegarán a Chile ❤️

  • 1 Scoop Papa Chan
    1 Scoop Papa Chan11 dagar sedan

    want to watch this, why it took so long to reunite. honestly before searching wikipedia, i thought... you know they were already a thing of the past, sorryyy... i'm glad they're still aliveeeeeeee!!! thank God

  • Alf Calzon
    Alf Calzon11 dagar sedan

    #ABBA #ABBAVoyage 6:00 Ask Kylie Minogue if she want to be a ABBATAR and guest star Maybe Australia will built a ABBA ARENA?

  • Alf Calzon
    Alf Calzon11 dagar sedan

    14:59 #IStillHaveFaithInYou 17:38 LASSE HALLSTRÖM Director of 'ABBA - THE MOVIE' (clips in the video) And 30 ABBA-videos (not the two last in the eighties) 21:18 27:17 BJÖRN and BENNY 57:35 #DontShutMeDown

  • Mónica Fernández
    Mónica Fernández11 dagar sedan

    La música de Benny y Bjorn, las letras de las dos canciones nuevas y las hermosas voces de Agnetha y Frida:, son en conjunto, de una belleza excepcional ante la cual todxs nos rendimos!!

  • linda wilms
    linda wilms11 dagar sedan

    This interviewer was made for radio - so restless, arms flying everywhere.

  • Roger Mace
    Roger Mace11 dagar sedan


    MAGNETO11 dagar sedan

    Their voices still sounds so damn beautiful!

  • dseifert
    dseifert11 dagar sedan

    I would love to see the women again.

  • Richard Brian Smith
    Richard Brian Smith11 dagar sedan


  • Laura Garcez
    Laura Garcez11 dagar sedan

    Björn still has that kid face.

  • R USH
    R USH12 dagar sedan

    My son is 20 now. I introduced him to ABBA about a decade ago, whenever we're in the car together an ABBA CD will go on and we'll be singing out loud together. It's pure happiness.

  • Meep’s Music
    Meep’s Music12 dagar sedan

    The Lyrics on Dont shut me down where beautiful, reminded me of growing pains and then 40 years later the birth of something even more magical, well done all of you (inc the lady who did the interview) kudos

  • Rolando Bottino
    Rolando Bottino12 dagar sedan

    Una alegría inmensa éste reencuentro y el que hayan grabado un nuevo álbum. Si bien ellos no grabaron nada nuevo en 39 años, convengamos que NUNCA se fueron. SIEMPRE estuvieron con nosotros con sus canciones que jamás dejaron de sonar desde sus comienzos hasta el presente. GRACIAS ABBA.

  • Terry C
    Terry C12 dagar sedan

    They must not be finished with Agnetha's model yet. They avoid showing her CGI face.

  • Dyn Jarren
    Dyn Jarren12 dagar sedan

    Digital Avatars performing as ABBA. This is going to be interesting. It is them captured digitally but they won’t really be there to respond to the audience live. But the next best thing.

  • Dyn Jarren

    Dyn Jarren

    11 dagar sedan

    @Paul Lehmor And I hope some one documents their responses and reactions because I am into reaction videos. How wild will that be to watch yourself in 3D realism singing? It will be interesting at least. They never got to see themselves like this before.

  • Paul Lehmor

    Paul Lehmor

    12 dagar sedan

    I think they plan to be IN the audience, at least once.

  • Adventures In Modern Recording
    Adventures In Modern Recording12 dagar sedan

    Can't wait to see the ABBAtars performing 😁

  • Ruth Moore
    Ruth Moore12 dagar sedan


  • Living with challenges
    Living with challenges12 dagar sedan

    I watched a hour long video in about 3 minutes it's amazing how much you can skip of interviews and not miss anything.

  • Ушипртопп Ащрппо
    Ушипртопп Ащрппо12 dagar sedan


  • TorkGirl8
    TorkGirl812 dagar sedan

    ❤ 🅰🅱🅱🅰❤

  • John Anthony Falsario
    John Anthony Falsario12 dagar sedan

    ABBA lang sakalam!

  • Viktoria B.
    Viktoria B.12 dagar sedan

    Az ABBA a zenei mondanivalójával messzi, új világba viszi az emberiséget, a kimondhatatlant az életben a szívekbe varázsolja. Köszönet érte mély szívből hogy visszatértek! ✨

  • Viktoria B.
    Viktoria B.12 dagar sedan

    Die Musik von ABBA ist das Unsagbare im Leben. Danke dafür vom tiefsten Herzen, um diese Wunder nach so viel Jahren noch einmal erleben dürfen! 💫

  • Thomas Scheidt
    Thomas Scheidt12 dagar sedan

    Forever Love ... ABBA ... its incrideble... ABBA ... Thats its ... yours Tom from Kla.TV

  • Ann Pruett
    Ann Pruett12 dagar sedan

    This is absolutely GREAT!!! NEWS.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose12 dagar sedan

    tour, push the boundaries of technology and what is capable.

  • Roger deBougainville
    Roger deBougainville13 dagar sedan

    I'm not familiar with this woman interviewing B & B but she is awful. Selecting her for this moment is the biggest fail in the rollout so far. At 39:25 when she asked who the *producers* were that they were worked with ...... that's when I stopped to type this. ugh. she's clueless.

  • Renaider
    Renaider13 dagar sedan

    Their music is awesome, their avatars are not. I LOVE the new songs! Welcome back ABBA !!!! I wish that they would tour as they are. We've all aged and seeing them in real life would be inspiring. Seeing them as holographs might have worked if they were more real. But I absolutely love that they are back! no matter the form.

  • Rocío Carvajal
    Rocío Carvajal13 dagar sedan

    Realmente emocionante, me encanta ver el genio creador de los integrantes de ABBA, me encanta su música, su estilo y cómo han sabido traspasar las barreras del tiempo. simplemente geniales!

  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    12 dagar sedan

    This is what you do when you have more money than many country's gdp. "I Still Have Faith In You" was released at the best possible time. Beautiful.

  • [Cherry-Gacha]
    [Cherry-Gacha]13 dagar sedan

    Hi Abba I have been a big fan since 2018 :D Only bc I am 11 tho and I don't think you will see this but I love your band