87 reasons the Tesla Cybertruck will outsell the Ford F150

87 reasons the Tesla Cybertruck will outsell the Ford F150.

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  • Brandon Fouts
    Brandon Fouts23 timmar sedan

    F-150: Ford MIGHT keep/improve F-150 AS a WORK pickup. And then again they might not. And Tesla MIGHT make a work pick which the CyberTruck is not.(well, will work for some - CT big overlap of SUV/jeep/pickup) Would a simple ROOF RACK turn CT into WORK truck?? perhaps.

  • Johnny La Fata
    Johnny La Fata4 dagar sedan

    I have 4 on order after watching this I will order another 8

  • Jim Stoltz
    Jim Stoltz5 dagar sedan

    Very nice, well done sir. I can only think of one missed item that I’ve heard about, one pedal driving. Regenerative braking in a full on electric vehicle brakes itself when you let up on the accelerator, saves on brake pad replacements and saves you a little effort so you can keep tapping your toes to your favorite music. 😵‍💫 Cannot wait for my number to come up. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen7 dagar sedan

    "Dude, where's my truck?"

  • Frank Velik
    Frank Velik9 dagar sedan

    The cybertruc will have a tech inside that surpass anyone else. I want my warhug... Now.

  • ꧁Nunyabidness꧂
    ꧁Nunyabidness꧂Månad sedan

    I agree with all of these reasons. 50k for a truck with alien technology, it's a no-brainer

  • BringRayn
    BringRaynMånad sedan

    I cannot wait to get my Cybetrucks s s

  • Wayne Skutt
    Wayne SkuttMånad sedan

    Lol. It's a Cyber Eyesore. Selling a million pickup trucks in the USA is just small piece of the market. If you don't sell a million you are a b-lister....Ford F series in a really bad year alone is about 800k in sales. As an E truck entry the Cyber truck shares similar characteristics as the Rivian, GMC Hummer, Ford Lightning and the rest soon to be released.

  • FitForActing Reynaldo B
    FitForActing Reynaldo BMånad sedan

    Viking we need an update to this video!!! 😳

  • C c
    C cMånad sedan

    Didn’t like it at first but now it’s my favorite truck ever. I love the vault genius.

  • Brian Reid
    Brian ReidMånad sedan

    As well as gold nuggets, wouldn't that secure underCybertruck space be great for storing your TESLA stock certificates?

  • John Garfield
    John GarfieldMånad sedan

    Ordered a Tesla Y long range coming in September. Ordered a Tesla Tri motor Cybertruck also. I heard a rumor it will actually have over 600 mile range 👍🤞🏻

  • Tyrone Cotman
    Tyrone CotmanMånad sedan

    Thanks Bro ! I just pre-ordered after watching the video ! The Tri-motor is what I want . Great presentation , I think this is the best truck of our lifetime!

  • Shane
    ShaneMånad sedan

    Hi Viking, please do a real show on the Rivian R1T. Don't just say it is a no brainer. I used to enjoy your channel but lately your channel has become nothing more than a pro Tesla channel. Lots of other good technology out there.

