ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Directed by Shynola.
Produced by Josh Barwick and Svana Gisla
Production company : Aniara

Music video by ABBA performing I Still Have Faith In You . A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB


  • Charly
    Charly30 minuter sedan

    Es gibt Gerüchte, dass ABBA am 6.11.21 zur Jubiläums Sendung von ''wetten, dass...'' auftreten könnten. Da am 5.11. das neue Album herauskommt, würde es zeitlich zwar sehr gut passen aber ich glaube nicht daran. Vielleicht sind Björn und Benny ja da, aber einen Auftritt von ABBA wird es bestimmt nicht geben...leider

  • mf 3095
    mf 309537 minuter sedan

    Perfect comeback song

  • Sten Dahlberg
    Sten Dahlberg44 minuter sedan

    Se 0,35 Nu ser man vem som är far till Greta!

  • Frau Geheimrat
    Frau Geheimrat57 minuter sedan

    ❤️❤️❤️ ABBA ❤️❤️❤️

  • Roman Kotoulek
    Roman KotoulekTimme sedan


  • Christer Albäck
    Christer Albäck2 timmar sedan

    There is som commenting here about ABBA not being “prophets” in their own country Sweden. Although I understand where that comes from, I nonetheless don’t agree. Not at all. The ABBA haters back then we’re mainly the extreme left, and their criticism was utterly void of substance. Of course some newspapers could not resist feeding this kind of controversy, but the general public in Sweden LOVED ABBA from the start, just as they had loved the music of Agnetha, Hootenanny Singers and Hep Stars prior to the formation of ABBA.

  • Carl Haroe
    Carl Haroe2 timmar sedan

    that cg is super scary

  • Damiano Dance
    Damiano Dance3 timmar sedan

    Beautiful and very large as always, it seems that time has never gone on, thank you for this gift of your return.

  • Dalia_Negra
    Dalia_Negra4 timmar sedan

    Momento histórico 💖

  • Adam Wakely
    Adam Wakely4 timmar sedan

    How could 10K thumbs down? sad

  • chelseacharger


    57 minuter sedan

    Compared to thumbs up, this has got a 97.63% approval rating. It's just the times that we live in. There's a video with 1.3m views of wild Dolphins jumping out of the sea and doing amazing spins and flips. What could be more innocent and cute than that? 1.1K people have down-voted it. Incredible. There are some strange people about. Thankfully a tiny minority.

  • Bromptin Owner
    Bromptin Owner5 timmar sedan

    Listening to ABBA from years ago (when mum was alive), love them still Thankyou for the Music

  • TV Week Highlights
    TV Week Highlights6 timmar sedan

    ABBA provided the soundtrack for many courtships...

  • Bernard Pineau
    Bernard Pineau7 timmar sedan

    Les plus célèbre encor BRAVO

  • Paul Charman
    Paul Charman7 timmar sedan

    Just cried! They were a big part of my growing up and to still sound like that is truly magical. True Legends

  • Nika
    Nika8 timmar sedan

    До сих пор любима эта талантливая четвёрка, незабываема.

  • Pete Donaldson
    Pete Donaldson8 timmar sedan

    Wonderful. So emotional, and very good songs! Love it. Thank you!!!

  • Галина Гуськова
    Галина Гуськова8 timmar sedan

    Очень не хватает таких мелодичных,теплых,душевных песен,радует что не потерян фирменный стиль ABBA,музыка,исполнение,и то что снова вместе это СУПЕР,пишут что вернулись и т.д,но они и не уходили,самая прослушиваемая группа.

  • Наталья Королева
    Наталья Королева9 timmar sedan

    Смотрю на их фотографии и видео - светло и немного грустно. Такие молодые, счастливые, влюбленные...такая и я была одновременно с ними...)))) И песня, мне кажется, об этом. О молодости оставшейся в прошлом, о светлой грусти, об опыте прожитых лет, принесших мудрость, но забравших очень, очень много.

  • Juliette Dijoux
    Juliette Dijoux9 timmar sedan

    Hello, I 'll try to send you a message in english to say how I am high in emotion by earing you again together.THANK YOU for the music you give me. I live in à small island so far from you but I really love you. I hope the Best for you. If someday you think about coming at La Réunion. You' ll see there is people Who loves you simply and naturally. Good luck A B B A . God bless you .

