A lot of new patents for the Cybertruck | Tesla will get BILLIONS in pure profit | MEGAcharger built

00:00 Intro
00:44 Intro Music
01:04 Tesla is dominating in the US & fossil fuel loses again
04:39 Tesla will get big help from the US tax credit
09:13 a Lot if going on at the gigafactories
12:05 The Cybertruck will be much better than we thought
14:33 Tesla is removing Radar and going with pure vision. NOW
16:04 SpaceX of course make records again, and Jeff is not happy
22:17 Thanks to Patrons and members
22:51 Let end with a bit of fun
23:32 THE END, thanks, and merchandise


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  • Rod Anderson
    Rod Anderson3 månader sedan

    GIGA "AUSTIN" -- not Giga Texas. Austin is the capital of Texas just like Berlin is the capital of Germany -- thus Giga Berlin.

  • TravelWithMe
    TravelWithMe3 månader sedan

    Has this info brought the stock to 600 or Has it not affected the stock as it’s dropped from 800

  • John Campbell
    John Campbell3 månader sedan

    you are amazing!!!

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S3 månader sedan


  • David Simonds
    David Simonds3 månader sedan

    Yes change that stupid law, TEXAS .... you know it makes sense

  • NickBall
    NickBall3 månader sedan

    Triceratops :) That was hilarious. Nice video Lars.

    ROGER WALDMAN3 månader sedan


  • airheart1
    airheart13 månader sedan

    People in the market for a $25k - $35k car are very likely NOT going to owe $10k in taxes at end of year.. so they will not see this full tax credit.. most will likely see less than $5k in savings. Next.. Tesla is NOT raising the prices on the cars to take advantage of these tax credits. So just stop this BS idea. They have explicitly said the supply markets are driving the price increases. The only way everyone gets that $10k tax incentive is if they change it to a point of sale rebate. Which seems unlikely at this point. The reason they are making it a tax credit is because they KNOW the tax burden will be less that way, but still be an incentive on some level to all buyers but vary based on that buyers real tax liabilities

  • marcus Killian
    marcus Killian3 månader sedan

    Episode 69. Nice.

  • mauro volpe
    mauro volpe3 månader sedan

    Mr Musk is unrivaled, he has a lightning-fast mind like his products and the competition knows it too it would be nice if he designed a car with a panoramic floor as the roof unique and futuristic project the fox

  • Jim Dandy
    Jim Dandy3 månader sedan

    The Koreans are coming with cars that are more advanced in self drive tech, they look better and have an interior that is more like a car....using a screen to open the glove box and using a card or phone to unlock are examples of things the masses will reject when they have an alternative. The Ionic 6 is coming out in 2022 and it makes the Tesla interior and exterior look ridiculous. The towing numbers for the truck are a gimmick since trailers and campers that carry very heavy weights require hitches in the bed so the Tesla could tow a million lbs. but if it can’t hook up the trailer it means nothing. Basically, the battery and zero to sixty will mean nothing to the masses when they get the option to buy a car that looks and functions like a car WITH buttons.

  • gaetan guimond
    gaetan guimond3 månader sedan

    Whata people don't seem to know about car glass ( front wind shield ) is that it gets all chiped in cold climat contry aka , Canada. So we do get tones of small and bigger rocks thrown at you when you follow vehicule. What happen is either it get clacked and you need to replace it, or overtime, it become so micro chipped, that it greatly reduce the visibility when you drive facing sunlight or other cars glare. Now imagine, insurance reduction for crack winshield, no paint : no chip, stanless steal carcass ( tesla alloyed) , no rust, no dent. Aluminium is very soft , ask anyone who owns a apple products. There is no more durable car then this.

  • William Arrington
    William Arrington3 månader sedan

    The issue is.. your saying 74% of all ev's sold.. its % of all cars sold that matter. If only EV's were sold then 74% would be crushing.. which would cause the government to force the company into court as a monopoly. The car sales total is what matters. WOuld you throw away 1 million-plus customers for the new shiny thing.. no. The interesting thing is what will happen when we go into this world recession. If tesla can survive that.. it will make it. It is a luxury car company after all.