  • Charles Rovira
    Charles RoviraMånad sedan

    *Jack Rickard* [on seblacks.info/cold/video/bKGcs2l1aKeJqG0.html ] makes the point that you'll be _seeing this truck on _*_every_*_ movie and TV screen _*_for decades_*_ from its release date._ Basically, trucks with _curves,_ which are a holdover from the then extant production processes of stamping rather than *folding* metal are so 20th century. (Thank you *Bollinger* for being _the second,_ stylistically, to introduce the *HUMV's* concept of a utility vehicle, which itself was based on the *WW II jeep.* It's too bad you never got the chance to capitalize on it first like *Tesla* did.) Trucks are going to *look* like folded paper and *work* like dynamic sculptures because *_it's cheaper to make them that way._* If you *don't* currently drive a truck, then you don't *want* a truck and don't have any opinion to render. The *car* market is *_not_* the *pickup* market. If you *do* currently drive a truck, do you *own* the truck or is it the property of some faceless corporation and its accountants? The *car* market is *_not_* the *pickup* market. If you *do* own the truck, then it's *your* choice, and either you like it or you hate it. It's *your* money and I will STFU and respect your buying decision. The *car* market is *_not_* the *pickup* market. *_BUT_* *Given the price,* I can foresee a lot of corporate accountants doing their due diligence, clicking their pens and ordering ten or a hundred of these *almost ugly* but *extremely functional* beasts. It will be a decision driven purely by economics and screw the air pollution benefits. Aesthetics don't matter worth a damn to an accountant either. The total lack of ornamentation is *not* a distraction. This is being sold to the *Bollinger†* crowd, but _for a _*_lot_*_ less._ (Frankly, if I could justify it to my wife, I'd pre-order one now.) The inclusion of 120v 240 v and an air compressor (running off of the adjustable suspension compressor,) guarantees interest from lots of industries who do home repairs and or deliveries. The ramp fit into the rear gate guarantees even more interest. (An electric hoist anchored to the front of flatbed means no more having to depend on the sites having forklifts to un/load the flatbed to/from the ground. [Those hoists can be aftermarket extras since they are so variable.])

  • eudaenomic
    eudaenomicMånad sedan

    Paint? I heard Laser etching was available after market

  • John Clark
    John ClarkMånad sedan

    Hopefully this takes longer than planned. I want about 5 more years of massive oil and gas consumption then my retirement investments will be where I want them.

  • Ken Seehart
    Ken SeehartMånad sedan

    Of course you do realize most of these reasons are irrelevant. Both Ford and Tesla will sell all that they can make. Tesla will make more of them, and that's what matters.

  • Benjamin Tucker
    Benjamin TuckerMånad sedan

    May have a problem if Tundra and Tacoma releases plug in hybrid

  • YouTube User27
    YouTube User27Månad sedan

    87? Learn how to count man. Repeats and a lot of them applies to any EV.

  • Arlie Riefer
    Arlie RieferMånad sedan

    Tesla can’t deliver what they have on order now. How is a Cyber Truck they can’t deliver a good deal!

  • Red Edwards
    Red EdwardsMånad sedan

    Fords answer to TESLA Cyber TRUCK carbuzz.com/news/meet-fords-answer-to-the-cybertruck

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavinMånad sedan

    88. It’s silent. Great for outdoors and military applications. 89. No emissions testing. 90. Probable tax incentives. 91. Tesla auto insurance. 92. HOV benefits. 93. Starlink connectivity (why not?). 94. 4 wheel steering. 95. Spaceballs humor 96. Giga Texas (more tax savings) The Peterson museum had CYBRTRK on display. It looks crazy delicious in person.

  • anywhere roam
    anywhere roamMånad sedan

    I didn’t want a cybertruck and thought it was ugly. After watching this video I’m about to preorder one without knowing the full cost or if it’s even going to be available - and I think it’s sexy. You’re a bad influence!

  • Buck Stickly
    Buck SticklyMånad sedan

    I've placed my order. I'll put my faith in a man that can build electric cars globally and launch spaceships at the same time.

  • Ivan Kuljis
    Ivan KuljisMånad sedan

    _Guess What Electric Viking?_ _l am a Day one order, and my CT3 WILL have 16 " of ground clearances will 8" on Highway or track_ Done!

  • Bert
    BertMånad sedan

    Tesla is an ugly truck including there cars😝😝😝 Plus it don't even look like a common pickup truck😝😝😝 And stainless steel looks terrible when you beat it up😬😬😬 Of course I think most vehicles are ugly nowadays 😝😝😝 Yeah go ahead and drive a electric car or truck through water⚡⚡⚡ If your unlucky, you could have a water leak and could possibility get zap⚡⚡⚡

    TWIN FORDMånad sedan

    How many showcased prototypes, really make it out the last production line door and on to the public? Zero. I predict a giant lawsuit over refunds of preorder deposits.