  • kombajkamil7
    kombajkamil710 timmar sedan


  • Austin F
    Austin F10 timmar sedan

    Do you think tiktok is the reason they came back?

  • Wojact Taki

    Wojact Taki

    3 timmar sedan

    ​@Terry C. It is possible but do they really needed 40 years to realize that all comes down to love. Still the first comes the digital come back than all follows.

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    3 timmar sedan

    Um. No. The reason they came back is their love for music, their fans, and each other.

  • Wojact Taki

    Wojact Taki

    5 timmar sedan

    No, I do not think so. The reason could have been the digital Abba.

  • Marlene Broodryk
    Marlene Broodryk10 timmar sedan

  • Saidilazli
    Saidilazli11 timmar sedan

    Lagu yg pasti akan jadi kenangan buat semua peminat Abba..Thanks Frida and Agnetha

  • Phillip Maguire
    Phillip Maguire11 timmar sedan

    Thank you Abba, for the beautiful music you have given us to enjoy. Just so amazing that you have re-grouped.

  • Eva Forisova
    Eva Forisova12 timmar sedan

    Dear ABBA, your music is on playlist in heaven.. Welcome back.

  • jose luis perez lopez
    jose luis perez lopez13 timmar sedan

    El Bello y Mágico estilo de ABBA ♥♥♥♥

  • elisabeth buson
    elisabeth buson13 timmar sedan

    Está música um sonho, eles são um sonho , não deveria acabar nunca.

  • Alessandra Feirreira
    Alessandra Feirreira14 timmar sedan


  • Eduardo Almeida
    Eduardo Almeida14 timmar sedan

    Foi a minha vida fez parte da minha história amo

  • apfelsnutz
    apfelsnutz14 timmar sedan


  • Tunci Baba
    Tunci Baba14 timmar sedan

    ABBA is like a rock today. Do this for the Beatles, Elvis, Dio, Rainbow and all Rocker singers too.

  • stephen gray
    stephen gray15 timmar sedan

    What wonderful music .. What a beautiful song .. a lovely video for a 1 o'clock can't sleep again Steve in England

  • Envy OfTheBlock
    Envy OfTheBlock15 timmar sedan

    I needed this song soo much, Abba 4evr!

  • Pete's Pans
    Pete's Pans16 timmar sedan

    straight to the heart

  • GreeneConsulting
    GreeneConsulting16 timmar sedan

    WOw and they are going to do this LIVE! ? It will be epic

  • ballhawk387
    ballhawk38716 timmar sedan

    Damn, just damn. This is too beautiful for words, brought tears to my eyes. Appreciation for coming back, Abba, the world is better for it.

  • 80s DJ
    80s DJ17 timmar sedan

    Still here : Still loving it! :)

  • tony svahn
    tony svahn17 timmar sedan

    And when the world needed them most, they returned! Cuando el mundo más los necesitaba, ¡regresaron! Когда мир нуждался в них больше всего, они вернулись! 在世界最需要他们的时候,他们回来了!

  • Plastikglas
    Plastikglas17 timmar sedan

    Björn, ich liebe Dich

  • Skyler Borg
    Skyler Borg18 timmar sedan

    Great song and video, well done ABBA!

  • Si Bi
    Si Bi18 timmar sedan

    Sie haben mich durch meine Kindheit und auch später noch begleitet. Fühle mich um Jahrzehnte zurück versetzt. Wir waren jung, wir waren schön, wir waren hungrig... It is so great, they are back.---

  • bernd ehlert
    bernd ehlert18 timmar sedan

    thank you for the music ♥

  • Knoedel Toni
    Knoedel Toni18 timmar sedan

    You are the inspiration of an entire generation............................... Thank you!......................

  • Knoedel Toni
    Knoedel Toni18 timmar sedan


  • pat kilpatrick
    pat kilpatrick19 timmar sedan

    Nice song shame about the poor video. Even myming to the song together would have been so much better , poor choice .

  • OH_I _Will

    OH_I _Will

    17 timmar sedan

    The video is just window dressing to the actual music. You want to see 70 yo singing to the music….wait for the Virtual Tour

  • Jerry Tang
    Jerry Tang19 timmar sedan

    I didn't think i'd cry!

  • Jerry Tang
    Jerry Tang19 timmar sedan

    Unbelievable! They're finally with us again!

  • TAK Ism.
    TAK Ism.19 timmar sedan

    Thank you for the Music You Guys, still moving, all the best.