  • William Arrington

    William Arrington

    3 månader sedan

    Dont think I am not a fan of Ev's also.. I have a lighting on order. If the cybertruck didnt look the way it did.. I would have a tri motor on order. The fact that its the ugliest car Ive ever seen... i didnt even consider it. Ford also did a bad job explaining its true mileage. The 300 miles is worst case... dead of winter in a cold state with 1000 pounds in the bed. Its real range is about 460 miles. Iam not sure why people keep saying the glass is bulletproof. The current thickness is about .5 inch to stop a 9mm Thats pretty thick.

  • Nuff Said
    Nuff Said3 månader sedan

    What about carbon credits?

  • Terry Dawn
    Terry Dawn3 månader sedan

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  • Ross Moore
    Ross Moore3 månader sedan

    Where the heck is the Tesla Mini car with the single piece cast chassis? Hub motors? Stainless exoskeleton body? Hunan Wuling practical ordinary performance people’s car? Not a yuppie rich arrogant high performance doink vehicle!

  • Augustine Pascal
    Augustine Pascal3 månader sedan

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    In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

  • Sɪɴᴠɪᴄᴛᴀ


    3 månader sedan

    @Flip coin investment I think consistency is the key when you trade with Mr Charles signals. I always enjoy his one on one approach and the way he goes extra miles to help you achieve profit

  • Flip coin investment

    Flip coin investment

    3 månader sedan

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  • Sɪɴᴠɪᴄᴛᴀ


    3 månader sedan

    @ɴᴇᴡ ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ Say no more, I had doubts In Mr Charles , but i still apologize for that till today for how he has elevated me.

  • ɴᴇᴡ ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ

    ɴᴇᴡ ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ

    3 månader sedan

    @Elias Olsen Thanks , placing my trade with expert Mr Charles ASAP

  • Peter Phrakaysone
    Peter Phrakaysone3 månader sedan

    Tesla is perfect. .

  • Peter Phrakaysone
    Peter Phrakaysone3 månader sedan

    I like your presentation.Australia.

  • Rodolphe Drolet
    Rodolphe Drolet3 månader sedan

    How many updates a year that is mandatory, you know void warranty

  • Rodolphe Drolet
    Rodolphe Drolet3 månader sedan

    Can u keep the factory settings as is sold as cars have been for a hundred years ,you know the thing get what you pay for or is it only upgraded cars can use the chargers even know the car is the same as sold ???

  • Retirement Millions
    Retirement Millions3 månader sedan

    great video love it. Thank you ad

  • Coyote Truck
    Coyote Truck3 månader sedan

    Omg I hope they still this tax credit when I get my cyber truck

  • Ivo Jara
    Ivo Jara3 månader sedan

    Well, Shell could just Shut down all operations, and see what the world does.

  • Toby W
    Toby W3 månader sedan

    A recent Tesla towing analysis shows that the main power consumption is wind resistance which is proportional to the product of the frontal area times the drag coefficient. American trucks have major drag, especially with the tailgate up and no cap.

    PROTESLAPOWER3 månader sedan

    First of all I would like to be one of the many to thank Elon Musk for his leadership, determination and all of his efforts of helping humanity clean up our environment with sustainable energy programs. Also with his commitment of SpaceX to allow the exploration of space for future colonization. Our world is a fragile place that currently holds all of humanities eggs in one basket. By spreading our wings and being able to leave our nest we will ensure that human consciousness will live on outside of our planet. I was asked by A very wise man in the early 2000s if I had millions of dollars to help humanity, what would the most important innovations be in business for all of humanity? I knew that the petroleum industries were polluting our air water and food to the point that people were getting sick and dying of diseases, from those major fossil fuel pollutants. As we talked further and further about electric vehicles, transportation, solar power and other sustainable energies. He said, "I think you're right and it should be done!" He as well had been pondering that question. Trying to be thorough though, he asked if anything else should be focused on for all of humanity? I said, "Yes and in case of a global disaster whether it be climatic, an asteroid strike or another WORLD WAR, I suggest that space exploration and colonization also be considered to prevent the collapse of human consciousness as we know it!" Thinking back all of those years almost seems like a deja vu to where we are today. Again I can't think of anyone else but Elon that would put all of their FORTUNE on the line for the best of humanity. With his consistant focus and extremely innovative leadership, he is leading the world out of darkness and into the light of the rest of our universe. So much yet to learn and do but thanks to the lead of people like Elon we can be stepping in the right direction. We all have more in us to offer the rest of the world. So let's do it! This is the time and we are the people that will change the world! For those of you who like these ideas or have some of your own to offer, please let me know. I appreciate all of you and your comments. Let's shoot for the Moon and Mars then we will end up amongst the Stars! propower101@hotmail.com

