A Really Really Really In-Depth Tesla Model 3 Tour

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  • joe biden fa schifo
    joe biden fa schifo12 timmar sedan

    Elon Musk cashing in on the gullible and I would bet a million that their all Left voters, what they don't realise is these cars have no resale value,I mean who would buy a second hand, Tesla, knowing that it will cost upwards of $22000 to replace the battery pack, already we are seeing these batteries fail already, but the gullible will be told otherwise and just go along with it because they can't think past their noses.



  • natalia mckell
    natalia mckellDag sedan

    I got mine a week ago I love it ! Thank u for the video

  • PM MKN Legal
    PM MKN Legal2 dagar sedan

    Mafia: Damn it, you can open it from the inside!

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    tintuu2 dagar sedan

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  • Daniel Khong
    Daniel Khong5 dagar sedan

    I think this guy explained the car better than Tesla did ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 Tesla should be showing this video to their buyers and pay this man for copyright.

  • Ed Chair
    Ed Chair5 dagar sedan

    EV fires happen when EV wrecks and nobody survives

  • Sabrina Gee-Shin
    Sabrina Gee-Shin6 dagar sedan

    Bravo! Gene, you are so fun to watch and had me glued. It did have to take a ramen and bathroom break, but I watched it all! We just got a Tesla yesterday so this was super helpful! Thank you and great editing!

  • Tina Contreras
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  • David Riggs
    David Riggs8 dagar sedan

    Great video! I wish Drift Preset was an optional upgrade for the Long Range model.

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    Anders Ljungberg10 dagar sedan

    The car have a setting so you can select sport mode if I remember correctly . And don't forget updates

  • Anders Ljungberg
    Anders Ljungberg10 dagar sedan

    you can also buy intelligent features. if you did not already do so at the time of purchase, for example, the function that allows the car to change lanes itself or that can take you from one destination to another

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    ay376510 dagar sedan

    Motersicle video pls

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    jemoeder03011 dagar sedan

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    Plan to buy a Tesla in 20 years, this video is very informative. Thank you.

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    getting my tesla model 3 soon. helpful video.

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    Advice when recording try lookin into the lens more then the screen view so it feels like your interacting and talking to us directly

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    Saving this video for when I buy my Tesla, in around 5 years maybe 😂😅😭

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    Dude you are FREAKIN hilarious lol. Great information on the car as well. Thank you!

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    Certified Loser20 dagar sedan

    When I go to college I'm going to get a tesla for the trip there

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    Haha omg I watched this whole thing. Fantastic! Thank you for taking the time! I’m getting a Tesla soon and this was so much fun. Also you live in SFV! Lifetime valley girl here 😂

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    aaahfilm22 dagar sedan

    Great review, thanks for the effort, will save me hours when I finaly get a tesla

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    Larissa Moreno22 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the video! Would you be able to explain the difference between autopilot and full self driving?

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    ReturnOfJackDawson22 dagar sedan

    God damn what an awesome review and an awesome dude. I would take this guy out for beer and fishing 100%

  • Davey Face
    Davey Face22 dagar sedan

    If your electric windows have ever failed you then youll understand why this is not a great idea having everything digital with no mechanical backups

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk24 dagar sedan

    Is it worth 62k

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    L. McmanusMånad sedan

    Great video, long but fun to watch. For all its complexity, I am also surprised by its simplicity, at least in the non computer parts. A number of little things the are useful, but nothing over the top.

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    Gotta love an in depth video ! Ended up watching the whole thing ! We have just posted a video on Tesla. We had 3 of them in the workshop for various work. We have noticed the latest model 3 has no chrome which our customers will be happy about i'm sure. If anyone's interested in seeing what we did check out our latest video on our channel

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