  • Frank Frank

    Frank Frank

    15 timmar sedan

    @TAK Ism. Ok, thank you.

  • TAK Ism.

    TAK Ism.

    16 timmar sedan

    @Frank Frank guys don't mean only men, but all of them women and men.

  • Frank Frank

    Frank Frank

    18 timmar sedan

    And the girls

  • Gemma Equine
    Gemma Equine19 timmar sedan

    I do have one question as a performer myself! Yes it's always nice to look younger and relive some of the fame, but are you really being yourself? I'd prefer to see the RL ABBA rather than a group of 4 memories! ABBA are ABBA, nothing can change that. I'll still be at the shows but it's a memory I'll be watching instead of an ABBA come back... I say again "WE WANT ABBA" not a digital version!

  • OH_I _Will

    OH_I _Will

    17 timmar sedan

    You’ll get all the modern day footage during the Virtual Tour….keep your pants on

  • Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex Watchflex

    17 timmar sedan

    Totally disagree.Abba are not the Rolling Stones who have stayed together all these years.They have been away 40 years,not performed live since 1981 and they just don't want to spoil their legacy. Can you really imagine them bopping around in stage to Dancing Queen in their 70's? I totally respect their decision to use Abbatars. They have given us great new music and that is way more than we ever expected. I have tickets for next May and cannot wait.

  • Wojact Taki

    Wojact Taki

    18 timmar sedan

    I am sorry but it is too late. Besides all is said and done. But I do agree with you. I would love to see real people instead of their digital forms and shapes.

  • Диляра Тюмень
    Диляра Тюмень19 timmar sedan

    Абба- это лучшие годы моей жизни, моя молодость.

  • Brian GiantFan
    Brian GiantFan20 timmar sedan

    Y'all are back...this is comforting...welcome back

  • Watchflex Watchflex
    Watchflex Watchflex20 timmar sedan

    Anybody disappointed by Abba's official chart positions just bear this in mind Blondie,Genesis,Diana Ross,Rod Stewart,Texas and a few other very big artists have new singles out and none have made the charts....but their albums have. That is just the way it is unfortunately.The official singles chart means nothing and remember these 2 new songs were number 1 and 2 in the first few days on nearly every iTunes chart in Europe.You wait til Voyage is released.It will be HUGE.

  • chelseacharger


    4 timmar sedan

    @OH_I _Will When the Billboard Hot 100 contains 20+ songs from the same artist's (Drake) latest album, it kind of makes a mockery of the whole 'singles' ranking. Streaming and songs put on playlists dominate now rather than fans going out and specifically purchasing a particular record. Unfortunately, playing a CD (or vinyl) over and over again doesn't count as it does with streaming. Artists with an older fanbase who are more likely to purchase physical copies (or possibly download) are at a disadvantage, unless they change the way they have always listened to music. Some countries have tried to rectify the situation where streaming is not so dominant by only limiting the amount of songs from an album on to their singles chart. They are supposed to be 'singles' afterall. So these two ABBA songs did pretty well in the UK, top five in a number of countries and even #1 in a few. The physical sales and downloads were enough to get them high. Until the situation in the USA changes likewise, it'll be the same for 'older' acts. They do have much more chance on the album charts though as their fanbases are also more likely to not buy singles individually but wait for the album release.

  • OH_I _Will

    OH_I _Will

    17 timmar sedan

    Chart success depends on which one you speak of? Abba is not Billboard Top 40 quality…that’s more for the current up and coming Artists that appeal to the younger audience. How has the song done on the Adult Contemporary Charts???

  • keep smiling
    keep smiling20 timmar sedan

    So nice, simple, peaceful. Beautiful. Thank you.

  • solracer66
    solracer6620 timmar sedan

    Their dedication to the show is incredible, all 22 songs for the show, both old and new songs, will be newly recorded, they aren't just lip syncing to 40 year old recordings. Also each song was recorded 5 times, both audio and motion-capture ensuring at least 5 different shows or hundreds of different shows if they mix and match. So you can go more than once and get a different experience each time!

  • Jörg Kirchner
    Jörg Kirchner20 timmar sedan

    Das ist einfach Gänsehautfeeling Pur ! Absoluter Ohrwurm 😀 Hoffentlich kommt noch viel mehr von diesen Genies

  • Jacky Jalet
    Jacky Jalet21 timme sedan

    The best Pop Band of the World ‼️ i love Abba‼️✊😍

  • Skyler Borg
    Skyler Borg21 timme sedan

    Love it when ABBAtar Frida gives ABBAtar Benny some sugar with a quick hug...priceless.