  • Sebastian Kumlin
    Sebastian Kumlin3 månader sedan

    Tax credits doesn't mean you get money from the tax authority

  • Isaac Balint
    Isaac Balint3 månader sedan

    Nice episode 😉

  • Betty Swallocks
    Betty Swallocks3 månader sedan

    9:56 Who knew Vin Diesel could shear sheep?

  • Ying N Yang

    Ying N Yang

    3 månader sedan


  • HH - Enjoy the tech analysis
    HH - Enjoy the tech analysis3 månader sedan

    Lucid air beats Tesla range

  • Mitnal Hunahau
    Mitnal Hunahau3 månader sedan

    Hey, fun to watch as always :) But where did you get that "bulletproof glass" info from ? All i could find is 2 joule resistance mentioned in the patents... 9mm bullets can reach forces of hundreds of joules ... so absolutely NOT bulletproof by any means !

  • Francois Charbonneau

    Francois Charbonneau

    3 månader sedan

    It was never bullet proof glass but armoured glass.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd3 månader sedan

    Good reason why they went with a thousand pounds cargo so that truck buyers wouldn't suddenly see that range be less than the EPA because that range is the optimal settings and maximum efficiency whereas people who drive trucks probably have a bit of a lead foot and don't know anything about the temperature problems with batteries. Better to underestimate and over deliver then to say it can do something and then have everyone complain.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd3 månader sedan

    20,000 POUNDS TOWING? That means this would compete with the F350 rather than F-150. At least with towing capacity.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd3 månader sedan

    If that new tax incentive does go through Tesla will probably actually raise prices because they already are production limited and that would just mean more people ordering their cars that can't get them within 6 months. I believe that's actually why they've raised the price every 2 to 4 weeks by $500 and the Model 3 is actually at $40,000 now. This tax incentive would be a whole lot less for Tesla and a lot more for their competition trying to catch up, and to a degree, Tesla rasing their prices (maybe by half to meet in the middle) would still allow more demand, but also more revenue that can be reinvested in building more factories faster to be able to lower prices from more production aka less production limited. Maybe with a $30,000 (after incentives) Tesla will start the "Model 2" at the legendary $35,000 price point and lower it over the 3 year phaseout period. Personally I don't care. I'm going to be buying this "Model 2" regardless of whatever happens, or the competition (That supercharger network is unbeatable)

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd3 månader sedan

    Leaf blower? WHAT? I know Elon has said a few times that he wants to make an HVAC system to make it so that you have a more efficient heating and cooling, because it's the most energy intense thing in the house, so the best way to lower the price of solar is to lower the demand for how much electricity you need... But where did the idea of LEAF BLOWER come from?

  • M Doc
    M Doc3 månader sedan

    The consumer should get the VAST majority of the government tax break NOT the car companies...all of them not just Tesla. Tesla will make their $ with increased sales not raising their prices to get as much of the tax credit as possible. This will tick off the government and lots of Tesla haters. I am a huge Elon/Tesla fan but I hope they don't keep raising their prices especially with the price of the most expensive part of an EV coming down...the battery. It will NOT LOOK GOOD! The tax credit is for the people!!!

  • Reclining Buddha

    Reclining Buddha

    3 månader sedan

    Tesla is production constrained. They cannot make enough vehicles to meet the demand, so they cannot increase their sales. Increasing their prices will increase their sales revenue, which means more cash to build more factories. Only that can increase production.

  • Bubba Fatas
    Bubba Fatas3 månader sedan

    Everything about Musk is hype! He had the audacity to call a man who risked his life in a rescue of Boy Scouts trapped in an underwater cave a peodophile! I hope he losses billions in that lawsuit!