    TWIN FORDMånad sedan

    Less emissions from vehicles equates to more emissions from your primary energy suppliers. It's all a scam, unless there is a miracle in the primary energy supply industry.

  • Sailesh Shankar
    Sailesh ShankarMånad sedan

    Im going to sleep im my 2 3 days a week chevy spark ev not cutting it.

    TWIN FORDMånad sedan

    Cost of ownership is: price,servicing, repair,insurance, and nonwarrantied replacement parts. You mean 50% less than all this. RIGHT BUDDY!!!!

  • Noe F
    Noe FMånad sedan

    Edible clothing exists, but no need to worry. The Cyber truck will be impactful.

  • Ron Steitz
    Ron SteitzMånad sedan

    Tesla has orders for a non-existent cyber truck. What a scam to spread for a totally ugly vehicle.😬. Your gonna eat your shirt😬

  • GET2222
    GET2222Månad sedan

    How in the HELL did you not mention REAR WHEEL STEERING?! Wtf?

  • Glenn
    GlennMånad sedan

    Something that doesn't exists yet is usually perfect

  • Frank Velik

    Frank Velik

    9 dagar sedan

    The have driven on the street just a private model.

  • Danny Schacht
    Danny SchachtMånad sedan

    CT will arrive to the market in 2025...no earlier...enjoy the wait

  • Danny Schacht
    Danny SchachtMånad sedan

    How many CT are built NOW...2 maybe??

  • Danny Schacht
    Danny SchachtMånad sedan

    There are NO videos of the CT in any "proving grounds" situations.

  • Albert Landry
    Albert LandryMånad sedan

    he's so sure he'll rip his shirt off???? how lame is that. tall order but could be right.

  • Andrew Short
    Andrew ShortMånad sedan

    Pile of crap looks like something out of a 80s Sifi movie this guy is dreaming if he thinks this fridge on wheels is the be all end all 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff SmithMånad sedan

    I pre-ordered recently and the number I was given was at 2.5 million

    HUHBATMånad sedan

    It is an awesome truck! For sure. You point out a lot of great features and even some not really thought of. Repeating the same points a few times and going all the way to 87,,,,,Top 50 would have sufficed I'm sure. lol Appreciate the point of view from an Aussie, y'all are some real good down to earth people. Absolutely loved visiting Sydney. You have an awesome day. From Corpus Christi, TX. Y'all come on up sometime,,,we got a great beach to drive the Cybertruck on! Peace!

  • Cooper Carr
    Cooper CarrMånad sedan

    I just find the cybertruck far too flashy and the bed in my opinion with it being angled makes very annoying for cargo capacity.

  • Frank Velik

    Frank Velik

    9 dagar sedan

    No body is perfect. Don sweat it just get an inferior tech, if it makes You all Petro dollar lovers feel better, 😆🤣😂🤣😆

  • Todd Prater

    Todd Prater

    Månad sedan

    It’s ugly as all hell,yuk..title should be 1.2 million idiots are signed up to buy this behemoth.🤮

  • SL twentyeight
    SL twentyeightMånad sedan

    yep, never been this excited about buying a vehicle. excited to see you eat your shorts!

  • SL twentyeight

    SL twentyeight

    Månad sedan

    @Andrew Saint I'm talking about shorts part. ground clearance.

  • Andrew Saint

    Andrew Saint

    Månad sedan

    Shirt. 😉

  • Kalasmourn Rex
    Kalasmourn RexMånad sedan

    I think demand will outstrip f-150, but I think f-150 will still outsell cybertruck due to supply issues. If you mean just the Lightning EV F150 though, definitely

  • Leto Idaho
    Leto IdahoMånad sedan

    Have you had any lively arguments with fellow Aussie John Cadogen?