  • Ngo Loc
    Ngo Loc22 timmar sedan

    To me, ABBA's music is like a friend that always gets me. I can always find a song I wanna listen to for every mood I have, and I always come out feeling good after I listen to them.

  • Татьяна Волкова
    Татьяна Волкова22 timmar sedan

    Полный восторг! Живите вечно и пойте вечно!

  • Cold Bws
    Cold Bws22 timmar sedan

    Ternyata masih ada... Th 80 aku miliki beberapa album casette pitamu. Amazing banget bisa dengar lagi karya indahmu ABBA ....always ❤💕 Special 4 u Wong AG ku...💕

  • Rebelblue
    Rebelblue22 timmar sedan


  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook23 timmar sedan


  • Jacob Cook

    Jacob Cook

    17 timmar sedan

    @Paul Costello okay boomer

  • Paul Costello

    Paul Costello

    19 timmar sedan

    go back to your britney spears album ...

  • stephan jaekel
    stephan jaekel23 timmar sedan

    Wer sonst könnte das letzte "Love" so intensiv, so warm, so universell gültig singen? Absolutely stunning and beautiful, Frida! And ABBA!

  • Mixed Cocktail
    Mixed Cocktail23 timmar sedan

    Is this a previously unreleased song?

  • Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex Watchflex

    23 timmar sedan

    No it is new.The new Voyage album was recorded between 2017 and 2021

  • Costel Irimescu
    Costel Irimescu23 timmar sedan

    The return of the real music!!! About the time! God bless Abba!!!

  • Watchflex Watchflex
    Watchflex WatchflexDag sedan

    Both songs have nudged back up a bit on iTunes today.If you are streaming,keep doing it guys as it is working.

  • Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex Watchflex

    17 timmar sedan

    @OH_I _Will Itunes

  • OH_I _Will

    OH_I _Will

    17 timmar sedan

    Which source do you use to monitor Stream Success?

  • Paula Oneill
    Paula OneillDag sedan

    This is simply majestic, I love it xxx perfect

  • Sue Joarder
    Sue JoarderDag sedan

    A masterpiece, thats all that needs saying really.....

  • Chantal Jakastam
    Chantal JakastamDag sedan

    Wychowałam się na Waszych przepięknych z serca płynacych, wzruszajacych i melodycznych piosenkach. Znam je prawie wszystkie. Moi kochani rodzice uwielbiali Was. Bardzo wielka szkoda, ze ani moj tata ani moja mama nie doczekała Waszego powrotu. Mama zmarła w kwietniu, tuż przed Waszym powrotem. Miała 70 lat. Była Waszą wielką fanką. Pewnie strasznie się cieszy tam w niebie i jestem pewna, że śpiewa i tańczy Wasze nowe piosenki, które znów są piękne! Dziękuję że jesteście! ❤

  • Roland Schattinger
    Roland SchattingerDag sedan

    Kann mir hier jemand erklären, wie über 70 Jahre alte Interpreten so eine Stimme haben? Die stellen sämtliche junge Sängerinnen aber schon abseits. Macht das heute nur mehr der Computer oder sind Frida und Agnetha wirklich so Naturtalente?. Die neuen Lieder sind wie eine Aufnahme aus dem Jahr 1983.

  • Jörg Bauer

    Jörg Bauer

    18 timmar sedan

    Sie haben eben voll austrainierte Stimmen. Und haben ja eigentlich nie aufgehört zu singen. Agnetha sagte für ihre LP hat sie wieder Gesangsunterricht genommen. Die überlassen nichts dem Zufall. Vollprofis.

  • Stephen72
    Stephen72Dag sedan

    Time travel!

  • Lego friends Emma
    Lego friends EmmaDag sedan

    That song is so good 💟💝🥰 love ❤️ it

  • Wojact Taki
    Wojact TakiDag sedan

    But for the voice of Frida I would not pay any attention to that composition/song. Great example of how big value was added to BB compositions by both ladies' voices.

  • Nuno Mateus
    Nuno MateusDag sedan

    The final 3D CGI singers of the clip are very well made.