  • Reclining Buddha

    Reclining Buddha

    3 månader sedan

    Elon won the lawsuit. British diver Vernon Unsworth had sought $190 million in damages. In an interview with CNN, Unsworth had said that Elon Musk should stick his submarine where it hurts, and that it was just a PR stunt. www.wired.com/story/elon-musk-wins-defamation-suit-british-diver/ I reckon Unsworth got what he deserved; a rude retort to an insulting comment.

  • Bubba Fatas
    Bubba Fatas3 månader sedan

    Elon Musk’s 'Loop' Is Nothing More Than a Slow, Dumb Subway

  • Bubba Fatas
    Bubba Fatas3 månader sedan

    What a ridiculous headline!

  • Bubba Fatas
    Bubba Fatas3 månader sedan

    Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Loop might only carry a fraction of the passengers it promised

  • Reclining Buddha

    Reclining Buddha

    3 månader sedan

    The Las Vegas Loop is barely more than a proof of concept. It is just the beginning of much longer and more comprehensive networks. Travelling by the London Tube is fine at off-peak times, but quite unpleasant at peak times. No doubt the subways in the US are more dangerous and equally unpleasant to ride on. Who wouldn't prefer to ride in comfort if they can afford it?

  • Ben Ferguson
    Ben Ferguson3 månader sedan

    Jeff who???

  • Karate Fight Fitness Drills
    Karate Fight Fitness Drills3 månader sedan

    Jeff Bezos is just a spoiled rich boy that didn't get his way. Complaining like that when Jeff has multi billions to spare is just ridiculous. 😁😆😅🤣🤣

  • ArizonaPoet
    ArizonaPoet3 månader sedan

    A sick government would give EV tax credits to rich people.

  • ArizonaPoet


    3 månader sedan

    @Reclining Buddha ... RC, you don't seem to understand when you get snookered. Since when is it the Federal Mis-Government's role to micro manage society? What is it in the constitution that allows the Feds to police us on any subject? 1. The federals need to get their revenue from the state governments based on a. need, and b. GDP. They are not doing their assigned roles..... protecting the borders and arbitrating disputes between states, end of story. As it is it's a piggy bank for participants, and that needs to stop. I drove, in July of 1989, from W. Germany to E. Germany via rental car. If you'd have seen that you'd understand my position.

  • Reclining Buddha

    Reclining Buddha

    3 månader sedan

    @ArizonaPoet I don't see what is wrong with taxing cigarettes and alcohol, to reduce consumption and improve the health of the population. Likewise, encourage the transition to EVs and solar power reduces toxic emissions, which is also good for people's health. The government should encourage good things like education, health car, and road safety, while discourage things that harm society like drugs, weapons, and gambling.

  • ArizonaPoet


    3 månader sedan

    @Reclining Buddha .... demand's not an issue for ev's, supply is. Wasting government funds to control people isn't a responsible act on the dictatorship's part.

  • Reclining Buddha

    Reclining Buddha

    3 månader sedan

    Not so rich people can also get them. If anyone can afford a typical four-door gas-powered sedan, they cannot afford a typical four-door EV sedan like the Model 3 unless they have a good credit rating. With the tax credit, they will be able to afford one. Currently it is $39,000 or $34,000 after credit. With the new tax breaks it should be $29,000. When you take into account savings on lower depreciation, lower fuel and maintenance costs, it will easily be better value than a $20,000 gas powered sedan.

  • GenX Autrucity
    GenX Autrucity3 månader sedan

    The Ford F-150 electric is pretty awesome also.

  • Franckiewicz08
    Franckiewicz083 månader sedan

    The slaps are perfect 🔥👌

  • Desertviews
    Desertviews3 månader sedan

    Sounds like Tesla will soak up all the tax incentive money with their own cars. By the time GM and Ford get ramped up Tesla will have already pushed the EV market past 50%.

  • Cleanitup_pls
    Cleanitup_pls3 månader sedan

    The camera inside is not facial recognition per the patent; it is detecting location of the eyes and therefore able to adjust the angles of the mirrors. Same person sitting up or sloluching or lowering the seat would cause the mirrors to shift angles.