  • ynot watch this
    ynot watch thisMånad sedan

    I'm a Tesla fan boy but 2024 seems to soon. The supply chains aren't established yet.

  • Desmond Crosland
    Desmond CroslandMånad sedan

    Hey Auzi. Mention GB and Japan but forget your kiwi cozies who are also hanging out for for RHdrive models. Is that cause we keep kicking your arse in cricket

  • 2011Matz
    2011MatzMånad sedan

    Only if you like sharp corners on things. It is not an aesthetic that appeals to me.

  • mark marcinik
    mark marcinikMånad sedan

    At $100 a pop ,they can pay for mega casting machines that other companies would never invest in.

  • Miguel Mercado
    Miguel MercadoMånad sedan


  • Ferenc Tóth
    Ferenc TóthMånad sedan

    #6 : how do you define the efficiency of a battery? I am serious. And who measured Tesla batteries efficiency.

  • Peter Wakeman
    Peter WakemanMånad sedan

    Is social media the Tesla promoter while main stream media the passenger for reporting what we already new? 1 more reason.....$200 refundable order allows people to plan an EV future without having to get an internal combustion engine ever again

  • Ramon Michaud
    Ramon MichaudMånad sedan

    Need a Cybertruck Gigafactory in Australia. We have the raw materials.

  • Daniel Bennett
    Daniel BennettMånad sedan

    I look forward to seeing them on the roads. Cant wait for the TSLA Stocks to really take off.

  • Ante Matter
    Ante MatterMånad sedan

    I am from Australia And i think about owning a Cybertruck every single day since it's unveiling... EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

  • GreenKC


    Dag sedan

    Order it and start saving.

  • Sebastian O
    Sebastian OMånad sedan

    It's much more then you think. I ordered my on March 2 and I'm 1 800 000+ in line

  • John Egan
    John EganMånad sedan

    I didn't think there were any plans to make right hand drive Cybertrucks. Has there been a rhd version announcement?

  • Red Edwards
    Red EdwardsMånad sedan

    Don't be fooled the CYBER truck will NOT have the QUALITY issues that plague Tesla....hahahaha NO Curved parts All Straight Line......

  • Red Edwards
    Red EdwardsMånad sedan

    The CYBER truck is DIFFERENT that's why people will buy it. People are tired of the Same old same old

  • David Clark
    David ClarkMånad sedan

    Wow! I mean wow!!!

  • Frederico M. Semedo
    Frederico M. SemedoMånad sedan

    I don't wanna be this dude but... let's hope the cybertruck won't end up being like... the cyberpunk game... I like the truck... but all the hype is giving me cyberpunk vibes...and we all know how that ended...in the end of the day...not one single truck as being tested in real world... I'm definitely Not a Tesla hater...I just think we get lost in today's hypes and mass media marketings... I would advise caution... can Tesla build quality cars, yes obviously...will the cybertruck be a good car? Probably yes...Is it the worlds greatest automotive wonder that is gonna change the industry and make people happy and save the planet and save yourself in the process and....and...and...were giving medals and praises to a car that as literally done zero so far... do I want it to fail.. Hell no...I wish I could have one...I think they are crazy cool looking...but... that cyberpunk game was pretty promising 😏 and there was no way it couldn't be the world's most revolutionary game ever made...and putt all previous games to shame...I'm just saying...let's tread with caution...we got nothing to prove to the cybertruck...but the cybertruck has a lot to prove to the car community...

  • Frederico M. Semedo

    Frederico M. Semedo

    Månad sedan

    Btw...you made a great video !

  • jayoh123
    jayoh123Månad sedan

    im in contracting and my sub contractors and i have bout many f150's in the past. one reason from my industry why f150 works and tesla dosnt. ladder rack. i dont see how im going to transport pump jacks, 30' ladders on that thing. elon design something so we can putt a laddr rack on that thing and ill buy. fyi. f150 wins cause of the commercial industry for actual work and not as everyday driver.