  • PERONI Pagalo
    PERONI PagaloDag sedan

    tellement d'émotions, j'adore toujours autant...les années de ma vie pleine d'insouciance et de vie pour la musique peux tout réécouter en boucle 40 an après ....personne n'égalera çà ...

  • Mickee Freeman
    Mickee FreemanDag sedan


  • Mickee Freeman
    Mickee FreemanDag sedan

    Thankyou ABBA. Xx Xx . 💕💕.

  • Wanda James
    Wanda JamesDag sedan

    I wonder when this will stop making me cry.

  • able adelaide
    able adelaideDag sedan

    more more more. im 53, abba was the soundtrack of my growing up, I cant get enough

  • cat server
    cat serverDag sedan

    It sounds like they never went away. But why have they done this thing with the AI? Do they not realize the public loves them no matter how much time has past? Get a stylist and get out there, ladies and gentlemen. No one is expecting teenagers. Except maybe teenagers.

  • Preben Hansen
    Preben HansenDag sedan

  • Teresa Dąbrowska
    Teresa DąbrowskaDag sedan

    ABBA świetny zespół muzyczny wszędzie gorąco witamy przez fanów ,bo to zespół który swoimi piosenkami zdobył dużą popularność . Do dziś miło słucha się hity w ich wykonaniu . Super zespół ,super hity dzięki

  • Sergio Leibowich
    Sergio LeibowichDag sedan

    ABBA was always in the good times and was there too, to rescue me from the worst. Will keep doing it until the end.

  • lidia nota
    lidia notaDag sedan

    Frida sei fantastica bravissima come sempre.

  • Nerd Student
    Nerd StudentDag sedan

    This song still has ABBA atmosphere, even when you play it now, and telling it was recorded years ago at their heyday, I swear older fans would never know the difference

  • Sơn Hà Nguyễn
    Sơn Hà NguyễnDag sedan

    that is how your soul is healed

  • Jonathan Aguilera
    Jonathan AguileraDag sedan

    its one big commercial thats why you see all the tickets and concerts they play on the sentiment of the people who never saw them real life and who are so desperate to see them IN ANY WAY SPOLING THEIR LEGACY FOR SOME EXTRA CASH I RESIGN AS FAN

  • Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex Watchflex

    Dag sedan

    Don't sound like a fan to me. Enjoy your retirement.

  • Anna Maria
    Anna MariaDag sedan

    I love the music, I love ABBA, I love they returned, I love their concept with the avatars to create younger versions of them and I want to be kind with evaluating this but the voices arent so good (for my ears) as they were even if its still really good 💕💕💕

  • Kenny Leluma
    Kenny LelumaDag sedan

    I keep coming back for this song... It's already a classic......Thank you ABBA...

  • Jonathan Serres
    Jonathan SerresDag sedan

    Perfekt 👌👏

  • tainguyen
    tainguyenDag sedan

    i just want to say that i love you guys so so much ABBA

  • Sniper
    SniperDag sedan

    Я плакал.

  • George Flett
    George FlettDag sedan

    I had itunes for years, never preordered any album ever... til now. I still remember my mother listening to the other albums on vinyl when I a young pup.

  • home hm
    home hmDag sedan

    what is this winner looser ?

  • A A
    A ADag sedan

    We love you and want to see you the way you are. Age and looks don’t matter. We are all 40 years older. You look great no matter what age. At least make a video or two with the way you are today. Love doesn’t understand age or looks ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jadiaael João
    Jadiaael JoãoDag sedan

    Eu amo vocês. Músicas lindas. Um abraço ABBA


    Incredible !!! Despite being separated for a long time, but now with their return, we can consecrate the oldest and most beloved group in the world!!!! Fifty-two years of ABBA!!! Welcome Agnetha, Frida, Bjorn and Benny !!! Welcome ABBA!!!!



    20 timmar sedan

    @Terry C. One of the oldest groups!!! Is it better this way? Do you like ABBA?

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    Dag sedan

    They aren't the oldest. Bjorn, the oldest, is 76 this year. Mick Jagger is 78.

  • Monica Pucci
    Monica PucciDag sedan

    Ver y nice song

  • Tarej So
    Tarej SoDag sedan

    Thank you ABBA...A great young fan that loves everything connected to you. I also love Chess by BB and Piano album by Benny. I have visited your museum in Stockholm...been to Skopelos and Skiathos where Mamma mia was shot and can not wait to experience this joy of the year...