  • Learn Progress
    Learn Progress4 månader sedan

    Yes , the Australia painters , 😳😉

  • Bish Bash Bosh
    Bish Bash Bosh4 månader sedan

    4:20 interestimg table. Leafblower? Not heard of that. Seats isn't a start up... Unless you include every car part. How is infotainment different to the app store to deserve it's own entry?

  • izuki moti
    izuki moti4 månader sedan

    The materialistic year singly man because selection uniformly analyse versus a sturdy stool. lucky, whispering computer

  • Mark Hormann
    Mark Hormann4 månader sedan

    Hey Lars... I only just saw this video - excellent as always & I'm loving the longer format of recent times... plus big thanks for the shout-out re 'building artist' suggestion for Berlin, I was chuffed to see / hear - thank you. :-)

  • Mark Hormann

    Mark Hormann

    4 månader sedan

    For those interested, this is one of the links I sent Lars re Berlin artwork suggestion ==> seblacks.info/cold/video/l6CHvaudrWh1jn4.html

  • izuki moti
    izuki moti4 månader sedan

    The opposite arch operationally object because hair proximately coil outside a lethal mine. abnormal, faint fair swamp

    BREWDOG854 månader sedan

    If it looks the way it does no way that body style is 🥸 lol they need a better design team for looks the tec is top ter but the looks no thanks!

  • Colin WP
    Colin WP4 månader sedan

    T shirt idea "Made on Earth by Humans" ?

  • BestInTESLA


    3 månader sedan

    Great idea 😉👍

  • BlueToad
    BlueToad4 månader sedan

    "Jeff who?"

  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan Kuljis4 månader sedan

    _Here in Australia, the Emu can 'run the pants off a Kangaroo!_ But THIS is ridiculous!

  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan Kuljis4 månader sedan


  • 09tunafish 1285
    09tunafish 12854 månader sedan

    69 lol

  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan Kuljis4 månader sedan

    _G'Day Lars, this is one of my most favourite videos you've worked on!_ Thanks Mate!

  • ricardo alves
    ricardo alves4 månader sedan

    Tesla only dominant in the U.S.. Not as dominant in China and Europe

  • peter quidam
    peter quidam4 månader sedan

    Just for info, Driver facial recognition is installed on Subaru's since 2020 with memory for driver specific adjustments, first announcement appeared in late 2019! Yes I know, they intended to build the world's safest cars! However they have been overtaken by Tesla 😉. (A Subaru lover and driver)

  • stoner27th
    stoner27th4 månader sedan

    Episode 69.... finally! alert ELON!

  • The Why Guy
    The Why Guy4 månader sedan

    You're missing a very important point about the tax credits. It won't help most people because some of us don't make enough money in the first place to take advantage of a tax credit. So to say a 38K model 3 will only cost 28K is NOT TRUE.

  • The Why Guy

    The Why Guy

    3 månader sedan

    @Kenneth Reister I can only hope you're right, because it's the only way we could afford an EV with descent range. Our "compliance" car of 75 miles Summer and 60 miles Winter doesn't cut it, but we love it just the same.

  • Kenneth Reister

    Kenneth Reister

    4 månader sedan

    the new bill, not yet altered is said to work like a real tax credit regardless of income. Kind-of like the affordable care act. Can't remember if that came from Rob Mower (sp?) or Mark Steven Ryan. The statement was that if you didn't make enough money for the tax credit a payment/refund/rebate would be sent. I haven't read it so I don't know for sure - and, of course it can change.

  • Gym Fit Series Fitness Music Channel
    Gym Fit Series Fitness Music Channel4 månader sedan

    China, if they come with the right EV's to the north American markets they will out sell U.S. legacy auto makers. People have no idea how the Chinese Auto Market has really changed for the better. Over 21 EV makers in China, while G.M throws a dirty diesel into Large SUV. PLEASE get your act together. We saved you once and you failed to produce a quailty head turning EV product to date. Ford is moving forward, so catch up Chrysler GM. Think common EV for all, not just luxury toys for the rich. You need engineer's not used car salesman in your boardrooms.

  • ron black
    ron black4 månader sedan

    Lars they include plug in hybrids as ev's. as long as they have a 5 kw battery . so they can hit the 50% sooner than most people think.