  • Oscar Sandoval
    Oscar SandovalMånad sedan

    Tesla website says it will have 16” clearance.

  • lizadonrex
    lizadonrex2 månader sedan

    As a reminder , the steel they use from starship not falcon heavy rocket.

  • Grub Thomas
    Grub Thomas2 månader sedan

    This truck is has the options everybody would want. Winner for sure!

  • Frankie Malek
    Frankie Malek2 månader sedan

    Best cyber truck vid ever made 🚀🦍

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela2 månader sedan

    I've ordered the tri motor cybertruck fsd and I can't wait for it, I may buy the y or s in the mean time

  • Wayne the fridgeman Osborne
    Wayne the fridgeman Osborne2 månader sedan

    Having pre ordered a cybertruck on release your video gave me more hope tesla doesn't downsize it for Australia. . Off to work with a smile on my face. .keep smiling.

  • Yevgen Shirnov
    Yevgen Shirnov2 månader sedan

    7.July 2021 my line number is 2 522 000

  • Raw and Cooked Vegan
    Raw and Cooked Vegan2 månader sedan

    Great video. Minor note. The Falcon 9 has an aluminum alloy while the Starship will be stainless steel. Still your point holds, the same steel this truck is made of will be used to send people to Moon and Mars.

  • gill7087
    gill70872 månader sedan

    If the competition was EV trucks only, then the Cybertruck would have a good chance of being the top seller in its class in North America. However, the f150 lightning is only one model of f150 which sold close to 800,000 units in 2020. The ice versions will continue to be produced as the Lightning ramps up and the Ice vehicles ramp down over the next few years. The competition will also be an Ev Silverado and Dodge Ram so while the Cyber will be a force to reckon with, it might not be number 1 in terms of sheer numbers. As for Australian production, there are a lot of ifs attached to that. If it can be homologated for Aus, (big if as even Musk had his doubts) if the production line can be changed over to right hand while production for left hand is running at optimal levels and if ultimately they decide the market is big enough to warrant the effort. Remember we still haven’t seen a model Y yet, our charging station numbers are appalling low and the cost of the vehicle might just be prohibitive. My personal opinion is the dimensions of the vehicle make it impractical as any sort of day to day usable vehicle in Australia at over 2 metres wide and nearly 6 long. It’s like driving a hummer around town. In the end it’s an expensive second car to own for weekend trips and as much as I like the idea of a practical electric work Ute, I’m not convinced it’s tub design is as practical as is being suggested and would be suitable for tradesmen. There are many car parks in urban areas it simply would not fit. My first thought when I saw it’s tray was, how do you fit a ladder rack and where do the tool boxes go? Perhaps a cab chassis version with a flat tray for tradesmen? But it doesn’t have a chassis. And tow bar? And roof racks on a glass roof? Water tank? Does it have a real spare? I could see it ending up in Australia far into the future as a bit of a play thing and novelty for a few well off citizens. As a farmer I have enough trouble convincing friends that a new 79 Landcruiser Ute is an overpriced vintage vehicle that hasn’t changed since 1985 and is uncomfortable and expensive to run. Imagine trying to convince them a cybertruck is a practical vehicle?

  • Elizabeth Kelly
    Elizabeth Kelly2 månader sedan

    I am soooo in love with this truck, I have my Cybertruck bank account to get this truck. I am 5'5'' and love to know I can go camping and sleep on the bed of that truck. love everything on this truck. In AZ 120 Temperatures is a lot. How do all the electronics do on hot Temperatures? .

  • Tom The Norsman
    Tom The Norsman2 månader sedan

    Well I'm just over 2,600,000 in line for a tri motor. I'm thinking 2 to 3 years before I get mine.

  • Timothy Binford
    Timothy Binford2 månader sedan

    You do know that Ford GM are both coming out with electric trucks and Dodge is announced they're coming out with one soon what year he knows I'm betting Ford will come out with their electric truck before Tesla. I mean bring the market.