  • Surfer Dude
    Surfer Dude4 månader sedan

    Unions! I'm sick of hearing about unions! Wake up idiots! Tesla has something much better than unions. Stock options and real input into improving the manufacturing process. Maybe if other auto makers adopted that model, they wouldn't be going bankrupt. Engage a brain cell or two and think about it.

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick4 månader sedan

    The Ford EV 4-door mustang, haha, is made in Mexico

  • Harry Herber
    Harry Herber4 månader sedan

    For me, it is really boring driving thru a tunnel. Why is this guy so excited?

  • Harry Herber
    Harry Herber4 månader sedan

    Texas will get the car dealer law revised. Don't worry. Something is not right at Ford. The reason for 1000 lbs payload includes 5 passengers at about 200 lbs each.

  • Brandon Koolhaas
    Brandon Koolhaas4 månader sedan

    Event is on the 10th now not the 3rd

  • richbl1
    richbl14 månader sedan

    Just to let you know of the range of a 2017 model s road trip. Starting point Savannah GA. to Seattle Washington down to San Bernardino CA. to Boca Chica TX. then to Branson MO. back to Savannah GA. Fun!

  • richbl1
    richbl14 månader sedan

    Tulsa should have been chosen then. Not star link but a spare tire.

  • Charles Rum
    Charles Rum4 månader sedan

    Hehe 69

  • Old Man
    Old Man4 månader sedan

    Damn Texas! Wake the hell up!

  • Guy Michaud
    Guy Michaud4 månader sedan

    You pump me up, and I like it. Makes me want to live longer ...

  • Rick Hammond
    Rick Hammond4 månader sedan

    CRGE files for application for uplisting on the Nasdaq

  • JPR
    JPR4 månader sedan

    Jeff who? The Egotistical billionaire who has got the worlds most expensive super yacht to sooth his bruised ego from being owned by SpaceX!

  • #buzzofftoxic Blog
    #buzzofftoxic Blog4 månader sedan

    Cool show 👋👋👋👍🌏👌😎

  • Mark Waddell
    Mark Waddell4 månader sedan

    Investing rightly today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future

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    Erwin is an exceptional B'roker and Lucrative at this time

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    Had my first $10k with just $2,000 investment in a week

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  • Smith Lawrence

    Smith Lawrence

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    @Karsten B McMichael Via Whats----Apk ⏬

  • Karsten B McMichael

    Karsten B McMichael

    4 månader sedan

    I'm new to trading and would like to reach out to Donald Erwin How and where can I do this please 🙏

  • Kenneth Reister
    Kenneth Reister4 månader sedan

    Thanks for the jab at Texas! There is so much wrong socially and politically in Texas that I just don't want to go there. Wish the factory could have been built in a more progressive state. I do wish success for the workers and the business though. I want one of those cars, maybe a truck too.

  • Kenneth Reister

    Kenneth Reister

    4 månader sedan

    @feyaia vanpri cuz the local municipality was willing to give up soooo much in taxes.

  • feyaia vanpri

    feyaia vanpri

    4 månader sedan

    Gee, so I wonder why Elon chose Texas instead of your liberal paradise? Hummm....

  • Joel Rampersad
    Joel Rampersad4 månader sedan

    Time to add a Nikolash. For the fake EVs.

  • Guy Hazelzet
    Guy Hazelzet4 månader sedan

    Thanks Lars. You are the Best in Tesla info.. FYI on the tax credit for EV’s in the USA. As it stands now only EV’s Made in the USA Qualify for the rebate, so the Mach E Mustang EV from Ford does not qualify as it is Made in Mexico. Oops Ford! Also 50% or more of and EV made in the USA has to have parts made in the USA. That may be another problem for other EV companies. Unless China decides to build EV’s in the USA with Parts made here there will not be any competition from them anytime soon. So where is the competition going come from.......?

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    The story about securing chip supply and possible interest in buying a semiconductor foundry probably deserves more time than being shuffled into the Tesla shorts. And, oops, the June 3rd Tesla Plaid delivery event was delayed until June 10th, announced Saturday, 5/29 (Friday, 5/28, California time).

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