  • Raw and Cooked Vegan

    Raw and Cooked Vegan

    2 månader sedan

    Yes, but Tesla has set standard in terms of features. Until now legacy truck makers were content to let you get a lot of accessories with aftermarket or made you pay tremendous sums for more features. Tesla will do that do a degree with its 3 options but look at everything you get with the base model for 40K.

  • Jelle Baris
    Jelle Baris2 månader sedan

    While I love the looks and capabilities of the cybertruck, unless Tesla makes a smaller version for Europe, I won't be buying one. It is simply too big to be easily maneuvered in narrow old city center streets I regularly have to be for work.

  • Mark Harmon

    Mark Harmon

    2 månader sedan

    Nissan needs to develop its nv200 electric. Yesterday. So many tradesmen need a scaled down work vehicle for local delivery and service.

  • jmhowlett
    jmhowlett2 månader sedan

    $100 fully refundable deposit to preorder.......time to sell Tesla.

  • Alocin Otasor
    Alocin Otasor2 månader sedan

    I think it's a... "Game changer".

  • Alocin Otasor
    Alocin Otasor2 månader sedan

    I want one...

  • faramarz mokri
    faramarz mokri2 månader sedan

    You deserve a Cybertruck!

  • faramarz mokri
    faramarz mokri2 månader sedan

    The first 10 reason are good enough for a great majority of people to buy Cybertruck!

  • faramarz mokri
    faramarz mokri2 månader sedan

    Nice and accurate . Thank you for the list.

  • faramarz mokri
    faramarz mokri2 månader sedan

    Only 30% of future truck owners will chose Ford trucks because they need to haul gravel, concrete blocks, cement and other construction materials. The other 70% now they have a chance to buy an incredible truck that the cost of ownership is considerable less that they can use both as a truck and a family truck for camping, hauling their boats and other uses.

  • AlphaCrucis
    AlphaCrucis2 månader sedan

    Why is a flat belly better for off-roading?

  • Robert
    Robert2 månader sedan

    One born every minute… I got some magic beans for sale if your interested?

  • R Gerald Alexander
    R Gerald Alexander2 månader sedan

    I love the Cybertruck, but there's no way Tesla will be able to produce enough CT's to match close to a million F-150's a year by 2024.

  • Strode 66
    Strode 662 månader sedan

    I’m pretty sure I’ll have the money for at least one Tri motor by 2024 but if the crypto market totally disappears the $100 US down payment is refundable so I think I’m going to jump in very soon and hope for the best . Thanks for the vid on my favourite EV LINEUP. Cheers 🇦🇺

  • Strode 66
    Strode 662 månader sedan

    For Travelling AUSTRALIA I’d like a massive roll out solar sheet so I can just keep going after a days camping out while soaking in the sun . SPEED GETS YOU OUT OF TROUBLE NOT INTO TROUBLE unless you can’t drive.

  • Jack Feder

    Jack Feder

    Månad sedan


  • The Electric Viking

    The Electric Viking

    2 månader sedan

    I’ve been thinking of something similar, I like it.

  • Strode 66
    Strode 662 månader sedan

    Great security lock up for your rifles .

  • Strode 66
    Strode 662 månader sedan

    When the CRYPTO MARKET CORRECTS thousands more orders will be made maybe. Hundreds of thousands.at the moment I can get land or sign up for a cyber truck. But I want both . In fact I want a fleet of CYBER TRUCKS AND START A TOUR COMPANY/ cyber Taxi / CYBER JOY RIDE COMPANY . Cyber Truck Wedding cars . It’s endless .when the markets right sign me up for 10 .

  • torben JENSEN
    torben JENSEN2 månader sedan

    Wait until its actually build and available on the road. Test drive it. Then report if its good! That way you would keep at least a little bit of your credibility intact.

  • Anthony Barbuto
    Anthony Barbuto2 månader sedan

    See the you tube video.......a life long ford truck oner and ev expert rates ford lightning vs cyber truck......the man has beven a contractor for 30 yrs and has used f 150s and f 250s in contracting jobs.......he has owned EVs for ten years.....when he compares the two trucks specs. The cyber truck beats the ford 18 out of 20 specs......ford is a joke.?....see the Munro tear down of the ford e mustang.......the ford uses 30.....parts in the cooling system versus 10 parts used by the tesla y.......ford is grasping at straws......using off the shelf parts for future evs......tesla is years ahead of other car makers.....

  • FitForActing Reynaldo B
    FitForActing Reynaldo B2 månader sedan

    I’m in Los Angeles and ordered the Tri Motor. I’m hoping to get one in 2022 🦾

  • Darren Hefford
    Darren Hefford2 månader sedan

    Just like the truck itself, everything is over stated.

  • Jordan Fitz
    Jordan Fitz2 månader sedan

    They thought of everything. Imagine having a super car that you don’t have to worry about getting damaged. It’s a dream realized!

  • Eric Hayes

    Eric Hayes

    Månad sedan

    That's right. We've been needing a vehicle of sometype that completely resists damage "for centuries".

  • Carl Travis
    Carl Travis2 månader sedan

    I figure I'll get mine sooner than I expected once production begins. There are lots of "bogus" orders by people who will find they have "short arms" when reaching for their wallet or find moths in their wallets when "financial reality strikes them" . One SEblacksr ordered 50 before Tesla "shut him off". I wonder if he's reclaimed his $100 deposits? The model Y I ordered caught me by surprise and was delivered about 6 mo after I ordered (I was figuring a year). Mine was kinda "customized" with a factory trailer hitch, so I had to wait. A friend of mine just ordered a standard dual motor stock model. He got it in two weeks! I just think lots of people cancelled or deferred delivery because they just didn't have the $$$$! If the economy goes "into the tank" again because of inflation it's just who's next in line. arbitrarily

  • Strode 66

    Strode 66

    2 månader sedan

    I think a lot were ordered before the SEC dumped the CRYPTO MARKET. I could have bought 1 a week and was going to buy a fleet , now plans have changed and I think that might be the same for many, but I’m hoping by the time TESLA has cleared the back log the markets should be in a better position and I can at least get a few TRI MOTORS to start with. I’m thinking of using one for my towing business. Lots of ICE CARS to take to the scrappers.

  • Khun Myanmarag
    Khun Myanmarag2 månader sedan

    Thanks a lot bro. And best wishes

  • Steve C
    Steve C2 månader sedan

    If the same features weren't repeated so many time there would only be around 20 and that's still a lot but isn't taking orders for 1,200,000 trucks you can't possibly build the definition of a scam? They might be able to use left over bits of stainless from making rockets but there's no way they could ever get enough batteries or motors for that many trucks. Even if they can make the batteries where will they get the scarce raw materials? This is starting to look like the same business plan used for Starlink that's still vaporware. Even though they are taking orders so far nobody can get one except for some celebrates, odd ball reviewers and Yoututers. If you tried to order Starlink at the first of the year it said late 2021 but now the date has been pushed out to 22!

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd2 månader sedan

    When to buy a Tesla? Now. The line is only getting longer, so you'll wait longer and longer. If you're always waiting for the best Tesla, you'll always be waiting because I'll always be improving. Better to buy the best tech today rather than settle for what you have now trying to wait for the next even better Tesla.

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd2 månader sedan

    35 inch tires That means the center of the wheel is 17.5 from the ground. Best way to eyeball the ground clearance, compare the bottom of the truck hight to the center of the wheel. Pretty similar (it's got 16 inch ground clearance, and Elon said 4 inches of suspension give and take) Also the batteries make it have the lowest center of gravity for any truck, so better steep climbs and less roll over chance.